The Wilby House Affair - Cover

The Wilby House Affair

by jonny young

Copyright© 2022 by jonny young

Coming of Age Sex Story: Its 1931 and the depressions biting Jonathans widowed mother informs him that shes found employment for him at the big house

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Ma/mt   Coercion   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Workplace   Sharing   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   .

It had been a suprise to me when mother had announced that I had secured a job at the big house. The first suprise being that I hadnt applied for it. That was something she had graciously done for me

The second being that I was to start Saturday. I had started to complain but was out compained by her. Trumping me with the widow speech. What with her being the only bread winner now and the extra money etc etc

So I made the slow walk down the country lane from are rented house. A run down terrace that needed the leaking thatch fixed past the church and upto the grand gated entrance. A brass plaque stating ‘WILBY HOUSE’ on one of the brick pillars

I peered through the iron railing at a large red brick house. It had a impressive entrance with rows of large sach windows

I thought it strange to have a house named after you as I lifted the latch on the tall iron gate and made the trek down the long straight path

The Wilbys where a farming family. They own most of the large fields in the area and most of the local men where employed in someways by them

But like everyone else in these times they where having to cut there cloth accordingly judging by the overgrown lawns and weed infested flower beds. For them it was the cheap grain coming over from the atlantic and the great plains

“Hey you! You boy” A strong but elderly voice boomed

I stopped in the path and turned around trying to locate it

“Yes you cloth ears” The voice added

It helped me. A tall portly man in his seventies with a short white beard was leaning on a cane. Almost hidden from view behind a flower bed with tall folage

“What are you doing” He demanded once he had my attention

“Err. Im Miss Rileys boy. She said I got a job here” I shouted back

“Well get over here and start earning your keep” He snapped back

That must be Sir Wilby I deduced. They never announced there names to the lower orders. They just assume you know. I watched him seat himself into a wicker wheelchair and wait impatiently holding his cane

“Come on boy. Hurry. You can push me back. I dont know where the gardener is. Probley slacking smoking somewhere”

I upped my pace and did as commanded. Taking hold of the handles my thin frame struggled to push the large mass of the lawn and onto the path making the rest of the journey easier

“So your Rileys boy are you. Bit of a thin thing. How old are you?” He asked abruptly

“Fourteen Sir Wilby” He grunted at my answer

“Well Im happy but will have to have Lady Wilbys approval first. Come on boy” He replied as we reached the door

He was out of the wheelchair and inside the hall leaving me holding it. With a shrug I left it there and entered the hallway and closed the door

I was faced with a grand staircase with two tall doors eitherside of it with elborate frames led of to indiviual rooms

It was grand but tatty. Another indication of there own lowering of standards in these times. I heard the booming voice of Sir Wilby coming from one of the rooms and went to it and stood in the entrance

“Here he is. Rileys boy. Come here. Let Lady Wilby see you”

He sat in a large leather seat as I entered. The said Lady Wilby sat in on a long sofa flicking through a book. She was a plump woman in her seventies with hanging gowls

Her grey hair tide up in tight curls. She wore a red dress with a low front that showed her wrinkly clevage that was decorated with a string of pearls

“So Rileys boy” She sniffed

She looked me up and down. I was wearing a white shirt with a grey tank top. It had holes in it but mother couldnt get the wool to repair it.

It was also the reason I was still wearing school shorts rather than full trousers. Another expence mother couldnt afford. I had hobnail boots on that where a little to big but they had been free so even if a little awkward to wear was better than nothing

“You will do a full days work at a shilling a day ... work deemed fit to suit your station. Clear” She snapped after her inspection

I nodded

“Good. Go and see Rose in the kitchen”

I guess I was dismissed so left the room and started my search for the kitchen

It must be at the back I mused and went to a door that was the furthest down the hall and opened it

First time lucky I thought as a woman in maids uniform was washing dishers in a sink. She was attractive and in her twenties maybe going on thirty. With straight black hair in a short bob cut

“Are you Rose?” I asked to get her attention

It worked and she gave me the same appraisal as Lady Wilby

“Yes. And who are you?” Her accent matching mine

“Jonathan. It seems I got a job here”

She smiled at my answer and beckoned me in and indicated for me to sit at the large kitchen table

“Tea?” I nodded at the offer

She looked at my thinness

“Maybe some bread and jam as well” she added

“If you have some” I asked.My stomach rumbling at the thought

“Oh they have some” She replied

Opening a cupboard to reveal a stack of jars she placed one on the table and started to cut a slice from the loaf that sat on the table

