by alan14

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Coming of Age Sex Story: I'd loved Daisy as long as I could remember, she'd been babysitting me since I was 8, and now I'm 14 I don't need babysitting , but she's still happy to look after me. Then when my life changes in the worst way possible, she was still there for me, picking up the pieces and making everything better.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

I never knew my dad, he was gone long before I have any memories, there’s no photos of him in the house, all my life it’s just been me and mum.

We never went hungry, mum worked two jobs to keep a roof over our heads, she worked in a convenience store in the day, when I was at nursery and then school, and three nights a week she worked in the pub at the end of the road.

When she was working at night she got our neighbour Anna to look after me, and later, when I was about 8, Anna’s daughter Daisy took over babysitting duties.

Daisy was about 14 at the time and the most fantastic person I’d ever seen, I suppose I loved her straight away, her long red hair, her milk white skin. Obviously I didn’t think of her hair and skin colour at the time, this came later, but I knew right from the start that she was beautiful.

Mum went out to work at 5:30, Daisy would often come right to our house from school and have dinner with us, then we’d watch TV until I had to go to bed at 7:30.

Daisy would take me upstairs, watch while I had a wash and brushed my teeth, then she’d tuck me into bed and read me a story until I was sleepy, then she’d kiss me on the forehead and usually the next thing I knew was mum coming in and also kissing me on the forehead.

One night I must have drunk too much milk and I really needed a wee, so I got up and went to the toilet. On my way back I heard a noise, it wasn’t the telly, or I didn’t think it was. It sounded like Daisy had hurt herself, or had a toothache, a low moan and a gasp, I went downstairs and looked into the lounge, I could see Daisy in the big mirror over the fireplace, she was lying on the settee, I could see she was reading one of mum’s books, she was making noises and moving around, kind of like she was dancing lying down. I didn’t know what was happening, but it made me feel a bit odd in my pyjamas, I was very confused.

I heard mum’s key in the lock, saw Daisy jump off the settee, I swear she was pulling her knickers up. I somehow knew this was something I shouldn’t have seen, so I ran into the kitchen to get a glass of water and was just walking out of the kitchen when mum came in the door.

“What are you doing out of bed young man?”

“I was thirsty.”

“Well off to bed you go.”

It was a while before I went to sleep, I couldn’t understand what had just happened, Daisy was reading and doing something to herself. It made me feel uncomfortable but also, I think I felt – good - yes, it felt good.

By the morning though, I’d forgotten all about it, we were going to the seaside with school today, and that was way more important for an 8-year-old. It was also the last of the three nights mum worked this week, so by the next Monday it was all back to normal, I had no real memory of last Wednesday, so I didn’t feel awkward around Daisy. We watched TV, then after 7 when CBBC turned off Daisy put on the radio, she sometimes did this if there was nothing on TV she wanted to watch, we danced around the room having so much fun, then when the news came on at 7:30 Daisy took my hand and pulled me into a hug.

“Ohh I love you so much little man, but it’s time for bed.”

Daisy felt soft and nice, kind of like when mum hugged me, and I felt that funny feeling again in my pants. I pulled away and we went upstairs as normal.

I lay awake for a while but heard nothing from downstairs, I guess Daisy was doing her homework tonight.

I didn’t hear anything like the other night again for a long time.

Sometimes mum went away for a couple of nights, on these days I would stay in the after-school club until Daisy could pick me up, then she would stay over, sleeping in mum’s room.

When she stayed over Daisy was sometimes generous and would let me stay up later, but never after 9 o’clock, because she said TV programs after then were not for boys my age, I guess they probably had swearing or something.

It was one of these nights when I heard Daisy again, this time from mum’s room.

It was a Friday so no school the next day, mum was having a weekend away with someone from work, she wasn’t back until Sunday afternoon.

I was 10 now and allowed to stay up until 9pm if it was a Friday or Saturday. Daisy had borrowed a DVD off a friend at school. It was a Disney with Lindsay Lohan, it was good fun, she was working for a school newspaper and got into a mess when she photographed two teachers together, we ended up watching it twice. It was way past my bedtime when it finished the second time, I was tired, Daisy had found mum’s Malibu and was a bit drunk.

