I Rise - a Mother's Story - Cover

I Rise - a Mother's Story

by Shirley Wanton

Copyright© 2021 by Shirley Wanton

Incest Sex Story: After a mother hits the rock bottom o f her depravity, her son begins to raise her back up, with the goal to make her his perfect whore.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Son   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Analingus   Facial   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Revenge   .

This story is the continuation of a mother’s story, after her fall from grace. This is the story of her journey back up from rock bottom, told from her perspective this time. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

What the FUCK???? Did I just say, “Yes, please,” in response to my son asking me if I wanted him to make me into his perfect slut???? How did I get HERE??? I am naked on my knees at my son’s feet, with his still hot cum dripping from my face. The taste of his cum is unmistakable in my mouth, my pussy feels like I have been gang raped, and I feel like somebody shoved a baseball bat up my butt ... up my BUTT???? I have NEVER let anyone in my life even put a finger in my butt.

How the FUCK did I get HERE??? I am the one that everyone wants to be. I am the one EVERYONE sucks up to and tip toes around. I am the one that gets served. I am NOT the one who serves other people ... and DEFINITELY not my bastard of a son. How did my life fall apart so fast and so completely? Is this all I am now? I am a woman who has to whore out her body, just to have a roof over her head? As a glob of cum dips from my cheek and lands on my large breast, I realize with complete shame that, YES, I am that woman.

That realization makes me want to crawl into the floor ... under the floor. I feel my face and chest heat with the blush of my humiliation. But there is something else ... Something even more shameful for me. I feel an unmistakable tingling inside my belly, that works its way deep in my pussy. My GOD ... can I be getting excited again by this humiliation? AGAIN??? Why the FUCK did I think again? That suggests that I felt this before. The memory of my explosive orgasm just minutes before, confirms me suspicion that I was in fact, aroused beyond anything I ever felt before, by being treated like a worthless whore by my own son ... My SON, for God’s sake.

Yes, my son. The little bastard that I had to pretend to want, so that his father would marry me, and then make sure I was taken VERY good care of, after I left him. My son, who was always so needy and who I couldn’t get out of my house fast enough. My son, who just fucked me with the biggest cock I have EVER had inside me before. He was inside me ... My son fucked me ... he used me ... ALL of me ... and then he just came all over my face and told me he was marking me as HIS.

His??? Am I really his now? What does that even mean? Does he mean like I will have to let him fuck me whenever he wants? Does he just get to push me to my knees, anytime he wants to put his cock in my mouth? Is there more to it? Does he want to own his mother? When I think this, the waves of pleasure ripple through my already overstimulated pussy. What the FUCK??? Why do I keep feeling this way, when I think about this???

I suddenly realize that I am still kneeling naked at his feet and I have been lost in all of these thoughts. How long have I been down here? How did I lose all track of time? I look up and see him smiling down at me. He has this look of confidence and power. I feel myself blush and my heart actually feels like it skips a beat and the familiar electric shocks shoot through my pussy.

“I know that a lot is going on inside your head right now mom,” He says. I nod without realizing that I am even doing it.

“Part of you wants to run screaming away and deny any of this happened. But another part of you wants to take my cock back in your mouth right now. That part of you that realizes that you deserve this ... That you NEED this. I am right, yes?” he asks me. I blush and look at the ground ... I nod.

“Say it!” Tell me, mom!” He orders me.

“YES ... YES damn it,” I answer more angrily than I intended. I think I am more angry at myself that I am this weakness, that he is right, that I am feeling this ... that I do feel like I can’t stop, now that I have started down this path.

Before he can say anything, I try to soften my response, “Yes, I do feel this ... I do want this ... but I am so afraid of what I am feeling.” As I say this I exhale loudly, and I can actually feel my body relax in a way that I can’t explain. It is like I just confessed my greatest sins to a Priest, and I feel that I am, for the first time in my life, “pure” or something. I think to myself, how crazy it is that I feel “pure” confessing that I liked all of the dirty, nasty things my son did to me.

I feel like he will start laughing at me, but instead, I look up to see understanding and acceptance on his face. In that moment I feel closer to him than anyone I have ever known. I am at the lowest place I could ever imagine being in, and he accepts me ... he WANTS me. I have been desired by many men, but I never really felt that any man actually wanted me. I suddenly felt overwhelming shame from treating him as unwanted and unloved all of his life. I knew in that moment that I needed to do anything and everything I could to make up for my previous, horrendous treatment of him.