“How old are you?” She asked concerned as she hacked through the loaf

“Fourteen” I replied annoyed

The same question again today. She saw me eyeing up the bread and started cutting another slice. This time much thicker

“Your not very tall are you” She stated as she popped the lid of the jam jar

It was true. Rose was about 5ft 7 and she was taller than me but I answered with a shrug as she applied a thick layer of jam to the slices and placed them on a plate infront of me

I thanked her and started eating straight away as she made the tea. By the time she put the two mugs on the table I had finished

“Would you like some more” She asked

I wanted to say I was fine but it would of been a lie so nodded shamefully making her tut

“Dont ever feel shame Jonathan”

I felt tears prick at my eyes as she cut two more slices

“Times are tough Jonathan. It calls for being tough. This scum has plenty” She snapped as even bigger slices where cut and most of the jar was emptied

“There. Eat up”

She sat down and produced a packet of cigerettes pulling one out and tapping it on the table before lighting it and blowing out a cloud of smoke

She took a sip from her tea and glanced over at me as I eat

“So you meet the Lord and Lady then”

She took another drag. Blowing out smoke waiting for a answer. I nodded due to the mouthful of bread that filled my mouth

“Well just be careful” She replied taking another drag

I swallowed the bread and looked at her as she blew smoke upto the ceiling

“What do you mean?”

She turned and placed a hand on mine

“Jonathan. Times are tough. There isnt much work about and people like them can take ... advantage of it” she left it at that before adding

“Does your dad work for them?”

I shook my head

“Well thats one thing. I guess he got layed of did he. No farmers hiring. All this land going to waste” She mused finishing her cigerette

“Hes dead. Never knew him”

“Oh sorry ... me and my big mouth”

She dropped the cigerette in her mug of tea and got up

“Well you finish your tea. I have to go upstairs and clean the bedrooms”

She brushed her apron down and left me alone to my tea. Well alone for a minute before she opened the door again and poked her head in

“Jonathan. She wants to see you in her bedroom”

She followed me to the stairs and pointed up

“Turn right on the landing and its the door that faces you. Ok” She looked a little concerned

I thanked her and followed her directions. Knocking lightly on the door


I pushed the door open and found her seated at a dressing table attaching some earrings. She addressed me by looking at my refection in the mirror

“Ah the Riley boy. Come here”

I walked over as she turned in her seat. Opening her mouth to speak she stopped and looked horrified at my shoes

“Your boots! You still have them on”

I looked down at them

“Sorry Lady Wilby I didnt “ she didnt allow me to finish

“How dare you come into my room with them peasant clogs on. God knows whats on them. Cow shit most likely”

“Im sorry I”

She stood up slapping the side of my head as she did

“Quite. I dont want to hear it. You will take them of right now”

A little stunned by the slap I bent down and untied the lacers and pulled them of leaving them in the floor which strangly didnt bother her since they where still on the carpet. She walked slowly around me as I stood in my socks. A big toe poking out from a hole in one. She tutted looking me up and down as she faced me again

“Well this is a fine start isnt it Riley. I mean look at the state of you. Coming to work like this”

She pulled at my tank top next to one of the many holes it had

“Im sorry Lady Wilby. Its all my mother could”

Once again she butted in cutting me off

“Well she isnt fit to raise you”

She saw the sudden glare of angry in my eyes probley expecting to see tears instead

“Dont you look at me like that boy! Im paying a shilling a day. A good plough hand would be lucky to cant earn that”

I held my tongue

“I cant have this. Take your shirt and jumper off” She demanded

“Pardon” I asked a little suprised

“Im not having you in my house dressed like a tramp. If you cant wear anything decent best not to wear anything at all. And that gos for the filthy shorts”

“Havent you got something I could wear Lady Wilby” I replied in hope

“Certainly not!” Came the blunt replie and she stood there defiant

I guess I could have walked out. I was hardly a slave but my mother needed the money so relutantly I pulled the tank top over my head and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Lady Wilby just glared at me her arms folded as my face turned red with embarrassment once she ciuld see my slim torso, the worst part was my shorts

I unbuttoned them. Letting them slip around my ankles and stood there in nothing but my socks and white boxers. Well they where more cream now due to the lack of such garments I had in my wardrobe. Just the one of only two

She came over and leaned down close to my neck and sniffed like a animal

“Do you wash Riley”

“Yes I do! We have a well out back” I responded indignant

“Well you certainly have the smell of the country about you” She chuckled at her own wit

I felt my face burn hot. It was certain we didnt have deodorant but mother always made sure we had soap

“Right you better start earning your wage. Can you make a bed?”

