Married and Very Bi

by Family Love 1954

Copyright© 2023 by Family Love 1954

Erotica Sex Story: A married man finds fun with other married guys.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   .

Behind Jack, my cock deep in his ass, cumming.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good.”

Jack mumbles into the sheets. “Ohhhhhhh, yeess.”

I pull out and move back as Jack rolls over. His soft penis is still shiny from the lube, and I can feel his cum leaking out of my ass.

“I’m gonna miss this.” He says, reaching for a towel.

I reply over my shoulder as I enter the bathroom. “You’ll find another married guy to play with.”

Jack gets into the shower behind me, holding the soap. “Yeah, but this was special.”

Feeling my friend’s hands on my skin, I quiver. “Yeah, for me, too.”

“So, Jim. New job, new town. You need to know about the look.”

Now I’m washing Jack’s penis, and it’s getting bigger. “Hmm, guess we’re not done yet.”

Jack laughs and pinches my nipples. “We’ll suck each other off as a finale. Now, about the look. Guys catch each other’s eyes in normal situations. Our reaction is to instantly break contact. If the guy looks at you and stays looking. That’s ‘the look’. He wants to have sex with you.”

I laugh as I slide a soapy finger into Jack’s asshole. “Come on, really?”

Jack bends over. “Stop that, or you’ll have to fuck me again. Yes, it’s true. I’m on a few sites and even tested it at the gym. A young guy, married, gives me the look. Later in the shower, he takes the one across from me, the curtain half open. Now he’s looking right at me as he gets his cock hard. I look back, and we masturbate watching each other.”

We’re back on the bed, sucking each other. “You gonna follow up?”

“Hell yeah. You mind?”

“Not one bit. Gonna have to test your theory in the new town.”

Let me stop and clarify. I’m Jim. I’m 39, married to Molly. I enjoy an inspiring sex life with my wife, which is not the subject of this story. I had my first bisexual experience in my teens, another drunken hookup in college while I was dating my future wife, and then Jack at a work conference when we shared a room. He’s married, too.

I’m changing jobs and becoming VP of operations at a new company in a new city.

It’s been a few weeks now. Job’s good, like the house and the hood. Our daughter Amanda is in college, and our son Frank is still in high school. He’s got a future in sales. He makes friends so quickly. Mark is now his best buddy. Fellow soccer players and goofballs. Mark sleeps over every Friday night and sometimes into Saturday. We haven’t met his parents yet, too busy.

I haven’t had any opportunities since I moved. I’m in a gym but barely get there with learning the new job and next week I have to go to our other plant for an inspection.

It’s Sunday morning. Molly is visiting her mom. Mark stayed overnight. I’m making breakfast and want to see if the guys are awake. I walk back to Frank’s room to listen at the door. We bought an old farmhouse. It’s charming, but it has some quirks, one of which I just discovered. As I leaned in to listen, the floorboard moved, and Frank’s door swung open about halfway.

Yeah, you guessed. Both of them naked on the bed in a sixty-nine, on their sides, my son facing me, Mark’s hard penis in his mouth and his hands clenching his friend’s lovely ass. Frank’s eyes met mine through Mark’s legs. His eyes widened in alarm, but when I didn’t say anything, I got ‘the look.’ We were eye-to-eye. Frank sucked on Mark as I watched. My cock got hard, poking out the fly of my boxers. After a few seconds, I slipped back and quietly shut the door.

Mark had to leave after breakfast, and I had some work to do. I stayed in my boxers since it was just Frank and me.

A gentle knock, and Frank slipped into my home office. I was in one of the lounge chairs scanning a document. Frank was still in his white briefs. He’s about my height, lean and trim like his mom. Even as a late teen, he has little body hair.

He stands. His weight is on one foot. My eyes flick to the soft mound in his briefs, wondering what he looks like since I only saw Mark’s penis. I quickly look up as he speaks.

“Am I in trouble, dad?”

I put the doc down. My legs are spread a bit, and it occurs to me that my cock might be visible. I close them a little. “For what, Frank?”

“You know. Mark and all.”

I smile. “Not at all, son, not at all. You’re experimenting; we all do it. I apologize for watching; the door sprung open. I’ll be more careful.”

“So, it’s okay?”

“Yes. I’ll share a confession. I experimented, too, so it’s fine.”

Frank’s eyes widen. “Really? When?”