He reaches down and takes my chin gently in his hand and makes me look up into his eyes. I feel like he can read exactly what I am thinking and feeling. I feel like he can see directly into my soul. He asks me, “What do you want mom?”

I almost whisper, “To be yours son ... I want to make it up to you ... I want to make everything up to you ... I want to please you...”

He strokes my cheek lovingly. He says, “Good girl. You have taken your first step toward being a better you ... a you that is deserving of love. You want my love don’t you mom? You want to earn my love, don’t you?” I silently nod.

“Tell me mom. I want to hear you say it. Say you want to be my good girl and please me,” he directs me.

“Yes, Stephen, I want to be your good girl ... I want to please you,” I answer, knowing it is the truth.

“Sir ... From now on you will address me as Sir. Is that clear mom?” he tells me.

“Yes, Sir. I want to be your god girl ... I need to be your good girl, Sir. Can I serve you? Can I please you, Sir?” I respond.

“Good girl,” He says to me and I feel a warmth spread through my chest, as well as an electric shock of excitement shooting to my overly aroused pussy. I actually moan out loud. I see him smile in response. I love that he smiles in response. I realize that I need to always feel this way. This incredible feeling, when he smiles at me because he is pleased with me. I know that I will do anything to feel this. I feel like I am a drug addict, and this is my drug.

He seems to know what I am thinking and feeling. He asks me, “You want to touch yourself right now, don’t you?”

“God YES,” I answer, my voice husky with desire and need.

“Do it ... touch yourself for me ... Be a good little whore for me...,” he commands me.

I desperately reach for my pussy. I fee how wet I am already ... still ... again ... I am not even sure any more. I feel like I have been in a constant state of over arousal for hours. I push my fingers into my wet pussy. My fingers are making a sloppy squishing sound, as I fuck myself fast and hard with two fingers, while rubbing and pulling my clit with my other hand.

I look up at him and see the look of lust on his face. I feel even more excited knowing that I am making him this excited. I reach one hand up to squeeze one of my large, full tits. I twist and pull on my nipple. It is longer and harder than ever before. He nods to me and I know that I am pleasing him. I pull my nipple away from my tit ... lifting my heavy breast by the nipple ... I press the thumb of my other hand against my sensitive clit ... I moan so loudly...

“That’s right whore. Show me what a slut you are for your son. Make yourself cum for your son. Do it because it pleases me. Do it because you NEED to cum with me watching you, mom”

“God YESSSSSSSSSS,” I scream out as I cum so fucking hard hearing his words.

I keep finger fucking myself, while squeezing my tits and pulling my nipples, and thinking bout how much I want my son to fuck me again ... How badly I want him to claim me as HIS right now.

He must be able to read my mind because he reaches down and takes my hand, pulls me up and to the couch. He pushes me face first over the arm of it and forces my legs apart with his knees. In one quick thrust, he pushes his now very hard cock, DEEP into my sopping wet pussy. I cry out, “FUCKKKKK YESSSSS,” as I feel another strong orgasm building.

I am losing more and more control of myself. I start to cry out, “Fuck me ... Fuck mommy ... Fuck me HARD ... make me YOURS...”

It feels like he fucks into me harder and harder with every nasty, dirty thing I say to him. I feel his hips slap against my ass and thighs so hard it stings. He is grunting and fucking me like a demon. He holds one hand on my back, holding me down, while he reaches under me with the other and SQUEEZES my tit so hard that I YELP. This, along with his manic fucking into me, pushes me over the edge and I cum again. I cum so hard that I feel like I will pass out. I cum so hard that I start to cry. It feels almost like it is too much, like nothing in life can ever compare with this in the future.

He picks me up in his arms and carries me to the bed. He is gentle and loving, and I feel safe and protected in his strong arms. I am almost disappointed when he places me gently on the bed. He lays behind me and spoons me lovingly, his arms around me, one hand cupping my heavy breast. For the first time in my life I feel loved and safe. We fall asleep like this.

Chapter 2

I don’t remember much of the night. I must have slept very hard. I can’t remember ever sleeping so hard and waking so well rested. Maybe it was the thorough fucking I got or maybe it was the feelings of love and safety that wrapped me like a warm blanket all night. Maybe it was both. Regardless, I woke knowing that my life was definitely improving in ways I could never imagine. My GOD, the things I did and said ... How can I live with that? How can I live without it? All I know is that I need more of it ... MUCH more of it.

