Hunger For Love
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young loving wife with an adiction for male sperm.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Group Sex  

We had bought a house near Birmingham Alabama. Fay and I had moved from Salt lake City when the huge international company I worked for decided I needed more responsibility. I was given a raise in pay and a new job. I was made the manager of the Alabama division.

I was on what was referred to as the "climb up the corporate ladder."

We had moved every year for the last five.

Fay did not like the moving off from friends every year but moving to a new place was exciting.

We both understood that our future depended on the company's training program and how far I could climb in the management of that huge company.

She knew that if I ever refused the next promotion the company offered me that I was stuck there at that job level.

For the rest of my time with the company I would be in the job I then had but I would be passed over for future promotions.

The Birmingham area was nice. We liked it there.

We had bought a large house in Cahaba Heights. We wanted to have children but were not quiet ready yet. We were twenty seven years old. We were nearly the only couple in the subdivision that did not have kids. As usual we had quickly become aquatinted with all of our neighbors.

We liked nearly all of them.

Let Me Give You A Little Background.

Fay and I graduated from the same high school in Albertville Alabama. Both of us had been honor roll students. I never had a date with her in school but I had wanted to.

Fay was a Majorette, Queen of several events, and positively the most lovely girl in school.

Like every other guy in school, I had wet dreams and "jerked off" thinking of her.

It seemed that every time I was between girl friends she was going with someone. Fay had gone steady with my best friend for six or eight months and we double dated a lot. I got to know her very well and thought Carl was a lucky guy.

She was perfect.

Not only was Fay the prettiest girl in school she was really nice.

After she and Carl broke up he confided in me about Fay. Carl said Fay was determined to remain a Virgin until she married. Carl said he wanted a girl that would fuck!

Carl and I tried dozens of girls, neither of us had any trouble staying well fucked.

We graduated from high school finally.


Carl and I were having a few beers on the shore of Lake Guntersville, sitting on a log with a small camp fire going.

I was leaving in a few days to start the summer quarter at Auburn. ( I had a Scholarship )

Carl had decided to enlist in the Marines several months before and was leaving the next day. It was a kind of good by party, just he and I there. We were both sad that we were going separate ways and our long time friendship was going to change.

We talked about a lot of things we had done as kids. We told of our hopes for the future. We talked of the many girls we had dated. We talked about the many times we had sex with Jen and the several times with Molly together. When Carl was talking about his and Fay's relationship he said that Fay performed a much better blowjob than Molly or Jen. Carl said that Jen and Molly were in a hurry to suck a guys cock so he could last a lot longer when the fucking began.

Carl said that Fay was different, she was never in a hurry. He said that Fay acted as if she were making love to his prick and he was sure she had an orgasm every time he "Shot Off" in her mouth. Carl said Fay's were by far the best blowjobs he had ever had.

Fay just would not fuck!

Carl had broken up with Fay so he could date another girl. She turned out to be a spoiled brat and a "Dominant Bitch." That lasted three months. He could never get Fay to go out with him later after he and the Bitch broke up.

Carl said he would give any thing if he could mend his relationship with Fay. He said he thought that he was in love with her still.

Carl had three dates with Fay before she let him play with her bare tits. He said he had "gone down" on her and after that and she had given him the best blowjob he had ever had. Carl asked me if I had ever done that to a girl. I saw no need to lie so I told him I had.

Carl wanted to know who and I named several girls.

I told him I liked doing that to some girls.

Several days after the start of my first quarter at Auburn I met Fay in Toomer's book store. She was with several other freshmen girls. We said hello to each other and had a brief talk. Fay knew I had a car and asked me when I was planning to go home. I told her I was going in two weeks. Fay asked if I would mind giving her a lift there and back. I told her she would be welcome company. Fay was next in line at the cashiers station so we said good by.

During the next two weeks I saw Fay often. Usually we were going to or from a class and only had time to say a brief hello to each other.

Wednesday before I was to give her a ride home we met near Toomers Corner and we had time to talk. We found an empty bench in the shade at the edge of campus. Fay and I talked about our classes and our first impressions of college. We made arrangements for Friday afternoon. My last class was over at four, hers at two. I would pick her up at her dorm at four fifteen.

