Dead End Street II
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Five couples vacation together.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Swinging   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Petting  

We lived in a nice neighborhood near Birmingham Alabama. The street was only about as long as three city blocks and ended in a large oval turn around. There were sixteen houses on it and all were owned by young families, we were all between the ages of twenty two and thirty four years old.

All but two couples had small children and even those two couples were trying.

Hardly any of the wives worked, most kept house and were busy with their children.

We were real close, if a mother was sick or for some reason needed someone to mind her kids all the other mothers were willing to see to that. The men helped each other with home improvement projects.

When Walter Potter had an auto accident and was in a wheelchair for four months, all the other men kept his lawn up.

I think two of his neighbors kept his wife cought up too.

It was the best kept yard on the street.

Every two weeks we had a Saturday evening party at someone's house. Every one brought a dish for those parties. We all brought our kids and what ever we wanted to drink.

There would be music from a few scattered speakers. It was considered bad manners if each man did not ask every lady there to dance with him at least one time during the party.

Lots of flirting took place. Some was innocent but some was dead serious.

My wife was one of the pretty ones and dam near all of my neighbors "hit on her" at one time or another.

Tom Mason would make a discrete pass at her several times at each party and at any other time when he saw her. He really had the hots for her and never missed a chance.

Fay, my wife, never got angry with any of them. She considered their interest in her as a compliment. She would proudly tell me about those incidents in bed later that night. I was proud of her poise and beauty. Hearing the details of how someone had gotten a hard on while dancing with her made my prick hard to. Her talking about her adventures got us both excited and resulted in great sex for several nights.

At one party she was asked by her dance partner to meet him the next day to get intimately aquatinted. Fay hugged him and thanked him for the compliment. She told him she already had a lover and she just would not know how to handle another one too. She promised that if anything ever changed she would let him know. He asked who her lover was and Fay said "My husband silly"

Another time and to a different guy she said she would ask her husband if it was alright to have an affair with him but she wanted him to get his wife's permission first.

She was so tactful no one ever got their feelings hurt or got mad. None of the other ladies ever had reason to get mad at Fay either.

Each summer Carl Dixon and his wife Pam spent two weeks at a beach house her mother and father owned at Panama City Beach Florida. They had taken their two kids last year and it had not been much of a vacation. This coming summer they had arranged to leave them with the Grand Parents. They asked if Fay and I would like to be their guests the last two weeks in July. It was April and I had not chosen a vacation time yet at work. Fay's parents had retired and lived on a peach farm fifty miles south of Birmingham. Fay called them and they were overjoyed at the prospect of spending two weeks with their grand children. The next day Fay saw Pam and told her we would be able to make it.

Carl asked several other of our neighbors if they could plan on going but all had a problem with what to do with the children. When Carl asked Tom Mason and his wife Toni they accepted instantly. The Masons only had one child and his mother would keep her with the help of her mother and father. They had already planed that but had not set a date or chosen where they were going to spend their vacation.

Toni, Fay and Pam were close friends and usually met for coffee at one or the other's house each week day morning. Nothing was to personal to talk about between those three. Each had shown the others her favorite dildo. Each had divulged her secrets concerning sex, what position she liked to be fucked in, how often she had sex with her husband and much much more.

One morning Pam had not been able to make the "Morning Coffee Klatch" in Toni's kitchen. They talked about this and that and Toni asked Fay if I had ever taken pictures of her in the nude. Fay told her I had not. We only had a 35 mm camera and even if we could find a place to develop the film we were afraid that copies might be made and show up God knows where.

Toni told her we should have a Polaroid camera. She and Tom had taken hundreds of pictures so that years from now when they were old and ugly they could look at them and remember the young years.

Toni then had gotten out two albums from a small safe but let Fay see only one of them. There were dozens of pictures of Tony nude and in sexy poses. A few were of her using her dildo, some were of her masturbating with her fingers and a lot were of tit and ass poses.

The children were playing in the fenced in play area back of the house. Toni's little girl started crying at the top of her lungs and Toni went out to see about her. Fay opened the album Toni had not shown her while she was gone.

That one was not tame shots of just Toni. There were shots of Tom sucking Toni's cunt, of her sucking his prick, and raw fuck pictures. There were several of Toms hard dick sticking up. Fay could tell he had a large one and it appeared to be alabaster white. His scrotum was huge. Tom had a cock that was not circumcised.

Fay had put her hand down in her shorts and was teasing her big clit while Toni was gone.