Daisy came to bed at the same time as me, I had a wash and brushed my teeth then climbed into bed. Daisy tucked me in and read me a chapter of the latest Harry Potter, The Order of The Phoenix, I didn’t really need reading to anymore, but we both enjoyed them, and Daisy was really good at doing all the voices. It was so exciting she read two chapters then noticed it was after 11.

“Oh my god, it’s so late, get to sleep little man, see you in the morning.”

Then she kissed me as usual, but not as usual, this time she kissed my lips.

“Whoops,” she giggled, “I shouldn’t have had that Malibu.”

Then she was gone.

I lay awake for a while, I licked my lips, they tasted nice, was that what Daisy tasted of, or was it the Malibu?

Later I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard Daisy, she was moaning again, but this time she was also saying something.

As quiet as a mouse I climbed out of bed and as my door was always left standing slightly open (so I can escape from the wardrobe monster) I silently slipped through the gap and moved across the landing to mum’s room. Her door wouldn’t close because of the hinges or something, it was a hot night and Daisy had left the curtains open so the air could blow through from outside. I could see her clearly on the bed by the lights from the street.

She had her t-shirt pulled up and was rubbing herself between her legs, she was lifting her bum off the bed, moaning all the time, I kept hearing something that sounded like “Ryan, oh Ryan, oh my god.”

All of a sudden she let out a loud yell then collapsed on the bed panting like she’d just run to the shops and back.

I went back to bed, my willy felt all hot and hard, it felt like I needed a wee, it took me a long time to fall asleep.

In the morning Daisy was super cheerful when we were having breakfast, I felt a bit funny after watching her, I wanted to ask her what she was doing but I guessed she probably would be embarrassed, so I kept quiet.

After we’d eaten Daisy said we were going to the park, so she wanted me to help her make a picnic. We made ham and cheese sandwiches and packed them with some biscuits, apples and cans of pop into a backpack.

It was two buses to the park, we sat at the front of the top deck so we could watch the world go by.

Growing up in the city, it’s exciting going to the big park, there’s so many trees, so much grass, I bet it’s just like living in the countryside.

The park has a little petting zoo, we went there first to see the rabbits, sheep, some goats and chickens, I even got to hold one of the rabbits, it was huge.

We went on some rides on the funfair and Daisy bought us ice creams, it was such a great day, and once again, my junior brain forgot all about what I saw last night.

I spent the day running around the park looking for stuff Daisy asked me to find, like odd statues in the woods, or particular signs on the walkways.

In the middle of the park is a big house, we went inside when I got too hot, it was full of old stuff and paintings, there was this one painting in a big room that looked exactly like Daisy, the lady was dressed up with a big dress, she was very fancy.

“That lady looks a lot like you Daisy.”

“That’s Lady Fontaine, she owned this house a few hundred years ago. I look like her because she’s like my great, great, great grandmother or something.”

“What, you mean your family own this house.”

“Hahaha, oh no, the house belongs to the council, we lost is over a hundred years ago, I think one of my family had a bit of a gambling problem or something.”

“That’s a shame, it would be cool to live here.”

“Yeah, but I’d hate to have to wind all those clocks and hoover all those carpets. Anyway, I’ve always been fascinated with this park because of the family connection, I used to come here all the time with mum and dad. It’s why I knew about all those things I made you find.”

“That’s so cool, I like your house, even if it’s not yours.”

“Ha, well, I fancy a cup of tea, so let’s go find the café, I’ll get you a cake.”

After a cake and orange juice we did some more exploring, we found a sleeping fox, we got really close before she woke up and saw us, but she didn’t run away, I guess she was used to tourists.

It was home time before we knew it, the park was closing, we heard an announcement telling us to make our way towards the exits.

“Come on little man, let’s get ourselves to the bus stop, you’ve done so much today I think you deserve a chippy tea.”

“Oh yeah, I love chips.”

