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by Tony Tiger

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Erotica Sex Story: Young horny woman makes her way through life and sex. Work provides an opportunity of a lifetime.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Prostitution   .

“Oh, FUCK!” I said, remembering something I’d forgotten. Then I had to laugh, because that’s exactly what I was on my way to do. And not with my husband of less than a year either.

Right after we got married he got one of those super high-paying jobs that just owned him body and soul. We were lucky to eat dinner before 9 o’clock on weeknights and sometimes Saturdays. He had little energy for sex so we had to dedicate ourselves to that on Sunday.

I’m pretty highly sexed, so that doesn’t work for me. I was a goody-goody until late in my junior year of college when a guy with a big and talented dick showed me what my pussy was made for. Once he got my lust motor running, I really made up for lost time. With my pretty face, blond hair, and terrific tits, it was easy to find all the guys I wanted to have fun with.

I met Roger at a party. I’d already gone to some secluded places for quickies with two guys when he amateurly put the make on me. I put him off but we did arrange a date before I left with two new acquaintances, not the ones that had already filled my twat, who I wanted to bang senseless all night.

He was so polite that I actually tried to make a good impression with him and didn’t spread my legs for a couple of weeks. He was totally infatuated and at first I was just entertained by it. Then I began to see his potential as a husband and actually began to like the guy. He was a nerd with a decent dick and so I submitted to his entreaties to wed.

It was great for a while, having a steady supply of affection and semen until this new job kicked in and I got pretty damn lonely and horny. He didn’t want me to work either so I began looking for some volunteer things to do that helped a little bit. The main thing it accomplished was bringing me in contact with some sexually interesting guys.

Then his company began sending him on some on-site project things. Now he was gone at night too, about half the time. I did tell him, and he thought I was kidding but I wasn’t, that there was one woman in his team who would probably be happy to clip his horns on request. She was single and I met her at a company party. As we chatted about those three-to-seven-day project trips, I sensed that Casey’s pussy didn’t get lonely or dry.

As I said, mine doesn’t even get enough attention when he’s home. I finally just got practical about it and said it was a shame to waste good pussy when there were plenty of needy men out there. My husband would get all he wanted, no question about that, but he’d never miss the rest, just like when we were dating.

I was clear in my intentions. I did not want romance; that was from my husband. Satisfaction of basic physical needs plus the joy from gifting the same to good partners was the simple goal.

Of course discretion was important so I never messed around with anybody near the apartment building where we lived or who was at all in our social circle.

I heard about a city agency that matches you up with volunteer groups so I went to see what they might have. We live in a very urban area with good public transportation so I thought I would try Meals On Wheels, even though I wouldn’t have to drive. They gave me this cute little insulated cart to pull and a little map of the route that I would take.

First of all, it did get me into some areas of the city that were off my beaten path. It didn’t help my sex search much because these folks were limited in one way or another in order to qualify for the program. After two weeks I was thinking about finding something else when one of my older female clients introduced me to her son who was a little bit younger than me. From the way he practically drooled when he saw me, I thought there might be potential here. Every day I spent a little time quizzing his mother and discovered that he was unattached and lonely. She was worried that his limited social skills were really blocking that part of his life.

He was nice enough looking but I couldn’t tell much about what he had hanging. Oh well, I’d rarely found one that didn’t feel good, so I confided in his mother my interest. She said she would be delighted to have me fuck her son and she would get a kick out of listening from the other room.

So that got me started two afternoons a week anyway. He was about my husband’s size and completely malleable so I worked on getting him to do the things I wanted my husband to. I could close my eyes and it actually worked better than I thought.

That only occupied a bit of the later part of afternoons so I still had a lot of time with little to do. Going back to the matching agency gave me a morning option.

They came up with a sheltered workshop where people with challenges could do some meaningful work and learn life skills. There were a variety of tasks which would vary so it would never get boring. One of the staff guys and I hit it off and we started getting nooners pretty regularly. He was married so I thought that would make emotional entanglements less likely. He was about 10 years older than me and his wife wasn’t too interested in his cock anymore.

That meant on some good days I could get nailed at noon, get a reload before supper, and once in a rare while enjoy a good bonking from my husband before I went to sleep. Although I sometimes thought about one when I was doing another, they were such different venues that it was really like three separate sex lives. My husband did notice my mood was better and I said that volunteer work was more satisfying than I expected.