Fay had an orgasm looking at Tom squirting his cumm on Toni's tits and face and her lapping it up with her tongue.

Fay heard Toni tell her daughter "Now everything is alright and mommy will be in the kitchen. O.K. darling?

Fay closed the album and was at the counter pouring more coffee when Toni came back in.

Tony resumed talking about pictures of us while we were young and being able to reminisce when we were old.

Toni offered to lend the camera to Fay.

Fay half way refused.

Toni insisted.

Fay left with the camera.

Fay told me about what had happened that night, even about having cumm looking at pictures of Toms cock and of him cumming on Toni's tits and face. I told Fay I wished I could see those pictures.

I promised I would buy film for the camera the next day. We had a great fuck session that night.

Over the next few nights we used up twelve packs of film. We got shots of Fay in all kinds of poses. She got shots of my prick. We learned how to use the time delay and got a lot of shots of my dick in her mouth or pussy. We made many of her getting off with her toy.

Fay had learned to suck cock when she was ten years old and loved the taste of sperm so much she claimed that sometimes she actually craved it. I got a lot of shots of her eating my jisim.

Fay would not let me ass fuck her (It hurt her too much the few times we had tried that) but we got a few shots of my prick at her tight little anus as if I were going to push it in.

We used up twelve packs of film that week. We threw away a few that had not turned out well but had over a hundred truly erotic pictures.

Like Toni and Tom we put them in two albums, one was sexy nude poses of Fay and the other had the "Hardcore" poses.

Next week Toni stayed until Pam and two others had left and asked Fay if we had used the camera. Fay told her we had. Toni wanted to see the pictures.

Fay took her in our bed room and unlocked the drawer and took out the album with just pictures of herself nude. They sat on the bed and Toni looked at all of the pictures. When she was through she asked to see the rest of them. Fay started to lie and told Toni that was it.

Toni told Fay that she knew she had looked at her second album while she had been outside that day, she knew the album had been moved and after Fay left with the camera she could tell that the album had been opened because tiny hairs were no longer holding many of the pages together.

Toni told Fay that it was only fair since she had looked at all the photos in both her albums that she show all of ours.

Fay got the other album out. Tony began to look at all the pictures. Part way into the album she told Fay that she had smelled the scent of her masturbating in her kitchen when she came back in that day. She told Fay she hoped she did not mind if she did that to. Fay asked if Toni was that excited looking at our pictures. Toni admitted that she was.

Toni unzipped her shorts and pushed her hand inside her panties and masturbated as she looked at the pictures. She got off twice and each time it was after she had paused and looked at a picture of my cock.

Toni cooled down after her second climax and looked at the remaining pictures without having another orgasm.

Toni closed the book and commented that she wished she had been there when those were taken.

Tony asked Fay how long my cock was and had we ever measured it when it was hard.

Fay told her we never had but it filled her up when it was in. Tony said she could see how that might be.

Toni wanted to borrow the albums to take home and let Tom see them.

Fay refused that.

Toni offered to let Fay have her albums to bring home and let me see them.

Fay told her that she did not want to do that either.

No more was said, but later Toni asked for her camera back and left with it.

That night Fay told what had happened. When she told me Toni had masturbated on our bed and cumm two times while looking at pictures of my prick, I fucked Fay while thinking of Toni taking my dick in her pussy.

The last two weeks in July was upon us before we knew it.

Panama City Beach is less than three hundred miles from our homes and although we could have all gone in one car we decided that each couple would drive their own. Tom and Toni would not be able to leave Friday evening, he had to work Saturday morning. Carl and Pam were going down Thursday evening. Fay and I would leave after I came home from work Friday.

I managed to knock off at two thirty and we were on the inter-state by three. We dropped off the children and spent a little time with Fay's parents and then were on our way.

I had no trouble at all finding the cottage from the map Carl had drawn. The house was dark, the Dixons were in bed. It was after ten when I knocked on the front door. Pam let us in and showed us to our room. Pam was wearing a flimsy gown that was giving us a real show of her nice tits and the dark hair of her muff.

Carl came out from their bed room grumbling about not being able to find his robe.

Pam told him to "Get over it", and asked him to remember that for the next two weeks we were going to find it impossible not to see each other in our underwear or less. Carl offered to help me bring in our luggage from the car. Pam and Fay went in the kitchen and mixed Bloody Marys.

After Carl and I unloaded the car we went in the kitchen to join the ladies and had our drinks.

