Millenium Bug
Prologue: The Bug.

Copyright© 2000 by El Gato

Sex Story: Prologue: The Bug. - In a future where the men are few and the world is populated by women because of a deadly virus, love is precious.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Science Fiction   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow  

No one really knows how it got out. Everyone has an opinion, but most seem to think it was Khadaffy, or Saddam Hussein; or someone like that. The only fact we really know about the 'bug' is that it changed everything. The 'bug' is a man-made virus that kills men. It almost killed off the whole human race, but it seems that a few people that came from a small Scandinavian province were immune to a certain extent. Them, and a single tribe of Aleutian Indians.

The bug circled the globe in a little over ten days. In a little over three weeks, the worst had happened. Only a few men were left on the entire globe, these men lived mostly in the Northern U.S.; and in Northern Europe. A small handful of others were scattered around the world. Out of a thousand men, only five on average was immune. All of them contracted the disease, but after a serious flu-like illness; recovered. Mankind was in deep shit. The women of the world, being wiser than the men; decided to save the human race from self-extinction.

China went from communism to a matriarchal system, with a dowager empress said to be descended from royalty. Most other countries didn't change forms of government, with the exception of women holding the major reigns of power. In the U.S., the Constitution was amended to make way for polygamous marriage; and instead of 'welfare' a system of support to allow women to have children and still work was put in place. Lesbian relationships were tolerated, but discouraged. Sperm banking was required of all males, their seed to be used to insure the continuation of the human race. Treaties were signed to help insure a fair distribution of this precious commodity to all countries. With their system of sperm banks and networking in place, the U.S. became the major supplier for the rest of the world.

The sperm banks could be found just about anywhere. Malls, hospitals, next to motels/hotels, in a few airports; and they all had a common theme. Pink roofs and blue walls were a dead giveaway it was a "collection center", as the sperm banks were now called. There were female employees trained to collect the 'sample' from 'clients', but they were also trained to be 'good wives and mothers'. Each male had a willing female to help him do his patriotic duty. Often the women were chosen as mates by the men that left three 'samples' per week as mandated by law. Each center turned down applicants in the hundreds each year. The entire system was under govornment contract to a private company run by one man and his wife of twenty years.

It is ten years after the bug got out. It is 2010.

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