Fay looked nice, she was still the most beautiful girl (now woman ) I had ever known. Fay asked if I was dating anyone in particular and I told her I had been out with four girls I had met in classes. I said that I would not ask any of them out again. She asked why. I told her of one date making me wait thirty minutes in the lobby of her dorm while she put on her face. We had missed part of the movie. I mentioned another that had wanted to go to the most expensive place around for dinner. She had ordered the highest priced thing on the menu and then barely nibbled at her food when it came. When I asked her if she was not feeling well, she said she was watching her waist line.

I had a date with a girl from Auburn. I had taken her to a local night club. Before we were seated she was dancing with a guy from her high school days. After she had danced with three other guys and never joined me at the table, I finished my drink, paid and left.

The fourth one though topped all the others. We had gone to a drive in movie. The feature was one of those strange meaningless happenings that I despise but apparently she liked that kind. After I got us parked she asked if I would get her one of those huge bags of pop corn and a quart of soda.

I stood in line for twenty five minutes. She slurped soda and munched on pop corn all the way through the movie. When we left I had planed to go somewhere and park. She begged off saying she had to study. Fay had been laughing all through my description of my campus sex adventures. Fay grabbed my hand when we stopped laughing and offered to introduce me to some of the girls in her dorm. She said she knew several that were not like any I had described.

I asked Fay if she remembered the kind of girl I liked.

She made a funny face at me and said "yeah but I don't know if any of my new friends will do that with you." I said "You turkey, do you think all I have on my mind is having sex with a girl?" Fay asked if it was not still true.

I told her I wanted a date to have a mind, to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. Fay said "Yes I remember, but I remember that all of your dates had other assets two. I remember Donna Jones and her 40 Ds, and how about Bethany and those huge breasts she had?"

What could I say?

We broke up laughing and I told her I had matured since then.

Friday I drove up in front of Fay's dorm and she was standing on the sidewalk with her small suitcase at her feet.

I did not even have time to cut off the engine before her bag was in the back seat and she was in the front seat. I was impressed with her being on time and the small amount of luggage. Our trip was pleasant, Fay is a quiet kind of girl and she doesn't chatter. We talked, I told a few clean jokes, Fay laughed. I had forgotten how nice her laugh was. Fay has a hearty tinkling laugh. Most of the trip we just rode in a silence. Many times I would look at Fay and see that she was looking at my face. She would look away.

I stopped for gas about half way. Fay took a trip to the ladies room. When she was back she offered to pay for half of the gas. I thanked her and told her to forget it, I was making the trip home with or without her. I told her I planned to go home every other week end. I invited her to ride with me any time she liked. Fay thanked me and said she had not planed to go home that often. Several miles before we were in Albertville Fay said she had three girls in her dorm she wanted me to meet. Fay said that all three 'had a mind' and were equipped with the accessories I liked.

I thanked her and told her I was available any time.

I had a nice week end with my parents.

I called Jen, the girl that was sixteen at the time she gave Carl and I our first blowjob and then fucked us both. We were ten years old at the time. Jen had a date Friday and Saturday night but was free Saturday afternoon. She took care of my need. My dick was hanging limp after three hours with Jen. I called Fay Sunday afternoon. I asked when she would be ready to go back to school. Fay told me she was ready any time I was. I set the time at four thirty, we should be back at school before dark.

Fay was ready when I arrived.

The drive back to Auburn was equally as nice as the drive home. Again Fay had her back to the door and sat facing me and every time I glanced at her she was looking at me.

I told several of my clean jokes and made her laugh but Fay was mostly silent. I stopped and we had cokes and sandwiches. Fay tried to pay for hers but I said "My treat, I will let you catch the tab on a steak dinner some other time."

Fay grinned and told me "any time Big R." When we arrived at her dorm at Auburn she asked me to park and come in. She said she wanted to introduce me to several girls she thought I might like. Fay left me in the living room downstairs while she went upstairs to find me a girl.

I sat there for a long time and Fay finally came back. She said that Irene had just got out of the shower and would be down soon. A while later the elevator door opened and out came a tall slender girl with large tits. She had black hair and a pretty face and a beautiful smile. Fay introduced her as Irene Stevens from Selma Alabama.

We sat and talked. Irene was a bit shy at first but soon she opened up and began to talk.

Irene was trying to get on the cheer leading squad or as a majorette, she had been both at Selma High.

I could tell that if she did not make either she would not be much disappointed. We talked for an hour and before I left I had made a date with Irene for the next evening. The next evening Fay was in the lobby of the freshman dorm with Irene when I entered to pick up my date. We talked a few minutes and I asked Fay if she was waiting for her date. Fay said she was.