Pam suggested that Fay and I go ahead and put on our night clothes and get comfortable.(I was still wearing my suit from work).

I grinned at Pam and told her we slept nude.

Pam laughed and told me she had always wanted to see what I looked like under my clothes and for me to get nude if I wanted.

Carl chimed in with "Yeah I would love to see Fay without her clothes too."

Fay piped up with a promise of "Later Gator, not now " and grinned.

The conversation changed to less erotic subjects and Carl and I soon left the girls in the kitchen and went to bed.

I went off to sleep thinking of a Pam I had never noticed as being a sensuous woman before. A woman with a beautiful figure that was always hidden by her clothes. She had emanated raw sex that evening and I wondered if Carl was able to satisfy her needs.

The Dixons had spent the day before cleaning the house and lounging on the beach. After a breakfast of eggs and bacon and toast with more Bloody Marys the ladies decided to go grocery shopping. Carl and I went with them.

Both of our wives were wearing bikini tops and short shorts. Pam and Fay were wearing those bra tops so loose that when they bent over all of their tits would show.

I knew what Fay was thinking, she loved to flash her body when she was so far from home that she was not likely to be seen by anyone that knew her. I had never realized that Pam liked to do that to.

At the Wal-Mart Super Center Carl and I hung back and looked as if we were not even with our ladies. I liked to watch the reactions men had to Fay's revealing herself as if by accident. I found out Carl liked to do that too.

The girls were real good at catching a guy looking at them and then charging his battery with a good look at their tits. They were having fun. They got several guys hard and caused one guy to walk right into a shopping cart.

I noticed Carl was wearing a hard prick and was hiding his like I was mine against the back of our grocery carts. Something else I noticed was that Carl did not miss looking at my pretty Fay's breast any time he had a chance.

Back at the Beach House we put up the food and Fay and I walked down to the beach. Neither of us had our suits on so we were gone only about twenty minutes. When we came back in the house we could hear the sounds of Carl and Pam fucking their brains out. Pam was a noisy screw, she babbled dirty talk and begged him to fuck her harder. I heard her say "You are a perverted bastard aren't you?" "It excites you to see men looking at my tits and wishing they could fuck me.You would really like to watch me fuck another guy wouldn't you." Carl was slamming into her so hard the headboard of the bed was pounding the wall.

Carl was talking to her too. He called her a slut that could never get enough. He promised to take her out of town to a convention and let her fuck as many strange dicks as she could handle. He told her he bet she could handle a hundred. Pam screamed out that she was cumming again from that kind of filthy talk.

Fay whispered that we should go back out to the beach for a while. We took folding chairs and sat on the beach. The Dixons joined us in less than half an hour. Both had put on bathing suits and they told us they were going to cool off in the mild surf.

Both were sweaty and their hair needed a comb. They had that happy look on their faces and walked as if their hips were nearly too weak to get them to the water.

Fay said "Wow, how about that for a absolutely fucked woman and man."

I asked Fay if she thought Carl really did get off thinking of watching Pam fuck a lot of other men. She answered yes. I asked if she thought they might do that convention stunt just to see how they liked it.

Fay thought about that and then said she guessed it was just a fantasy. She told me that she thought Pam was one of the few women we knew that had never cheated on her husband. The idea probably excited them but she doubted that Pam or Carl would ever take the chance that they might destroy their marriage by doing something like that.

Carl's mental image of Pam could become one of a nimpho slut with the capacity to fuck an army. Her only love, a hard cock.

Pam's image in her mind of Carl might become one of a pervert, a guy who wanted his wife to descend to the bottom of depravity. A guy that gave no thought to the dangers of S.T.D and got his kicks by seeing her fucked by God knows who.

Fay told me she thought that they both got enormous pleasure from Pam showing her tits and even her nude body to others. They might even get nude while here on vacation if you and I and Tom and Toni did to. Fay went on to say she could not picture any swinging or swapping around by them though.

I told her I would like to watch Carl and Pam fuck if they got as excited as they had sounded earlier every time.

Fay grinned and said "Me to."

I told Fay I would like to see the Masons fuck, see Toni get off and maybe see her with Tom's jism on her body.

I asked Fay if she was willing to go nude while here. She grinned and told she was and reminded me of how much she liked to have her body admired by other men and women. And she reminded me of how I liked to know others were aroused by seeing her.

