Vacation Day

by Matt2670

Copyright© 2019 by Matt2670

Erotica Sex Story: Noah is frustrated, horny and gay. He misses his best friend, Jonathan, and Jonathan's father, who secretly got oral from Noah and nearly took his virginity. But they moved at the beginning of summer, and now Noah's alone. Until he calls his cousin in Chicago and gets permission to fly up. He gets more than he hoped for, including the loss of his virginity.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   mt/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Incest   Cousins   Humiliation   Spanking   Anal Sex   Analingus   Enema   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Dedicated to my favorite author, Angie E, otherwise known as Tasty Little Pop Tart.

Thursday, June 28, 2018, 4:16 pm

Every boy in school ought to sample Noah’s mouth, Noah thought. So far, only one boy had, Justin Conner’s older brother Logan, and that was not by choice. Logan forced Noah to suck his cock one day after school. It was Noah’s terrible school secret.

He’d also sucked off his twin cousins, Christian and Zachary, 3 years older than he. Also a boy where Noah worked as a stock clerk (he preferred the less politically correct term Stock Boy, himself ), his best friend Jonathan, and Jonathan’s father, also. He loved Mr. Wiley’s mature cock, but the Wiley’s had moved away the beginning of June to North Carolina. Noah was left without a cock to suck.

Noah had sucked a total of 6 individual cocks. He’d sucked all but one more than once, and in descending order, they were: his twin cousins Christian and Zachary, 6 & 4 times respectively. It occurred on a vacation visit 2 summers ago. His fellow stock clerk, Brandon, who quit at the end of the school year, had enjoyed Noah’s mouth 3 times. Jonathan he’d sucked 3 times also, likewise Mr. Wiley. That rodent Logan Spear, who’d mouth-fucked Noah his Freshman year at CWHS, had sampled Noah’s mouth only once. Miserably, he’d been the first.

“I really should suck Justin,” he mumbled at his desk Thursday afternoon. He liked Justin better than any boy at school. (Jonathan had attended St. Ralph’s Catholic school in Westport, which disqualified he, and everyone else on Noah’s such list but Logan Conner, as being schoolmates.) Befriending Justin would only invite further mouth-rapes by his rodent older brother, though. Mouth-raped once was humiliation enough for Noah.

“What about Austin? Think Austin would like my mouth?” He and Austin shared Trig, World History, and gym class, but they hadn’t forged a close friendship. Austin also had issues with gay boys, so, not a realistic proposition.

Noah was undersized for his age, and significantly undersized in the penis department. On his best day ever, he’d measured 3-7/8” long, pitiful for an incoming junior in high school. He’d never been with a girl. He’d never pursued a sexual relationship with a boy. He only offered his mouth.

“That’s gotta stop,” he muttered. “You can’t keep sucking guys without it blowing back on you, Noah.”

Like it mattered if other guys knew what he was. Everyone suspected it anyway. He’d discovered his name scrawled on a partition in a lavatory stall at school. The scrawler placed a question mark after his name, along with a misshapen cock and pair of huge balls. That pretty much said it all for a boy in high school. He hadn’t bothered scratching out his name, the genitalia, or the following question mark.

He’d never had anal sex. He’d experimented a few times with phallic objects from around the house, but he’d never discovered anything he liked having up his behind. Until 2 Saturday’s ago, when he’d discovered a pair of dildos stuffed in his backpack.

He had no idea how long the dildos sat in his bedroom; since the last day of school, he imagined. He also had no idea who the merciless prankster was. Thank God he’d discovered the dildos and not his mom. She’d been scant feet away when he unzipped the bag and extracted his books to store them away. His heart locked for an instant, before executing a violent leap in his chest. Simply reacting, he’d swept the backpack off his desk, letting it drop out of sight behind the trash can. Unless mom was the prankster, she never saw the dildos.

He shifted uncomfortably on the black polypropylene base. The smaller of the two dildos resided up his behind, 6” of exquisitely pliable shaft. He sat at his desk, nominally reviewing for advanced trig in the fall. He wore a t-shirt and anklets, with his underwear pooled around one ankle. His jeans lay on the bed; his sneakers sat in the foyer beside the front door. He looked out the window, without really seeing anything.

He liked a cock up his ass. The black phallus had the advantage of being his desired size, and it was black. He’d always wanted a black cock. Having a perfect likeness up his behind scored a close second to sucking on one, he guessed. However, even a perfect cock got uncomfortable when you sat on it long enough.

