Rachel Reminisces

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A lusty young woman recalls her carnal history.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Orgy   Pregnancy   Water Sports   Prostitution   .

Rachel was engaged, again. A few years shy of thirty herself, she and her intended had just celebrated his sixtieth birthday with a bit of an orgy, her favorite way of recognizing special occasions. Since both of them had extensive sexual histories before meeting, why not?

Frederic had been introduced to the pleasures of Sarah, Sandy, and Sandy’s sister (read about them in “The Loving Wife” stories) while Rachel enjoyed the happy hands, lascivious lips, and rigid rods of a half-dozen friends and family. Her fiance well knew he was wedding a classy slut but he was still amazed at the outright lust she could engender and enjoy. There was more of her sexual pleasures than he could handle. The rest did NOT go to waste, as he noted with a certain degree of pride, so pleased that she had chosen him to be her primary partner.

Rachel was short, about five-two, quite curvy without being notably overweight, with blond wavy hair on top but none below. “Too hard to clean the cum out of,” she would explain with a big grin. Her breasts were firm and full with stand-up nipples which called “suck me” when aroused, a condition that was easily achieved.

She’d started young with assorted relatives competing to show her that their cock could give her the most pleasure. She quickly learned that repeated sampling was the best way to make comparisons of genital capabilities but never forgot that the rest of the body was erogenous too. An eager first entrant had to work until she was properly prepared, but once that state was reached, additional tubular pussy fillers, if available, would likely be welcomed as soon as the current one was fatigued. But they must never forget that the rest of her parts liked attention at the same time her pussy was getting it. Teamwork worked!

Although young in years, she was very skilled at reading people. Her mediocre academic performance was not from lack of intelligence but simply disinterest. Young men who captured her attention enough to get her clothes off were quickly sorted into those who were “in it” just for themselves, and those who recognized her as a woman and a person. The latter might get repeat offers for naked fun whereas the former wouldn’t.

She delighted in the physical pleasures of sex but it was also important to be rewarded with the emotional joy that good lovemaking can produce. The light on a new sex partner’s face as he discovered her body, was introduced to the pleasures of her pussy, and went over the top with his ejaculation on or in her body would create unforgettable memories for both even after their lives separated.

It was a delight to revisit some of these special memories such as the spring break trip during her brief time in college. She had accompanied three guys who had a four-person tent. It was a week of nonstop screwing with the guys even taking turns being in the backseat with her on the road to and from Florida. She loved taking on three guys at once, or separately, or in a row. One time a friend of one of these guys got in line and she wasn’t mad when she opened her eyes to see who felt different. It was still good cock. She only dated one of those guys for a while after that trip but would look back at pictures of that bawdy time fondly.

When she finally realized that college wasn’t for her, she fell in love with a young man, one of her stable of current pussy visitors. She enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of the wedding business and thought that she might like to be a mother so she stopped her birth control.

When nothing happened after many tries, and her going to great pains to be sure that her husband’s sperm was the only kind near her cervix during her fertile times, they went to a clinic. He had plenty to get the job done but she had something wrong that couldn’t be easily fixed.

She became very depressed and went off on screwing binges which drove her husband crazy and he filed for divorce.

She got a job sufficient to live on and went back to her favorite physical activity. The guys she was dating were now older and more sophisticated and had more money. Besides entertaining her better, they showed her a different level of fucking. Young guys were fine when she was in the mood for quantity, but older guys in general provided better quality. Who she wanted just depended on her mood.

An older guy finally convinced her to marry him. She had made it known up front that he would not have exclusive access to her body and he accepted that. After a while though, she realized she didn’t love him and getting her outside action was inconvenient. She also got bored with him and they decided to separate. They’d never gotten around to divorce because it had some tax advantages for her husband and he made it worth her while. He was in the area occasionally and they’d fuck for old time’s sake.

One notable event after this second marriage was meeting a guy from what we call India. They prefer the term “Desi”. Anyway, he was also older and introduced her to some exotic bedroom skills. She mastered control of her pelvic muscles and could do things to a cock embedded in her pussy that really got a guy’s attention.