Then Fay gave me the punch line when she told me that she thought I was the most beautiful man she had ever seen when nude and she wanted to show me off too.

The masons arrived about sundown. We asked if they wanted to go out to eat seafood and they begged off, both were too tired. We all had sandwiches and Toni then Tom retired.

Pam, Carl, Fay and I got out cards and played a few hands of poker.

Toni came back in a flimsy short night shirt and sheer panties. She had gotten out of bed to get a bottle of water but then stayed around and " shot the shit " while we tried to play. Carl told Toni to shut up or get in the game and that she was distracting us. Toni laughed and told Carl she never played any kind of poker except strip poker. We all laughed at that but I had been looking at her slender body and big tits through her nearly sheer night clothes and I wished.

Fay told Toni to "cool it" and that she could get nude for us some other time. Toni hung around for a few minutes and then went back to bed.

We played for a couple of hours and decided to go on to bed. As we passed the door to the room Tom and Toni were in Carl and Fay stopped. It was standing wide open and a night light was bright enough to show Toni on the bed. She was nude and spread open. We got a good view of her cunt and her tits. The four of us looked for a bit and Fay hugged me and asked if that turned me on. I said "Hell yes" and Pam said it even turned her on. We went on to our rooms.

Before Fay and I were undressed we could hear the thumping of the head board of Carl and Pam's bed against the wall.

We got some good loving in to !!!

Sunday morning we had a big breakfast. The ladies cooked while we men watched. They had all put on their bikinis and were junning around the kitchen, each doing her thing.

I had never before looked at Pam and noticed how good a figure she had. At home she usually wore baggy jeans or long legged shorts and bulky tops. I just had never noticed her long slender but curvy legs or how nice her big tits were.

I had always known Toni had a hell of a body, she wore clothes that enhanced her tits and ass and the shortest shorts she could find. I had never seen her in a bikini before and I got a semi-hard on looking at her.

My lovely wife was the most attractive of the three. The total package was enough to take away a man's breath.

The three of them looked good enough to eat. I got our camera and took several pictures of them.

After breakfast and when the kitchen was cleaned up Pam suggested we all take a long walk on the beach.

We were all wearing our suits and yet we had to wait while the girls "Fixed" theirs.

We sat in the living room waiting.

The ladies were all in one bed room and we could hear them laughing and an occasional comment like "you really going to do that" or "I dare you to" and "that will get some attention."

When they came out ready for our walk each posed for us. We were all on the long couch in the living room and it was a good thing we were sitting.

They were in bikini suits but the suits were nothing like the way they were supposed to be worn.

Each of the ladies had rolled the bottom of her top under until the brown of her tits showed on the sides and top of what was left of the bra cups. Those tiny little pieces of cloth covered only the nipple and was tied so loose that from the side even that showed.

They had twisted the panty bottom into just a rope at the crotch and left only a tiny triangle of cloth at the front and back.

They posed for us.

Pam asked Carl if he would mind her walking on the beach with that much of her showing. Carl told her he thought she was still legal but he wanted her to stay with the other ladies and in his sight. "You are a walking invitation to be the victim of a rape" he said.

Pam asked him again if he minded.

Carl told her he was going to enjoy the attention she was going to get and for her to go for it.

Toni was in front of Tom and she asked "Like." Tom groaned "Yeah"

Fay walked to in front of me and asked if I thought she should trim her bush. Hair was fanned out on each side and over the top of her tiny triangle in front. I told her I thought that her pubic hair showing was erotic.

I suggested to the guys that we walk well behind our wives so that it looked as if they were alone.

Fay asked us if it would be alright by us if they flirted some with men on the beach. We told them to go for it. They all took off their wedding rings and put them in their purses.

Toni asked the men to carry the towels so all of their bodies would show.

We all put on sun glasses and went to the beach. Tom, Carl and I behind our beautiful wives. I was thinking Dam they all had kids and still looked that good. Those asses were perfect and each had knock out tits and all had beautiful faces. All were tall and slender.

Carl said we should act as if we were collecting shells so we could stop and watch the girls as they walked. I saw three huge waxed drink cups on the beach and we each carried one.

The girls ambled along, if they spotted a guy by himself they might stop and let him look. Usually they would kneel down on the sand and bend over so those nipples would show. Nearly every time the guy would get an erection.

Occasionally the girls would go in the water and cool off.

