Ryann Gives In

by Matt2670

Copyright© 2019 by Matt2670

Erotica Sex Story: 16 year old Ryann and her twin brother Connor have the condo to themselves for the weekend. At 1:34 in the morning, she is on her hands and knees in her bedroom, a huge dildo up her ass. Connor videos as she tries to fuck the damned thing. Ryann is furious that things have come to this and blames Connor for her predicament. He got hacked, not her. Why should she pay for his stupidity? Because she's a girl, of course. Paid to fuck the dildo or not, it's still humiliating.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   Anal Sex   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Size   .

Dedicated to my favorite author, Angie E, also known on SOL as Tasty Little Pop Tart

Note to the reader: Ryann Gives In is the original, hetero/incest version of Ryan’s Dilemma. Ryann and Connor are twins. She pays for Connor’s fuck-up.

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 1:34 am This was fucking torture, she thought. Panting, and trembling with adrenaline shock, Ryann looked back over her shoulder and shook her head. She could not believe she’d impaled her bottom on a fucking Dick Rambone dildo. This was just crazy.

It was 1:34 am, according to the alarm clock on her nightstand. She’d turned the clock to face her before offering her asshole to the dildo. The head was inside her, gripped tightly by her disbelieving sphincter. She was the asshole, she thought hotly.

Reaching out, she fumbled the bottle of Heineken, and then swigged a big mouthful. Connor’d ensconced the bottle in one of dad’s ridiculous beer bottle sleeves. It kept the bottle surprisingly cold, though. Trembling, she downed another big gulp.

She and Connor were alone, the condo theirs until Sunday afternoon. Mom, Dad, Hillary, Olivia, and Hannah had gone to visit Grandma Constance in Columbus. They had a cache of bodacious dope with plenty of papers, and a case of Heineken in the fridge. Mom told Connor they could drink 3 beers a night each, and not get in trouble. Ryann and Connor were 16 years old. Their birthday was two weekends ago.

“This is fucking crazy!” she railed. “What kinda 16 year old boy watches—?” She choked off the words, before they blasted out uncontrollably.

Naked and partly mounted to a huge black phallus, Ryann mentally cursed her brother a livid blue streak. She’d never done anything remotely like this before with a boy, her brother, included. She’d never sucked a cock, never had one between her legs, never even been felt up under her clothes. No boy other than Connor had seen her bare breasts, much less her entire naked body. She’d taken one topless selfie in her entire life, and that was for Connor.

They’d shared 2 joints on the rear balcony and downed 4 beers each. She didn’t care how badly her mom ragged on her Sunday afternoon. She needed all the mental reinforcement she could get.

“Are you okay?” Connor asked.

“Do I look okay!” she raged. “You get down here and put this thing up your fucking ass, Connor!”

Connor sighed, and stopped recording. “I would if I could, Ry.”

“I bet you would!” she growled, thrusting a middle finger at him. “We probably won’t even get paid for this, asshole!”

Connor placed the expensive camera on her desk. “He already gave us $1500, Ry. He paid for the dildos and both these cameras. He paid for the Heineken we got in the refrigerator, and the ounce of dope on the bed over there.” Both looked at the stash longingly. “He promised $3000 for this video, sight unseen, Ry.”

Ryann furiously grumbled something unintelligible at him.

“He also said we could walk away from this if we wanted to, no broken bones.”

Ryann mouthed curses disgustedly.

It infuriated her that Connor had a fierce hard-on with this giant cock in her ass. The idea of sliding back on the huge black shaft until it disappeared completely inside her made her brain ache. What possessed her to sign up for this madness?

Ryann stood 5’7” tall and weighed 112 lbs. She was trim and athletic from years of playing sports. She was cute, with stylishly layered blonde hair, and blue eyes. She’d been completely naked with Connor before, pushing the boundaries of their semi-sexual relationship. They masturbated together in the afternoon sometimes after school, watching porn, and she even stroked his cock, allowing him to finger her delicate clitoris in mutual masturbation. She had made him ejaculate more than once, embarrassing him greatly. On the face of it, neither considered this aberrant behavior. They were twin brother and sister. However, events of the last two weeks had colored her perception of their relationship in darker tones of red.