After a couple of men who turned into possessive and domineering dudes, she met Sam who could get down and dirty with her and not lose respect and caring. He became a favorite and she would break fuck dates with other guys to be with him.

When she found out Tony and his pregnant wife Sandy, good friends of Sam, were coming to visit, she looked forward to meeting them. Sam told her how Sandy had clipped his horns over the past couple of years, and that was in return for what his first wife had done for Tony. They seemed like a very compatible couple and she welcomed them warmly, sending Sam off with Sandy to catch up on each other’s body while she got acquainted with Tony. He was as good a fuck as she expected and that started the weekend off quite well.

After a night of enjoyable swapping, she took them to a swimming hole on the family farm for a picnic. They heard voices as they approached. A younger female cousin, Sarah was her name, Rachel remembered, and two young male cousins, Bill and Bart, were already cavorting in the nude. The new arrivals stripped down and joined the fun.

Her reverie was interrupted by, “How is my lovely spouse-to-be? Horny, I hope?”

It was Frederic speaking as he came up behind her while she was staring out the window, kissing her on the neck and cupping her breasts from behind. It was a rhetorical question and both knew it. It had been hours since she writhed naked with a fuck-buddy and her pussy was itching for meat and cream again. She reached around behind her and grasped the stiff rod in his trousers. “Can’t do me any good all covered up like that,” she joked.

Minutes later they were on the carpet, fucking away. He had been away two days and always abstained from using his Personal Assistant for twenty-four hours before returning. He was older and knew his physical limitations. Exercise in and out of bed, self-control and ED pills kept him in the best possible shape to satisfy much of the abundant need he knew his fiance possessed. Neither had any illusions about sexual exclusivity which is why they were such a good match.

Rachel knew that Maryann, the mid-forties and married Personal Assistant, took good care of him on the frequent business trips. While strictly platonic at the office, they shared a bed when away. She and Rachel got along well and many tips about the “boss” were shared.

The betrothed couple had met in Greece while Rachel was being a “vacation whore” for two brothers at their seaside estate. Never leaving business completely aside, the hosts had several male visitors while she was there who were graciously offered the pleasures of the house. Frederic had been impressed by Rachel’s cuntal abilities while Maryanne was treated to the brothers. One of the perks of her job, she had commented to Rachel.

Frederick lifted his head from her bosom, but not without a quick stop at a nipple. “Do you remember the Asian trip?” he enquired.

“Certainly!” she replied, as a new flood of memories erupted.

“Well, it’s time to do follow-up on our last deals and negotiate continuations on two of them. Maryann can’t go so you are elected. You were requested anyway.”

It would have disappointed her if she couldn’t go. On the last trip, she was a “company whore”, expertly bedding four Asian businessmen to close some very large contracts. She still had the $100K bonus safely tucked away.

“Which ones are they?” she inquired. The names didn’t mean anything. She couldn’t pronounce them. She hoped it wasn’t the sumo-wrestler type Korean man with the big belly and tiny dick. Perhaps it was her favorite, the older, white haired Japanese gentleman who had brought her to three sequential orgasms before his long cock sprayed her insides. He was so appreciative of her big tits. She had asked to have him again and he’d been honored, gifting her with a beautiful silk kimono.

Being a “vacation whore” had been a fairly short-lived, but interesting phase of her life. Her very first one was on a yacht in Puerto Rico. Besides parading around nude in the wintertime, she liked fucking on deck under sun or stars, especially when the yacht’s captain was also doing it. Her benefactor got more pleasure out of having her as arm candy at parties and offering her to guests than with his own mediocre sexual performances. Oh, well, it was just part of the package. He was generous at the shops though and she ate very well for those ten days.

“We leave tomorrow and will be gone for four days, just so you know how to plan,” Frederic informed her.

They flew commercial, the trip being too far for his private jet. The pampering in First Class was nice, as was the quiet fucking in the private sleeping compartment. She had time to continue replaying her favorite memories from the past as Frederic prepared for the meetings and negotiations.

