Summer Pool Party

by JennTill

Copyright© 2000 by JennTill

Sex Story: Another true one... sorry to say. I threw caution to the wind in getting involved with this very forward teen girl! (She was VERY sexy!) In the end, she won out. I knew I should have listened to my women's intuition!!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   True Story   Oral Sex   .

After exhausting my welcome at my Aunt Maggie's house, I was fortunate enough to be extended an invitation to stay at my maternal Aunt and Uncle's house in a nice, cozy part of Southern California (far enough from L.A.!).

While attending one of Southern California's better colleges near L.A, I am the just another struggling college student forced to room with someone. But that's okay, I love school and I am willing to sacrifice. I thoroughly enjoy going to school without any goal in mind. I just want to take in all I can and learn everything!

So after doing that all year it was really nice to look forward to spending the hot summer relaxing at my Aunt and Uncle's who have a nice-sized home with a huge, new pool.

I'll back-peddle here long enough to explain why I don't live with my mother (or father). While with Mom, I had a boyfriend named Brian and our "relationship" had become so intolerable (and verbally abusive) that I had to seek refuge. Dad's place was out. After Brian found me once there and threatened me, it was decided that I would go "away" to school and not live with mom or dad 'til things cooled considerably. My dad is very protective but couldn't be there for me and work too.

"Hi Jenny"! (I hate it when my family calls me by that name!)

"Hi Aunt Gloria...where's Uncle John?"

"Oh he just went into town to get a few things. Come in! Bring your stuff in here and get settled. Don't let all that hot air in!...I just got the house cooled down."

I was impressed with my new surroundings for the summer. It had been a few years since I had visited and they had remodeled the house.

"Oh just throw those things down and come on out back." Aunt Gloria had me dump my bags and led me quickly to the back part of the house. I was impressed with the huge pool they had installed since I was last there.

"Well, what do you think?" She threw open the sliding door. "I don't think you've been here since we added this have you?"

"No! looks great! I can't wait!"

I was immediately caught up on how "private" it felt. The fence was nice and high and there was a huge, vacant field behind it on the back side. To each side was a neighbor's house but the elevations were such that the one to the right was lower while the one on the left was completely surrounded by high trees pressed tightly against the fence totally blocking any "view" of the pool. It was like 'double' privacy.

"We thought you would be hot and exhausted from your trip down so you just go in there and get changed and John will be back with the steaks for barbequeing."

I didn't hesitate. The pool looked way too inviting. Auntie took me back in the house and saw to it that I was "to make her home my home" and showed me what was to be my own room for the next two months. It was a little "masculine" for my was lined with wood paneling that Uncle John had installed years ago and it was their son (my cousin) Jeff's room before he moved out and married.

After Auntie left me in the room, I gazed out the window as I undressed and was pleased that just outside it was very private with a fully shaded atrium garden on the other side of my window. As I put on my one piece [conservative] bathing suit I pondered whether I would be able to lay out nude and get an "all over" tan this summer.

Once back outside, Auntie and I got caught up on all the latest and she let me know that the new neighbors were something else. What, she didn't elaborate at that time.

2 Weeks Later

I settled in rather easily...almost too easily!

My new daily "routine" was rather unimpressive. Other than helping my Aunt around the house on a daily basis, I pretty much could lay out by the pool, read all my favorite magazines, drink gallons of coke and iced tea, and eat chips, salsa and guacamole!

My Aunt and Uncle assured me that they were thankful that I was there as they would be gone a good portion of the summer. My Uncle's job caused him to travel and Aunt Gloria wanted to join him since he would be going to a few places that she wanted to visit. So here I was alone with the house all to myself!

As I lay there reading the latest 'Vogue' and listening to my favorite CD's on headsets, I could "feel" that I was being spied on. I was just starting to feel safe and comfortable enough to let my top down and, on at least 2 other occasions, I had discreetly removed my bottoms as well.

