Spousal Surprise - Cover

Spousal Surprise

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2020 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Man's wife gradually reveals layers of her sexuality he'd never suspected as they fanaticize and more. Then she shares that with other special friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sharing   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   Water Sports   .

They’d been married for three sex-filled years after a short dating time and engagement. Shorty wasn’t very tall but nature had made up for it between his legs. When, on the second date, Valerie cupped his crotch, her panties came off in a hurry. Thrilled that she could take it all the first time, Shorty began intensively dating her. It couldn’t be the every night that he wanted because she seemed to have other activities she was scheduled for which she never discussed in any detail.

Their feelings deepened quickly and they had had a simple wedding with a honeymoon oceanside. Shorty was proud of the way guys looked at her at the beach. She was taller than him but quite curvy and voluptuous, the meaning of which is actually “promising pleasure”. That she did and quite adventurously, finding places to copulate where there was some element of risk. The beach at night offered many little dark and semi-secluded places to fuck with people nearby.

Valerie had a good imagination and began bringing fantasy into their bed, or wherever else they were naked and putting their parts together. She taught her husband many things, including light bondage, watersports and role-playing, all of which got him hard often and long, and not just in the physical length that she enjoyed so much. She was multi-orgasmic and could repeatedly climax for the duration of his erection.

Because of that, one of their fantasies was bringing another man between her legs. Using a dildo simulated that but it wasn’t the same, as she pointed out since they didn’t ejaculate and she loved the feeling of sperm painting her insides.

Thus it wasn’t surprising when one evening as a single buddy of his, who we shall refer to as Buddy, was visiting and the bourbon was going down nicely, that Shorty whispered in his wife’s ear, “I’ve seen his pecker and it’s nearly as big as mine. What you think?” Rather than the discussion he expected, she squealed, stripped, and got on all fours pointing her pussy in invitation at their guest. He didn’t even look at Shorty as he dropped his pants and slammed into her drooling slot. Shorty had fucked her before their guest arrived so it was already quite receptive.

Shorty was rubbing his hard rod in time with Buddy’s thrusts and as soon as her partner groaned and squirted his stuff, he was ready to keep her filled. As soon as Shorty’s dick dumped its load, Valerie was on her back and Buddy buried himself again. And so it went until both peckers were “shot”. She kissed Buddy goodbye and said, “Maybe again sometime.”

They both fell asleep promptly but in the morning Shorty had some questions. “You sure went for that quickly. I expected we might talk about it first.”

Valerie looked a little bit embarrassed but she replied, “We fantasized about it enough that I figured you’d be okay. It’s not the first time that I’ve done that so I wasn’t uncomfortable.”

Shorty looked at her questioningly, “So you’ve done more than one guy before? I knew you weren’t a virgin but that’s all.”

She took his hand, “There’s actually a lot of things that you don’t know about me but you never asked. I was surprised you didn’t realize that some of the things that we did I’d done before so it wasn’t all my imagination. I also thought that because you got in my pants on the second date, you would realize that I was kind of ‘easy’ as it’s put. I’ve never fucked indiscriminately, you know like a gangbang where I don’t even know anybody, but I’ve also not been overly shy about it either. I’ve been focused on you for a long time, by far the longest I’ve ever been with only one man between my legs. I wasn’t going to cheat so if I did anything it had to be in your presence with your agreement. As you can tell, I enjoyed what happened a hell of a lot and I’d like to do it again.”

Shorty had a lot to absorb and she knew it, so she made breakfast in the nude and watched his sex-signaler to see how he was reacting. After a bit it did take on the condition that was most useful to her. As he sat at the kitchen table, she knelt down between his legs and held it in one hand with his balls in the other. “This is the best one I’ve ever had and is the only one that has love attached to it. Even when I was enjoying the other dick moving inside me, I was looking over at yours and was so happy that you were a part of what I was doing. In my previous group fucks there was never anyone I cared for as much as you so they were mostly physical, me using them for my lustful satisfaction.”

She straddled him on that armless kitchen chair and sank down on his long shaft. “I love you!” was all she said as they coupled.

Buddy was invited over again and there was another guy that she expressed some interest in so Shorty brought him into the game as well. It was fun having a third party to do some of the fetish stuff with as well, like tying her to the bed with a blindfold and asking her to tell which cock was filling her pussy or mouth at any given moment. Having two hoses to piss on and piss on her was more fun also. And of course there were good ole screwing marathons. For her birthday, Shorty invited both of them over and it took all three of them to fuck her into submission. What a birthday present!

With life’s busyness, there were often substantial stretches before Valerie got itchy for variety. Shorty began looking forward to those events as well which delighted his spouse. It had been a while since Buddy paid a visit. When he was contacted he had a request, “I’ve got a girlfriend that pried out of me what we’ve been doing. It has really got her interest up and I’d like to bring her along. She really wants to meet both of you.” Of course he was invited and Valerie teased her husband about what might be expected of him

Rhonda was shorter than Shorty but rounder then Valerie. In private Valerie teased Buddy that he must have been thinking about her when he started dating this new girl. He said that actually was a part of his attraction to her.

She was inquisitive thing, and asked lots of questions of the married couple, saying she’d heard about folks sharing spouses but wasn’t sure if those were just stories. On questioning her, she admitted that Buddy was only the second man she’d ever had sex with so Valerie said, “I know you’ll enjoy Shorty so you guys go in the bedroom and I’m gonna jump on this guy of yours for a while right here.”

Shorty took the hand of this beaming beauty, because she was very cute, and led her to the bed, leaving the door ajar. They were still fucking when Valerie and Buddy finished and decided to peek at the action in the bedroom. Riding cowgirl, neither of the couple on the bed could see they were being watched and the observers were fascinated seeing their partners enjoying another’s body.

When Rhonda squealed her pleasure and Shorty pulsed hard up into her eager cunt, both of the watchers were ready for more. As the sexual partners separated on the bed they saw their regular partners ready for more. Shorty hadn’t shrunk too much for Valerie to drop her freshly lubricated pussy on it and, of course, Rhonda needed no recovery time welcome Buddy’s rod.

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