Irene and I were a 'Thing' for two years. We had sex of some kind every time we were together. Irene was a good fuck and gave fine head.

I guess our romance just ran out of gas. We did not break up, we just quit going out with each other. I guess Irene knew that we were not in love and she should look at other men for a marriage partner. Fay was always there and we saw each other every other week end for the trip home.

Several weeks after Irene and I quit seeing each other Fay and I were driving home. We were between Good Water and Sylacauga when I decided to pull off and take a piss stop.

I drove up a fire lane in timber land and told Fay I needed to take a 'pit' stop. She said "Me too", we got out on opposite sides to do our 'thing'.

I could hear the sound of Fay pissing on the other side of the car. It was the most erotic sound I had ever heard.

I was in no hurry and the sound and thought of what she was doing caused me to get hard. Fay stood up and walked around to the back of the car. There I was with a hard cock in full view of Fay and just beginning to piss.

I thought of turning my back to her but I just went on with it.

Fay's gaze was riveted on my prick. I watched her face and saw her licking her lips. She said you are beautiful "BIG-R." I told her men are not beautiful, they might be handsome, but not beautiful.

Fay said "You are handsome but that thing is beautiful."

I finished and zipped up. I said "We better go." We got in the car and I was about to start the dam thing when Fay put her hand on mine and stopped me from turning the key.

"Can we just talk for a few minutes, I want to say something that I have wanted to say for years" she said.

Fay said that she thought she had been in love with me since we were in grammar school. It had been agony to see me with other girls. She said that those times when she was with Carl she had imagined it was me she was kissing. It had hurt her to arrange that first date with Irene and me.

Fay wanted to know if Carl had told me about their dates, about how intimate they had been. She asked if Carl had told me of the sexual aspect of their dates.

I told her that we had never talked of that until the night before he left to go in the Marines.

I told her that Carl had spoken of their relationship and that I guessed he told it all. I said Carl told me he never had intercourse with her.

I told Fay that Carl had said he realized he was in love with her now. She had never given him another chance to tell her that, he said.

Fay told me that she would not trust him even now.

She said that she thought Carl would never be faithful to any woman. She had not really loved Carl but when he just dropped out of her life and started dating that bitch it hurt her badly. She had realized he would never be a person any girl could hold for long. Fay said that every time they dated and he brought her to a climax she had imagined it was me she was with.

Fay asked me if I knew she was still a virgin.

I replied that Carl had told me that on his last date with her she was.

Fay told me she still was. She said that she was still waiting to give that gift to the man she would someday marry.

Four hours later we resumed our trip home.

I had gotten a quilt out of the trunk of the car and we spent the time exploring every inch of each others body.

I have no idea how many times I caused Fay to have an orgasm. At one time when I had her clit in my mouth and two fingers in her up to her hymen she went into a continuous climax. That lasted through at least a dozen convulsions.

Fay performed the most sensual blowjob I had ever had three times. We were completely sated just before dark.

The drive home was quiet, Fay laid her head on my shoulder and hugged my right arm to those lush breasts. I was mentally kicking my own ass for never having made the effort to discover this girl-woman before. I asked Fay if we needed to have a story to explain our being so late. She said she doubted any one would ask, but all she would have to say was that we were late leaving Auburn.

I asked her if she could go out with me the next night. Fay laughed and said "I was hopping you would ask." She got on her knees and we kissed until I ran slightly off the road. I asked her if that was a yes. Fay nodded. She laid her head in my lap and lay there looking up at me. She said "All these years of dreaming of being in your arms and making love with you have finally come true."

"I am going to show you how much I love you from now on."

"I will never give you cause to doubt my love."

I picked her up at her home the next night and we went to my favorite place on the Lake Guntersville bank. We sat in the car and watched Tow Boats and their strings of barges go by. There were a lot of boats of all sorts moving around.

In just a little over a day we had changed from good friends to lovers but had still remained good friends.

I had never felt as relaxed with any girl. She let my hands roam any where and at times actually purred like a contented cat. Fay sucked me off two times. She had big orgasms each time. I 'went down' on her after she did that each time. She was one happy girl when I took her home.

I made arrangements to pick her up the next day for the trip back to school.

I kissed her and told her "sleep well my love."

She said she had slept so well the night before that she had not moved in her bed all night. She had awakened that morning with a book she had been reading still on her chest.

