Common Ground

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2005 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Reporting to her first assignment after Enterprise, Janice Rand finds that she's on common ground with at least one of her new shipmates.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fan Fiction   Oral Sex   .

The walls of the transporter room came into focus as the newly promoted Lieutenant completed her transfer from the high-speed transport that had been her home for the last two days. Quarters aboard Hermes had been cramped to say the least, but they were little better than she expected to find here on Crockett. A patrol cruiser with a crew of twenty-eight, its accommodations were going to be very unlike those she’d had back on Enterprise. Especially those she had enjoyed as a Captain’s Yeoman.

But the choice had been hers to make. Better to start over somewhere where people would have to judge her on the here and now, and not what she might’ve been in the past. She’d worked damn hard to earn her commission, despite what some jealous residents of the lower decks might’ve had to say.

“Permission to come aboard?” she asked of the redheaded Lieutenant who had been standing next to the transporter chief.

“Permission granted,” came the reply with a smile as the older officer stepped forward and reached for one of the two duffel bags the newly assigned j.g. had brought with her. “Let me give you a hand with those.”

“Thank you,” the younger blonde smiled in return as she relinquished one of her bags. “Janice Rand,” she added in way of an introduction, “but I guess you already knew that.”

“J.M. Colt,” the redhead countered as she slung the strap of the bag over her shoulder, “Second Officer. We don’t have a First right now so I’m the welcoming committee.”

“Hermes acknowledges transport,” the transporter chief reported from behind her, silently relaying the signal to the bridge as well.

“Thank you, Mr. Kane,” the senior Lieutenant said over her shoulder, “I’ll take it from here.”

“Yes Sir,” he replied as he locked down the console and exited the room though the door.

The redhead waited until the doors closed behind him before turning back to the new arrival. Who, she observed, was taking in every aspect of the room around her.

“I spent some time as a transporter chief before I was commissioned,” she said to explain her interest.

The overhead lights dimmed for a half-second, coupled with a louder vibration through the floor plates beneath them. It was an unaccustomed sensation for Janice, but one she recognized immediately.

“We’ve gone to warp,” she noted.

“Not bad,” J.M. said with a nod of her head. “It’s a bit different than you were used to on Enterprise. On a ship like Crockett, you can feel the engines a lot more.”

“I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough,” Janice said as she followed Colt out of the transporter room, remembering the Chief Engineer on Enterprise once saying he could tell what warp they were at by the feel of the deck plates beneath his feet.

“I’ve no doubt of it,” the senior Lieutenant replied, her tone suggesting to Rand that it was a transition she’d also made.

“Captain Imaru must’ve been anxious to get underway,” Janice said as she found herself comparing more of her surroundings as they walked to those of a heavy cruiser. “I hope I didn’t hold her up too long.”

“Actually, we weren’t scheduled to make the rendezvous and transfer for another two hours,” Colt replied. “Being able to go to warp early probably made her day. Even though Houston is covering for us, she hates leaving her patrol area for even a few hours. Also, she’s not happy unless she can take the ship out to where she can really let her fly.”

“Captain Imaru has an interesting reputation, I can’t wait to meet her,” Rand said as they entered a turbolift.

“Deck three,” Colt said as she took hold of the controls. “You’ll get your chance soon enough, but what say we first get you settled in.”

As the decks raced by, Janice looked at the woman at the other end of the turbolift. A full Lieutenant, she guessed her to be ten or twelve years older. About the same height and weight, Colt wore her hair in a style much shorter than Rand in an almost boyish cut, but one quite attractive. Their body shapes were similar and a familiar tingle made Janice wonder what else they might have in common. Then she decided that such thoughts were best kept to herself on a ship this size, at least for the time being. It wouldn’t pay to get off on the wrong foot five minutes after she’d come aboard. Not after working so hard to get a fresh start.

“What’s the J.M. stand for?” Rand asked, thinking it was an innocuous enough question.

“Just Me,” Colt said with smile and a shrug of her shoulders.

“In other words, none of my business,” Rand grinned.

“Its just personal, that’s all,” Colt replied as the turbolift doors opened and they stepped out onto deck three and walked down the corridor.

“Fair enough.”

“Well here we are,” Colt said as she stopped at the fifth door and it opened to her presence. “A little smaller than you were used to back on Enterprise, plus you’ll have to share the accommodations.”

