Chapter 3

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Sex Story: Chapter 3 - After his wife dies of cancer, Bob realizes he must look for someone new, but has no idea where to look. He resorts to reading palms and sees what he's looking for, whether it's there or not.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking  

"You want me to arrive at seven, ring the bell once, and stand at attention in the middle of the rug with my hands clasped behind me until you come for me."

"Good. Now don't forget. By the way, this is a formal occasion so dress appropriately."

"And what would you consider appropriate?"

"I assume you have a little black dress in your inventory. That would do nicely. Gloves would not be out of place."

"I see. It all sounds pretty weird, but intriguing. I'll be there."

"I'm looking forward to it, Rebecca."

Friday I took Karen out again. Afterward, I took her back to my house, tied her up and took her to bed. I was beginning to fear we were getting into a rut, although as ruts go this was probably as good as it gets. Saturday morning, we went out for breakfast then I did some shopping with her and took her home.

Saturday evening, the hapless Sharon arrived on time at six. I prepared her, then she helped me get dinner in the oven. We waited for Rebecca to arrive.

At seven, the doorbell rang once. I waited until five after, then went to retrieve Rebecca. I opened the doors to the entry hall. Rebecca was standing there exactly as specified.

"No, don't move," I told her. "I want to look at you. You've arrived looking so beautiful the least you can do is give me a moment to admire." She was wearing a black dress, cut low both in front and back. It ended just above her knees. Over the elbow opera gloves, black pumps, suntan hose, an amethyst necklace with matching earrings and brooch completed her ensemble.

I had dressed as well. I was wearing my tux, double breasted with tails and striped pants. It was an outfit from the twenties I'd found in a junk store for ten bucks. It was in perfect condition and I'd had it tailored. It went well with the house.

I completed my inspection of Rebecca. "This time I like what I see. Please come in," I said, offering my hand.

"This is quite a place. I wasn't expecting anything like this. No wonder you wanted me to dress up."

"Let me get you something to drink, then I'll give you a tour."

"Sharon," I called, "attend."

The hapless Sharon emerged from the far end of the hall. She was wearing her usual outfit and collar. Leather cuffs were locked on her wrists and ankles. Her ankle cuffs were linked by a short length of chain, severely limiting her stride. Step, step, step, she approached taking short quick steps, her ankle chain taut then slack then snapping taut again with each step. Rebecca stared at her, then stared at me.

"What would you like to drink?"

"Oh... uh... a vodka collins would be fine."

"Sharon, a vodka collins. Bring me the usual."

"Yes, Mr. Baxter."

"Sharon!" I said sharply, glaring.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

"I think a reminder is in order. See to it."

"Yes, sir." She said and headed off.

"She called you Mr. Baxter, but your name is Canfield," Rebecca said.

"You and I know that. She does not. I hope you will be so kind as not to disillusion her."

The hapless Sharon returned bearing a silver tray with two frosted glasses and a short stack of napkins. She was gagged, a ballgag being buckled tightly around her head and padlocked in back.

"She's ga... She wasn't supposed to call you by name, was she."

"It's quite alright. As you can see, the immediate problem has been corrected. I can address her inadequacies in greater depth at a later time." The hapless Sharon cast her eyes down and shivered as I said this.

I took a drink and a napkin from the tray and handed them to Rebecca, then picked up my own. "Thank you, Sharon. That will be all for now." She shuffled off toward the kitchen.

I led Rebecca on a tour of the house. "You'll have to see it in the daytime," I told her, "when the sun is up the windows are beautiful."

"I had no idea you lived in such a place. Servants and everything. Has she been with you long?"

"Now you know what becomes of my former lovers."

"Normally I'd know that was a joke. It's a joke, right?"

"We'll let you find out the hard way, shall we." I noticed Rebecca wasn't drinking her drink. "You don't need to worry about the drink. It isn't drugged," I said, taking her chin between my thumb and forefinger, tilting her face up toward mine. "I want you conscious and fully aware of your circumstances, not drugged."

"You sound like you're trying to frighten me."

"Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away."

"Well stop it. You're succeeding."

A bell tinkled from the direction of the dining room. "It sounds like dinner is served." I offered Rebecca my arm. The leaves had been removed from the table so that it was at its smallest size. Two places were set, one at the head of the table and one at the adjoining corner. I seated Rebecca at the corner seat and sat down at the head. "You may begin, Sharon."