I get real "hot" when I'm laying out and not just from the sun. I don't know why but for as long as I can remember, my pussy would just start juicin' after laying out. I should say here that although I am no model, I do have a decent figure. At least I've had no complaints! Most people (guys and girls) have categorized me as the typical southern California blond beach bunny type but I don't like stereotyping even if it could be true!

For one thing, I am much more "cerebral" and although I have enjoyed the beaches a lot, I am no "surfer chick" and resent that "beach bunny" tag being applied. As I continued to read through my Vogue article while listening to my music, I let my eyes wander beyond the page and scanned the fence perimeter. I have a sixth sense for this feeling of someone keying in on me. Maybe it was due to my experience with Brian but my warning beacon was "ON".

One of the fence boards had a smallish knot hole that my eyes had missed earlier. Now I could distinctly catch slight movement behind the hole. The bushes were rustling too but I thought it might be from the gentle breeze. Still, I maintained my current position and didn't let on that I was aware of being spied on.

Auntie had described the neighbors on this side as being a "housefull of hellions"...whatever that means. I was now wishing she had gone into more details so I would have an idea who was invading my privacy. I discreetly turned down my Walkman's volume completely but continued to bob my head to the "music".

"CRYSTAL!" I could heard a woman's voice call out.

I saw the "knot" being replaced on the fence board and the bushes behind it jiggle a little more than just from a breeze. I decided to jump up and see if I could catch a glimpse of my little spy! Ever so carefully I stepped up on the patio furniture and peeped over the fence (and bushes) just in time to see a young (maybe 15 or 16), lithe-bodied person with long, dark, stringy hair scamper into the house. "Hmmmm" I thought. The slight suggestion of a figure said "it" was a girl. Or was that a metal-head guy?

About an hour later the doorbell rang. I decided to put on a robe and hurried from the back yard to answer it.

"Hi...I'm Carolyn your neighbor next must be Gloria's niece..."

She extended her hand and continued chattering away:

"My own niece, Crystal, is staying with us and, well...would it be okay if she came over for the afternoon...I just got called out to an emergency meeting and...well, I just don't feel comfortable leaving her alone..."

From her tone and her rambling on I decided to let her off the hook, "Sure, I'm just out back getting some rays. Have her get her suit and come on over."

"Oh, you're a DEAR!!! don't know how I appreciate this!... I mean...she's not exactly a child but she does need adult company...I'm sorry I don't mean to just dump her on you but..."

"Hey, think nothing of it! Send her on over, I'll leave the door open..."

Carolyn scurried off like her undies were on fire and moments later I saw the pixie-like face under the stringy hair (and developing woman's body) of Crystal appear.

"Um...hi, I'm Crystal..."

She was looking down like she was about to be punished for getting caught with her hand in a cookie jar. "Hi! Come on in!" I bubbled. "I was just out back enjoying the pool..." I locked the door behind us and escorted her through the house to the back yard. As we walked through the house, I couldn't help but notice what a cute figure she actually had! I had barely caught a glimpse of her when I saw her scurry into her house an hour ago but this little thing was cute!... kind of boyish but feminine too.


Nice act. This kid was good. She made it seem like she hadn't even seen it (or me) just an hour or so ago.

"Hey! I'll bet you can skinny dip here right!?"

Her enthusiasm was just a little too animated but hey, what the heck, I went along. "Of COURSE, silly!" I said as I wanted to appear "worldly" and undaunted. We spent the next couple of hours getting to know one another. Both of us were a little uncomfortable to "let our guards down" too much. Me, because I was literally hot from sunning myself, and also I wasn't quite sure what to expect from her! So we spent a great deal of time question and answering... me with a load of questions, her with the shortest of answers.

I found out that she had gotten into trouble and in with the wrong crowd and was sent to her Aunt's to get "straightened out". I guess she had gotten nvolved with pot and a druggie crowd and her parents were afraid she was heading down the wrong road.