I asked if I were good medicine for her. As she went inside she said "I think so."

The drive back to school was nice. Fay was quiet but affectionate. She laid her head on my lap and we spoke very little.

I had wondered if she had a bra on, when I unbuttoned three buttons and pushed her halter aside I found only bare tits. Later I unzipped her shorts and pushed them down and found her bare there to.

I let my hands wander over her all the way to Auburn.

Two quarters before I had rented a grubby but comfortable garage apartment closer to my classes than my previous dorm had been. Parking was a problem at Auburn but a bike was easy parked and could get me from one class to another quicker than my car.

My apartment was small, just one big room and a nice big bath. There was a large closet and a tiny kitchen area.

I had furnished it with a queen size bed and a large computer desk. I was six foot four and the full size bed that came with the apartment was not long enough. There was an old but comfortable couch, one recliner and a table with two chairs. I had knocked together a plank coffee table and three end tables out of scrap lumber.

There was a TV that was seldom turned on and a large computer that was seldom turned off. I had "Yard Sale" lamps on the end tables. The place was comfortable and convent. I took Fay there before I took her to her college dorm. I parked in the garage and led her up the stairs. I unlocked the door and for the first time Fay saw where I lived. I am a neat person and the place was clean and in order. Fay walked around and looked at my apartment and said "Plain but very comfortable and nice, I wish I lived like this." She went on to say that it was so noisy in her dorm she found it hard to study. When she looked out the window she remarked that it was walking distance to most of the buildings where she had classes. I told her that a bike was better than walking. Fay said that she knew and that was how she got to classes now but she was not as close as this from her dorm.

Fay lay down on my bed. I went to her and undressed her. She moved to the center of the bed and watched me strip. We spent hours pleasing each other. I took her to her dorm just before 'lock up' and promised to meet her after my last class the next day. It became a custom, we were together all the time we were not in class until the time she had to be in her dorm before the outside doors were locked.

We spent most of our free time in my apartment, I gave her a key.

We studied there.

We had sex there.

The quarter was about to end. I asked her to move in with me and not get a dorm room when we came back after our break. Both of us were going to graduate in nine months. I asked her to live with me those nine months. After we were done with our college education, and if we were still in love I wanted us to go ahead and get married.

Fay cried.

I hugged her.

"Was that a proposal she asked.

"Dam sure was" I replied.

Fay said "In other words you want to try me out for nine months before you will ask me to marry you." I got mad at her and said "forget it then I just wanted us to be positive it would work."

Fay hid her face in the pillows on my bed.

She cried.

I felt like a pile of dog shit.

Fay said "You know I would never have full intercourse with anyone before I marry him. Are you asking me to surrender my virginity in a try out before a marriage?"

I said "Hell no Fay I am asking you if you want to live with me and have the same kind of sex we have been having. If after we graduate we still feel the same about each other I would like to marry you." Fay sat up on the bed and said that I had not made that clear.

(God, Women!!)

I knew I had to be careful what I said to her, I must not give her any doubts about my love for her.

I told Fay that I could enjoy spending all night in a bed with her. I would enjoy waking up with her. It would be like heaven being with her in all our spare time. I asked her to think about it, that quarter ended in two weeks.

"We have a three weeks break before we have to return to school" I said. Fay asked if she could leave her things in my place during break even if she decided not to move in with me. She said she wanted to get out of that dorm anyway if just to try a different one. I told her I would help her move out and of course I would let her store her things there.

Two weeks later we went home to Albertville.

We had a date nearly every night for the three weeks.

Fay told me a week after we were home that she had told her mother she was moving into an apartment with me.

Fay told her I had been her steady date for a long time and we had an understanding about sex.

She had told her mother she was still a virgin and offered to prove it.

She had told her mother that we had agreed that we would not have vaginal sex unless we were married. She had said that we were thinking about getting married after we both graduated. Her mother had advised her against what we were planning. When Fay told her she was positive that was what she wanted to do she gave her blessings. That night when I picked Fay up her mother talked to us. She told me if I hurt her daughter in any way I could look forward to her having some goons beat me nearly to death. Then she said it was too early to welcome me into the family but she hopped that it would come to pass in the future.

Fay's father was off on business but Grace, Fay's mother, told us she would tell him what we were planning.

After the break was over we were as if we were married.