The hapless Sharon served the soup and salad, then stood at attention next to the door. When we finished, she cleared the bowls away and brought the main course, steak and lobster.

"Well," said Rebecca, "there was certainly no need to go to a restaurant. I don't know of anywhere that could match the food or service."

"We have Sharon to thank for that. She's very talented." Dinner progressed. Rebecca and I talked small talk and the hapless Sharon attended to our needs. When we finished, the hapless Sharon brought Rebecca a small dish of sherbet. "Dessert," I told her.

Rebecca was nearly finished when she realized I wasn't eating. "Aren't you having dessert?"

"Yes, I am. Mine is nearly ready," I told her as she finished.

"Oh? What are you having?"

"You, of course. I'm going to have you for dessert. Sharon, please assist Miss Collins."

The hapless Sharon walked up behind her. "Please cooperate with Sharon. She's only doing her job and things will go much more smoothly that way." Sharon pulled Rebecca's arms gently behind her and locked a pair of handcuffs on her wrists.

I had caught Rebecca by surprise. She knew I was up to something but had been lulled into complacency by the dinner. She had felt safe as long as she was at the table.

The hapless Sharon buckled a collar similar to her own around Rebecca's neck, locking it in place.

"Bob, aren't you going a bit overboard here," Rebecca complained. "Please, I can't see." A leather blindfold was being buckled on.

"That's intentional. You've been blindfolded."

"I don't like it. I want you to take it off."

"Rebecca, please be silent. You're only making things more difficult."

"Bob, this is crazy. Let me go."

"Rebecca, I asked you to be quiet. Sharon, will you please gag Miss Collins."

"No, don't," Rebecca gasped as she turned her head from side to side trying to avoid the ball Sharon was trying to force into her mouth. "I don't want to be gagged."

"Now, Rebecca, Sharon is gagged and none the worse for it. It won't hurt you either."

"No, stop it. I want out of here. Let me go. I said don't. Dammit, let me go."

"Sharon, please lead Miss Collins to the door. I'll meet you there in a moment and release her."

The hapless Sharon led Rebecca away. I waited a moment, then met them at the door. I removed Rebecca's blindfold.

"Oh, we are at the door. I wasn't sure that was really where she led me."

"It's alright, Rebecca. I'm going to send you home," I said as I removed her collar.

"Sharon, please clear the table." The hapless Sharon departed. I pulled Rebecca to me and gave her a lingering kiss. "I'm sorry you won't be staying. I was looking forward to entertaining you further." I picked her up and carried her out to her car, then set her on her feet and unlocked her handcuffs. I opened her door. "Goodnight, Rebecca. Please remember to drive carefully."

Back in the house, I removed the hapless Sharon's gag and handed her a glass of wine. "Thank you, Sharon. You did a wonderful job. I'm very pleased," I told her as she sipped the wine, clearing the taste of the gag from her mouth.

"I know you scared her away on purpose, but it seems like you might be a little bit disappointed that she's gone."

"Yeah, a night with Rebecca would have been fun."

"If you want to, maybe... I mean, I know I'm not as pretty as she is, but if you want to, now that she's gone... I could... I mean if you want me to I could take her place, if you'd like maybe you could do to me what you were going to do to her... if you want to."

I was taken aback by her proposal. "Thank you, Sharon, but..." I stopped. Sharon had stammered forth her proposal with great difficulty. I suddenly realized her halting manner was not the result of reluctance to do what she was suggesting but rather fear of rejection, which I had been on the verge of doing. "... you're wrong. You're quite as pretty as Rebecca. Now finish your wine. You have a long night ahead of you."

Sharon (suddenly she was no longer the hapless Sharon) finished her glass of wine. I took the empty glass from her fingers then backed her against the wall and kissed her. I began unbuttoning her blouse. "As much as I like you in this outfit, I think I'll like you out of it as well." I got Sharon out of her blouse and bra, then fastened her wrists behind her. I pulled a short length of chain from my pocket and clipped the center of it to her collar. The ends dangled between her breasts.

"What's that?"

"Hasn't anyone ever put nipple clamps on you?"

"No. Do they hurt?"

"If done right they hurt just enough."