There were four college age guys playing volley ball at one place. Toni spoke to them and the guys quit playing and clustered around our three wives. We hunted shells. One of the bolder ones asked the girls to come up to their motel room for a drink. Fay told them that if they had more time they would but they were walking to their motel room to get ready for their dates. Pam piped up with "I bet the four of you could give us a really good time." Toni added "Yeah, I bet you could too, are you guys going to be here tomorrow at about this time?" They told the girls they would be there. The girls promised to meet them the next day. (I hope those guys are not still waiting there with hard dicks)

We got even with our wives on the beach and Toni asked if we minded if they got a little bolder with someone. Tom asked "Like what?"

Toni said that she would like to see some of the guy's pricks. She commented that she and Pam and Fay were showing it all, "Why not they?"

Tom told her it was alright with him but not out on the beach. Carl said that we should watch and if someone got out of hand we could get involved. He suggested that if the ladies found a guy or guys they wanted to play games with they get them to go behind the dunes.

I suggested that they take the guys behind the second dune back from the beach so we could watch without being seen by the people walking on the beach.

There was a stretch of empty beach then one guy was all alone placing his old quilt to lie on. He was a nice looking fellow. He began to put sun screen on himself just before the girls got even with him. Toni spoke to him, she asked if he had enough oil for them too. The guy told them he might have enough, it was a new bottle.

Toni offered for them to do him if he would do all of them with the oil. He accepted. (He would have to be crazy or gay not to take Toni up on that). They got him to go behind the sand dunes.

The girls sat down on the quilt with him. The quilt was so small that all four were touching.

Toni took the oil and did his back and shoulders. His eyes were shifting back and forth from the nipples on Fay's tits to Pam's. We walked on by and turned off the beach and behind the first dune. We sneaked back and crawled up to where we could watch through the sea oats.

We could hear every word they said and they were no further away than across a small room.

Toni told him she was through with his back and shoulders and asked him to lie on his stomach so they could do his legs.

Pam took one leg Fay the other and Toni his lower back. Now it turned into a sensuous massage those hands worked up his legs and Toni pushed his boxer trunks down until the crack of his ass was showing and did the top of his buns. At the same time the girls reached the top of his legs Toni slipped her hand under the waist of his trunks. Both Pam and Fay kept going up his legs until their hands were out of sight under the legs of his bathing suit. They played with the cheeks of his ass and delved into his crack for a few minutes. Toni told him to turn over and they would do his front.

The tip and about an inch of his shaft had pushed out over the waist band of his suit. He had gotten hard laying on his stomach and it had no other place to go. He laid there with a huge grin on his face while those girls went back to work on him. Now he could see three sets of tits and lovely nipples.

The girls did his front like his back, one on each leg rubbing on oil and up to those loose legs of his suit Toni put her knees on each side of his head and poised her barely covered pussy just over his mouth. Toni pushed the waist band of his suit down and exposed more of his hard cock. The other girls were massaging his scrotum. One of the ladies asked him to raise his ass so they could get oil on all of him. When he did they shucked his suit down to his knees. Instantly three hands were on his prick.

They all told him how nice his cock was and began stroking it. in less than a minute he was humping up at their hands. Toni said "Hold up girls he is about to cumm."

They all went back to rubbing him keeping their hands off his prick. his prick was pointing straight up and he was moaning "Don't stop." He raised his head and began to kiss Toni's pussy through her tiny bikini bottom. His hands were playing with Fay's and Pam's tits.


Toni said "I think he can take some more now girls." They went back to teasing and stroking his prick and balls. Two more times they had to stop to keep him from "Getting off."

That poor bastard was going out of his mind.

Finally I guess they tired of their game and brought him to his ejaculation.

Toni counted his spurts out loud. (There were eleven)

All three got his semen on their hands and some went on Pam's and Fay's neck and shoulders.

Toni milked the last of his sperm out of his shrinking dick and they all thanked him for being a good sport.

Tom, Carl and I backed down that sand dune and walked back the way we had come. Before we crossed over and got back on the beach I looked back and that lucky bastard was still laying there with his suit down.

The ladies walked by us as if they had never seen us before. They were laughing and frolicking like kids. The girls went into the water to wash off the semen on them.

We went about a mile further but they found nothing but empty beach. We turned around and headed back towards the cottage.

Nothing but a bit of tit flashing happened all the way home.

When we were inside the girls wanted to know if we had seen what they had done to the guy on that deserted section of beach. Carl told them we had been no further than the width of the living room away and heard every word. Tom said we were slightly to the side and saw it all.