Fay was a delight to live with. In all of the nine months, even when she was miserable and having her period, Fay was always pleasant. We never had an argument. Neither of us ever got pissed at the other.

Near graduation time we informed our parents we planed to get married. Fay and I set the date and let our mothers make plans. We were to graduate in mid May and we set the date for the wedding for June twenty fourth, a Saturday.

It went off fine.

On our wedding night we made a celebration of the bursting of Fays hymen. We stayed at her parents house, Fay had candles lit and we had chilled wine in her room. Fay went out of her mind with the first insertion of a penis in her. I am sure her parents heard her when she screamed as I broke through her hymen. We had to leave early the next morning. The blood on the sheets would tell her mother Fay was still a virgin until she was married. We left after a

family breakfast. We had a long drive ahead of us.

I had been recruited by a large company and would start work. August fifteenth.

We were going to live in Baltimore.

Our honeymoon was in Baltimore, It was a real honeymoon but we took time to find a place to live too.

We took an apartment in a high rise close to where I would work. Fay had a degree in teaching and found a job close by. We enjoyed our stay there. A month after we moved into our apartment Carl came to see us. He was stationed at Quantico Virginia and was not that far away. After Carl left after his first visit Fay told me he had come on to her strong. He had told her he was in love with her and had made a mistake when breaking off with her.

He had kissed her and she could not stop him nor keep him from fondling her breasts.

I asked Fay if she had liked it.

Fay told me she had not liked it, that thoughts of me had been running through her mind.

Carl had held her hands to the wall over her head and taken out his prick. He had made her look at it and asked if she wanted it again. Fay had said NO and then told him to let her loose. He did but the next day when he left his kiss was more than that of just a friend.

We were in bed. I asked Fay if looking at his prick had turned her on.

Fay was quiet for a bit then said "BIG-R" you knew I dated a lot of different guys those two years you dated Irene and you have never asked if I had any kind of sex with any of them. The truth is that if I liked a guy enough to go out with him the second time I would let him kiss my boobs and let him 'Go down on me' if he wanted to. If a guy would get me off with his mouth I would "Suck Him Off." Fay said "A lot of my dates would do it and I sucked a lot of dicks. I think I am addicted to a man's sperm. I think of how some of my dates tasted and get hot even now. I masturbate thinking about it sometimes when I am alone here. When Carl showed me his prick I could remember how it tasted and the only thing that stopped me from taking him in my mouth was the thought of you. I am yours now" she said.

I told Fay that Carl and I were as close as friends could get and I already had told her Carl was in love with her.

I asked if she would like to taste Carl again.

Fay said "God I would love to but I have vowed to my self to never do that again unless you are there and want me to do that."

I told her that the next time Carl came to see us I would arrange for her to suck him off but that I could never let her fuck some one else.

I told her I would not share her pussy.

Fay said "Yes because that is yours only!"

Fay asked me if it would upset me if she sucked another man off. I told her that as long as I was there it would excite me and turn me on. I told her that I was sure that if I watched her suck Carl off, I would be so aroused she would have to fuck me and suck me off to.

I told Fay about the many times Carl and I had fucked the same girl on a date, taking turns and giving the girl a really good time. Fay wanted to know if she knew any of those girls we had fucked like that. I named seven girls and she knew five of them from school.

Fay said she had not given oral sex to anyone but Carl in our school. She knew that he and I never talked to anyone about our dates.

Carl and I had a policy of never telling of our adventures. Most guys in school would "Kiss And Tell" and Fay had known that. She had not wanted to get "A Reputation" as being an easy cock sucker in school.

She had learned from her cousin in Huntsville how to 'give head'. When she was twelve years old

she had spent a lot of time visiting there.

Fay told of doing a boy one afternoon that summer on the bank of the Tennessee River. Her cousin would let a boy fuck her if he would put on a rubber. She was fourteen and the boys were usually in college at U.A.B - Huntsville. Her cousin had sucked one of the guys off and showed Fay how. She had told Fay that if she would not fuck she could at least give a blowjob.

They were there six hours. During that summer Fay had sucked a lot of guys off.

After that first guy Fay said she had an intense craving for male sperm, she thought about a man's cock in her mouth a lot.

All of this was new to me. This was a Fay I knew nothing about.

Fay said that she would go to the teachers lounge several times a month. She would go in the toilet room and lock the door to a stall and masturbate thinking of sucking off a handsome teacher or student.