I don’t know why I said that. Well, shit. I opened the door; I guess I’m committed. “I had a friend when I was your age. He slept over, too. One summer night, we were wrestling around in our underwear, having some dumb disagreement, when we ended up face-to-face with me on top of him. I noticed we both had hard-ons. I moved a little; it felt good. Joe just lay there. Then he pushed up. I rubbed my cock on his through the fabric of our briefs, and he pushed back. It didn’t take long until we both shot our loads in our briefs. I rolled off, and we just looked at each other. Joe said, “We cool and all?” I said, “Yeah, it’s cool.” There was this long pause, and Joe said. “Hope you’re not pissed, but I liked that.” Feeling stupid and reckless, I got up and shoved my briefs off. “I did, too. Wanna do more?”

I’m watching my son as I tell the tale of my first Bi experience. I can feel my cock growing, sticking out of the fly of my boxers, and I do nothing. Frank’s penis is growing too, the head now peeking above the waistband of his briefs. We look into each other’s eyes as I finish my story.

“We took a shower together, washing each other and exploring. We were both hard. I leaned over, the hot water beating on my back, and, for the first time, put a cock in my mouth. I liked it. Joe did the same. We laughed, got out, and dried off.

“That night, we sucked each other to orgasm more than once. After that night, we did it whenever we could. Eventually, we fucked too.”

Frank, his hand brushing his erection over the cotton. “Yeah? How was it?”

Me, ignoring my boner. “We did it more than once, is all I’ll say.”

Frank laughed. “Got it, Dad. So, what happened?”

“We went off to college. Joe decided he was gay, and I met your mom.”

Frank, holding the outline of his boner. “Thanks, Dad. That was a big share.”

I stood up. “I don’t mind. You’re an adult now.”

We moved into a hug, and I had a flashback as my cock rubbed against my son’s. We broke our embrace, and Frank left, probably to masturbate. I know I did.

Our relationship changed. Nothing else happened, but I’d get a look from Frank when Mark came over. ‘The look.’ Now, I was missing the touch of a man but still too busy to try anything.

Our company has a warehouse in a city about two hours away. I haven’t been there yet, and as VP of operations, I need to do a look-see.

It’s summer and hot. The manager was busy, so he assigned one of the forklift drivers to give me a tour. I liked the fact that the manager had tee shirts made for the staff. It projected a good image.

Mike, the driver, is maybe twenty-four, blue eyes with a thick shock of unruly blonde hair and a gold band on his left hand. The company tee shirts are not expensive, and it hangs kinda of slack on his tall, lean frame. Biting his lip, he offers his hand. I shake it firmly.

“Um, Mr. Jackson said you wanted a tour?”

“Yes, Mike. Nothing special, just a walk-through.”

“Uh, okay. Where do you want to start, sir?”

He tugged at the waist of his belt-less work pants that clung to his nearly non-existent hips. I put my hand lightly on his shoulder. “It’s just a tour, Mike. No big deal.”

He smiled weakly. “Thank you, sir. I’ve never met any of the big bosses.”

“Mike, I promise I won’t fire you if the floor is dirty.”

That broke the ice. We had a nice tour. It’s a big place, and we started in the front.

Our last stop is the fire pump house in the back corner of the property. Mike had been pulling his pants up the whole time. He was a pleasant, easy-going guy, and he got much less nervous as the tour went on. I was looking at the big diesel fire pump and noticed a spot on the floor under it. “Mike, is that an oil leak?”

“Whoa.” He said, “That’s new.”

He bent over to look, and then I saw it. His shirt rode up, and his waistband had slumped. Bright purple lace. The Whale tail of a thong panty. Oh fuck, my cock lurched. It had been months since I’d been with a man, and I did something no manager should do. I reached out and gently grasped the waistband of that lacy thong panty.

“Purple, very nice.”

Poor Mike shot upright so fast he nearly hit his head on a pipe. He turned, his face bright red, his eyes wide. “Oh shit. Mr. Conners, I’m sorry. Please, please, don’t say anything, please.”

“Mike, take it easy. There is no problem here.”

I caught Mike’s eye and stayed engaged. His shoulders dropped, and he sighed. He got it.

“Mike, I’ve been wondering about trying this.” I reached out and ran my finger over the lace now visible at the front of the young man’s pants.

“My wife doesn’t know. I keep them in my locker here. I forgot my belt today.”

My finger slid between Mike’s smooth skin and the frilly thong. He stood, hands at his side. His breathing deepened, and I saw his cock growing behind the zipper. My finger touched the head of his cock as it grew.