“Has it occurred to you, that we aren’t normally adjusted, 16 year old twins, Connor?”

“Whaddya mean?”

Flustered, Ryann gazed at him crossly. “Dude ... I’m naked! I have a giant cock up my behind! If I get it all the way up inside me, and fuck the damned thing like the guy wants me too, we get to split $3000. If I give you a blowjob while I’m doing it... ?”

Connor winced. “I thought that was out.” He cocked his head. “I thought you said no sex, Ryann.”

“He joked about paying me to fuck a dog, Connor! He joked he’d pay me $10,000 for that privilege!” Her face grew livid. “It wasn’t entirely a joke, either. Just like me gobbling your fucking cock while I fuck this goddamned dildo wasn’t a joke. Just like his saying I’d look good with your fucking cock up my ass, Connor!”

Connor flinched and cut his eyes away.

“The fact he even suggests stuff like that means Moneybags doesn’t see me as a normal 16 year old girl!” She shook her head furiously. “We’re only 16 and 14 days old, Connor. We’re not normal brother and sister. We’re fucking perverts!”

Connor picked up the camera, and then sat it down again Ryann’s desk. “I gotta tell you, Ry...”

“What?” Ryan spat.

“Seeing you like that, even though we talked about this a hundred fucking times...” He unsteadily shook his head. “I don’t think we’re normal, either, Ryann.”

Ryann gazed at him furiously. “I’m not sucking your cock, Connor! You can forget that, right now.” She shifted angrily on the huge head in her asshole. She wondered why she kept it in her ass, anyway. It was so perverted.

“I didn’t expect it to turn me on like this,” Connor said, “but it does.”

Ryann angrily shot him the bird.

The guy with the money and a penchant for 16-year-old’s had contacted Connor a month ago. He instructed Connor not to engage Ryann in the conversation until she turned 16. That happened on Saturday afternoon, January 26th, two weeks ago.

“Dude, we gotta talk,” Connor had said.

Ryann was intent on disabling a maneuvering Iranian tank. “Call me dude one more time, Connor, and I put my clothes back on, and you can stare at my shirt, instead of my bare boobs.” The game was Strip Battlefield 1, and Connor had her down to her pink panties.

“Someone hacked my computer, Ry.”

That got Ryann’s attention. She paused the program, running on Connor’s brand new Xbox One.


Connor lowered his voice almost to a whisper. “He found the videos I downloaded of the middle school kids.” His face reddened. “He also found the pictures of you, all the ones I have on my computer. Even the ones you don’t know about, Ry.”

Ryann jumped up, red-faced, scared and embarrassed. Panicked, she stumbled across the room to Connor’s bedroom door and punched the lock button. Looking back, she gulped loudly and croaked: “What guy are you talking about? When did you get hacked? Why are my pictures still on your computer, you fucking asshole? You promised to get rid of them months ago! What do you mean, even the ones I don’t know about?” she blurted.

Connor had expected her flare of rage. “He also showed me the history from your browser, Ry...” He grinned sheepishly. “Since when do you like seeing boys getting fucked and sucking cock?” He held up his hand. “It’s okay. I’m perfectly cool with that stuff. What I don’t understand is your interest in girls and dogs.”

Ryann flushed bright red and looked away. For the past 6 months she’d secretly watched and occasionally downloaded illegal videos of young girls and dogs having sex. She’d discovered a series of videos featuring the same twin sisters, her age, having sex with each other, other girls, and numerous big dogs. The twins were blonde, blue-eyed, tall and slender with embarrassingly fetching breasts, and delicate features. Watching them 69 and take each other up the ass with a 9” long strap-on drove her crazy with craving. Many other videos she watched were worse, indescribable on these pages.

“I’m being blackmailed? I’ve got no money!” She was completely panic-stricken. “I’m only 16! 16 today!” Her eyes suddenly bulged, and her complexion turned dangerously sallow. “He’s not blackmailing me for sex, is he?” Fright nearly made her hyperventilate. “Jesus, Connor! What am I gonna do if he wants sex?”

Connor shook his head. “He’s rich and famous and not interested in getting his cover blown.” He held up his hand. “He sent me something to give you.”