Where was she? Oh, yes. The swimming hole with Sam, Tony, Sandy, and her three cousins. That first time was certainly memorable. What a delightful orgy where she got laid by four guys in a row for the first time and discovered golden showers. She’d have to take Frederic there and see if they could make it five cocks in succession! His birthday was not far away so she’d make plans with Sarah and Sandy.

At the Asian destination she spent a night with one of the non-memorable Taiwanese men, making him think he was a stud, and the other with the older man she had hoped for. Frederick reported that he had been entertained by his customer’s Personal Assistant who was a small and incredibly agile woman. She took his cock in ways even he’d never seen before. Seeing the pictures he showed, Rachel wasn’t even going to try some of those things! Another nice bonus for her mad-money account.

Frederic loved the birthday party idea. He’d heard his fiance’s memories about the swim party and looked forward to reliving them. Everyone else was too. The babies/infants would go to Grandma’s for the event.

On the way to the birthday party they were sipping champagne with their lunch. Rachel queried playfully, “When we are wed am I going to have to give up my wicked ways?”

Frederic reached over and gave the nearest tit a little squeeze, “I’m writing a pre-nup that says you CAN’T! So there!” She giggled and reached for his crotch.

He got plenty of opportunity to see just how “wicked” she could be the next few days. The first night was getting reacquainted. Frederic bedded between Sandy and Sarah while Rachel gathered cock and cream from Tony and Sam. Tony and Sandy had just arrived so the next day was spent pairing up for horizontal, or not, activities. Tomorrow was the big day so that night was fairly restful to conserve energy.

Rachel and Sarah’s young male cousins would be joining them at the farm pond. Frederic had asked several times to hear the story of the first orgy there and would now get to experience it firsthand.

The group arrived at the pond in time for the picnic lunch to find the young cousins waiting, naked and with rampant rods at the ready. Eating was first on the agenda though, so the energy would be there for the afternoon’s entertainment.

Rachel hadn’t fucked the young men, or any others their age, for quite a while so they went between her legs first. The winner of the coin toss was thrusting away as Frederic got himself balls deep in Sarah. He recognized his fiance’s squeals close by as the forceful spurts of hot cum hit her cervix. He just couldn’t shoot like that anymore and paced himself to get his partner off while saving his semen for later. The second young cock produced a similar result for his fiance, and Frederick switched to pleasuring Sandy as Tony and Sam, in turn, gave Rachel what she wanted.

Finally it was his turn at “home plate”. He had difficulty getting traction in the slippery mess that was Rachel’s cunt but the erotic thoughts and her wild verbalizing finally got him to add to the semen stew. She was bawling with pleasure and with the wish she could get pregnant by any of the billion sperm freshly delivered.

The men got into the beer and went to play water Frisbee while the women visited. Sarah said she had something she wanted to discuss with Rachel. “I know you want a child and can’t get pregnant. Sam and I don’t really want another one but I’d be willing to get pregnant by Frederic and give it to you.”

Rachel broke into tears as she hugged her younger cousin. “Oh you dear sweet person. That may be the most unselfish thing anyone has ever offered me. Unfortunately, Frederic has been snipped. I would certainly accept Sam’s child you know. Let’s talk more about this after the wedding.”

When the men’s prostates were drained and much beer had been consumed, activities shifted to golden showers. Tony showed them a picture on his phone of a naked woman drinking from a beer bottle with her legs spread apart and a yellow stream issuing forth between them. “You only rent beer” was the caption. Funny! But that got them going and piss was soon flying everywhere.

As dusk approached, the happy partiers rinsed off in the pond and said goodbye to the boy cousins, promising that they would be invited to the wedding. The ride home had a tone of quiet contentment with affectionate closeness between couples.

The wedding was a month away and would be held in a rooftop garden of the Watergate building in Washington DC. Frederic’s private jet would fetch and return the folks from here and he would put them up at a nearby hotel. Sarah and the young male cousins were excited, never having visited the nation’s capital. Others hadn’t been there for a long time. Sandy and Sarah would be the bridesmaids while Frederic had a longtime friend and a business partner for his side of it.

There was one legal issue. Rachel was still technically married. Frederic’s attorney took care of that with a nice cash inducement and for the first time in years her copulations were not adultery, merely fornication.