Mike looked down at my cock making a tent in my pants. “Would you like me to help you with that, sir?”

I moved my hand. Pressed it against Mike’s bulge. He’s big. Bigger than any cock I’ve ever had.

“Mike, that’s a huge violation of company policy, and this must be our secret. I’ll only let you if I can return the favor.”

Mike’s hands worked my belt. “That’d be real nice, Mr. Conners. My wife can’t take me in her mouth.”

Mike undid my belt, gently opened the button, and pulled down the fly, his fingers rubbing my erection. My pants dropped around my ankles as Mike kneeled. I touched his blond hair. “Well, looks like yours is the biggest cock I’ve ever sucked, so we’ll see.”

Mike slid his fingers under the waistband of my briefs, looking up. “I like sucking cock, Mr. Conners.”

The young man’s hands slid down my thighs, pressing my underwear down. I was nearly panting with anticipation. My briefs settled on my ankles; the warm summer air felt good. Mike sat on the big pipe that fed the pump, and I moved in front of him. The young man looked up at me as he took my erection in his hand and leaned over. He ran his tongue over his lips and opened his mouth.

As he slid my cock into his warm, young mouth, I replied. “So do I, Mike. So do I.”

He was so young and so attractive and so married. I knew I was going to do this with Mike again. His mouth was so wet and warm, his tongue perfect, caressing my shaft as his hand gently fondled my balls, his finger dancing on that spot right behind. It had been too long since I did this. I wanted to last, but in a few minutes, this young, married man’s mouth had me at the edge of a wonderful orgasm.

“Mike, I’m going to cum.”

Mike just purred around my cock and kept going. I love the feeling. It comes up from my toes, through my balls, and then the glorious release. My cum jetted into this young man’s gulping mouth. I wanted to cum forever. I held his head, his thick blond hair in my fingers as my cock lurched and spurted. Then I was done. Mike knew, he let my penis slip from his mouth, looked up, and smiled. “That was good, Mr. Conners.”

I extended a hand to help him up. “Now, it’s your turn, seeing the fat lump in his cheap work pants.

“You don’t have to, sir. It’s fine.”

I put my hands on his trim hips and pivoted until I sat on the pipe.

“I want to, Mike. I like sucking just as much as you. I like to do it all.”

The pants were loose, and the button was easy to release. The pants blossomed and dropped as I slid the zipper’s tab. The lacy thong had no chance of containing the erection behind. Mike has the biggest dick I’ve ever touched. Not stupid huge, probably eight inches, but the head is this lovely, perfectly smooth helmet that stands proud. I caressed his penis.

“You’ve got a great cock.”

He blushed. “Thank you, sir.”

I stroked him and cupped his sack. “So, you do this much? With guys?”

“Never until bout a year ago. Me and George were working late, and we saw the boss and his secretary ... Oh, fuck I shouldn’t have said that.”

I licked Mike’s cock through the lace to distract him. “It’s okay. Go on.”

“They were fucking in his office, and it was hot. We got hard, and then George touched me. I dunno; just seemed like a good idea. Like I said, my wife won’t suck me, and George did. I got to liking sucking him. We go fishing together, ya know?”

My lips were on the tip of Mike’s magnificent cock. “I like fishing.”

Mike laughed and sighed as I guided his erection out the leg opening of the thong panty. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. Looking up at him and then at the woman’s panty surrounding his wonderful cock. I slurped and drooled all over that cock. I couldn’t get it all because he was so thick, but I went down till I gagged. He smelled clean but manly, his pubic hair trimmed. I lick his penis with my tongue, savoring the sensation of the wrongness. His precum was tasty. Mike panting and holding my head, moaning. “Oh, fuck that’s nice. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.”

I give him my best, and it doesn’t take long. After a few minutes of tasting his young penis and his breathing increased.

“Oh, Mr. Conners, I’m gonna cum.”

I moan my assent and flick my tongue under the ridge of his helmet. He clamps my head in his hands, lunges, and erupts. Gouts of pungent cum pour across my tongue. More than any guy ever shot. I gulp and swallow, wanting more, loving that I pleased this kid. Mike panting, yelping, his knees bending.

He was done. I felt him soften. I let him slip from my mouth. Then, the awkward part. I pulled up the thong. “That was outstanding,” I said as I stood.

Mike smiled and leaned over to pull up his pants while I dressed. “Yeah, it sure was. You’re better than George.”

Buckling my belt. “He married?”