Fay looked in my eyes when she said "Thanks guys for letting us do that, this last year I was beginning to feel like a bored house wife growing old.That made me feel young again."

Pam told us "Me too, but now I feel young and immensely horny and I want a date with my husband for a while." She kind of dragged Carl toward the hall. Toni kissed Tom and they left for their bed room.

I got us each a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

Fay looked at me and said that our friends had a great idea. I agreed.

As we walked down the hall we found Pam's bikini top and then the bottom on the floor. Their bedroom door was wide open and we stopped and watched Pam riding up and down on Carl's cock.

The door was open to Tom and Toni's room and they were fucking, Toni on her back with her legs up and ankles locked behind Tom's back.

Fay whispered that she was so hot she was going to pass out soon if she could not feel me in her.

I left the door to our room open too.

Fay was a wild woman. She "Got off" as soon as I started in her with my penis.

I had become so excited because of the girls behavior on the beach I had a small ache in my belly from having a hard cock for so long.

I had to use every bit of my will power to keep from cumming before Fay had her fourth climax.

Finally Fay began begging me to cumm in her and I let it go. She had one last huge orgasm as I finished spurting in her.

We heard applause and looked toward the door. Tom and Toni and Carl and Pam had watched us finish and stood there smiling and clapping their hands.

They came over to sit on the bed and Toni told us we were great. Carl said that we had given them a nice show. Pam kissed Fay and then me. Tom kissed Fay and told her she was as good or better in bed than he had ever imagined. Toni kissed me and told me she wished she did not feel that she had to be faithful to her marriage vows.

We all went back to the kitchen - living room nude. Carl made a large plastic container of margueritas.

I guess after several of those strong drinks we all let our hair down.

Pam said that she had never done any thing before like they had done on the beach that day. She had never more than let her tits show to a stranger before. Getting that guy off had made her feel so good that if Carl would let her she would like to do it a lot more.

Carl told us he was so proud of her he would like her to flash and get a stranger off as often as she could. He wanted it to happen only far away from home and when he was with her though.

Toni told us we could not possibly imagine the feeling she had gotten out there knowing that every man she let see her tits wanted to fuck her. She told us that while jerking that guy off she had cumm three times.

Tom told us he was glad to know other men desired Toni, it made him cherish her more and appreciate her beauty much more.

Fay my lovely wife said "This was my first time at letting my body show like that but if my wonderful man will let me, I want to do it some more." She told us she had several orgasms while just playing with that guy's dick and balls.

I told them all I had loved seeing them nearly nude on the beach and I thought we should do it again tomorrow.

They all agreed.

Pam said she thought we all should swear that we never would fuck anyone but our spouses. We all swore to that but Carl looked at Fay and said he would not swear not to dream about it though.

Toni poured us all new drinks and then said "We must remember that making other men want us may make us horny as hell but that we have better at home. If one of us ever cheats on her man it probably will destroy her marriage.

Toni told Carl and I that she would like to fuck us both but would not ever even think about it even for a million dollars. Then she added that she might think about it but she would not do it for a million dollars.

The next day it rained all morning. We lounged around the house nude. We played cards for a while and then the girls went shopping later at noon. Tom took a nap and Carl and I went fishing with surf rods from the storage shed. We used frozen shrimp and cought a nice string of pompano. We quit when the girls called us from the deck. All three were excited, they had bought new bathing suits at a shop having a going out of business sale. They stripped in front of us in the living room, taking off their shorts and tops.

They put the bikinis on and Tom, Carl and I were not impressed but when they went out back and wet them under the shower at the foot of the steps we got excited about those new transparent bikinis that showed it all.

The girls wanted to go out on the beach but to go the other way this time.

It was mid-afternoon and a lot of people that had stayed inside that morning because of the rain were on the beach.

The girls strolled along ahead of Carl, Tom and I as if we were strangers. We did our shell collecting act and ignored them.

We passed through an area with only a few bathers.

The girls saw two guys siting down near the water and decided to get those new suits wet for them. They walked into the water next to them and then when their swim suits were wet came out right in front of them.

Both guys could not take their eyes off the girls.

Toni spoke to them and a conversation started. The ladies squatted down in front of the guys and gave them a good look at tits and pussys.

We walked on by.

Both guys had a hard on from looking at our beauties.

One of the girls said that looks like a nice one and reached out and felt of one of the guy's hard cock. He got up and backed away from them and told them he had to go because his wife might see them from a window in the high-rise back behind them. The other guy got up and they left in a near run.