The second dildo—he glanced at it now—stood upright at the edge of his nightstand. The shaft measured 7-1/4” long, and 1-1/4” thick at the head and the base. He couldn’t sit on that fellow with just simple discomfort; it made him gasp and go bug-eyed. He loved sitting on it though.

He’d come within moments of having anal sex with Jonathan’s father. Mr. Wiley put him doggie on his leather couch, worked his jeans and underwear down to his knees, and had Noah spread his cheeks so Mr. Wiley could lube his virgin anus with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Mr. Wiley had the tub of lube in his hand when the front door unexpectedly opened. Mrs. Wiley coming home with the kids. A frantic change of plans ensued.

Noah hung out for 3 hours in Mr. Wiley’s home office before making his escape. He was crushed. He’d so badly wanted Mr. Wiley’s big cock up his ass. He’d even insisted on taking Mr. Wiley bareback, though Mr. Wiley told him what a stupid idea that was. He had nothing to worry about in that respect, though. The only backside Mr. Wiley’s cock had ever enjoyed before was Mrs. Wiley’s. The defective thinking of a 16-year-old.

Noah rose on the shaft until the head played chicken with his anus, and then eased back down on it again. He allowed the cock to fuck only him every minute or so, wanting the experience to remain as fresh and exciting as possible. Arousal kept him wonderfully hard. He enjoyed the inflammation the cock invariably caused when he fucked it too long. His bladder, the depth of his adolescent rectum, his stretched anus raw and aching. A boy’s anus and rectum ought to be abused, he thought. Filled with gushing hot sperm from every boy in school. Every one but Logan Conner.

“I really want Mr. Wiley to cum inside me,” he murmured. “Jonathan too, and Christian and Zac. Brandon also, and Justin, if his cock-sucking brother never found out.”

He arose and then returned to the thick black base. He rose and lowered 5 additional times, his self-control leaching away, phallically-eroded, he thought, bemused. His breathing and heart rate testified to that. He wanted to suck his own cock. Ludicrous to consider, but what a relief that would be.

Logan Conner forcibly ejaculated into Noah’s mouth, and made him swallow. Logan admitted—boasted about it really, laughing afterwards—that he’d committed aggravated rape. He forced Noah to open his mouth and prove how much cum Logan had pumped into his mouth, and then watched Noah swallow. Every single drop. Then he post-fucked Noah’s mouth, until finally losing his erection. It was a horrifying introduction to oral sex.

The rape influenced everything that occurred later. He’d never have considered sucking Christian and Zac if Logan hadn’t raped his mouth. The twins were Logan’s age and had no qualms showing off their 17-year-old cocks to a younger cousin. They didn’t care that he was embarrassing small. It befit a boy of such slender physique to have a small cock, they said. His second day at the house 2 years ago during summer vacation, Noah discovered he enjoyed seeing the brothers naked, and enjoyed being naked in their presence. What especially intrigued him were their huge cocks.

“Hey, Noah... ?” This was after lights out and the parents had gone to bed. They’d talked sex stuff and sports until 20 minutes ago. Noah lay on his blow-up bed, contemplating Logan Conner, and the 2nd time he’d raped his mouth. Threatened to, anyway.

“What?” he asked sleepily. A light turned on. Christian gazed at him from his bed, propped on a elbow. Last night he’d slept in Zac’s bedroom.

“Go lock the door, dude. I want to talk.”

Curious, but not concerned, Noah arose and padded across to the door. He pushed in the thumb lock. “What’s the state secret?” he asked. It shocked him when Christian flung back the covers and showed Noah his enormous erection. It stuck through the flap in Christian’s pajama bottoms. He wore no pajama top.

Noah’s mouth fell open. He choked out Christian’s name, and then backed comically against the door with a thud. Christian laughed.

“You didn’t expect that, I guess.” He covered up, but sat. “I wanna see what you look like naked again. Take off your pajamas, dude.”

Noah fiercely shook his head, mortified, humiliated and cowed. He never wanted anyone to see his naked body, ever again.

“Don’t be embarrassed by your body, Noah.”

“I’m not!” Noah lied heatedly. What if Christian wanted him to suck his cock? He wanted to, yeah, but...

And what made Christian suddenly interested in boys? He and Zac were crazy popular at school. Christian went through girls like he went through toilet paper. Why would he want to see Noah naked?

“You uptight asshole. I like your small cock!. You’re a small kid!” He swept back the covers again. “Come over and pull down my pajama bottoms. You don’t have to touch me if you don’t want to.” He crooked his finger coaxingly. “Come on, dude. Take off mine, and I’ll take off yours.”

Mortified, Noah moved numbly across to Christian’s bed, and stood indecisively.

