Slumber Party

by GinaB33

Copyright© 2019 by GinaB33

Incest Sex Story: 5 teenage girls explore their sexuality with each other and the host girl's brother.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

“Well, did the slut let you cop a feel?” I asked my older brother when he got home from his movie date with Carla Sanders Friday night. She was in Tad’s grade, a year older than me, and it was common knowledge around school that she wasn’t shy about letting boys feel up her huge tits.

“Yep” he said as he sat a twelve pack of beer on the kitchen table. He was only fifteen, but his best friend’s older brother hooked them up with beer. “Do you want a beer?”

I paused the movie I was watching and accepted his offer. I was stretched out on the sofa wearing a thin pink teddy. I couldn’t wear it out of my room when my parents were home. Tad plopped down in a stuffed chair, but not before giving my 32D tits a long look. “So, how far did she let you go?”

Conversations like this one were not unusual for me and Tad. We told each other everything. He showed me a pout, “Just through her shirt and bra.”

“I thought she let boys put their hands inside her clothes.”

He shrugged, “Yeah, that’s what some of the guys say, but she didn’t let me ... and trust me, I tried.”

“Well, there are going to be a lot of tits here tomorrow and Sunday. Maybe one of the girls will let you have a better feel. Of course, none of them have tits as big as Carla’s, but still.”

Our parents were out of town for the weekend, and I was going to host a slumber party. They admonished Tad to stay out of our hair, but many of my friends had the hots for him.

“Hey, I’ll take what I can get.”

That caused both of us to laugh.

In truth, it took all of my self control not to offer to let my brother feel of my tits. I’d been tempted to many times, but this time was different. It would be for HIS benefit instead of my enjoyment. It would have been the perfect time. I would be doing him a favor, at least, that could be my excuse. Finally though, I did manage to resist the urge.

That night in my bed though, I managed to get myself off to my favorite fantasy: Tad running his hands all over my naked body and me slithering around on the bed under his touch.

It was almost noon when the girls started showing up. I was in the kitchen preparing snacks. The bay window in the kitchen looked out over the back yard. It was a warm summer day, and Tad was doing back flips off the diving board.

Jill said to Glenda, “OMG, Adonis is out there in his swim Speedo.”

I scolded her, “He’s not Adonis. He’s just my brother. Get your fingers out of your bikini bottoms and help me fix these snacks.”

She giggled, “Hell, I can help with one hand.”

When Debbie showed up, Jill immediately gestured toward the bay window. Deb giggled when she saw Tad, “I saw him at the movie last night with Carla. They were all huddled up in the back row.”

“Yeah, according to him, she didn’t let him get very far.” I told them. “He came home all bummed out.”

Jill laughed and then said, “You should have called me. I’ll bet I could have gotten him in a good mood.”

Glenda and Deb both started teasing her for thinking she was a woman of the world or something, when in fact, she was no more experienced than the rest of us, which meant none at all. Gina was the only one of our group that had even French kissed a boy, and she hadn’t arrived yet.

“Hey, just because I haven’t doesn’t mean I won’t. I just need the right boy at the right time.” Jill defended.

Gina hadn’t been there for five seconds when she looked out of the bay window, and then the whole conversation started all over again. My friends seemed to be trying to “out bold” each other with claims of how far they would go with Tad.

“Hey, you have beer!” Glenda exclaimed when she opened the door on the fridge.

“Those are Tad’s.” I was the only one of our group who had even tasted beer, and that was only because of him being able to get his hands on it.

“Go ask him if we can have some.” Glenda said to me.

Jill, Gina and Deb all agreed I should go ask him, but I shook my head, “You’re the ones who want it, so you go ask him.”

Finally, Glenda closed the fridge and stated, “Oh hell. I’ll do it.” And she immediately headed toward the back door. We all watched out of the window, but she didn’t appear right away.

“She’s probably trying to work up her courage.” Deb said with a chuckle.

I found it very amusing that my friends, for all their bold talk, were too shy to even ask Tad for a favor. Tad had just completed a forward flip and a half when Glenda appeared. We all gasped. She’d been wearing a T-shirt and shorts, but now all she had on was her bikini.