The girls cracked up, we did too.

Those guys even left their towels.

Fay trotted over to us and got the girl's three towels. The girls wrapped them around over those transparent bikinis and walked on.

We ambled through a section of beach with a lot of children and couples.

After that the beach was empty for a stretch.

They saw a guy by himself and walked up to him and made him the offer of putting sun tan oil on him if he would share.

He looked them over and told them if they were men he would. He explained that he was Gay.

We walked on a bit but our beauties found no target for their teasing and they decided to give it up for the day.

Back at the cottage the girls showered off nude at the outside shower and dried off on the porch. There was no one to see them but Tom, Carl and I.

We men stripped and took a shower. As we dried off on the porch a lady walked up to the steps going down to the beach and watched us.

We all thought that was funny as hell. We men had gotten to flash and the ladies had not.

We had drinks in the kitchen and scattered. Tom and Toni took a nap, Carl and I put on shorts and cleaned the fish we had cought, Pam and Fay went in our bed room and lay on the bed talking.

Carl wanted to go to a liquor store and asked if I wanted to go. I told him I would clean up the mess from dressing the fish and I would wash and put them in the refrigerator. I might then take a nap. I took a shower and cleaned up then threw my shorts in the dirty clothes.

In our bed room Pam and Fay were asleep nude on the bed. There was enough room for me beside Carl's wife Pam. I laid down. Pam snuggled up to me with her crotch pressing my hip and her tits against my side. I began to get a half hard.

Her small hand took my cock in it and began to stroke it. I thought she was sleeping and dreaming she had Carl in her hand until she whispered "I hope you like that."

I kissed her and she began to stroke it harder.

I felt my ejaculation coming and could not have stooped it if I had wanted to.

Fay got out of the bed on her side and came around to kneel at my side. She kissed me and then Pam and watched as Pam's hand finished me off. Fay could tell when my eruption started and she took the head of my dick in her mouth while Pam kept on with her stroking. It jetted into her mouth and she sucked it down. She was moaning and playing with her cunt. Fay loved the taste of semen.

After Fay had sucked me dry Pam and I moved over and made room for Fay on the bed. She was still finger fucking herself I took over that as soon as she was on the bed. Pam took my other hand and put it on her wet pussy and said "Please do me too." I made both of them get off two times.

That night all of us were scattered around the living area nude. Toni came back from the toilet and lay down on the couch with her head in Tom's lap and put her feet in mine.

I casually began to finger her pretty pussy, Toni was at the point of getting off and I stopped.

I massaged her feet and when I thought she was calmed down I put my finger back in her. Every one was watching us. Toni got near the point of having a climax again and I quit again.

She Hissed "You are a real dirty bastard."

We all laughed at her and I rubbed her feet some more. In a while I put my finger back in.

Toni was near to having an orgasm and I stopped again. Toni grabbed my hand and held my finger in side her and begged me to let her finish.

I asked her what she would give and she promised any thing I wanted, just do it. I began to push my finger in deep and hard and began to tease her hard clit with my thumb. Toni exploded in a huge climax. She bucked up off the couch and screamed and called me a wonderful bastard and begged me not to stop. I made her have two more just a few seconds apart.

Toni lay there totally wiped out.

My wife Fay said "You really are a bastard to do her that way"

I just grinned at all of them.

When Toni sat up I hugged her and told her she was fantastic.

I asked Toni if she was ready to pay off to me.

She asked what I was talking about.

I reminded her that she had promised me anything if I would finish her off.

What do you want? she asked.

I reminded every one that we had promised that we would not fuck any one but our spouses. Giving a hand job or fingering a lady off was not fucking. Giving a blowjob or eating out a pussy was not fucking.

I said that if Pam or her husband did not mind I would like us to watch her suck Carl off.

Then if Fay did not mind I wanted her to do me. Then I wanted her to do Tom last but best.

Toni asked Tom if he would let her. Tom told her she had made the deal and then grinned and said he wished he was going to be first.

Toni asked Carl, Pam and Fay if they minded and got their permission.

Toni got up and said "O shit I have never done three guys before, I hope I get it right."

Carl was sitting in an easy chair and Tony got between his legs and began kissing and licking his soft prick soon he began to get hard. Toni took him in her mouth and began giving that meat some loving. She was good at it and Carl was giving her his juice in less than four minutes. Toni sucked him dry and kissed his soft dick. She gently laid it down and told him he tasted wonderful and thanked him.

