1 January 2009

by Mustang

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Romantic Story: On this day, tragedy strikes the Hayward family putting a stop to the New Year's day celebrations.

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Ben and Cathy McCormack
Dan, Karen, and Wendy Hayward
Tina Hamilton-Hayward

Chapter 1

“Five ... four ... three ... two ... one, Happy New Year!” Everyone yelled.

“Happy 2009 to everyone!” Dan exclaimed raising his glass of champagne, as they all toasted to the New Year.

“I’m looking forward very much to May when our babies are born!” Tina remarked giving Dan their first hug and kiss of the year.

“I guess I am too. I get no sleep now. By May I’ll have been awake all year,” he joked. “Of course I’m looking forward to you having our babies.”

“The twins aren’t that bad for crying during the night.” Karen added.

“I know.”

“And I’m also looking forward to Dan getting me pregnant in 2009,” Wendy added joining them.

Dan took a moment to check in on his new twin babies, daughter Jessica, and grandson, Danny to make sure the loudness hadn’t woken them up.

Tina came to him and rubbed his back, “You’re a good dad, Dan. Imagine by later this year there’ll be five babies just over a year in age and imagine the fun they’ll have to play together.”

“Or having one hell of a fight!” he joked. “That’s mine, it belongs to me! No, it doesn’t!”

The family decided to make it a quiet celebration and stayed home instead of going to the Hen House. The routine of being new parents were making Dan, Karen, and Wendy more interested in staying in rather than continuing a frequent sex life outside their home.

Brad was disappointed he’d been cut from the selection camp in September that would create the World Junior hockey team now representing their country. On their Christmas break from junior hockey, they joined Abby and Tiffany along with Derek, Peter, Diane, and Brenda to watch the World Junior game and celebrate the New Year.

Brad and Jake took a special interest in this year’s tournament as their teammate, P.K. Subban, was playing defence for Team Canada. Brad and Jake have been chosen to play in the upcoming Prospects game later in January. This annual game features the top forty prospects eligible for the NHL draft in June.

The year was begun with each couple engaging in their first fuck.

“Last in the pool is a rotten egg!” Dan joked, peeling off his clothes and diving into the deep end. Karen and Wendy soon followed with Tina, more cautious, using the steps.

“Ahh, this is the life!” he exhaled, floating on his back. “Those crazies can have their polar bear swims in ice-cold water.” Tina swam to him, stood him in the shallow end, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“I can hardly wait for you to meet my parents. I know they’ll like you, especially my mom.”

“I should have flown with you last November to meet them.”

“It was more important for you to be here for Wendy in case she went into labour early. As it turned out, I was home in time to the birth of your twins and soon we’ll be having our pair.”

“I don’t know what I’ve done right to have the love of three incredibly beautiful and smart women.”

“You do everything right for us and should receive a gold medal for putting up with us all.”

“Have you thought of who’ll be your first fuck of the New Year?” Karen asked joining them.

“It’ll be hard to choose,” he chuckled

“Dan, you’ve got to come up with better material, that joke is so old. Besides, we’ve chosen for you. Wendy will be your first love of the year.”

“Dan, it’s been about six weeks since I had our babies and I’m ready for loving again. I’m coming into my prime time of the month and I want my second baby with you as soon as possible.”

“How can I refuse such an offer?”

Wendy laid the lounger pad on the pool deck and guided Dan onto his knees. The others sat close by as her expert mouth brought his cock to life. “Mmm, I love the feeling when your hard cock first slides into me,” she said kissing him and meeting his.

Dan continued loving his wife as Karen and Tina enjoyed a sensual sixty-nine.

“Thank you, Dan, for loving me and giving me such a beautiful baby. Two more will make our family complete.”

“Thank you for making Karen’s life complete by carrying our baby.”

“I love you both and it was the natural thing to do.”

“Speaking of natural, I much prefer making babies the old fashion way.”

“Me too. Give me a good load of your cum. I wouldn’t mind having our own twins so our family was complete much sooner.”

“I’ll have to give you a double shot of sperm,” he joked.

Wendy laughed and kissed him, “You know that isn’t how twins are made.”

The holidays had been very enjoyable for the Haywards but not so much for the McCormack’s, Ben and Cathy. He still held ill feelings towards Cathy for letting her dad get her pregnant and giving birth to Jessica.

Ben had mentioned he wanted to have another baby with her. How does she tell him that she’s already pregnant with Dan’s second child?

Ben and Cathy thanked their guests for the New Years party and walked towards their mini van.

“You always look so beautiful and sexy to me, no matter what you wear,” he complimented, admiring her side profile from her open coat. His gait unsure from too much drinking, she helped him into the passenger seat.

“One thing I’m thankful for is that you’re a happy drunk,” she said helping Ben to fasten his seatbelt.

“That has got to be the first house party we attended where there was next to no sex taking place,” he mentioned as she slid behind the steering wheel.

“It did feel odd not to be stripping down and going at with someone else. However, we made up for it by sneaking away to have our own fun.”

“You sure know how to give an excellent blow job and I still love the taste of your pussy.”

“Thank you, honey. We’ll have to bring the year with a nice fuck.”

“I wonder what this year will bring for us?”

“Yes, 2008 certainly was different. Are you referring to me giving birth to Jessica? Why must you continually bring her into the conversation?”