She walked over to the edge of the pool and called Tad over. We were all giggling and poking each other with our elbows. She was just standing there. He was right below her and looking up. Glenda didn’t have the best body among us, but she did look hot in a bikini. It appeared to us like she was intentionally poking her 32B tits out.

After maybe as long as five minutes, she turned and came back into the house. The others crowed around her, congratulating her on her boldness. And then she went to the fridge and grabbed a can of beer, immediately pulling the tab and taking a tentative sip. “Go on, help yourself.” She said, gesturing to the fridge.

“So, are you going to tell us or not?” Jill scolded as she pulled the tab on a can of beer.

“Yeah, give it up.” The others prodded, “You were out there a long time.”

Finally, Glenda held up a hand in surrender, “He said if we wanted more than one each, he’d have to go get another twelve pack. Of course, he’ll expect us to pay for it.”

I knew my brother better than that, “Oh no you don’t! What else did you have to promise him?”

The group got very quiet. Glenda shrugged, “Nothing in particular. I just told him we’d come up with something special to thank him.”

The group erupted with gasps and “OMG”, and “Jesus, he’s going to expect something really special. What do you have in mind?”

Glenda shrugged again, “Hell, I don’t know, but I’m sure we can think of something.”

Tad came in and went up to his room, so we left money on the table for him. And then we took the plate of finger sandwiches and beers out to the patio table.

Glenda was still in just her bikini. It was hot by then, so the rest of us stripped down to our bikinis. After eating, we all jumped into the pool for a swim.

When my guests started tossing around ideas for a “something special” to do for Tad, I left them to it. I got out, dried off, and took the dishes and empty beer cans into the house. The money was gone from the table, so I peeked out into the garage. Tad’s bike was gone, so I assumed he’d gone after more beer.

After cleaning up, I grabbed another beer and headed outside. I decided to just sit under the umbrella and watch my friends frolic in the pool. After about ten minutes, Jill joined me in the shade. “Well, did you guys decide on something for Tad?”

“Oh yeah!” She answered with a chuckle. “Bren, he’s your brother, so it’s okay if you don’t want to join us. You can be the director ... to keep things moving along.”

“So tell me already.” I scolded her.

My jaw dropped when Jill explained what they had in mind.

There was one question looming: “Had Tad paid enough attention to know how many guests I had?” I doubted that he had. After all, he hadn’t been in the room with all of us at one time.

We paired up to take our showers so as not to run out of hot water. After Gina and Jill finished theirs, Glenda, Deb and I took our turn. It was crowded with three of us in there, but we managed.

While in the shower, I asked them, “What would you think if I wanted to draw a number too? It is my party, after all.”

I was pleasantly surprised when that idea didn’t shock or disgust either of them. After drying off and joining Gina and Jill in my bedroom, Glenda beat me to the punch, telling them what I wanted to do. Likewise, neither of them seemed to have a problem with it. All five vowed it would never leave my house, “What happens at Bren’s, stays at Bren’s.”

When we were ready, I went upstairs to get Tad while the others waited in the den sipping beers. “They are ready to give you your ‘something special’ for getting the beer.”

He looked at me and rolled his eyes, “Is it something lame?”

I chuckled, “Oh no, not at all. You’re going to love it. I promise.” And then I handed him the blindfold.

“Really?” He asked skeptically. “Is this necessary?”

“Yep. Now put it on and I’ll help you downstairs.” Reluctantly, he put on the blindfold.

The girls got really quiet when I led him into the den. I sat him on a bar stool. “Put your hands behind your back. If you promise to keep them there, we won’t tie them. Okay?”

When he agreed, I explained the rules: “You aren’t allowed to talk. You can only answer a question if you are asked. Understand?”

“Good, now this is a kissing contest. The girls have drawn numbers from a hat, however, since some of them have never kissed a boy before, they need some practice. So, there will be three rounds. For the first two rounds, they will go in no particular order. On the final round through, they will go in the order of the numbers they drew. After that round, you will declare the winner and the runner up. Each turn will last one minute. Ready?”

He nodded, so I set the alarm on my phone for one minute and motioned for Deb to take her first practice turn. She stepped up to Tad tentatively. She gave him a brief kiss on the lips, and then a longer one. Finally, she put a hand on the back of his head and began kissing him in earnest. It was obvious they were French kissing.