We got off the bus a stop early and called in the chip shop, we sat on a bench in a little park and ate our pie and chips out of the tray as we watched the sun go down, then we walked the rest of the way home.

I was so tired Daisy almost had to carry me up the garden path and into the house. She took me straight up to bed and the next thing I knew it was Sunday morning, the church bells woke me, wow it was 9 o’clock already.

“Ahh there you are, I thought you were going to sleep all day.”

“Sorry, I don’t normally sleep so long.”

“Hey, don’t apologise, my little man had a busy day yesterday. I’m making pancakes for breakfast, do you want one.”

“Oh wow, I love pancakes.”

“I thought you would, I make the best pancakes in the world.”

After breakfast we went for a walk along the canal, some of which runs under the city, I never knew this, I’m learning so much this weekend.

Mum was home when we got back, which was a little disappointing, I’d had so much fun with Daisy it was a shame that she was going home.

But that disappointment was nothing compared to the disappointment a few weeks later when mum came home from her shift at the pub to tell us the pub was closing, so she wouldn’t be working evenings anymore.

I was distraught that I wouldn’t have Daisy looking after me anymore, and it looked like Daisy was also disappointed.

So, it was just me and mum again.

I still saw Daisy obviously, after all she only lived next door, but it was only the odd few minutes each time, she never stayed over for an evening.

It was a few years later when things changed back.

Mum had been promoted at work, the convenience store had been bought by a big supermarket, so they expanded, extended the opening hours, and mum became a supervisor, this meant every other week mum worked lates until midnight.

I was 14½ now and thought I was old enough to look after myself but mum felt this wasn’t quite the case and to my absolute delight Daisy had just moved back home after a failed relationship and to my utter amazement she jumped at the chance of babysitting, although it wasn’t so much babysitting anymore as helping with my homework then watching DVDs or playing on my new PS3.

I was allowed to stay up until 10 now, and Daisy was insistent that I don’t stay up later on a school night. She would send me up to clean my teeth and get into bed, then she resumed our old ritual of reading a story, we were working through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was like old times. I’d started thinking of Daisy as a long-lost older sister, an incredibly beautiful older sister, but I was fighting with my hormones and at the moment I was winning.

That was until one night when I heard the moaning again, I made my way downstairs, now knowing exactly what was going on.

I took my place by the door, I could see Daisy in the mirror, she was just wearing her t-shirt, one hand was holding one of mum’s raunchy novels, the other hand was between her legs, I moved around a little to see if I could get a better view but I couldn’t. I watched Daisy for a few minutes until she gave out a long moan and fell silent. I crept back upstairs; my willy was as hard as it had ever been during my dreams about Daisy.

I locked myself in the bathroom and quickly masturbated away the discomfort, then I wiped up the mess, it squirted a few feet across the bathroom floor, cleaned myself and went back to bed.

I must have gone to sleep but only lightly, because I heard mum coming in the door and talking to Daisy. Normally Daisy just goes straight home when mum arrives, but tonight I heard her say she needed to use the bathroom.

She came into my room, “I know you’re awake, I saw you little man, next time, just come right in instead of sneaking around by the door.”

She kissed me on the lips, on purpose this time and left.

I was hard again, oh well, I’ll just have to do it into a sock again.

That was a Friday, the last night of mum’s evening shifts, so I wouldn’t have Daisy around for a week.

I was depressed, and moped around the house, mum was concerned. One day she asked me what the matter was, and as a teenager I naturally pouted “nothing!” and stormed out of the room.

“Is it girl problems?” she asked next morning.

Well of course it was, but if I said what it was there was the very real danger mum would fly off the handle and ban Daisy from ever coming round again.

So I just pouted and flounced around the house being all emo and dramatic until the week of torment was gone and Daisy was back again.

Daisy though, when she returned, was a bit of a tease, she didn’t do anything, after I went to bed and she’d finished reading the chapter she went back downstairs and just watched TV.

Monday, nothing.

Tuesday, nothing.

Wednesday, also nothing.

And Thursday.