“She is your daughter, but not mine.”

“That’s not fair, Ben. I know that Jessica will call you, Daddy.”

“That may be true but I’m not her father.”

“Would you prefer that she lives with Dad, and be out of sight, out of mind?”

“Sometimes I think, yes, and other times I couldn’t do that to you. Just don’t go and do anything stupid like letting your dad get you pregnant again. If that was to happen, I think it would be the end of us.”

Cathy’s mind was racing with thoughts of how to tell Ben she was already pregnant from her dad. She didn’t want to have an abortion but also loved Ben and being married to him.

He loosened his seatbelt and leaned left to finger her pussy while she drove.

“Mmm, you know what that does to me!” She cooed.

“Maybe we should go parking and bring in the year like we did before we had Danny.”

“Okay, we do have a blanket in the back,” she smiled.

Ben’s head blocked her view to the right and she never saw the pickup truck approaching except for the headlights brightening the interior at the last moment.

Chapter 2

The force of the collision tossed Ben onto the floor beneath the passenger side dash. He screamed in agony as a hot searing pain shot through his left leg. Cathy squealed loudly as their van was pushed and spun, the momentum flipping it onto the driver’s side.

Cathy grimaced as her window shattered from the impact. Her seatbelt tightened, holding her in place, however, it caused intense pain in her abdomen.

“Ben, Ben!” she screamed.

He moaned and moaned, his body now draped across the seat, his left leg pinned between the collapsed door and the frame. She touched her stomach and gasped quietly at the thoughts of what the accident had done to her baby. She began to cry thinking of her baby and husband.

“Ben, Ben!” she shouted again. Her hand gripped his as if their lives depended on the connection. “Ben, don’t you die on me! I need you! I love you!”

Cathy drifted into unconsciousness as she heard several people approach the van, peering in, and asking if they were okay. Calls were made to 911 of the accident while others attended to the driver of the pickup.

Many people gathered around the van and debated that the van should be placed on its wheels to give aid to the man and woman inside. A volunteer firefighter at the scene said to leave the van on its side unless it was to catch on fire. She used a tool to make a hole in the windshield and determined each had a good pulse. She used a flashlight to scan their appearance and noted the man’s left leg was bent abnormally.

Cathy’s body jolted to the touch of a hand to her face. She could hear a soft voice trying to comfort her and she moaned in pain. The firefighter was giving her a brief examination to feel for any broken bones or hidden cuts and take their blood pressures.

The firefighter always kept a first aid kit in her car and was able to place a bandage on a bleeding cut to the man’s forehead. She also bandaged several smaller cuts the woman had to her face and leg.

Her eyes squinted to the bright light in her eyes and before losing consciousness again was able to mutter, “I’m pregnant.”

Chapter 3

The Hayward family was comfortably asleep with Dan cuddled against Tina’s small ass, a hand caressing her growing belly, while Karen and Wendy were in close embrace. Dan’s cell phone chirped, waking him up as he reached over Tina to pick it up. He looked at the alarm clock that showed 3:10 AM.

“Happy New Year, Wendy!” Dan said, reading her caller ID.

“Happy New Year, Sir.” Dan was momentarily puzzled by the unknown male voice.

“Sir, I’m Officer Bradley of the Trenton Police Services. Are you Dan Hayward, Cathy McCormack’s father and Ben McCormack is your son-in-law? I found your name as a contact on her phone.”

“Yes, I am. What happened to Cathy and Ben?” he asked, abruptly sitting upright.

“Sir, I hate to inform you that your daughter and son-in-law have been involved in a car accident and have been taken by ambulance to Trenton General Hospital.”

“Are they okay? How bad is it? Are they alive?” he asked frantically. Dan’s voice woke Karen up and she turned her upper body to him. “Wake up everyone, Cathy and Ben have been in an accident!” Karen, Tina, and Wendy looked at Dan.

“They were both alive when the paramedics transported them to the hospital,” replied Officer Bradley.

“We’ll be right there!”

“I’ll call Brad and Abby and have them come and stay with the kids,” Karen said as she and Wendy quickly dressed.

“Tina, you should drive us. You’re the only one who wasn’t drinking and with our luck, we’d be caught at a Police check-point.”

“Good idea,” Dan agreed.

Brad and Abby soon arrived, both visibly worried for Cathy. She checked on the children as Dan, Karen, Wendy, and Tina said a quick goodbye.

Karen had Dan sit between her and Wendy during the ride to the hospital. It was aggravating not knowing how serious her condition is and the girls tried to reassure him.

Arriving at the hospital, Tina and Wendy parked the car while Dan and Karen went to Emergency. Dan said the Police told him his daughter and son-in-law had been in a car accident. Moments later they were instructed to go to the third floor where the operating rooms are located.

“I’ll wait for Tina and Wendy. You go and find out what you can about Cathy and Ben. We’ll be with you in a few minutes,” Karen said kissing him and Dan hurried to the elevator. Impatient for the elevator to arrive on the main level, Dan seemed to fly up the stairs to the third floor.

Dan rushed to the nurse’s station where he announced his daughter and son-in-law, the McCormacks, were involved in a car accident.

“Sir your daughter and her husband are in surgery and treatments rooms. I will try to find out their conditions for you. I have a few questions to ask you.” Dan was asked if he knew of any medical conditions they might have.

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