I feel my son’s cock quickly growing between my thighs and against my still very sensitive and swollen pussy lips. I can tell that he also wants much more of what we shared last night.

He lifts his head and reaches forward to kiss me on my cheek and says, “Good morning my naughty girl. I can feel your wetness on my cock even now. You are SUCH a bad girl.” As he says this, he starts to slowly slide his cock forward and back, trapped between my closed thighs and my swollen pussy. His sliding in my sensitive groove starts to drive my excitement into overdrive. I SQUEEZE my thighs together HARD, pressing his big cock tighter against my pussy.

“Mmmmm, what does my girl want?” He asks me.

I moan out loudly, “Fuck me, PLEASE ... NOW.”

Without a second of hesitation, he tilts his hips and pushes his thick cock into my ready pussy. “YESSSSSSS,” I scream out, feeling him open me up and drive deep into me. I start to fuck back hard and fast against him.

He suddenly pulls his cock out of me and holds me still. I am stunned and desperate to feel his cock inside me. I am trying to fuck back and find his cock, to put it back inside me where I need it, but he holds me away. I look back with a wild look on my face, like drug addict who had her drug suddenly taken away from her.

He laughs and says, “No more for you right now. I have plans for you today and I want you horny and desperate and willing to do anything. And I mean ANYTHING, to get my cock back inside your needy cunt.”

Chills go down my spine when he says this. I am suddenly very scared by what he says, but also VERY aroused at the possibilities of what he will do to me or have me do.

“OK, we can’t lay around here all day. We have a LOT to do today. But first, you need to clean that nasty whore cunt of yours off my cock. Go on, lick and suck me clean.” he tells me. I turn and dive on his cock with my mouth, like I am starving and he is waving a cheeseburger in front of me. And it seems I REALLY love cheeseburgers now ... You realize I mean cock, yes?

I taste my pussy on his cock. I am surprised at how tart I taste. Maybe it is because it is morning and have not peed ... Maybe it is because I was full of my son’s cum inside me all night ... Maybe it is just how I taste. I can’t say that I have tasted my pussy before, with or with out cum inside me.

I love how big and thick my son’s cock feels in my mouth. I love how he responds when I lick and suck it just right. I love the feel of his hand grabbing the back of my head as he makes me know that HE is in charge. I love knowing that I am pleasing him. I guess I was pleasing him a lot, because quicker than I expected, his cock starts to grow and twitch, and then I feel his hot, thick cum shoot against the back of my throat. I try not to gag, but it is impossible not to. I am still able to swallow most of his cum as it fills my mouth and throat though.

I feel an immense sense of pride thinking this, which is VERY strange for me because until last night, I had only sucked cock twice in my life and only when I was still trying to ensnare his father. His father ... Oh my GOD, I think, the only two cocks I have ever had in my mouth are his and his father’s. I am not sure what to think about that, but two things I was sure of. One, my son’s cock is so much bigger than his father’s. And two, I love sucking this cock in my mouth right now.

As I am relishing the feel of his cock softening in my mouth, he SLAPS me on the butt HARD, shocking me out of my thoughts. “OK, my cock hungry mommy, no time to lay around sucking on my cock like it is your favorite lollypop. Get your sexy ass up and get in the shower. You smell like a whore house and I don’t want everyone to know what kind of a whore my mother is, when we are out running our errands.

I get up and feel like a giggling girl, as I almost run to the bathroom to shower. He shouts after me, “While you are in there, shave that afro you have growing down there on. I want you smooth and hairless. Use one of my new razors.”

I am nervous and excited as I shower and start to shave myself. I usually trim my bush, but I have never shaved, so I am nervous that I will cut myself. My hands shake a bit. I am not sure if it is from the nervousness or the excitement or both. I am so focused on doing a good job, that I do not realize that he has come into the bathroom. As I finish, I feel his hand reach around me and cup my newly shaved pussy. He presses and rubs slightly. I gasp and moan. I am still so aroused from before. I start to grind against his hand. He lifts his hand from my pussy and SLAPS it against my pussy, making me YELP. “No, you bad girl ... I told you no cumming until I think you are ready.

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