But Friday, oh Friday, after I’d heard about Harry & Hermione wandering the country in search of the horcruxes Daisy went downstairs, I really thought she’d just put the TV back on, but no, she put a CD on, one of mum’s albums, Bon Iver, nice but not really my thing.

I lay awake listening, and then I heard it, the low moans, I crept downstairs and stood by the door, watching in the mirror.

Daisy wasn’t lying down, she was sat up, I could see the back of her head above the settee, but in the mirror I could see her legs, they were apart. I could see her pussy, she was rubbing it with one hand, the other was holding the book in front of her face.

“What did I tell you, you don’t need to watch me in the mirror, come in, sit down and watch me properly.”

So I did.

I sat in the recliner.

I watched Daisy.

She was naked.

She was slim, her boobs were smaller than mum’s, but a nice size. Her skin was white, such a contrast to her hair which was red, I noticed she was wearing red lipstick, I don’t think she had any on before, did she put it on for me? Surely not.

All the time I was watching she was calmly playing with her pussy, well not calmly exactly, she was getting quite flustered, but she didn’t seem at all concerned about the audience.

“Come closer, sit on the rug in front of me, I want you to see what my hand is doing, because in a minute I want your tongue to do what my fingers are doing.”

I was taken aback by this, but I did as I was told and sat on the floor and watched Daisy’s right hand like it was the most important thing in the world, which right now it was. I watched, I could see her pussy lips, there was a little patch of ginger hair, her fingers rubbed just at the top where there was something like a little nose, then they would dip inside her pussy and pump her fingers in and out, and then back to the little nose thing.

“Do you think you can do that?”

I tried to speak but only a croak came out.

“I’ll take that as a yes, come here and take over.”

Daisy guided my head to her pussy. I could smell her, it was musky, an animal scent, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Some of the boys at school who claim to have been with girls said they smelt all fishy.

Maybe they were making it up.

Maybe the girls they’d been with hadn’t showered in a few days.

All I can say is, Daisy smelt fine to me.

I took up the task at hand, I flicked my tongue at the little nub, Daisy let out a gasp and her hand went tight on the back of my head, was this a good sign? I tried again, she gasped and pulled my head closer, I assumed it was a good sign and carried on.

I flicked my tongue up and down her pussy a few times then moved inside, she thrust herself forward and ground herself into my face, her hand twisted in my hair, holding me tight, if she pushed much harder I was going to have to learn to breathe through my ears because my normal airways were somewhat blocked.

Daisy started to pant louder and louder, she ground her pussy against my mouth, then she screamed. “Oh, oh, oh fuck me little man, oh Jesus you just made me cum so hard.”

She collapsed back onto the settee and I sat back and tried to get my breathing regular again.

“Now then little man, time to return the favour. Stand up and take those Superman pyjamas off.”

“Oh my,” she said as I dropped my pyjama pants on the floor, “I think I’m gonna have to find a new name, because you’re not my little man anymore are you, that’s quite a piece of meat you’ve got there, come here lover boy.”

Daisy grabbed the first thing to hand, which was my now bone hard willy and pulled me close.

She looked me up and down and smiled, then she took my cock and almost swallowed it whole, I could feel the back of her mouth with my cock head, she played her tongue around the head then, oh shit, that’s way too quick.

“I’m sorry!” I cried as I pulled away, automatically covering myself with my hands in embarrassment.

Daisy laughed and licked her lips, “haha, you’re 14, you were bound to come quick, but you’re 14, I bet I can get you hard again in less than a minute. Now drop your hands and watch me.”

I stood in the middle of the rug, my cock hanging soft between my legs and watched as Daisy lay back on the settee, she spread her legs wide and slipped two fingers of her right hand into her pussy, they went right in and she started pumping and moaning, her left hand, meanwhile, caressed her right breast, I saw her nipples get hard.

“You hard yet honey?”

I looked down; indeed, I was.

“err, yes.”

“I told you, now then big boy, have they taught you about sex at school yet?”

“No, but mum has told me a few things.”

