Kevin Gets His Ass Busted - Cover

Kevin Gets His Ass Busted

by Keven-Jeanne Bardot

Copyright© 2020 by Keven-Jeanne Bardot

Erotica Sex Story: A young, impressionable teen has a crush on his older black co-worker. They become friends and - one hot night -lovers! Kevin learns the way so many females have learned - the HARD way!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Rape   Gay   True Story   DomSub   Rough   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

Sexy little teenage Kevin, looked more like a girl than a boy! And he felt feminine too, inside. After puberty it seemed like all blonde Caucasian Kevin thought of was SEX! He would masturbate when his stripper mother was at work, slipping into her high heels and using her lipsticks! Kevin loved the transformation of himself from man to maiden, simply by being in the heels and lipstick! He just KNEW he could make a grown man hard - if he ever had the chance! Kevin would spend literally HOURS, gazing at pics of gorgeous, muscular men with hairy legs on his laptop, dreaming about being with them, servicing them. But he knew that most guys like that HATED effeminate fairies like him and would probably beat him to death - or so he thought! In reality a LOT of hunky hyper masculine men LOVED shemales!

When Kevin was 16 he got a summer job at a factory, and that’s where he met James, an older black guy. James was probably around 40, but he was really good looking and always wore a tank top exposing his big tattooed arms. Kevin was sprung on James and was always staring at him when he thought James wasn’t looking. James was fine! About 6 foot 3, lean and muscular, and a handsome face! He always dressed the same: Tank tops, shorts, and socks with work boots, showing off his bulging calves! And what Kevin didn’t realize was that James couldn’t keep his eyes off HIM either!

Gradually the talk between Kevin and James grew gradually more sexual, and James began to joke a lot about gays and ladyboys. One day, James asked Kevin if he wanted to come over his place for a beer. James lived over a laundromat, and it was really hot up there. Kevin waited in the living room while James went to change. He came back out with the beers and Kevin had to draw a breath; James was wearing just a really brief pair of shorts and nothing else. Oh my GOD! Look at those bulging THIGHS, Kevin was thinking. After a few beers Kevin grew tipsy and when James came back with the next beer he stood facing Kevin, who was seated on the ratty couch. Kevin looked up and he was facing straight to James’ groin. He could see the outline of James’ penis under the shorts, and Kevin knew the man was excited. Almost without thinking he reached his small boned hand up and gently squeezed down on the semi erect cock. But as soon as he did it he dropped his hand and giggled self consciously. James took Kevin’s hand and placed it back on his dick - which was now much harder. “Take down my draws, sissy,” James said.

Kevin hooked his thumbs in the waistband of James’ shorts and eased them down, bending over to help take them off as James raised first one foot than the other. Now James’ 12 inch cock was fully erect, mere inches away from the boy’s lips. “What chu gonna do wit it, girl?” James whispered huskily, and before Kevin could answer, James took his arm and raised him to his feet. “Take off you shit,” he ordered. And Kevin hastily, if self consciously, undressed fully nude. “Mmmm, mmm, MMM!” James said admiringly in his deep bass voice. “Look at that blonde body! Ain’ a HAIR on that ass!” It was hot, and Kevin could hear the fan blowing the hot air on them as James pointed to the floor. Kevin sank to his knees submissively at the feet of this brutal looking man - this BULL!

Young Kevin had never sucked a cock - but it was all he ever dreamed and fantasized about! He had watched literally HOURS of interracial porn, and he felt really confident that he could please a man! Now was his chance to prove it. His head was reeling with thoughts as he took the big hard cock in his small boned, delicate fingers, and squeezed gently, watching as a large pearly bead of semen appeared on the head of James’ cock. Kevin flickered his tongue and lapped up the bead, its salty flavor inflaming him. His hand went down to his on small - but hard - penis, as he opened his mouth and encircled the big dripping plum head of this big battering ram with his full, pouty lips, and was rewarded by a deep bass groan from James. Encouraged, Kevin went down on it and felt James’ huge hand cupping the back of his skull, pushing gently.

James’ cock was thick, meaty and long - at least 10 inches - with LOTS of sexy veins! And as he pushed Kevin’s head down on it, the punk began to gag and he tried to pull his head back, but the pressure was steady, relentless, and he retched loudly. James eased up and allowed the sissy to pull back so that the throbbing penis came out of his mouth, gooey streams of cum and saliva hanging between the cock head and Kevin’s pretty lips. Tears were streaming down the boy’s cheeks. “you ok, honey?” James asked, cupping Kevin’s small heart shaped chin in his huge fingers, and raising his head up.

Kevin nodded. He wasn’t frightened at all. Because although he was a cherry boy, hours of porn had taught him what to expect, and even to eagerly desire it. Kevin had seen lots of pretty blondes choking and retching on hard black cock, and actually - the thought of being roughly handled by a strong guy - inflamed his passion. And although James was being somewhat gentle, just the fact that he was such a big strong man - a man in the state of horniness - can be rough without really meaning to be, which is why so many men cradle their females after sex, to show them they didn’t mean to hurt them.

Of course, it is natural for sex to be rough. Up until the actual act itself, the female holds the power. She knows the effect that her pussy holds on her prospective lover, and will inflame his passions to the boiling point, at which time she will surrender, and the power dynamic reverts to the male. His largeness, his muscular strength, then possesses the female and the act of hot kisses and penetration occurs, with the female - hopefully - becoming pregnant with his seed; that’s nature’s way!

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