“I’m sure neither will be a problem,” Rand insisted as she dropped her bag on the floor and took in the small space. The room looked to be already occupied and she wondered which of the two beds had already been taken.

“I hope you feel that way in a week,” Colt countered. “There’s a vicious rumor that your roommate has been known to snore under certain conditions. She of course insists it’s a lie.”

“It won’t be a problem,” Rand repeated as she took in the rest of the cabin, which didn’t take long at all.

“Well let me let you settle in then,” Colt said as she put the bag she’d been carrying down next to the other. “Why don’t I come back in twenty minutes or so and show you the way to the mess hall. We’re already into gamma shift, but I’m sure we could find you something to eat.”

“As tempting as that is, I think that maybe I should stay around and meet my new roommate when she comes off shift,” Rand said after a moment’s thought. “I wouldn’t want to give her a bad impression by just dumping my stuff and running.”

“I think she has a good enough impression of you already,” Colt said, confusing Rand.

“I don’t...”

“In case you were wondering, my bed is the one on the right.”

A half hour later, the two of them were sharing both a table in the far end of an almost empty mess hall and a late night cup of coffee. Their conversation centered on, at first, Crockett and how things ran on the ship. A lot smaller than the heavy cruiser that Janice had transfer from, the patrol ship was as heavily armed as it could be and even a slight bit faster than Enterprise.

They had to be because it was their job to patrol the areas the Constitution class ships didn’t have the time for. Used for down and dirty border patrol, it was their job to take care of problems with smugglers and other incidentals as well as alert the Fleet if something big came their way. Of course the running line was that you had to survive long enough to report it, not an easy trick if you’re suddenly faced with a phalanx of Klingon or Rihannsu warbirds.

Eventually, the conversation drifted to more personal matters and Janice brought up a question that had been occupying her thoughts.

“It’s not that I’m not glad,” Rand said as she laid down her now empty cup, “but I’m also curious. Since you’re a senior Lieutenant, how come you wound up having to share a cabin with a newly commissioned j.g.?”

“Well, I could say that in her infinite wisdom, the Captain decided a newly commissioned j.g. such as yourself, could only benefit from exposure to a fine officer such as myself,” Colt smiled as she refilled both their cups. “But the truth is that she has a lot more important things on her mind. So, I acted on what I was sure that she would’ve done had she had the time and volunteered.”


“Because you might not know it yet, but we have a lot in common,” Colt went on.

“Such as?”

“You were Jim Kirk’s Yeoman, correct?”

“It wasn’t a secret,” Janice said, thinking that she wished it had been. She’d had enough of that back on Enterprise, people thinking that she’d gotten her stripe by doing more for the Captain than just keeping track of his paperwork.

“I bet when you first got that job, you were overwhelmed by it.”

“A lot of people are,” Janice replied, feeling a bit defensive.

“And I bet that thinking that you can’t have been the first person to be faced with an insurmountable task, you went back and looked up how the people who had the job before you handled things.”

Rand nodded her head in agreement, wondering where this was leading.

“Do you remember any of the names from those reports?”

“Well there was Yeoman Smith,” Janice recalled. “I remembered the Captain kept referring to her as Jones when he brought her up.”

“Anyone else?”

“Let me see,” the blonde pondered as she mentally reviewed the endless files that had once been her existence. “Wait a second!” she exclaimed as realization suddenly washed over her.

“Yes... ?”

“Colt, ... J.M. Colt.”

The redhead smiled.

“You were Captain Pike’s Yeoman,” Rand said in triumph.

“Guilty as charged,” she smiled. “So as one Yeoman to another, how could I not take you under my wing. Who else is going to understand your problem?”

“My problem?”

“Well lets just say that I once found myself in the position of having jealous people think I got my rank practicing skills they don’t teach in officer training.”

Rand opened her eyes in surprised.

“And that was with Chris Pike, probably the original straight arrow,” Colt added. “I can only imagine the stories that went around with someone with Kirk’s reputation.”

“Does everyone on board know?” Janice asked, thinking that the ship had just grown a whole lot smaller.

“Only the Captain has seen your service record,” Colt assured her “and she’s not about to start spreading idle gossip.”

“Then how did you know...”