I teased her nipples to hardness. Sharon inhaled sharply as each clamp went on. "Come with me." Sharon followed slowly and carefully. Walking was difficult enough with her ankles chained and her wrists fastened behind her but she also had the problem of the dangling chain tugging on her nipple clamps with each step. Eventually, I got her up to the bedroom where I removed her shoes and skirt.

"Well, how do you like them?"

"They sort of hurt, but it's not like it's really painful. It's more like I want to squeeze them even harder and make them hurt more except hurt isn't quite the right word. I can't really explain it."

"Sounds like I got them adjusted about right. I'm going to take them off now. That does hurt, but you are to make no sound."

"Yes, sir."

Sharon grimaced as I removed the clamps but remained silent. I slid her panties down her legs and she stepped out of them.

"On the bed," I told her. "No, no, face down. Good." I grasped her ankles and pulled her down toward the foot of the bed so her ankles rested on the footboard. With a piece of rope, I bound each ankle to the footboard so they were about two feet apart. "I'm afraid you're going to get that spanking after all. You don't have to remain silent for this one, but I am going to gag you. Open up." I stuffed the ball in her mouth and buckled the straps.

I took my belt off, doubled it over, and gave Sharon a good hard stroke. Bound as she was, Sharon could only thrash a bit from side to side (which she did with vigor) but to no avail. She was exposed and helpless. I spanked her until I was finished spanking her.

I untied her ankles, turned her over, and removed her gag. Kissing away her tears, I stroked her thighs lightly with my hand, then mounted her.

When we were finished, I hooked her ankle cuffs together. "Are you going to keep me tied up?"

"All night," I told her. "Tell me, what changed your mind?"

"About what?"

"The first time I locked your collar on you, you made it clear that you were only here to clean the house."

"That outfit you made me wear was sort of sexy especially with the collar and everything and I'd never really dressed like that before and with wearing it in front of you it made me all self conscious and then sometimes I'd see you looking at me and you never really looked at me like that before in fact you hardly ever looked at me at all before. Then when you would punish me for not doing a good job I was embarrassed and didn't like it except that I liked the attention and when you made me stand with my nose against the wall and you touched me and moved me around so I had to stand just the way you wanted me to, it was like my insides were melting and making this big ball in my stomach and then you tied my hands and it was even worse and I was afraid you were going to do something but you didn't and that made it even worse yet. When I came here tonight I was really embarrassed to be dressed like this and chained and gagged in front of another woman and then I had to serve you and everything and when I put the handcuffs on her I imagined I was putting them on myself and I thought for sure you would see my hands were shaking but then she left and I was afraid that if I didn't say anything you would send me away too so I'm glad I said something but I was so embarrassed and I would have felt really awful if you had sent me home then."

"So why did you go home when you got spanked and why did you come back?"

"It really hurt a lot and I just couldn't stand it and besides the way you tied me up and made me kneel down and bend over that ottoman and then you pulled my skirt up and spanked me just like a little girl was so embarrassing and it made me feel so bad I just had to cry and I just had to make it stop and get away. I could hardly sit on the car seat on the way home and when I got there it still really hurt and I was so mad at you for doing that to me that I was never coming back but then the next day I realized I wasn't coming back and I knew I wouldn't have any reason to wear that outfit anymore and you wouldn't look at me the way you do anymore and you wouldn't put me in my collar anymore and I have mixed up feelings about wearing it but I like it when you put it on me in fact I like it anytime when you touch me except for the spanking so I thought about it and then called you the next day and you told me I would have to finish the spanking and I was afraid but I knew I'd let you do it and then I realized if I came over here I'd let you do anything you wanted and I wouldn't be able to stop you because I wouldn't be able to stop myself so here I am."

"Sharon, you haven't spent near enough of your life gagged."

"Oh, you mean I talk too much. I suppose I do but it's just the way I am and I can't help it but I do it more when I'm nervous and you make me nervous so... I'm doing it again, aren't I. Are you going to gag me?"

"No, I don't want you falling asleep with the gag in but if you speak again before morning I'll think of some devious punishment to inflict upon you."

In the morning we showered and dressed. I locked Sharon in her collar again.

"You know," she said, "I could probably do a better job on the house if I came every Saturday."

"Alright, every Saturday then."

It was a beautiful morning and not hot yet so we ate on the front porch. When we finished, I kissed her, removed her collar and sent her on her way.