I was next and she got on the floor in front of me. I asked Fay to come sit with me. She did and I took her in my arms and told her I loved her more than life it's self.

Toni had both hands on my hard prick. She looked up at me and said "You are a bastard, a sweet bastard, but still a bastard."

Her mouth was almost as good as my Fay's on my cock.

Fay knew what I liked and she told Toni to start off gently sucking just the head and kissing my shaft. Then later she should take my nuts in her mouth and tease them with her tongue. When she thought I was ready, she should use a combination of deep throat and rapid tongue flutter under my cock and she would get her mouth full in short order.

Tony was good, she would take all of me so deep her nose was buried in my hair around my cock. While holding me deep in her throat she would hum. Her throat muscles and tongue were moving all the time.

Toni could tell when I was about to get off and got only the head in her mouth and really sucked hard.

My first spurt came out like a bullet from a gun because of her hard suction. As Toni began swallowing she was sucking my balls empty.

Dam she was good. Not as good as my Fay but she gave me the next best blowjob I had ever had.

Toni sucked until I pushed her head off my prick. She kissed it and told me I had tasted wonderful. She half stood up and kissed Fay and tongued a bit of my juice into her mouth. Then she kissed me on my mouth and said "You are still a bastard but a sweet bastard."

Toni was proud of herself. She went to Tom and asked "Did I do good honey?"

Tom told her she was perfect in every way.

Tom was on the floor, his head on a pillow.

Toni got between his legs and began loving on his hard prick.

Tom could not last long after having watched his wife suck off two other men. He was soon moaning "I'm cumming Honey." Toni took her time after swallowing his sperm. She licked him good then moved up to kiss him on the mouth. "You are wonderful" she said as she stood up.

We all clapped our hands. Toni deserved it after the show she had just put on.

Later in bed while Fay and I fucked she whispered that she wished it had been her sucking us off instead of Toni. Fay said she had never had that much cumm at one time. Then she said she probably had that day at the Year Long Party but could not remember much and had been forced. She said that one time she had sucked off two men the same day, one in the morning one that night. She said " I think it would be heaven to suck off three men one right after another."

Dam, that caused me to cumm thinking about her doing our friends.

I told her I would love to watch her do two guys then me. I promised her I would try to make it happen. I told her I would make a bet with her that she would loose.

Fay wished there could be a lot more than three men sometime. I asked her how many more and she told me "As many as it takes to fill my belly with sperm."

The next morning I was the first one up. I put on a robe and went out to our car to get a screw driver. A cabinet door needed some screws run in. While at the car I turned the radio on to hear the local News. I got the weather. The announcer described a long line of heavy rain approaching from out in the Gulf and it would cross over Panama City by ten that morning. We could expect heavy rain between ten and noon then a clear and sunny afternoon. I cut off the radio and then did my thing in the kitchen. Fay came in after I was finished and had a glass of juice with me on the deck. I had made a pot of coffee and every one straggled out wearing robes and bringing a cup of juice or coffee.

We were quiet, just enjoying the view.Pam said it looked like we were going to have another perfect day. Fay chimed in with " Yeah and with this wind it probably won't be as hot as it was yesterday."

I told them I could feel a rain coming but after it blew on through it would be nice from noon all afternoon.

Carl said he did not think there was rain in that sky.

I insisted that we were going to get rained on.

Pam said "You are really full of it this morning aren't you?"

I told her that I was sure I felt a rain in the air.

Pam laughed and asked me to look at that sky, there was not the first cloud.

I told Pam I would bet her that around ten we would get a rain and by about noon it would clear and be nice.

Pam asked what I wanted to bet. I told her if I lost I would do anything she asked me to do no matter how silly. If she lost, she had to do anything I asked.

Fay chimed in with "Honey you are out of your mind."

I asked her if she wanted to bet too.

Fay replied she certainly did and she was going to have me roll a beach ball a mile down the beach with my nose then roll it back.

They all laughed.

I asked Pam if we had a bet and she laughed and said "We do."

(I had them)

That was at about eight. We took a long time for breakfast. I did Eggs Benedict for them and that takes time. First we had assorted fruit with dips in the center of the dish. I served every one a sparkling wine with melon balls in the glass.

I made the hollandaise sauce and laced it with brandy. I asked Carl to make Bloody Marys and use a piece of celery for a stirrer.

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