“That’s great, I’m about to teach you some more, come over here and kneel between my legs.”

I did.

“Now take that big cock of yours and slide it on home.”

I moved my hips forwards and my head slid easily between her pussy lips, Daisy let out a low moan,

“Oh my gosh, you are just the perfect size, I want you to push that thing all the way in until we bump together, can you do that for me honey?”

I felt some resistance and Daisy yelped at one point, but I fit, I could feel Daisy’s muscles squeezing me, they pulsed along the length of my cock, I’d never felt anything like this before.

“Now I need you to start moving in and out, do it slow now, because I’ve never had anything this big inside me before.”

My hips started a slow back and forth motion, I tried to stay inside, but this was my first time and I popped out once or twice, each time I did this Daisy let out a disappointed sigh and took hold of my cock and slid it back inside.

“Now faster and harder, fuck me hard and try and hold on for a minute, I’m nearly there.”

I concentrated hard and moved in and out as fast as I could manage. I think I held on long enough, just as I felt I was about to cum again Daisy grabbed my bum with both hands, she dug her nails in, it hurt.

“Cum now, do it.”

With or without the command, I came, and I came hard. I’ve never felt this good, or this drained, my cock pulsed for what seemed an hour and I collapsed on top of Daisy, my face between her boobs. Daisy put her arms around me and we hugged, every so often I felt my cock pulse again as Daisy gave it a fresh squeeze with her pussy.

I heard the clock in the hall chime twelve.

Suddenly I came to and jumped out of Daisy’s embrace, my cock slipped out of her pussy with a slight pop sound.

“What’s up honey?”

“It’s midnight, mum will be home soon.”

“Oh shit, didn’t she tell you? She’s gone away for the weekend with a work friend, you’re all mine until Sunday afternoon.”

“Oh right, she never said.”

“Oh baby, she has other things on her mind right now, she probably just forgot. She had to tell me to make sure I didn’t mind staying over, but for you I’d drop all plans, because you are absolutely the most fun person to be with.”

“Oh shit, I just realised!”

“What did you just realise?”

“Did we just make a baby? I did my stuff inside you, and that’s what mum said makes a baby.”

“Oh no, don’t worry honey, we didn’t just make a baby, for one thing it only happens at certain times of the month, and I’m on the pill anyway, so we can do it as often as we like.”

“Do you want to do this some more?”

“I want to do this and more with you my boy. Do you know what we just did is the most important act humans can do, but we only do it with people we really love, it loses its importance if you do it with just anyone, you know that don’t you?”

“Yes, mum said that.”

“Now, I love you, you know that don’t you.”

“Mmm, yes, I know I love you; I think I always have.”

“And I’ve loved you since you were a baby, that’s how long I’ve loved you, but recently I realised I loved you as more than just a boy, I loved you as a lover, as a partner, but,” Daisy sounded very serious now, “this is very, very important, you can’t tell anyone what we just did.

“You probably feel like you want to shout it from the rooftops, but you can’t, because there are laws, and they say that we both have to be over 16 to do what we just did, and I could get into real trouble, so you mustn’t tell anyone, not your friends at school, and definitely not your mum.

“Do you understand that?”

“Yes, yes I understand that.”

“Right, come back here and let me clean you up a bit ready for another round.”

She took me in her mouth again, “mmm you taste good little man, and look, all nice and hard again. Now I want you to sit down here,” she patted the settee then stood up.

“Just look at that, you’ve cum twice in half an hour and you’re still standing tall and proud.”

I looked down, my cock looked a bit tired, but it was still hard, it was a bit sore as well.

“I want to try something else, and it might hurt me a little, which is why I’m going on top, so I can stay in control. This might look a bit undignified, so close your eyes for a minute.”

Of course I didn’t, I watched with rapt attention as Daisy dipped her fingers in her pussy then reached under, it looked like she was rubbing her bum hole.

“I need that cock super hard, so feel free to wank it if you’re enjoying the sight.”

I’m not sure I could make it any harder than it was, but I stroked it anyway, it couldn’t do any harm, and I was a long way from cumming.