Mike pulled up his fly. “Yeah, it’s safer that way, and we kinda think it’s hot, ya know? The wives don’t know.”

I open the door, letting in the afternoon sun. “Yes, I do, too, and neither does mine.” Pausing. “So, no pressure, and I mean that. Would you like to do this again?”

Mike smiles. “Any time, boss, any time.”

I drive home, planning how the next trip may require me to stay overnight.

My new job has settled into a routine. Now I need to find a gym. I took a half day off and started my search.

This city is larger than the one we left and has a few gyms. One caught my eye. The Southside Men’s Athletic Club. I’m intrigued. I’d visited St. Louis a few years ago and visited a club there. I was hoping this would be similar. Either way, I’d get to see some cocks.

Concrete block building, one story, in an industrial neighborhood. Only a tiny one-foot-square sign for the business. I park in a wooden fenced lot behind the building. That was a good sign, keeping eyes off the cars. The main entrance is inside the lot. I step in.

A ten-by-ten lobby, paneled walls, no pictures, no furniture. A large service window on one wall next to a door. A handsome young man behind the window wearing a tee shirt.

“May I help you?”

“I’m interested in joining,”

The young man smiles and takes a second to size me up. A packet of papers slides across the counter.

“Please read this, and if you’re still interested in a membership, we’ll proceed.”

The first paragraph.

“This is a clothing-free, men-only athletic facility.”

After that, the packet describes the facilities. It’s a gym/men’s club with spas, weight rooms, cardio rooms, and something called relaxation spaces. I signed up for a year.

As I signed. The young man took off his shirt. It was the only thing he had on. He’s around thirty, in the mid-five-foot range, hairy, uncut, soft.

“For the customers, just in case. There’s a member’s entrance at the other end of the building. It’s not marked, and you have the code. Enjoy.”

I enjoyed looking at his shaved penis. I smile and walk through the door into a hall that runs the width of the building. The first door says locker room.

A standard locker room. Lockers with keys in them on a springy band that would go around your wrist or ankle. I’m nervous but horny. I select a locker. As I’m stripping, a guy walks in--about my age but in better shape. Handsome, with black salt and pepper hair, clean-shaven, blue eyes, and a gold band on his left hand.

He smiles. “A newbie. Welcome.”

I smile back. “Yes, but how?”

He stands next to me and slides off his shoes. “This is a great club, but it doesn’t have a huge membership, so you’ll notice someone new.”

I’m down to my briefs now and nervous. My friend takes his shirt off and hangs it in the locker. He’s a manly man; there’s no other way to describe him. Tall, trim, hairy. He has an easy smile, and he oozes confidence. I know what this place is about. I’ve been to a similar one and enjoyed it, but here I was, like a kid, shy about being naked. My friend has no such qualms, dropping his pants and stepping out. He has no underwear. He extends his hand.

“Pete. Glad to meet you. Welcome to the club.”

“Jim, thanks. This is new for me. I was in St. Louis once and went to a similar place.”

I slide my briefs off, relieved that Pete’s penis wasn’t some impressive cock, but kinda average, like mine. Pete looks but makes no comment. I have no idea what the proper etiquette is in these places. Pete heads for the door, grabbing a big towel off a cart as he goes by. “Rule number one, always have a towel. Come on, Jim, I’ll give you the tour.”

Pete slung the towel over his shoulder as we walked out the door. The next door was the gym. The usual weightlifting equipment, cardio stuff. All well-maintained. A slightly overweight 50-ish man was doing bench presses. His uncut penis lay slack against his thigh. We watched as he strained to get the last rep. Pete stepped over, spreading his legs over the man’s head, and helped lift the bar the last few inches. The bar clanked into the cradle as the man lifted his head and licked Pete’s cock. Pete stepped back.

“Tom, if you’re gonna work that hard, you need a spotter.”

Tom sat up. I noticed his left hand bare. “Hey, Pete, anytime you wanna help.”

“Ahhh, Tom. You’re such a tease.”

We went back into the hall. Pete waved at the door behind us. “Tom is one hundred percent gay and attached. Obviously, this club is mostly gay guys. We married men are a small group, and some of the gays don’t like it, so we tend to keep to ourselves. I don’t know what you like, so please do as you wish, but I thought I should tell you about the place’s culture.”

The next door said “Spas”. Pete shoved it open, and I followed. “Ah, now here’s my second favorite place.”

