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Hattie the Helping Hottie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2021 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A young woman has a career as a sex worker, but not porn or whoring. It was an expression of Christian compassion, a greater gift to certain needy than the money of the richer and self-centered church-going types.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Sharing   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Prostitution   .

First of all, Hattie was a hottie. Blond, buxom, and “built for comfort”, she never lacked for attention from men once she developed even halfway to her adult configuration. And then she was a helper type, being raised with a compassionate minister father, and a mother who was a nurse.

The buff, jock-type guys didn’t have much chance of getting in her pants, but the quiet needy ones found her quite welcoming to “make them feel better”. Her first one, quite a long time ago, was a minister’s son who figured her out pretty quickly at church camp and she was just lucky not to get pregnant thanks to the timing in her menstrual cycle.

After a couple more scares, she talked to her mom who immediately took the appropriate action. From then on she preferred to be “helpful” rather than getting involved in the drama of romance and boyfriends.

Her family didn’t have the resources for her to go to nursing school but she did become a nurse’s aide and worked in a variety of job settings. In her 20s she married an older man who needed a caregiver more than a bedmate and she finally gave him the ultimatum to “put it up”, or be accepting if she took care of it with other men, promising to be discreet and never to throw it in his face.

When he died he left her with a bit of money, a paid-for small house, and a decent car. She liked working for a small home-caregiver agency because it gave her some flexibility and independence. The boss, a man in his 40s, made the usual attempt to get between her legs that he did with all of his employees who were attractive enough.

She tactfully rebuffed him, having had plenty of experience turning down horny guys, “Roger, I will never do that with somebody who has any kind of power over me. Once burned is enough.”

He came back with, “It’s a shame to have such a lovely body like yours go to waste.”

That got her dander up, “Who says it’s going to waste?”

Roger pushed, “I never hear anything about a boyfriend.”

She retorted, “Besides the fact that I don’t talk about my private life much at work, there isn’t just one. I prefer to have two or three so that there’s always someone available.”

“Damn, you’re my kind of woman, that’s for sure. If you ever stop working for me I’m gonna be sure to get on your dating list!” She just smiled and nodded. He was a good-looking guy and had plenty of money.

Pausing for a moment, Roger changed the subject a little bit, “I’ve been looking at adding a special service to our home care. I just hadn’t found the right staff person to get it going. Perhaps you are it and it would have a path to a supervisory position and salary.”

She wiggled her tits at him and asked, “What does this position entail?”

He explained that he had a number of older male customers, some of whom she already visited, who would pay a significantly higher rate if sexual services were included. These men were often homebound for various reasons but knew that they were not impotent. Exactly what and how sexual services would be provided had to be figured out but he thought that at least one woman could be immediately busy providing them.

Hattie grinned at him, “So this is being a professional whore, right?”

Roger smirked as he said, “I think the more polite term is surrogate, but it still sex for money when you get right down to it. Interested?”

Knowing better than to agree with something instantly, and seeing how much Roger really wanted to try this, she suggested that they go out to dinner the next night and discuss it in more detail after she had time to ponder the service offering.

Dinner was at an upscale restaurant and the wine was good. Hattie got a bit tipsy and that always made her crotch hungry for attention. Even though she’d been laid that afternoon by one of her friends, that was then and now was now. Bending her rules to the circumstances, after they had worked out a basic plan she bent over and gave Roger a really good cleavage shot in her peasant blouse, saying in a seductive voice, “I suppose you will insist on interviewing me for this new role. I’m sure you couldn’t take a chance that the services wouldn’t measure up to your high standards, right?”

His erection already tenting his pants, Roger remarked, “You are showing excellent supervisory and management potential already. I completely agree with your concerns and since you would work under me, I think that’s how you should be evaluated. I don’t live far from here so let’s go.”

He got fucked six ways to Sunday, as the saying goes, and she got her jollies in a variety of positions. He was good and she could tell he appreciated her carnal skills as well. Win – win. She figured that regular quality control assessments of a similar nature would probably be best practice and her new boss concurred with a reloaded prostate for punctuation.

Hattie’s client load was capped at one the morning and one or two in the afternoon. Between her clients and to fill any unoccupied time she learned to supervise the regular staff. Her appearance and excellent people skills resonated with staff and clients alike. Roger frequently showed his appreciation of her work with money and cock, enough of the latter together with her clients’ activity in her pussy that boyfriends were not replaced when they dropped off. With her reduced availability, they looked for pussy elsewhere.