I was both nervous and jealous so I drained the last of my beer and hurried to the kitchen for another. I’d just gotten back to the den when the alarm went off. Gina was next in line. She didn’t hesitate at all. Of course, she’d French-kissed a boy before, so she wasn’t as nervous.

When Gina’s time was up, she reluctantly moved away and let Jill take her place. I waited until last, and I was shaking like a leaf. Still, I managed to steel my nerves. Like Deb, I started by just brushing my lips over his a couple of times before pressing forward and working my tongue into his mouth. By the time my minute was over, my legs were so weak and shaking, I had to sit in the stuffed chair. A couple of the girls gave me looks that told me they understood what I was feeling.

I was a lot more at ease during round two, and I took full advantage of my chance to kiss Tad. I didn’t want to stop when the alarm went off, but I forced myself.

“Okay,” I announced, “That’s the end of round two. It’s time for the real deal. Line up in the order of your numbers. Tad, at the end of this round, you’ll have to name the winner and the runner up. Okay, number one, you’re up.”

Glenda was on Tad in a flash. When the alarm went off, I said, “Okay number two.”

I had drawn number three, so when Jill moved away, I intentionally stumbled, “Okay, M ... I mean number three.” That drew giggles from the others, but they knew why I did it.

When round three was over, I asked Tad, “So Tad, who is the winner?” We all assumed it would be Gina, but he surprised us by announcing “Number four” which was Deb.

“And who is the runner up?”

“Number three.”

My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I even became slightly light headed. Finally, I composed myself enough to ask him, “Do you need anything before we start the next contest?”

He shrugged, “Maybe a beer.”

I had barely touched mine, so I gave it to him. While he was drinking it, I explained what was going to happen next: “This next part is the ‘something special’ part for you. The girls want to know whose tits you like better.” Everyone laughed when he spit beer out of his nose.

I waited until he was finished with his beer and the girls were back from the bathroom to continue. “Okay, we’re only going to have two rounds this time. The girls will stay in the order of their drawn numbers for both rounds because we want you to be sure of your choices. Again, each turn will be one minute. They only ask that you be gentle. Each time, just hold your hands out in front of you and let her guide them to her tits. Are you ready?”

“Hell yeah!” My brother exclaimed, causing us all to laugh.

When Glenda unclasped her bikini top and guided Tad’s hands up to her B cup tits, she looked over at me with a huge grin, of course, her grin wasn’t half as wide as Tad’s.

When the alarm went off and she pulled his hands away, she waited for me to set the alarm for Jill before leaning in and whispering to me, “Oh my fucking God! That was too hot for words.”

I didn’t like that I had to go right after Jill. I knew I had great tits, but hers were at least 36DDs. Still, they were slightly “lazy” with huge nipples, so I knew my very firm Ds with almost inch-long nipples had a shot. My knees went weak the instant Tad’s hands touched them. When I was pulling his hands free, he actually tugged slightly on both of my nipples, causing pre-orgasm tremors to flow over my whole body.

Round two was even better for me. He actually rolled my nipples between his thumb and forefinger prior to giving them a little pull. I had a small orgasm, drenching my thong.

“Well?” I asked him when round two was over, “Whose did you like best?”

He didn’t hesitate, “Number three.”

I almost fainted. Fortunately he didn’t wait for me to ask about the runner up. He simply shocked us all by saying, “Number one is the runner up.” All eyes turned to Glenda who looked totally blown away.

As one might expect, my room was abuzz with laughing and giggling well into the night. A loud gasp echoed through the room when Gina said, “We should have let him kiss them.”

Jill, never one to pass up a chance to get the upper hand, told her “Aww, poor baby. Does Gina want to sneak down to Tad’s room and let him take up where he left off?”

“Oh hell yes!” Gina shot back bold as brass.

After some more giggling and laughing and some lame offers to kiss Gina’s tits, Jill got more serious, “Hey, none of us are gay or anything, but I for one would like to know how that feels.”

The room went instantly quiet. Finally, Gina asked Jill “How should we do it?”

That brought gasps from the rest of us. Jill answered her, “Same as with Tad. One of us wears the blindfold and the others take a turn on her.”

“Why the blindfold?” Jill asked.