The room was maybe thirty feet square. The floor was white ceramic tile, as were the walls. The outside wall was mostly translucent glass blocks, letting the southern sun warm the space. A sizeable translucent skylight bathed the room in more sunlight. Two large spas on raised platforms. By large, I mean ten feet in diameter. Both were empty and bubbling away, a cloud of steam floating over them. Pete walked up the steps, tossed his towel on the cedar rack, and slipped into the water. He stood in the middle of the bubbling sea.

“Come on in, Jim, the waters fine.”

I wasn’t sure of the situation. Pete was friendly for giving me the tour, but now I didn’t know where to sit. I mean, is he interested in me? If I sit too close, will he be put off? If I sit too far, will he think I’m not interested?

I stepped down into the water. Just on the edge of too hot, but it felt pleasant as the warmth crept up my legs as they emersed. The spa had a bench around the edge no lounges. A circle of jets gushed foamy water as I moved next to, but not too close, maybe, I don’t fucking know, to Pete.

“So, Jim. The owners put two of these in with no particular plan, but the way it works is the gays use one, and we married guys use the other.”

I shrugged. “Okay.”

Pete shifted on his feet, moving closer. I liked this guy and was attracted, so I stayed put as his hip brushed mine.

“Pete, do the two groups stay separate all the time?”

“Mostly. I guess it’s a cultural thing. They prefer the company of their own. I won’t lie; we mix it up sometimes, but not here.”

Pete turned to face me, our bodies nearly touching. “Let’s swap stories about how we got here. Not here, here, but you know. I was straight until college. My first roommate was gay, he told me on day one, volunteering to get a different room if I wasn’t comfortable. It was cool. To make a long story short, he offered to suck me off later that semester. I had been in a dry spell and agreed. I thought it would bother me, but it didn’t. My roomie was a cute guy. We’d get naked, and he’d suck my cock while stroking his. After the fourth time, I got this crazy idea and offered to reciprocate. He insisted I didn’t have to, but I did and obviously liked it. Been Bi ever since. The wife doesn’t know.”

I looked down. Pete’s penis was swelling. He was cut, thin, and long, the head of his cock about the same size as the shaft. He continued, glancing at my growing erection as he talked.

“Arthur, my roomie was really good at sucking cock. He could get me off in one minute or take fifteen. My girlfriend at the time would blow me, but she didn’t love it like Art. My first time was weird. Art had a huge dick. He was a classic twink. I kneeled, and he was all, you don’t have to and all that. I wanted to. I wanted to know what it was like and whether I’d like it. The second my lips slid over the big fat head of his cock; I knew I was hooked. Art coached me as, naked and on my knees before him, I sucked on my first cock.

“I loved pleasing him. The feeling of something inside me was thrilling. The wrongness excited me. I like girls; why am I doing this? Because I want to, I decided. Art warned me. ‘I’m going to cum, Pete.’ I moaned. Nervous about the taste but wanting to know, I kept going. I felt his big dick swell, and then the first spurt bounced off the back of my mouth. It was amazing. I’d made him cum with my mouth. He shot two more times and then tapped my head. I got it and let him slip from my mouth. Art studied my face. I smiled and wiped cum off my lips, told him I liked it and would love to do it again.”

Pete paused his story and looked down. Both of us rock hard. He looked back up, catching my eye. “May I?”

“Of course. May I?”

As my hand wrapped around Pete’s cock, I felt his hold mine. We both laughed. “You sure?” He asked.

I leaned over and took one of his nipples into my mouth as I replied. “Definitely in on anything.”

Pete let go of my cock and moved closer. His arms around me. I did the same. I’d never done much hugging and stuff, but this felt right. As our bodies touched, our cocks met, and Pete moved a little rubbing his on mine. I looked around. Being in a semi-public place was very new, and it turned me on. Pete angled his head. I got it. We kissed, and his tongue slid in, wrestling with mine. I was so turned on. We gyrated our hips, rubbing our cocks as we made out like two teenagers.

The door opened, and I flinched, trying to pull away. “It’s okay, Jim.” I went back to making out and rubbing my cock on his. Two guys in their twenties, obviously friends. They stood and watched us. I glanced. Average build, brown hair, but shaved and hard. As Pete massaged my cock the boys got in the other spa. One sat on the edge, and the other kneeled, taking his friend’s cock into his mouth. I broke my embrace with Pete and just watched. His hand was on my ass, massaging. “Never watched?”

I laughed. “No, I’ve never seen sex by others.”

Pete’s finger rubbed my hole. “I hadn’t either before I came here. It’s fucking wild. Sit on the edge, Jim. I want you in my mouth.”