Daisy stopped what she was doing and moved in front of me, she tapped my knees to move my legs together then she straddled me, sitting in my lap, my hard cock pressed between our bellies. She took hold of my head and pulled my lips to hers, she kissed me passionately.

You know how I said I didn’t think I could make my cock any harder?

I lied.

I could feel Daisy’s nipples get hard as well, they pressed against my chest, hard nipples and soft breasts, such an amazing contrast of feelings.

Daisy’s lips parted and her tongue slipped into my mouth, she tasted a bit salty, probably my cum, but I could also taste her pussy, my senses were reeling.

We kissed forever, but then we stopped as Daisy lifted off me a little.

“Right, for now I need you to stay completely still, It might take all the self-control you can muster, but don’t move a muscle until I say you can. I’m going to do something I’ve only read about in your mum’s dirty books, it sounds like fun, but I’m not going to know unless I try it. Oh shit, hang on a sec, not fully prepared yet – keep that cock hard until I get back lover boy.”

She dashed off in the direction of the kitchen, she was back in a minute with ... a roll of kitchen towels!

“Just in case,” is all she said.

She straddled my legs again, this time hovering just above my knees, with one hand resting on my shoulder for support she took my cock in the other hand and reached between her legs, she rubbed my cock against her pussy a few times then pushed it further back, finally she lowered herself down an inch or so.

I felt immense pressure on the head of my cock.

“Don’t ... fucking ... move ... a ... muscle,” Daisy said through clenched teeth.

She pressed down some more, “ouch, ooohh, just a little more, ahhhh, oh wow, I am so full right now.”

My cock was being squeezed really hard, I looked down, as far as I could tell I wasn’t in her pussy, which meant I was, I was in her bum! Oh wow, did people really do that, stick their dicks up other people’s bums?

Well, clearly they did, but at the moment Daisy really didn’t look to be enjoying it, she had a look of intense concentration on her face, but over time that eased, and finally, with a sigh of satisfaction she was all the way down on my lap again.

“Do not move yet, I need to get comfortable.”

After a short while Daisy started to slowly lift herself off my lap, she stopped with my head right at the entrance of her bum, I could feel the muscles squeezing me tight. I saw her dip her fingers in her pussy, gathering more juices to lube me up, then she lowered herself a little, starting up a short up / down cycle, slowly increasing speed and distance moved.

Daisy put both her hands on my shoulders, leant down and kissed me hard.

“OK lover, we’re moving free and easy now, you can start with the up / down stuff.”

We soon got a rhythm together and enjoyed the most mind-blowing time, even better than the blow job, even better than the pussy fuck.

I couldn’t last as long as I’d have liked to, but the sensations were so unreal I blew my load, my cock pulsating long after the cum stopped jetting into Daisy’s arse.

She collapsed on top of me, and it was may turn to hug Daisy as our breathing returned to normal, which took quite a while, all the time the aftershocks of the orgasm pulsed through Daisy’s body, her muscles rippling along my wilting cock.

“Oh my, now wasn’t that fun?”

“Amazing,” is all I could answer.

“OK, now I need you to shut your eyes, and I mean it this time,” she grabbed a cushion and pushed it over my face as I felt her lifting off.

“Urghhh,” she said, “hold that cushion, no peeping, I need both hands.”

I heard tissue ripping then rough paper towel scrubbing my cock. I had a good idea what she didn’t want me to see.

“Right, all clean, you can look now.”

I was clean, but my cock was also red raw and sore.

“Now, I think we’ll have a long hot shower, we can clean this mess down here tomorrow.”

We enjoyed a shower together, we just managed to fit in the cubicle, afterwards we dried each other off with mums fluffiest towels, then we went to bed, together, in mum’s bed, where we did it twice more, just in her pussy this time, Daisy said the bum sex would happen again, but not for a long time, I think she was probably sore down there.

I found out later this was the night we both lost our virginity.

Despite living with a guy for almost a year, Daisy said they’d never had sex. Her partner repeatedly refused to go all the way, he’d let her blow him or wank him off, but wouldn’t have actual intercourse.