I answered her question, “Just because it will make it easier for the one doing it.

When everyone agreed, we drew new numbers. Deb was number one, so she doffed her shirt and put on the blindfold. Gina sat on the bed and the rest of us guided Deb over to the bed and had her stand between Deb’s spread legs. I set the alarm, and then Gina, after only a brief hesitation, pulled Deb closer and began kneading and sucking Deb’s perky C cup tits. Deb began moaning immediately and put her hands on the back of Gina’s head to pull her in more firmly.

When the alarm went off, both Deb and Gina seemed reluctant to pull away. I was number two, and my juices were already flowing just thinking about it. I took my place on the bed and the others guided Deb up to me. Jill set the alarm and said “Go”.

I couldn’t believe how fun and erotic it was to knead, lick and suck another girl’s tits. I almost came while doing it. Unfortunately, that minute flew by way too quickly to suit me. But I reluctantly gave up my place to Glenda.

When everyone had a turn, Deb removed her blindfold, “Whew! That was intense. I need a beer.” Which caused us all to laugh.

“Go get us all one.” I told her.

“I can’t carry five beers. Someone will have to come with me.” And she reached for her T-shirt.

Glenda grabbed the shirt out of Deb’s hand, “I dare you.”

There was another collective gasp, and then Jill volunteered to go with her. Deb pointed to Jill’s shirt, “You have to lose the shirt.”

Without hesitation, Jill pulled off her T-shirt and tossed it aside. The rest of us giggled when they headed out the door. Five minutes later, they were back with the beer.

“What took so long?” I asked them.

Jill giggled, “We were hoping Tad would come out of his room, so we took our time.”

“OMG!” Gina exclaimed. “Did he?”

“Unfortunately no.”

After we’d all taken turns kissing Gina’s beautiful C cups, it was my turn to don the blindfold. God! The feeling of a mouth on my tits was so incredible; I actually had a mild orgasm within the first few seconds. I had one more of those before everyone was finished with their turn.

When it was my turn at Jill’s huge tits, I understood why Tad hadn’t chosen them as his favorite. It was still fun, but not nearly as fun as doing it with the smaller, perkier tits.

When that exercise was finished, we all had another beer and everyone but me was more than a little tipsy. After all, I was the only one who’d had beer before, and I’d had some several times. It barely affected me.

“What now?” Deb asked the group.

Jill was slurring her words just a little when she said, “Hell, we’ve gone this far. I think we should practice making out.”

There was another collective gasp from the group, but Glenda said, “I’m in.”

I was astonished when Deb and Gina agreed, and not wanting to be the only prude, I agreed as well. “How should we do it?”

After tossing around some ideas, they decided that the four of them would draw numbers. Number one and number two would make out for five minutes. And then, number three and four would do the same. Since it was my party, each of them would make out with me for two minutes each. I quickly popped the top on another beer.

I have to admit, watching Gina and Deb making out in front of us was hot as fuck. They were deep kissing and feeling each other up. Before their five minutes were up, Deb even slid her hand between them and began rubbing Gina’s pussy through her thong panties. While still French kissing, Gina reciprocated in kind.

When their time was up, both girls swore that was the hottest thing they’d ever done. I had to agree.

While Glenda and Jill were going at it, I looked over and saw that Gina and Deb both had their fingers inside their thongs and were playing with their pussies.

Finally, it was my turn. I was so horny; I was actually looking forward to it. Deb was first for her two minutes, and she wasted no time forcing her tongue into my mouth and kneading my tits. I gave as good as I got, even when she started rubbing my pussy through my thong.

By the time all four of my friends had made out with me for two minutes each, my knees were weak and my pussy was soaked.

This time all of us went downstairs for beer. Tad had bought two more twelve packs, so we left the open twelve pack and took the unopened one up to my room. There was a lot of giggling and joking about going to Tad’s room.

Back in my room, and while just relaxing and sipping on beers, Jill said, “If Tad was here, I’d let him eat my pussy right now. I can’t wait to see how that feels.”

With everyone so tipsy, bordering on being out right drunk, it didn’t shock me too much when Deb asked, “What happens here stays here, right?”

We all agreed, so Deb said to Jill, “I’ll do it.”