After she was gone, I sat on the porch for a while, just thinking. My first thought was 'two down, two to go'. Helen shouldn't be too difficult. She'd certainly hinted at her willingness. Rebecca was now an unknown. I didn't know how badly I'd frightened her, but I was sure I was now in a different category in her mind. I'd probably been reclassified from potential paramour to major wacko. Oh, well, three out of four isn't bad. I gave Helen a call.

"Hi, Helen, it's Bob."

"Yes, it is. I was wondering if I'd hear from you again."

"I wanted to let you know I've changed my mind. Perhaps you'd be willing to come by for dinner. I have some nice vegetarian hamburgers."

"What are they, soy?"

"No, beef. They're made from vegetarian cows."

"Bob, all cows are vegetarian."

"That's how you can be sure it's the real thing."

"Did you call just to fuck with my head?"

"That's all I have access to at the moment, but if you'd come over I could expand my horizons."

"Let me see if I understand. You've changed your mind so you want me to come over to your house so you can feed me vegetarian beef then tie me up and fuck my brains out. I don't think I've ever been asked out quite like that before."

"You left out the spanking. The one I gave you last time really didn't amount to much and I'm anxious to give you a proper one."

"You're having trouble getting the hang of this dating thing, aren't you."

"How 'bout around six."

"Well, forget the hamburgers. I wouldn't mind a nice white wine."

"I'm looking forward to your appearance."

"I'll try to remember to bring it with me."

The doorbell rang at exactly six. Women these days were not only unusually willing but uncannily prompt. I opened the door and Helen stepped in.

"There is one thing before we leave the entry hall..."

"Yes, I know about the rules. Karen told me. I prefer rope, please."

"Karen told you about that day?" I asked as I bound her wrists.

"Yes, she was actually rather thrilled with the little trick you played on her."

"I thought you didn't carry tales."

"I was pretty sure you already knew about the trick you played on Karen."

"I was afraid she was still sort of pissed about that."

"Once she realized your intent was to entertain rather than deceive, she was flattered that you went to all the trouble."

I opened the inner doors and we entered the main hall.

"I can see Karen didn't do the place justice. This is very nice."

Meg and I had bought the house because it was beautiful. I had never dreamed it would also be useful for seduction. I gave Helen the tour, then got a bottle of wine and some glasses and led her to the front porch. I retied Helen's hands in front and handed her a glass of wine.

"I thought I had to have my hands tied behind me."

"We aren't in the house."

"Then why am I tied at all?"

"I like you that way."

"Have you ever thought about why that is?"

"I make a point of not thinking about that."

"What if I didn't like it?"

"Then you wouldn't be here, would you."


We finished the wine. "OK, Helen, time for the main event," I tied her hands behind her and led her back into the house then up to the bedroom, then untied her long enough to get her undressed. I tied her to the bed as I had Sharon, face down with her hands behind her and her ankles bound about two feet apart to the footboard, her feet hanging over the end.

"Now what?"

"Now you get your spanking, but first you have to ask for it."

"You want me to ask you to spank me?"

"I want you to ask me to spank you really hard."

"Good luck."

I began tickling Helen's feet. She giggled and gurgled and shrieked, but I was relentless.

"Oh, Bob, don't. Stop it. You're driving me crazy. I can't stand being tickled."

"You know what you have to do."

"Alright," she gasped between shrieks, "alright. Spank me, spank me. PLEASE spank me. Spank me really hard."

I gave her a few minutes to catch her breath, then retrieved the switch I had cut for Sharon.

"Oh, god, you are going to spank me really hard, aren't you."

"I told you you were a meddlesome wench. You're lucky you don't have to spend the week in a scold's bridle, but for now I'm just going to gag you. You've been noisy enough already."

Helen opened her mouth and I pushed the ball in and buckled the strap. I began Helen's spanking. I was pretty sure I wasn't the first person to spank her, but I gave her what may well have been the spanking of her life. She screamed into the gag and thrashed helplessly.

I untied her ankles and removed her gag, then dried her tears with a small handkerchief. I had never spanked Meg hard enough to make her cry, but since her death, I had spanked four different women and made them all cry. Had Meg been unusually tough or was I overdoing it?

"I think you're overdoing it," Helen sobbed.