Eventually she got so frustrated she left him.

What an odd guy.

Daisy had got her kicks reading saucy books and watching porn online. Which is why she got so busy last night doing everything she’d waited years to do.

Saturday morning was mostly spent cleaning the house, especially the lounge which smelt a bit funky. The settee was given a very thorough clean, and Daisy borrowed her mum’s carpet shampooer to clean the rug, just in case.

In the afternoon we went into the city for a bit of shopping, Daisy held my hand, because she said I didn’t look too different in age to be her boyfriend, but she insisted if we saw anyone we knew, we had move apart.

We didn’t see anyone, so it was OK.

We had pizza then went to the pictures to watch Spider-Man 3, which I thought was a bit too long, and there was just too much going on. I think Daisy enjoyed watching James Franco very much though.

It was a nice evening, and it’s only 2 miles home if you follow the canal most of the way, so that’s what we did, walking through the quietest part of the inner-city arm-in-arm, I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier.

Which was good, because on Sunday all that changed.

Mum returned late Sunday afternoon, we’d been to the community centre that morning, they had an exhibition of local photographers’ work that Daisy wanted to look at, most of it was pretty dull, black & white prints of buildings and railway viaducts, but the bit Daisy wanted to see was tucked away in a corner, almost nobody was looking at these photos.

Before we crossed the hall to look at them Daisy said they were the work of a woman who specialised in something she called boudoir photography from a feminine perspective.

From my expression Daisy could tell this meant nothing to me, so she quickly explained it was photographs set in bedrooms, hence boudoir, but instead of being rude, the emphasis was on beauty and seduction rather than sexualising the subjects. She promised me there was at least one photo I’d like.

They were all great, the women were all naked, but you saw nothing too revealing, boobs but no nipples, the curves of figures, beautiful figures, then the last photo, it took a few seconds but...

“it’s you!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, isn’t it beautiful.”

Daisy was lying on a four-poster bed, the light was streaming in through the window, but diffused by nets both on the window and round the bed. Daisy was lying on the bed, the covers were as messed up as our’s had been last night, she had her back to the photographer, her hair cascading across her shoulders and onto the bed, her figure running in a constant curve down from her shoulder to her waist then back up over her hips and down her legs, her buttocks were beautiful, so smooth and inviting.

Looking at the photograph I felt a stirring that I worked hard to suppress in public.

“That’s so ... so ... erotic without revealing anything. No-one would even know it’s you.”

“When the exhibition is over, she’s giving me a copy of the photo, you can have it if you like.”

“Really? that would be amazing.”

“My pleasure.”

Daisy must have looked down at that point, “mmm, maybe not just my pleasure.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“We’d better take care of that, ohh, I know, I’ve always wanted to do something really slutty like this. Pull your t-shirt out to cover that and follow me.”

We left the community centre by the back door then I followed Daisy as she cut across the car park and climbed over the back wall, we dropped down onto the canal tow path.

“Over there,” she whispered, “under that bridge and into the trees.”

I followed Daisy as she ducked under some branches and into a small clearing. She pointed at a pair of knickers on the ground, “I guess we’re not the first to do the dirty here, now drop your pants, we need to be quick, and whatever you do, make no noise, I’m ok, I’ll have my mouth full.”

I unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans down to my ankles as Daisy lifted up her skirt so it didn’t get dirty and knelt before me, she pulled my cock out of the fly of my boxers and gently kissed the tip, that did the trick, it soon filled out and Daisy took it all, giving me a frantic blow job as people walked along the tow path, unaware (I hope) of what was happening less than a metre to the side of the path.

As I neared the end I had to bite on my hand to stop myself screaming out. The orgasm was strong and plentiful, Daisy couldn’t swallow it all, creamy fluid dribbling down both sides of her mouth.

She wiped it up with her fingers and licked them clean, then gave my cock a good clean and put it back in my shorts, giving it a quick pat as she stood up and primly dusted herself down.