One Sunday hubby and I were catching up on our crotch work when he said he had a confession to make. As I listened, he told about the young woman, Casey, crawling into his bed one night. It had only been a couple days ago near the end of that trip and he just didn’t resist. He knew that she screwed some of the other guys and had even maybe just come from another bed but it was awfully exciting and he didn’t let her leave until morning. Then the guilts set in and he didn’t repeat it.

I hugged him and told him I was so glad he had revealed that to me. “I guess you didn’t realize that I was serious when I made that suggestion. I’m not at all upset because we all have needs and they’re pretty difficult to meet the way our marriage is going right now. I will tell you that I have been plenty tempted too. Oh, I mean it. If it’s just for sex then go ahead and enjoy it. I’ve met Casey and she’s nice enough. I don’t think that will hurt our marriage one bit and might even help it.”

He held me close, naked body against naked body and spoke softly in my ear. “I know that you were dating other guys as well as me and I figure you were having sex with them too.” I nodded so he could feel my answer. “I guess that since you are being very considerate of me that I must return that in all fairness. Of course, being a man, I am feeling jealousy but it will be good for me to learn to control it. Only one thing, I do not want to know about it.”

When he left early Monday morning on a road trip he’d awakened early to soak my pussy inside and out. When I said to him, “Have a good time”, full of double meaning, he did not reciprocate.

With modern communications, we did talk during the week, and text and email and so on, but nothing changed in those even though I’m sure he was wondering if I was changing my lifestyle. Well I actually wasn’t, because I was already doing it before this all came out in the open. My feelings were better about it though and some of feeling like I was a cheating wife went away. One change in me though was that the workshop coach got invited to dinner when my husband was out of town, usually about mid-trip, and we had a much more leisurely and comfortable joining-of-the-parts.

When my husband returned, our reunion seemed very much the same to me, as if we were both trying to act like nothing had changed. That went on for a while until one day I saw Casey, the staff woman he was fucking on those trips, at a store. We had met at a company social function so I asked her to have coffee with me. She was a very pleasant and intelligent woman a bit older than me.

“You’ve been taking good care of my husband on your trips,” I opened with, “I encouraged him to be ‘friendly’.”

“Why thank you,” she replied breaking into a smile. “It’s nice for me too.”

We visited a bit, getting more comfortable. I found out that she had been with the company two years and in this capacity about one and a half.

Then I got a surprise when she said, “I’m leaving in about a month to get married and we will be moving.”

I had to ask, “Does your fiance know about... ?”

“He is a project engineer and we met on a trip almost a year ago. He’s on our projects so he sure does. It’s nice though because we get to sleep together every night.”

I was wide-eyed at this and asked, “Tell me more.”

“It doesn’t really take up as much of my time as you might think. Most guys just want to get their rocks off. It’s a service, not romance. Fifteen ten minutes each and usually no more than four and not every night for each so it doesn’t add up to too much time. My fiance gets all he wants, of course. I also get a bonus as “morale officer.” I guess that technically makes me a whore but I’ve given away more than that sometimes as an amateur.”

My mind was racing, “Who would I contact to apply for your position?” She wrote it down for me and we wished each other the best as we parted.

Two nights later I let my husband get going but stopped him before he finished. “I had a nice visit with Casey recently and learned more about your trips. Did you know she was leaving?”

He nodded so I continued, holding him fully inside me with my hands on his buns. I kissed him and said, “I interviewed for her job and it’s likely I’ll get it. I think it’s just what I have wanted and we will be together a lot more.”

His eyes bugged out and he spluttered, “But you’ll have to fuck... !”

I gave him a loving smile, “Sweetie, it will just be fucking, not lovemaking. When we were first dating, other men were spending a lot more time naked with me than this will require. You didn’t mind then and you haven’t noticed any adverse effects from the two guys I screw while you are gone now. So?”

His cock had wilted a bit, but as he absorbed this it refilled so I encouraged him, “Make love to me my dear husband. I’ll love you even more, I promise.”

I spent a week with Casey at the office learning my work responsibilities. We got closer and she invited us to their simple wedding. Her new husband confided to mine to “Just go with the flow and it will be no big deal”.

The next evening we flew to my first field assignment. I’d travelled little so this was exciting.

The first night required a big body clock adjustment so we had a quick screw before dozing off. I was pushed very hard with new work duties the next and long day but I did get a chance to socialize with these men I’d be fucking. Well, four of the other five anyway. One was gay. It was determined by drawing numbered slips which two I’d do the next night and which the following one, alternating thus for the remaining days of this trip.

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