“Yes. I dont sleep on a straw sack”

I received a hard slap to the side of my head making me gasp

“The cheek. Just say yes. Allow it wouldnt suprise me if you did. You can do mine” With that she pointed at the large bed. The sheets disheveled

I could feel her eyes on me in the reflection of the mirror as she fiddled once more with her earings as I straightened the sheets. Tucking them under the mattress. It felt odd in just my boxers and a little uncomfortable with her judging gaze on me

I plumped the pillows up. Envious of how soft they where. My own bed at home was just a single wrought iron frame with a hard matress and equally lumpy pillow

“This dress. Its all wrong I dont know what I was thinking. Riley go to my wardrobe and get my blue dress”

I looked from her to the wardrobe and went over and opened the doors. I stood in amazement at the amount of dresses. My poor mum only had two and they where used to scrub floors in. Not the kind to spend afternoons drinking gin in which these clearly looked like

“Are you always this slow. The blue one”

I looked at a number of them hanging infront of me

“The one on the left you dense child”

I hooked the one of the rail and walked over to her

“You can dress me Riley” She ordered as she stood up from the stool and turned around presenting me with the zip at the back of the dress. I was about to ask what she meant when there was a light tap on the half opened door making us both turn. Rose poked her head around it

“Yes. What is it?” Lady Wilby demanded

“Begging your pardon Lady Wilby. I was wondering if you needed me to dress you?” Rose asked. Here eyes glancing quickly to my naked torso as I held the blue dress

“Certainly not! What are you doing skulking about anyway?””

“You asked me to clean the bedrooms”

“Well get on with it. Unless you wish to find another job that pays you two pounds a week?” Lady Wilby finished the sentence with a raised eyebrow

“As you wish Lady Wilby. Sorry”

Before she left Rose gave me a sorry I tried look. But left the door open

“Bloody staff. They should do as they are told. Are you going to take the zip down or do I need to find a replacement for you. I may have to yet. You seem slow and dimwitted”

I placed the blue dress on the bed and returned to face her back. My fingers trembled as I fumbled at the zip. I started to worry if I could manage it but it yeilded and I pulled it gently down. Feeling the folds of her plump body as the back opened. Clearly the dress was a little to tight

I could see rolls of fat folded over the white straps of her bra as I revealed more of her back till I reached the bottom giving me a glimps of white panties. She moved her arms to allow the dress to fall and stepped out of it and stood in just her bra and knickers. The one thing that did suprise me was the nylon stockings.

They seemed to be attached to straps which in turn where attached to a white belt that was wrapped around her large belly. I had made the mistake of thinking they where knickers

“That dress. Show me” She demanded

It snapped me out of my gaze. Picking the dress up of the bed I held it up

“The neckline is way to low. I cant wear this bra. Riley take it of” She turned her back to me

“Pardon Lady Wilby!”

“You heard me. Dont make me repeat myself boy”

This time it was more confusing. The zip was easy. This was something else. I reached up. My fingers fumbling at the point where the strap was fastened. I didnt know what I was doing

“Havent you done this before?”

“No Lady Wilby “ I answered truthfully. My face red as she chuckled

“A virgin! I thought you yokels started early. You all seem to breed like rabbits”

I managed to release the clasps and the bra went loose

“Here you are” She said turning and handing me the bra

My eyes widened as I stared at her breasts. I had never seen ones before and these where wrinkled and heavy. Hanging low almost to her stomach. Her nipples pointed and long

“What are you staring out. Such insolence”

“Emmm sorry Lady Wilby. Where do you want me to put these” I asked holding the bra up

She stood glaring at me with her hands on her hips. To my shame I felt my young cock stir and start to rise up. Her glance down seemed to make it worse

“I want you to find Rose and give them to her. Tell her they need washing. Then come back to my bedroom”

The last part made my cock even harder. I may have been a virgin but I had experienced the pleasure of playing with my cock. Normal in the outhouse and even though Lady Wilby was old and wrinkled her naked breasts had stirred my young smooth member

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