It was mid-fall and the weather was perfect for the plans. While the wedding party rehearsed, the others explored the many sights in that great city.

The ceremony was brief and to the point. The reception for the small number of invited guests was at the hotel in the big meeting room next to the pool. As it wound down Frederic announced that all who wished could join him and his bride for skinny dipping. He’d reserved the pool and had the windows covered and a bar set up. A lifeguard would be on duty too.

About half the guests declined although there appeared to be some differences of opinion among a few couples. The shy ones who opted in got braver when less-than-perfect bodies were exposed. The lifeguard got teased enough that he took his suit off too. Seeing the nude boy-cousins got his pecker filling.

There was no overt sex but plenty of body contact as the party took advantage of the bar. Rachel figured that every male, except the lifeguard, groped her in one way or another. It finally wound down and the three main couples retired to the penthouse suite. The newlyweds consummated their union on the rooftop patio overlooking the capitol city and as soon as they finished to cheers from the spectators, the bride and groom were separated so their friends could couple with them too. They were eventually reunited for their first married night together.

The next day the newlyweds took off for two weeks in New Zealand with just enough business stuff so Frederic could write it off. The out-of-towners had three more days to sightsee in DC before the jet took them back to their everyday lives.

During the honeymoon, Rachel and Sarah were talking to their respective husbands about Sarah’s offer. Frederic agreed that it was exceedingly generous and he’d have his lawyer look at that kind of arrangement. After some thought, Sam agreed to support his wife’s benevolence.

It was arranged that Frederic and Rachel would visit the host mother during her fertile periods until conception was confirmed. She agreed that no sperm other than Sam’s would be introduced until then either. The four of them would sleep together thus making the breeding a communal affair. Frederic decided he would abstain from ejaculating in Sarah to prevent any interference.

On the second visit the seed was planted and there was great joy. Of course, there were multiple visits by the legal parents during the gestation and shortly before the expected delivery date Sarah and Sam flew to Frederic’s city house in Oregon. A healthy baby boy was delivered. Sarah stayed for a month as a wet nurse. Sam had to work so he came and went to Oregon. Sandy and Rachel kept his balls happy.

When Sarah returned home, she broached the subject of them having a child of their own. Her first one had been an accident during a time when she was screwing around a lot. Sandy and I had been having similar thoughts about a second one of our own. The irrepressible Sarah piped up with, “You know, we four are pretty close, screwing each other’s spouse so much. The guys look enough alike that no one would ever know if they fathered the other’s child. Wouldn’t that be wild?”

All agreed that it sure would be! It did become a topic of bedroom discussion though. Sandy didn’t object since she loved Sam like second husband anyway. The guys were going to have the most trouble with it. Our old possessiveness instinct.

Sandy finally said, as all four were having dinner together, “As Sarah said earlier, we are almost like a four-person marriage. Our periods are about two weeks apart so why not let nature decide who is the father? Both men can give their sperm during our fertile periods until we are knocked up. Mine is next so I’ll get my IUD out tomorrow.”

After some more discussion it was agreed and Sam would draw up an agreement in principle so no one could complain later. DNA testing would be forbidden.

In spite of enthusiasm by all parties, Sandy didn’t catch the first try but fertile Sarah did. Sandy caught up two weeks later though. Good, they would deliver close together.

Sarah called on her boy cousins when the extra-strong hornies hit while Sandy had a BIL who was kind of owed some pussy since I had impregnated his wife on request and she had insisted on some more tries “just to make sure”. Sandy tried to not be TOO good in the sack for her sister’s sake.

Rachel was ecstatic with the news and flew out with her little one to congratulate all. She had some interesting news to share. Frederic was enthralled with their little boy and had discovered a specialist in Europe who had an experimental surgical technique for Rachel’s congenital infertility. It seemed like a “might work; can’t hurt” situation. She wanted Sarah to go with her to help care for the baby. They had an appointment in a month.

The surgery was performed two days after the surgeon confirmed that Rachel had viable eggs and it was the pathway for sperm that needed to be repaired. All went well until the very end when an artery ruptured. It was nip and tuck for a while but Rachel would be OK after a longer than expected recovery.

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