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Bold Security - Revenge

by acolodude

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Another BOLD Security adventure

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   NonConsensual   Crime   BDSM   Sadistic   Snuff   Violence   .

Our little group of three was doing well. We were averaging 3-5 jobs a month and were charging $3000 to start a job and $300 a day plus expenses. If there was gunfire involved it automatically added $15000 which was in the contract in BOLD in the 2nd paragraph described as ‘Danger Pay’. Since the start we have only had one job that had gunfire. Our client who was divorcing his wife for “unfaithful conduct” and was worth about 5 million or so, actually was shot at by his soon to be ex-wife. We found out after that she would get everything upon his death and would get nothing out of the divorce. Oh, the only gunfire was the two round the soon to be ex-wife fired. We got him out of there and did not return fire mostly because we didn’t stick around to shoot back. Due to video of the shooting incident the divorce was finished quickly and the ex-wife was jailed, easy money.

So, when I was shot in the shoulder, Mila was shot in the thigh, and Suzy’s purse was shot. We were not expecting it. The shooter was in a car, an actual drive by, and the only thing that saved us was the stupid fact that a police car happened to turn on to the street driving toward the shooter. When the cops turned on the lights and siren the shooter sped off. The police didn’t try to follow because of traffic and also because they stopped to give medical aid to the three of us. They did call a BOLO but the car was found a few blocks away door open and still running. The only video showed a male wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants get out and walk down and alley.

The fact that the shooter used a .380 was to our benefit. The rounds did not do any serious damage. I was in a sling for 3 days and had a bruised shoulder blade to go with 9 stiches needed to close the wound after the surgeon cleaned it up. Mila was mad as her wound was a creasing shot that left a 4” long wound that needed almost 20 stiches to decrease the scaring after it was cleaned up. Suzy’s purse had her phone and a small tablet along with make-up items that stopped the bullet but destroyed her phone, tablet, and make-up items.

Mermaid tracked cameras from the street where the shooting happened all the way back to where the guy stole the car. He was able to get several good pictures of him and ran the recognition program to get his name and details. Conrad Roberts dishonored discharge from the military for misconduct and not a lot of information about why. He was Airborne, Ranger, sniper, and combat engineer trained which meant probably demolitions. Mila was the one to notice he was the tough guy from the three that took Bridget.

Mermaid was pissed it took him 4 hours to find out information on Conrad. But, he was able to get an address and found video of him with the Yakuza. He was trying to ID the Yakuza guy now. Since Thomas Morgan disappeared (buried in the desert after my buddy found out was the deal was NO Charge) he also said that if we got into anything like that again he would kick my ass and bitch slap both girls if we didn’t let him help. We had forgotten about these guys. Suzy went looking for the hotel clerk and that is why we had to go to the police station.

Detective Rain was called as soon as Suzy asked about the hotel clerk, and since the manager had said for her to wait and he would check when the clerk would be working next. Suzy was sitting in the lobby and didn’t argue when Detective Rain and the two officers with him asked her to come with them to the station.

I would deal with the manager later, but first we had to go to the station to get Suzy.

It turns out the clerk had been killed rather violently and slowly, so Rain wanted to know why Suzy was asking about him. Suzy didn’t say anything until Mila and I got to the station and joined her and Detective Rain. The whole story came out, with certain points edited or omitted, but it did bring the police investigation of our shooting incident into a more pressing situation. It had been written off as a work related shooting. How true that turned out to be was not funny.

So, I gave Detective Rain copies of what we had on Conrad and the Yakuza. When he asked me where and how I got the information I told him, “What information that is your shit not ours”. Rain was not pleased and warned us NOT to interfere with his investigation. I thanked him and said we all would be going now.

When he started to object I asked if he was detaining or arresting any of us? If so what was the charge? Then we all three walked out. Rain just said he would be see all of us soon.

Mermaid finally tracked the Yakuza down, he still did not have a name but he did find a beach house that was rented by a company out of Japan and the Yakuza guy we were going to call ‘Yak’ for lack of his real name, was the representative of the company. Mermaid had already flown a drone over the place and had the blueprints from the county for us.

There didn’t seem to be anyone at the beach house except Yak.

I decided we needed to have a conversation with Yak, but knowing he was Yakuza or worse, didn’t want to take any chances. The girls would throw on wigs and bikinis and come from the beach side of the house. I would knock on the front door.

Watching as the girls walked and played up the beach until they were at the house and started for the beachside door, I made my way to the front door. The girls each had a two-shot derringer in .410/45LC and were loaded with 4shot magnum shells. They had these right in the front of the bikini bottom, you could only tell if you were close enough to see the imprint it made in the fabric. They each also had a wrist band that was holding 8 more shells on each wrist. The armband on their upper arm looked like an MP3 player but it was actually a radio and the earbuds were blue-toothed so we could talk to each other. When they were almost at the back of the house they let me know. I rang the door bell and knocked too.

As soon as the door opened I TASED Conrad? I heard two shots and knew the girls were in trouble. I pulled my SCCY and shot Conrad in the chest, I could see the pistol in the front of his pants so I figured I would be ok in doing so. When I got to the main room I saw Yak on the floor bleeding, and a pistol between his feet. As I got next to him I could tell he was still alive but not for much longer. 4shot at less than 10 feet is almost the same as a slug only much larger. The girls had hit him in his chest with both shots, I don’t think either hit his heart but his lungs were shredded.

We search the place carefully using gloves and taking pictures of everything first so we could leave everything just like we found it. Mila found the security room and showed us the video system. The whole house was covered with cameras. It was set up to save to a cloud account, Suzy called Mermaid and set him on it.

We opened the door to leave and were facing three Asian men in suits. Since the girls had their pistols in their hand as it was more comfortable than stuffing it back in the front of their bikini they were able to shoot two of the three as they were pulling pistols. I kicked the guy in the middle as the girls were on each side of me and shot the guys on the outside of their group. He stopped going for his pistol to block my kick and the girls recommended that he freeze or else. We made him grab the foot of each guy and pull or drag them into the house. Less than 2 minutes after getting the new arrivals into the house. Mermaid called and told me to look at Suzy’s phone. He sent a video of a girl being restrained to a bed by three naked men, guess who the three men were. Mermaid told me this was from the cloud account. He had cloned everything and was tracing anything and everything he could. Suzy had been watching the video and suddenly started cussing. I pulled my pistol and clocked the guy on the side of the head hard enough to almost kill him but just knocked him out. I was afraid of what Suzy had just seen and didn’t want the asshole to take advantage of the shock Suzy cussing might have had.

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