"It's OK," I told her, kissing her gently. "It's over, and you've been persuaded of the error of your ways and have resolved not to earn another."

Helen nearly choked. "I think you're the first person to make me laugh and cry at the same time. But you scared me. I was afraid you were out of control for a minute there."

"I am always in control. Always."

"So you say."

I slowly explored Helen's body, trying to discover all its little secrets. She sighed when I kissed her neck and yelped when I bit her nipples. Finally I worked her into what I considered the proper state of readiness and proceeded, to the best of my ability, to fuck her brains out.

"I know what you're thinking," she said. "You're worried about how this will affect your relationship with Karen and how to call things off with me without hurting my feelings. It's not a problem. We're friends, not lovers. It's like we had to do this to find out about each other or something, but having done it, the pressure is off. We can be friends now without thinking about what it would be like with the other person. Sex between us is recreational, not serious. Maybe we'll do this again sometime, but I don't see it in the near future."

"You're very wise. I understand why Karen likes to talk to you."

"Have you ever heard back from Rebecca?"

I hadn't planned on telling Helen anything about my last contact with Rebecca but found myself telling her the whole story. Helen giggled throughout.

"I'm sorry I let you off the hook a moment ago," she laughed. "It would be a lot of fun to see what antics you would dream up to make me go away."

I crossed Helen's ankles and tied them together. We drifted off to sleep.

Helen woke me about five in the morning. When I was fully conscious, she dived under the sheet and gave me a blow job.

"A parting gift. Now untie me. I've got to do some things at home before I go to work." I helped Helen dress and saw her to her car.

Sometime during the morning, Laura, my receptionist and bookkeeper came into my office. "I've got some strange woman on the phone who wants to speak to Mr. Baxter. I've told her there's no Mr. Baxter here, but she insists. I'm not sure what to do with her."

"I'll take care of it. What line is she on?"


"Hello, Rebecca. I'm a bit surprised to hear from you so soon."

"That was a really dirty trick you played on me Saturday. It makes me angry that I fell for it, but nobody had ever pulled anything quite that elaborate on me before. Whose house did you use and where did you find Sharon? She was very convincing."

"It was my house, Rebecca. Sharon is my regular housekeeper."

"Damn, I did it again, and I was determined to stop underestimating you."

"Thank you for the admission. Coming from you, it's very gratifying. So tell me, why have you called."

"For one thing, I wanted you to know I didn't stay fooled. About half way home I realized I'd been had. I can't believe I ran away like that."

"You shouldn't be too hard on yourself. You're probably used to guys pursuing you, not running you off. I'd counted on that."

"Yes, but just the same, you made quite a fool of me."

"You're looking for a rematch, aren't you."

"That's as good a way as any of putting it."

"OK, we'll go for two out of three. Call me at home tomorrow evening at 7:30."

"Not this crap again."

"Rebecca, you're used to being a seller in a seller's market. You're now in a buyer's market. You've got to learn about dropping your price."

"Dropping my... You do have a way with suggestive metaphors."

"I'm glad you understand. Tomorrow. 7:30. Goodbye, Rebecca."

The phone rang at the appointed time.

"Hello, Rebecca. I'm glad to hear from you. I wasn't entirely sure you'd call."

"It's nice to know I'm not being completely taken for granted. What would you have done if I hadn't called?"

"I'd have said 'Oh, well' and gone on with life. What would you have done if you hadn't called?"

"Felt like I'd given up and let you win. So what's it to be this time."

"Same thing. Come to my house..."

"Your turf again. You want home court advantage..."

"Would you prefer your house? What about your daughters?"

"I was thinking more neutral ground."

"You mean a motel or something? Tawdry. No, my house it is. Sharon won't be there. It'll be just you and me, one on one."

"OK. When?"

"Thursday night, 7:30. Same drill, ring the bell once then stand on the middle of the rug. Wear exactly what you wore last time."

"You liked that, didn't you. OK. I'll be there. You won't get rid of me so easily this time."

"Give yourself some credit. It wasn't all that easy last time and I had help. I was rather disappointed when I succeeded."

"This is about the weirdest thing I've ever gotten myself into. I'm not entirely sure where this is going."

"I'm not sure it matters where it's going. The journey is more than half the fun. The destination is likely to be anticlimactic."

"Very sage. Well, we'll just have to see about all that."

"We will, won't we."

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