I was extremely aroused by what she had said.

I fucked her like a savage rapist.

It was more than a month later when Carl called and asked if he could visit again. He could get a three day pass the next week end. I told him he was welcome.

When I told Fay Carl would be there Friday she asked, "Are you sure you are willing for me to let him go down on me then for me go down on him?" Fay said "Be sure because if doing that means a change in our love for each other I don't want it to happen. I Love You BIG-R."

I said "Let's go for it, I do not believe anything will change between us."

I was able to leave at noon Friday and be home when first Fay then Carl got there.

When Carl knocked I greeted him wearing a bathing suit with a towel around my neck. I said "Hi Carl Fay and I were just going to take a dip in the pool and she is going to wear her new thong bikini. Want to join us?" Carl said he had not brought a bathing suit. I told him that we had always worn the same size clothes and that I had an extra suit. I told him to put his duffel bag in the room he had used before and I would bring him a suit.

Carl went to his room and I got a thin thong "cock cover" for him and took it to him. It was the sort of thing body builders wore. Carl looked at it and asked if this was all I had for him to wear. I told him to wear it, if any of the "Hot Boxes" were going to be at the pool he stood a good chance of being raped. Carl joined Fay and I in the living room.

Fay was nearly nude, her suit was so small she could get by with it in a nudist camp. Carl was her match, he was hiding nothing!!

Fay grabbed up her bag and said "let's go."

We did not stay at the pool long. Carl and I put a bit of oil on Fay and she managed to give us both a tit and pussy show. Fay was going insane from our hands.

She said "I want to go home now!"

I said "We just got here honey."

Fay said "Please let's us go home now."

Carl was dam near out of his cock sheath, his erection had pushed it so far out his balls were showing. Fay took his covered prick in her hand and said "please guys, I want to go NOW!!" Fay had goose bumps on her skin and was breathing fast. I told Carl that I thought Fay wanted to go to our apartment right now.

On the elevator going up to our floor Fay had each of our pricks in her hands.


I was too slow getting the door to our apartment unlocked and open, Fay said "Hurry." When we were inside Fay ran to the master bed room. Carl was not sure yet what was expected of him. I said "She wants to suck you off if you still want that but you got to do her first." I told him she still would not let him fuck her but he could get the best blowjob he ever had if he wanted. Carl asked if I was alright with that and I told him I was, but NO FUCKING, that pussy was for me only. We went on in the bed room. Fay was nude on the bed. Carl stripped off that brief bathing suit and crawled on the bed between Fay's legs. Carl threw himself at her cunt, both of them acted as if they were in a hurry. As soon as Carl was in place Fay motioned me to her.

I kissed my lovely wife and teased her nipples.

Fay was moaning and humping Carl's face.

I had never seen Fay that turned on before. She began to have climax after climax until she pushed Carl's head away. She said "No more, No more, Let me rest for a bit, I am about to pass out from it!"

Fay gripped my shoulder and sat up on the edge of the bed. "I will be alright in a minute" she said. She asked me to help her get to the bath room, she said she had to 'tinkle'.

She asked Carl to wait for her.

Fay had her pee and then she was fine.

She didn't need help to go back to the bed.

I watched from the door to the bath as Fay climbed over the foot of the bed and between Carl's legs. I took my bathing suit off. Carl was stroking his prick. Fay pushed his hand away and said "I will do that, just lay back and enjoy." Fay was in no hurry now. She looked at it and touched it and

examined it top and bottom. She said "This is second time I have ever seen your cock in the light. We were always in a dark car parked somewhere." She told him it was longer now and felt larger. She said that he had grown since he

was sixteen. She told him she had thought about him a lot when she had masturbated, until she and I finally had sex.

Fay took him in her mouth. I watched Carl's face. He shut his eyes and his body got stiff.

Fay must have known that he was about to erupt and she took her mouth off him and kissed his nuts. After she sensed that Carl was no longer ready to squirt she went back to sucking him. Three more times she quit sucking and let Carl calm down from nearly having a climax. The fourth time Carl could stand no more teasing. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock all the way down her throat.

She had his full seven inches in her when Carl shouted "Here it comes!!" Fay had it all down her throat and I could see her swallowing. She was holding her breath while he was pushed in that deep. When Carl let her head go she let him out of her mouth and licked and milked the last few drops into her mouth. Fay was kind of breathless and breathing hard for a bit.

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