This wasn't too much of a surprise since she revealed her name "Crystal" came from her mother's favorite drug of choice when she was younger. When she opened up a little more with me on this, a very touchy subject with her, I could tell that she was quite relieved that I didn't act all wierd about her past and her current "situation". She definitely seemed to relax and during our chatting I could sense that she was "eyeing" me with keen interest. I, too, was getting turned on by her but me at 26, I knew I would be playing with fire. There was something so pixie-like about her and it wasn't just her young age. Her dark, brown eyes were huge and doe-like. "WHEW! It's REALLY HOT!"

And with that, Crystal got up and jumped in the pool with a big splash.

"This feels really great!...come on in!"

I decided to join her and dove in the deep end feeling the cool water on my sun-drenched skin. I had to admit, it felt as wonderful as it always had and cooled my fires down a little. Moments later, we got out both of us anxious to get back to more "girl talk".

" you got any beers?"

I was a little reluctant to contribute to the delinquency of this minor but I also knew we had the whole afternoon to ourselves and we wouldn't be going anywhere. Without answering, I got up and could feel her eyes on my bottom as I went into the house and put a six-pac of Mickey's Big Mouths in a cooler with ice. When I came back, she was stretched out and her nipples, which were hardened from the cool water and air, stuck straight up as if to greet me against her spandex one piece suit. "Here ya go..." I gave her one of the Mickey's and unscrewed one for myself. I'm not much of a beer drinker but it just seemed to go with this particular day. Just then the phone rang.

"Hi Jennifer?"

I could tell it was Carolyn and she was already making points just by not calling me "Jenny".

"Look...I REALLY hate to do this to you but I'm stuck up here in L.A. and I don't think I can be back before late. Are you and Crystal getting along okay?"

"Sure." I felt like a schoolgirl babysitting again but the "picture" before me was no baby!

"I hope you don't mind. Would it be alright for her to stay with you? If you can fix dinner for you both I will gladly repay you..."

"Hey, no problem...we're getting along fine and there's plenty here to eat. You do what you gotta do and we'll be fine. In fact, she can spend the night here if she wants and we'll catch you in the morning."

"REALLY!?...Oh, Jenn, that would be just 'WONDERFUL' and a real load off my mind."

As I was talking with Carolyn I could tell that Crystal was getting excited over the prospect of hangin' out together. Her knees and legs were opening and closing like a butterfly.

"She's not comin' back?"

"She's stuck in meetings."


With that, Crystal got up, dropped the straps on her one piece suit, then dropped the rest of the suit on the decking and jumped in the pool again.

"I hope you don't mind,'s just too damn hot! Don't you want to take off your suit too?"

I had to admit I did. Besides, she'd already seen what there was to see and we were both females! Crystal emerged on the shallow end nearest me and put her arms on the pool tile. I hadn't expected my "unveiling" to be a spectacle but it was like she didn't want to miss anything. Without too much fanfare, I dropped my bikini top and sat back down on the chaise and acted like I was getting back to my magazine. I could see the disappointment in her look that I didn't get completely naked and "join" her.

"Doncha wanna come in?"

"I will in a minute." There was something "experienced" and manipulative about her but I couldn't quite pinpoint it. As I pondered the thought the cool breeze did it's trick on my nipples and I noticed they were as hard as I had ever seen or felt them. Crystal was noticing too. I dropped the magazine to my side and laid the chaise back down flat absorbing the suns hot rays. I must have slightly dozed off as I felt the small hand applying lotion to my legs and feet.

"You looked like you were starting to fry a little..." her voice trailed off but her hands kept moving when she saw that I wasn't going to protest. In fact, I closed my eyes once more and enjoyed the feel of her light touch on my firey skin.

"You have to be one of the prettiest women I have ever seen in the flesh, Jenn..."

Her voice was barely a whisper as her hands globbed on more sunscreen and moved from my feet, to my ankles, to my shins and knees. It was at my knees that I could feel her eyes on me but I remained still and let out a slight moan as her finger tips circled my knee caps. With the moan she almost stopped but decided it was okay to continue.

"My girlfriend, Trish, used to love it when I did this for her..."

Her hands returned with palms full of cool lotion and she began to rub the fronts of my thighs in full, sensuous motions. Her girlfriend? There were a couple of ways to take that but I didn't want to pursue it just yet.

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