Cc975692 the Mission

by Megansdad

Copyright© 2019 by Megansdad

Science Fiction Story: The continuing story of CC975692 AKA Alena Fortney. This is her first mission after becoming a cyborg. She continues to discover new things that she can do with her new body.

Tags: Science Fiction   Aliens   Space  

I finally learned that the aliens that had captured me are called the Drakk. They are an ancient race that have grown bored and decided to occupy their time by trying to expand their empire. In their arrogance, self-assuredness, over-confidence or whatever you want to call it; they each believed that they could win any conflict, that their technology was so advanced that they couldn’t lose.

After thousands of years they finally realized that their enemies were just as advanced, that they were evenly matched. It took centuries for them to realize that their population was dwindling. They were so caught up in their expansion that no one was paying attention to the losses.

You see, the Drakk do not bare offspring at the same volume that humans do. They remind me more of Vulcans who experience the Pon Far once every seven Vulcan years. The Drakk felt the need to mate for the first time about 10 years after they went through their maturity ritual. A Drakk year is about 18 Earth months. So, they mated every 15 Earth years. There was no guaranty that they would produce a child in the first mating. If they did it would only be one or two children.

You’re probably wondering how I came up with this information. As part of my training I was taught how to read their language and access their computers. I was allowed to ‘hack’ their ship’s computer (under supervision, of course) for practice to make sure I could do it when I boarded an enemy ship. You see the Drakk were fighting themselves.

The Drakk are ruled by five major houses. The house that invaded the mining base was the largest of all of them. They had been abducting humans for years, just a few at a time, before they harvested the mining station. That explains why I am 975692 when there were only 1500, give or take, on the station.

CC975692 Log Entry 003

Mission Briefing.

I have, finally, been told what my first mission is. Twenty-five light years from where we have been hiding is a system with five gas giants and no habitable planets. A scout ship has spotted a single capital class ship resupplying on hydrogen at one of the gas giants closer to the sun. My mission is to destroy the ship.

When I was a lonely little girl on the station, I had to learn to defend myself when the bullies learned my father was no threat. I guess he forgot he had a daughter. One of the things I learned was, when facing an enemy bigger than you, use his energy against him. So, I learned to dodge and redirect their momentum. That’s what I am going to do with the massive capital ship. My small craft may be hell on other fighters and bombers, but it is nothing more than a mosquito to a capital ship.

My creators, for that is what I called them for creating this body, dropped me off in my ship I called The Ethereal, just outside of the edge of the system the enemy was in. My sensors detected an asteroid heading in system so I matched speed and attached my ship to the back side of it.

I had the A.I. monitor our course and to wake me when it started to veer away. I set the cockpit for stasis mode and settled in for a nap.

CC975692 Log entry 004

I awoke sometime later.

“A.I. status?” I asked.

“It has been two weeks since we entered the system. The asteroid’s course from this point will begin to take us further away from our target,” the A.I. stated.

“Detach us from the asteroid and correct our course. Enable the phasing circuit. Plot course to keep their gas giant between us as much as possible,” I instructed.

“Understood,” the A.I. responded.

A quick burst from the main engines, while we were still hidden by the asteroid, sent us on our way. We coasted, only using quick micro-bursts of the maneuvering thrusters, until we came to the target planet.

I maneuvered closer to the planet and began to decelerate, drifting closer to the target. I knew the ship had sensors everywhere except the rear main engine area. I closed the distance then turned my ship so it was right between the rows of engines. Drakk ships had eight massive engines in two rows. Four on top and bottom. I attached my ship to theirs between the rows.

After putting on my protective helmet, that only provided an air pocket for my head, I exited my ship. One of the things this new body could do was make the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands magnetic. I was able to walk on the surface of the ship this way. I peeked around the corner to locate the sensors before I headed for the airlock.

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