Connor dug a flash drive from his front pocket and held it out. Ryann balked as though it might be a miniaturized nuclear weapon ... or a dog collar and chain she’d wear the rest of her life. She backed against the door, shaking her head.

“It’s nothing to get in a panic over, dude.”

Terrified, Ryann shook her head.

“It’s just some girl riding a really big dildo with her asshole.”

Ryann quailed in embarrassment. She’d found another series of videos on xHamster exactly like that last weekend. Watching the Asian girl fuck a black dildo 14” long on her hands and knees made her nearly apoplectic with desire. She’d fingered herself to orgasm three times watching the videos.

“‘Riding Her Rambone,’ “ Connor recited. “The guy said to tell you that. It’s what he wants you to do on video for him. He said he’d pay you to do it, too, Ryann.”

Ryann gawped, appalled.

“He said he’d pay you to do other things too.” He grinned rather sheepishly. “You don’t want to know all the details, believe me.”

Ryann shifted restlessly on her hands and knees. It bothered her SO much knowing her brother had a massive boner; her, naked and attached to the fat black dildo. “I don’t know how anyone does this,” she complained. “It’s fucking impossible.”

She unwillingly glanced at her brother’s strained crotch. Connor was 7” long, and thick. Connor had what Ryann considered an intimidating cock: thickly veined, bruised looking when erect, the head small, lending it a menacing appearance. Designed for rape, she always thought distractedly. Ryann had imagined it in her mouth and vagina many times. Her feelings for Connor sometimes scared her.

“Do you want me to suck you, Connor?”

Startled, Connor blinked rapidly and backed a step against the corner of Ryann’s desk. “Do you want to?”

“Do you want me too?”

Connor stared at her exasperated expression. “Well, yeah ... I’ve always wanted you to, Ryann.” He flushed with embarrassment. “I don’t particularly want to have you do it now, though.” He flushed even deeper. “Not when you’re all messed up on weed and alcohol and have a cock up your ass like that.”

“It’s not up my ass!” Ryann complained truculently. “I’m only holding it with my asshole, dammit!”

The ridiculous distinction made both laugh, and blush deeper red.

“Turn the camera back on and let’s make some money, dude!”

Her rectum couldn’t possibly hold the entire shaft. Overall, including the vital suction cup on the end, the phallus measured 16-1/2” long. The shaft was 13-1/2” in length, and 2-3/8” wide at the head and base. Her rectum bottomed out at approximately 7” depth (according to Google, anyway), leaving 6-1/2” unaccounted for. She knew in order to ride the entire length, the head needed to bull past the 90 degree bend into her sigmoid colon. She knew it could be done; the question was, did $3000 cover the torture involved?

Make that $1500, she reminded herself. Connor got the other half.

She speared her brother with a look.

“What?” Connor objected.

“Nothing,” Ryann muttered, shifting restlessly again.

At least her asshole had grown used to the massive head stretching it wide open; she guessed a monster hemorrhoid was in her near future. Why did she talk herself into this, anyway? This was Connor’s fucking mess, not hers. Moneybags hacked him, not her. She squirmed uncomfortably on the head, feeling ludicrously foolish.

“Do you think I’m subversive for doing this?” she asked.

Connor winced at her plaintive expression. “I think you know the value of $1500, Ry, and the additional money to be made from this guy.”

The words failed to quell Ryann’s mortification. “Would you do this for $1500?” she asked petulantly.

Connor lowered the camera. “I’m not being asked to, Ryann. The guy wants you, not me.”

“That doesn’t answer the question!” Ryann shot back. She already knew the answer, which only made her humiliation worse. “I have to be subversive to even consider wrapping my asshole around this fucking pig!” She gave a resentful thrust backward onto the head, which only brought a grimace and a hiss of pain.

“Fuck!” She lowered her head, shook it angrily, grinding her teeth. “This is so messed up!”

Connor replaced the camera on the desk. “We should ask for more dough.”

“Ya think!” Ryann spat. The head was an inch deeper in her now, which only heightened her embarrassment and fueled her anger. Why had Moneybags chosen her? Why had she idiotically said yes? How had Moneybags zeroed in on his hapless victim, anyway?

Why did she like watching girls have sex with dogs?

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