“Remember I said we had a lot in common,” Colt whispered, her voice growing even lower. “Well, three days ago I got a sub-space message from an old friend, someone I knew back on Enterprise. She had transferred on six months before I transferred off. She asked me to look out for you if I could.”

“An old friend?” Janice repeated, thinking that those two words held a number of definitions.

“Nyota Uhura, I’m surprised she never mentioned me to you.”

Janice had a suspicion she knew why J.M.’s name had never come up, but had no idea how to say it. If she was wrong, the Lieutenant might take offense at the suggestion.

Ten seconds later, that thought was the very least of her worries.

“Red alert, red alert,” the voice of the communications officer called out. “All hands to general quarters!”

With no duty station yet assigned to her, Janice followed Colt onto the turbolift to the bridge. An extra set of hand always came in handy. The doors opened onto a much smaller version of the bridge Janice was used to, more streamlined and lacking most of the science station larger ships carried.

“Captain, might I present Lieutenant Rand, our newest addition,” Colt said as she led Janice down to the small pit that housed the helm and the Captain’s chair.

“Welcome aboard, Lieutenant,” the white haired Andorian woman said as she glanced away from the graphic display on the forward screen. “I’m sorry we don’t have time to really chat right now, but if Jim Kirk recommended you, I’ve no doubt you’re capable of the job they sent you here to do. Lend a hand at tactical if you please.”

“Right away, Captain,” Rand replied, thankful that she’d taken the time to learn the layout of her new ship on the way here. It would’ve been embarrassing to have to ask where tactical was.

Colt had to wipe the wide grin off of her face when Captain Imaru turned her attention back to her. The Andorian’s antenna rose a few inches, a habit the Lieutenant recognized as a sign that she was happy with the new replacement.

“What do we have, Captain?” Colt said as she relieved the junior officer from the helm.

“Distress call from the colony on S’haki IV,” Imaru said as she glanced at a piece of information on her padd. “Someone couldn’t wait until we left our patrol range so they could make a raid on the Dritanium stores. Houston is an hour away so it’s a lucky thing we’re back early.”

“ETA two minutes,” Ensign Burke said from Navigation as he replaced the tactical image on the forward screen with one of the approaching space. “We’re reading two ships down on the surface and one in orbit, no id transponders.”

“Anyone care to venture a guess as to who they are?” the veteran officer in command asked out loud.

Not even thinking that it might’ve been a rhetorical question, Janice offered an opinion that they might be Orion Raiders. A half dozen sets of eyes turned her way, most shocked that with only five minutes of bridge time under her belt she had dared to speak up.

“If I had to put money on a guess,” the Captain said as her stern look faded to a smile, “I think that’d be a pretty safe bet, Lieutenant.”

Janice let out a silent sigh of relief at the Andorian’s response. Making a stupid guess right out of the gate would’ve been an even bigger faux paus than the one she almost made in the turbolift when she first came aboard.

“It looks like they’ve seen us coming, Captain,” Ensign Burke reported. “I show one ship from the ground now heading into orbit and it look like, yes there it goes, number three is on her way too.”

“Then I guess it’s time to lock and load,” Imaru said, using one of her favorite human expressions from her Academy days. “Send a signal to Houston and see if they can get here any quicker.”

“Sub-space jamming on all frequencies, Captain,” reported Lieutenant Salo at communications, “we’re not getting through to anyone for a while.”

The triad of raiders were now breaking orbit and it was a toss-up as to whether they were going to turn and run or fight. With Houston still a distance away, they must’ve felt they had a pretty good chance since they spread out in a three-prong attack formation.

“Bring photons and phasers to bear,” the Captain said, “that one on the far left is going to try and come around behind us.”

Sure enough it did, sending twin beams of destructive emerald energy ripping into Crockett’s port shields. They only broke off the attack under the impact of a photon torpedo. The attack succeeded, however, as it occupied the Federation ship’s attention just long enough for the other two raiders to get into a closer firing position.

“Forward shields down to sixty percent,” Colt reported as the view screen flashed again and again with bright green bursts.

“Photons again, full spread this time,” Imaru ordered as the phaser shots seemed to have little effects on their shields.

At tactical, Janice Rand concentrated her attention on the duties she’d been assigned, passing along the information to the helm and the Captain’s chair as quickly as she could. She’d come a long way since the days when she’d stood scared on the Enterprise bridge when that first Rihannsu Bird of Prey had come out of the Neutral Zone, destroying a string of monitoring stations and almost the Enterprise as well. She was still scared at times, but she’d learned to control that fear and do the best job she could to insure their survival.