I sat, my feet in the swirling water, as Pete got down and gently held my cock. As I felt his lips touch the head, I looked over. The young man getting sucked looked at me smiled, and gave me a thumbs up. So weird. I smiled and returned the gesture. I looked down. Pete was looking up at me.

“How’m I doin?”

“Great. This is so wild.”

“Wave them over,” Pete said, then took all of me down his throat.

I looked over at the young men. The kid sitting was watching us, holding his friend’s head. I waved them over. He smiled and tapped his friend’s head. They got out of the spa, dripping and hard, and came over to ours.

“I’m Brian, and this is Sam. We’re nineteen. We like older guys.”

A day of firsts. The first time I sucked a cock while being watched. My first time having group gay sex.

Brian and Sam sat on the edge of the spa. Pete and I moved between their trim legs, taking their cocks in our hands. I watched as Pete slid his mouth over Sam’s erection. I leaned over, and my tongue touched the head of the teenager’s cock. My first time sucking a cock that was so much younger than me. As Pete and I sucked the boy’s cocks, they talked.

“We go to college here. We’re not roomies. We’d never done this before. We’re on the soccer team. I noticed Sam scoping me in the shower, which made me curious. We got really drunk one night, did a truth or dare, ended up blowing each other, and fell asleep naked in the same bed.

“In the morning, I woke up first. I was scared. I like Sam and was afraid I’d fucked up our friendship. I couldn’t resist and gently ran my hand over his body. I figured if I fucked up, I might as well have a little fun. I was touching him, close to his cock, when he whispered. ‘If you don’t stop doing that, I’m going to need to suck your cock.’ And here we are. Your turn, guys.”

We switched around, taking a minute to touch and explore each other. Brian held my balls and fingered that spot behind. “My dad is paying the membership here. Last summer, I caught him fucking his best friend. I just saw it real quick and took off, but he definitely had his cock up his buddy’s ass.

“Later, he came to my room. He was so scared. He apologized over and over. We talked. I told him, I get it, it’s cool. I knew guys that messed around. I didn’t yet, but I was fucking the mom of one of my friends, so I was delighted. But I knew I liked what I saw, even if it was my dad.

“So, until I went to college, I kinda helped dad hook up with his bud. I never watched it again, but Dad and I are much closer now. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I get home, but when I told him about Sam and this place, he volunteered to pay. What’s your name?”


“Cum in my mouth, Jim. I want it.”

The boys were world-class cocksuckers, and, in a minute or so, Pete and I were gushing into their mouths. They released us and stood.

“That was fun. Sam and I are gonna get a room and fuck. You can watch if you want.”

The boys got out, dried off, and left.

“Wild, huh?” Pete said.

“Not in my wildest dreams,” I replied.

“Ready for the last part of the club?”

“I’m ready for anything.”

Pete was out of the water, drying himself. “Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.”

We walked down the hall. The last door said ‘relaxation’. Pete went in.

There are cubicles along two walls and one row down the middle. Low lighting, enough to see, but that’s all. Each stall had a curtain, a double bed, and a small two-drawer table. Brian and Sam were in one, Sam on his back on the edge of the bed, a foam triangle under his firm ass. Brian, between his legs, holding them up as he stroked his lubed cock in and out of his friend’s asshole. “Hey, come to watch?”

Pete answered. “Maybe. Gonna find out what my new friend likes to do.”

I actually blushed. Pete went into a cubicle, leaving the curtain open. I could hear Sam and Brian grunting as they fucked. I was stiff; Pete was too.

“So, Jim. What are you into?”

I’m standing in an open cubicle, naked and hard with another man, naked and hard, listening to two teenage boys have anal sex. A bit of lust overload. Pete laughed. “You look stunned.”

“I am.” I said, “This is so wild. I hadn’t even made out till today.”

“I’m sorry.” Pete said, “I hope I didn’t push you into something.”

I turned to him and moved in. “No, not at all. I liked it.”

Our bodies merged, my tongue in his mouth. Our cocks rubbing, wet with precum. We paused. “Pete, I like this. What have you done?”

We broke our embrace. I held Pete’s cock as he answered. “Sucking and fucking. Guys like my cock, especially first-timers. I’m long and thin.”

“I’d like to try. Will you fuck my ass, Pete?”

I felt his cock flinch. “Oh man, that turns me on.”

Pete walked out of the cubicle to a large bathroom. On a shelf, boxed kits. I knew why we were here.

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