Gittin Down

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Ozark common-law wife has to follow her man's orders or get a switchin. She especially likes how she is required to welcome visiting men and boys but doesn't let on how much, kinda like the Brer Rabbit story she heard as a child.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Reluctant   Sharing   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Cream Pie   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

Melba Belle, who preferred just “Mel”, was a ripe sixteen-year-old when she got hitched to an older man who lived down the holler. Her family’s small cabin was bustin at the seams with chillins so she had to go.

At least she got a couple of years more schoolin than some girls she knew and had fun foolin around with neighbor boys longer too. She knew firsthand thet some older men wuz good with their tallywhackers but hadn’t tried this one before they wuz wed. Heard frum her girlfriends thet it were ok but not great.

There weren’t no preacher-man in the holler so they jest moved in together. Folks knew they wuz considered married and not jest shackin up lahk sum did ter save money and git easier fukkin. Mebby when the revival came by they could get proper hitched.

Festivities wuz required to make it offishul though. A hog got butchered and put in a pit overnight and fresh shine were cooked up. Folks brought sweet taters and pies and other good vittles to the husband’s little cabin. Kids wuz runnin everywhere.

After folks got fed and likkered up it were time fer the “consoomashun”. The kids were sent off with some older chillin and folks gathered around the featherbed in the cabin. Henry Joe were already nekkid under the sheet befur they gathered. Mel come in thru the back door with nuthin on but a flower crown. Even the half of the men thet hadn’t seen them knockers and put sperm in thet lovely twitchet got hard thinkin ‘bout it.

Mel got under the sheet and smiled at all her friends and fambly. Henry moved between her uplifted knees and all could tell when he buried his bone. The onlookers cheered as his ass pumped faster and faster. He groaned and fell off to the side.

Her Maw asked, “Did yew git yers?” When Mel shook her head with an unhappy look on her face, Maw grabbed a cuzzin and tole him, “Git in there!” It only took moments before another ass was a’pumpin between them lovely legs. Thet weren’t enuf either and Mel’s younger brother who hadn’t ever had no married pussy before, went next and got the job done, lahk he’d done at home. Folks wished them well and went back outside to sip more shine.

Mel’s new husband had a ready tallywhacker agin so took another turn and apologized fer not lastin very long the first time. She were just so hot and it were the first time in her, he ‘splained. She said it worked out ok. She didn’t tell him it were her favrit way to fuck, with several hard ones in a row.

Lahk a lot of older men of thirty, Henry were pritty bossy. She’d lernt to go along if’n it didn’t matter much, makin him think he were sumpin. It were whut she seen her Maw do.

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