“Number one is coming around again,” Burke reported, “They’re firing again, something different this time...”

He didn’t have a chance to finish as the bridge rocked with the impact of the new weapon. Sparks and fire exploded from the helm console, sending a shower of fragments into Burke’s chest. A second explosion brought a rain of ceiling debris down on Colt’s head.

“J.M.!” Janice cried out as she saw her new friend fall to the floor.

“J.M., look out!” Janice screamed as she jumped up.

It took a second for her to grasp it, but she was far from the bridge of the Crockett. In fact, she was also out of uniform, unless the uniform of the day was au natural.

Shaking her head, Janice realized it had been just a dream. No, not a dream, a memory. The battle with the Orions had indeed occurred that first day on the patrol cruiser, but that had been four months ago. Captain Imaru had proved that not all the great Captains commanded heavy cruisers and turned the tide of battle, destroying two of the raiders and having the third self-destruct when it had been too damaged to fight any more. It had been a victory, but a very costly one.

“You going to spend the day in bed, baby?” the T-shirt clad woman entering the room from the outside deck asked. “Cause if you are, I can think of some better things to do in it than sleep.”

“Good morning, J.M.,” Janice said as she pushed off the sheet she had pulled over herself during the night. “I was just about to get up.”

The look on Janice’s face told the whole story. Her lover of two months had seen it often enough.

“Bad dream again?” she inquired.

“If you mean the one where I thought I’d lost you even before I’d found you, yeah that’s the one.”

“But you didn’t lose me,” J.M. Colt replied as she leaned across the bed and kissed Janice softly. “I’m here, back in one piece and better than ever.”

“Mmmmm, you certainly are,” Janice replied as she opened her mouth to the kiss and lost herself in the warmth found there, banishing once again the fearful images that haunted her night.

A second kiss followed, soft and warm as the first. J.M. joined the younger blonde on the bed, her hand reaching behind Janice’s neck, her fingers stroking the soft flesh.

Their tongues intertwined as J.M.’s fingers continued down across the junior Lieutenant’s back. Down across her waist they moved, gliding across her thigh to come to rest against the lightly haired mound beyond. Gently they brushed against it.

The brief touch was enough to send a tantalizing shiver through the blonde’s body. She shifted position to give her lover better access to her charms, only to have the smile on her face turn, if only for fleeting second, to a grimace of pain. It was gone in a heartbeat, but that was enough for J.M. to take notice.

“How many times have I told you to let Doctor T’Chal look at that back injury?” the older officer said, her voice carrying just a touch of admonishment. “It’s been bothering you ever since...”

“It hardly bother’s me at all,” Janice insisted, remembering that at the time she was injured, she was more worried about J.M. than herself. “Just when I...”

“No buts,” Lieutenant Colt interrupted, her voice now totally the one she used for command, “the minute we get back to the ship, it’s off to sickbay for you.”

“Yes, Sir,” Janice said with the cadence of a first year cadet, knowing full well that it was impossible to argue with the redhead when she was in that mode.

“But for now,” J.M. smiled, her tone shifting from that of superior officer to lover, “I guess you’ll have to settle for one of my patented massages to take care of the pain.”

“Yes, Sir,” Janice repeated, the smile back on her face mirroring that on the woman beside her. “That’s one order I’m always happy to follow.”

“Then assume the position, mister!” J.M. playfully barked.

Janice rolled over onto her stomach, stretching her legs out across the length of the bed and folding her arms to give herself better support. Over her shoulder she watched as the redhead climbed over her and, her back to her, reached out and began to rub the bottoms of her feet, working her way up to her ankles.

“Mmmm, you have such magic hands,” Janice purred as she lowered her head to the large pillow beneath her and let the soothing sensations of her lover’s touch wash over her.

J.M. shifted her body to the right and worked her fingers into the flesh of Janice’s right leg, starting again at the bottom and moving upward to relax the muscles. Reaching the edge of her buttocks, she leaned over a little more and duplicated her actions on her left leg.

Janice moaned softly as she felt her body grow limp under J.M.’s expert rubdown. Nothing made her feel more relaxed than a good massage. Well, maybe one thing, but this was a close second best.

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