We waited until no-one was passing and stepped out of the clearing as if nothing had happened.

We held hands and giggled at our naughtiness almost all the way home, only coming to our senses at the top of our road.

I checked the time, mum would be home in half an hour. We made sure everything was clear then changed the bedding in mum’s room, they were a bit stained.

Daisy was loading up the washing machine when I heard mum open the door, as I walked up the hall to meet her I knew something was wrong, an atmosphere came in with her.

Then I saw her face.

She’d aged 10 years in the 2½ days since I’d since I’d last seen her, she seemed utterly exhausted.

I ran to her.

“Mum, what’s the matter.”

“Oh honey, I’m so glad to see you, can you help me onto the settee, there’s something I need to tell you.”

And in the next 15 minutes the bottom fell out of my world.

Mum was dying.


Lots of it.

She’d kept quiet, not wanting to upset me. Hoping the treatments would help. That’s where she’d been going on weekends, an intensive new treatment that miraculously her work health cover was paying for, but it had stopped working, the last two treatments had not touched it and the cancer had spread, it was everywhere.

She had about three weeks to live. They’d offered to put her in a hospice, but she decided she wanted to die at home.

From tomorrow there would be nurses coming, three teams a day, they would take care of mum, but there was some stuff we had to do first.

So that afternoon, while mum dozed on the settee we pushed all the furniture to one side of the lounge, including the settee where mum slept, then Daisy and I dismantled mum’s bed and rebuilt it in the lounge. Daisy is really strong, we had no trouble lugging the heavy double mattress between us.

I carried mum into the bed and tucked her in, she was sleeping soundly, exhaustion had taken over.

Daisy unpacked her bags, there was a lot of medication and a list of what had to be taken when, and how. She laid them all out on the dining table then quickly popped home to let her mum know what was happening and that she might not be back for a while, and to borrow her gran’s old pill dispenser that had three little doors for each day.

Daisy stayed with us for the whole time, she brought a camp bed from home and although I said she could use my bed she insisted I needed to sleep properly so I could go to school, she stayed on the camp bed in the lounge with mum.

In the end, mum hung on for almost a month, she had good days and bad days, but in the end the bad days were the only days and one night she could fight no longer. Daisy and I both held her hands as she slipped away, it was peaceful in the end.

We cried, we held mum, then we held each other, then as the tears dried up Daisy took over and dealt with all the things that needed doing, I had no idea. She phoned the hospital who sent a doctor, then she phoned her mum who came round and helped with the paperwork.

I was really lost but Daisy and Anna pulled me through.

The next few days were a total blur, Daisy took me to the mortuary, the funeral home, and to mum’s solicitors. I only took in about a third of what went on, I had complete trust that Daisy knew what she was doing.

Mum’s will had said she wanted to be cremated, so that’s what we arranged, as a supervisor at work her medical insurance had many death in service benefits, one of them paid for her funeral, another apparently paid me a small sum for the rest of my life, how small that sum was we’d find when the first payment arrived.

The funeral came round quickly, it was my first funeral, Daisy’s second, her dad had passed away, also cancer, a couple of years earlier.

It was a small funeral, Daisy’s mum came, some people from mum’s work, one of the nurses who had been caring for her at home.

“Who’s the lady over there, the one in the purple dress who’s crying?” I asked Daisy as we gathered outside the chapel waiting for the hearse to arrive.

“That’s Maya, your mum’s girlfriend.”


“Yes, didn’t you know?”

“She never told me.”

“Who do you think she was having weekends away with?”

“I had no idea.”

We were silent for a while.

“I’m glad she had someone special, so she wasn’t lonely.”

“I’m glad you’re not upset.”

“Why would I be.”

“Because she had a girlfriend.”


“And not a boyfriend.”

“Why should that matter? We’re all free to love whoever we like.”

“That’s a good attitude,” She gave my hand a squeeze, “I knew there was a reason I’ve always loved you.”

“Can we go speak to her?”

“Of course we can, let’s go.”

We walked across the foyer and Daisy tapped Maya on the arm.

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