Roger had a good bedcouch installed in his office and twice a week when the rest of the office staff had departed, he’d get out the whiskey and unfold the couch and he’d get his management reports. Clothes seem to impede the proper delivery of information, as well as other good stuff so they were neatly stowed on hangers. After the exchange of everything was complete, they adjourned to the shower in his office bathroom, then dressed and went to dinner.

Most of the client services were easily satisfied by hand or blow jobs with groping of her body serving as a good stimulus and reward. Three of the men required coitus, one now being able to accomplish it after her skilled therapy. She earned eternal gratitude at figuring out to accomplish intromission for a para and a quadriplegic who were still potent. The lawsuit settlements from their paralyzing accidents allowed them to give her significant tips in addition to the personal pride she felt in helping them.

Roger celebrated her first job anniversary. The agency was thriving and he doubled her salary. When he told her that they were going to a Caribbean resort for a week she didn’t even complain that she wasn’t “asked”. The first thing she did was book tanning sessions and the next was find some very skimpy swimwear.

She was not at all displeased when the new bits of cloth for beachwear proved redundant. They were staying on a nude beach, something she had always wondered about. Proud as a peacock Roger was anxious to strut her in front of other men and see if their maleness would rise in appreciation. Hattie might be oblivious or it might turn her on, not that she needed any more of that!

Surprisingly, in spite of having been naked in the presence of so many men, she was a bit nervous at first. This was out in public and different. That disappeared quickly as they walked the beach and stopped at the little thatched hut bars for liquid refreshment. Hattie splashed in the surf like a little kid and her bouncing boobs provided a lot of entertainment for married and single men of all ages. One threw her a frisbee and soon there was a small group of other men using the excuse to get close up, going after her missed catches and making brief bodily contact under the water.

Roger watched with a smile, noticing that her catching ability seemed to deteriorate the more aggressive the guys got. Her nipples were fully hard too. Finally, she begged out of the game and came up to him, “I’m bushed. Let’s go back to the room.” She rinsed off under a beach shower and took his hand.

Barely inside the room his cock was in her mouth and she was mounted on it shortly thereafter. Trying to act serious, Roger commented, “You seem awfully active for a tired girl. Perhaps being around all that young man-meat is invigorating.” She bounced harder as he tried to keep his hands on her mammaries. Continuing, he goaded, “Which one of your admirers do you wish were where I am right now?”

Looking at him with a grin spreading across her face, “All of them!”

Roger blew his wad and when he finished spurting she called out, “Next!” and came herself. Roger kept pushing into her until his softie popped out, wondering if ED pills were available. It was hot thinking of her in a gangbang, but would reality be as good as fantasy?

The next day they were under an umbrella enjoying their third rum and fruit juice when he brought the subject up, being reminded when the third young man asked of she’d like to play frisbee catch again. Her eyes were on their tanned peckers and hanging balls as she declined. “Maybe there are other beach things to try that would be just as much fun. I saw one of your young friends from yesterday teaching sailboarding. He was snuggled right up behind his student. Interested?”

She grinned, “In the activity or the instructor? Sounds like fun. I’ll get a kick out of you watching.” He wondered just how much of a message was in that remark and his cock stirred. It had been hours since she drained it.

He’d brought some small binoculars to the beach so could see her progress. There were a lot of falls and her instructor’s cock seemed to get larger after each clamber on to the board. When there was a significant delay in getting back on he looked closely at Hattie’s face and he was sure that she was giving him a reward. The lessons ceased soon after and she hurried back to him.

Before she could speak he was gathering their stuff, “I bet you need to go to the room.”

She went wide eyed, “It was that obvious?”

“Only to someone who had binoculars and knows you so well. What are you dawdling for?”

They went at it on the carpet and she was wild. Breathing hard she said, “He told me there is a beach party tonight we don’t want to miss. You’ll have fun too, he promised.”

They fucked again after supper to get ready for the party. As they got drinks and seats before the live music started, they were approached by Hattie’s instructor accompanied by a somewhat older woman with the same color hair and nice pendulous boobs even bigger that Hattie’s. Mel introduced Bonny, his sister. He addressed Roger, “Since I plan to keep Hattie busy this evening with some entertainment options she might enjoy, I’ve brought someone to keep you from feeling lonely. Bonny just arrived and doesn’t know anyone so please get acquainted.” Off the younger couple went, not to be seen again for quite a while.

Roger started with, “What can I get you to drink?”

“Bourbon and make it a double, please!”

The initial chit chat was the usual where-are-you-from stuff. Into her second stiff drink, Bonny moved over to sit next to Roger. “Aren’t you going to ask me why I’m here on a nude beach and don’t know anybody besides my brother?” was asked with a slight slur.

“OK, I was getting there. I think you want to tell me so I’m listening.”

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