The group, including me, expressed only mild shock. Glenda spoke up, “I want to feel it too.”

Gina, not to be left out said, “Me too.”

When I made it unanimous, we drew numbers again. The next thing I knew, we were all helping Glenda out of her thong. She lay on the bed with her feet pulled up and her knees spread wide.

A pact was made that we would take one minute turns until she got off really good, so Jill crawled up between Glenda’s legs and immediately began licking her pussy.

When it was my turn, I hesitated only briefly before beginning to lick Glenda’s sopping pussy. Actually, it didn’t taste bad at all, so I really got into it.

It was half way through Jill’s second turn when Glenda started moaning loudly and bucking her hips. Jill clamped her mouth on Glenda’s clit, and I assumed flicking it with her tongue. That did it. Glenda came hard and pushed Jill away, gasping and panting.

Gina was next on her back. I was amazed at how sweet she tasted. Glenda’s juice was nice, but Gina’s was very sweet. I actually enjoyed tasting it very much. I hoped mine would taste that sweet to the others.

Even before everyone had taken a turn on Gina, she came hard. Deb actually expressed disappointment that she didn’t get a turn.

When it was my turn on my back, I was surprisingly very relaxed and looking forward to it. And when Deb’s tongue first touched my pussy, I almost came right then. GOD! It felt too incredible for words. I LOVED IT!

Like Gina, I didn’t make it through the whole group. I came extremely hard while Glenda was licking me. Everyone giggled when Glenda announced to the group, “God! Her cum is really sweet.”

“I want to taste it”, Jill exclaimed. She hadn’t had her turn on me, so I didn’t object. It was hot as fuck watching Jill dive her tongue into my pussy for the express purpose of tasting my abundant cum. I had tasted it, and I knew it was very slick and sweet.

It was almost three in the morning when we’d all cum really hard, so we decided to get some sleep. Everyone agreed when Jill said, “This is the most fun slumber party ever.”

We all slept in until almost noon the next morning. Everyone but me was really hung over. I only had a slight headache. After our showers, the girls got dressed and headed downstairs for glasses of OJ. And then they left. Tad was downstairs, and he thanked each of them on their way out.

After I had a bowl of cereal and went into the living room, Tad got up and headed to the kitchen. I heard him exclaim, “Wow! Ya’ll went through over a twelve pack of beer.”

I called back to him, “There are a couple left in my room.”

When he returned to the living room and handed me a beer, he said, “Well it will probably make them taste flat, but you should go ahead and put them back into the fridge.”

So I ran upstairs and retrieved the left over beers and put them in the fridge. When I got back to the living room, Tad was paying a lot of attention to my tits. I was wearing only my thin Teddy and thong panties. “So, did you wear your dick out last night?”

“Of course, and this morning too.”

I giggled, I guess you enjoyed our little contest, huh?”

He shrugged, “It could have been better, but yeah, I had a blast.”

“Better how?” I asked in a sincere tone.

“I didn’t get to suck any of those tits.”

I giggled again, “I’m sure the girls would have let you if we’d thought about it.”

“Even you?” He asked while staring right at me.

“What do you mean?”

His expression turned scolding, “Bren, I’m not an idiot. I didn’t know it until this morning, but you only had four friends over here. There were five of you in the contest. What number were you?”

I laughed out loud. “Number three. You picked me runner up in kissing and first place in the tits department.”

He nodded, “That’s not surprising. You have awesome tits.”

My mood turned a little more serious, “Tad, I thought boys like really big tits. Jill’s are huge, but you didn’t pick hers. Why?”

He pondered the question for a few seconds before answering, “Big is nice, but I don’t like flabby, mushy tits. Big and firm tits are the best. That’s why you won first place. So, what kept ya’ll up until three a.m.?”

I was surprised he knew what time we finally went to sleep, “Oh, were you awake that long?”

“No, but you weren’t exactly being quiet, so the noise woke me up a few times.”

“Promise not to blab it all over school?”

“Of course. You know better than that. I’d never tell anyone what you tell me in confidence.”

I knew he was right, so I decided to throw him a bone, “We were just practicing making out so we’d be ready when we get boyfriends.”

He chuckled, “I would have killed to see that—five drunk girls making out with each other. How far did you go?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but far enough that we all got off.”

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