“Pull ‘em down. Embarrassing yourself always makes it easier to face embarrassment. And if it helps, I always thought you had a cute little body. I like seeing you naked.” He chuckled wryly. “You didn’t used to care that I saw your cock.” He laid out on the mattress to make it easier for Noah to remove his pajama bottoms.

Furiously red, Noah cleared his throat and shook his head. Hopelessly cowed, hating himself for wanting to see Christian completely naked, he bent and grasped Christian’s pajama bottoms’ waistband and worked them down over his hips. He wanted Christian’s cock in his mouth, and wanted to suck his equally big balls. He’d wanted Christian to come in his mouth.

“Atta boy!” Christian laughed. “If you could see your face right now, you’d die.” He patted his right thigh. “My penis wants you. See how hard it is for you, Noah?”

Christian wasn’t lying. His cock was ferociously erect, stabbing the air like a flesh-torpedo. Noah watched hypnotized as it throbbed intimidatingly along with Christian’s thudding heartbeats. It wanted Noah’s mouth as badly as Noah wanted it in there.

“I don’t want it,” he lied. Compounding this lie, he unbuttoned his pajama top with spasming muscles, dropped it on the floor and then pushed down his pajama bottoms and underwear. He stepped free, and booted them away. Christian indicated for him to turn sideways to present his aching erection in profile, then turn to face away. He trembled violently as Christian admired his slender, girlish backside. He wasn’t obsessed with anal sex yet; that would come later. He knew he’d let Christian fuck his backside, regardless.

“Turn back,” Christian ordered. “Let me see your cute little erection.” He laughed delightedly. “Come here.” He beckoned when Noah didn’t move. “I won’t bite you, Noah. Come on.”

Noah haltingly approached the bed as Christian sat up. He stood submissively with his hands behind his back. He couldn’t control his shaking.

“If I invited you to sit in my lap, would you?”

Noah nodded disjointedly.

“You know what I mean by sitting in my lap... ?” Christian queried.

Noah nodded again.

“Think you’d enjoy sitting on my lap, Mr. 9th grader?”

“I don’t know,” he answered truthfully.

Christian was so big. His erection had to be 7” long. At least the head was small. It wouldn’t hurt so much penetrating his asshole. He imagined it in his rectum, filling it completely and then fucking it.

Was his rectum 7” long? He didn’t know. Would it stretch to take Christian completely inside him? He guessed he was definitely gay when he realized he hoped it would. He wanted Christian to fuck him and he wanted to experience Christian’s erection in his mouth. He wanted to ride that beautiful cock facing Christian with his hands on his shoulders, and Christian’s hands around his waist, and Christian’s balls waiting anxiously to flood his rectum with sperm. He shivered violently.

“Kneel down right here,” Christian instructed. Noah did so breathlessly, and had Christian’s head in his mouth a moment later.

Noah blinked rapidly. He sat at his desk half naked with a cock up his ass. He’d regressed 2 years to his first night with Christian in his bedroom. He felt Christian’s cock in his mouth, felt the heat of his body and the intense sexual charge filling the air. He’d let Christian guide his mouth to his cock-head and he’d gobbled it eagerly, wantonly, if you wanted to know. He’d never experienced such a ferocious sexual overload since then.

He lived for Christian’s cock and wanted it up his rear end. It didn’t happen 2 summers ago, but he’d swallowed Christian four times that night, sleeping naked with him between desperate blowjobs. He wanted nothing but to suck Christian’s cock.

“Fuck,” he croaked. His hard-on ached furiously. Rising quickly off the dildo, he eased back down, and then rode it how he wanted to in Christian’s lap that night. He stopped, staring at his cell phone. “Fuck,” he muttered. “No way.”

A minute later, he had Christian on the line.

Stepping through into the gate area, he rushed to the concourse and strode purposefully along the polished marble floor toward the terminal, following signs for luggage claim and ground transportation. As promised, Christian pulled to the curb 2 minutes after Noah arrived outside. Tossing his overnight in the backseat, he climbed in alongside his cousin. “Jesus!” he exploded, laughing.

Grinning, Christian grabbed him in a bear hug and slapped his back with both hands.

“I still don’t believe you called me!” He dropped the shifter into Drive and pulled away from the curb. “You have a good flight?”

“The best!” Noah gushed, buckling up. “How about you?”

Christian laughed at his adolescent exuberance. “My flight had naked stewardesses and optional lap-dances. Here, check this out—” He grabbed Noah’s hand and jammed it on his crotch. Noah turned furiously red as his cousin continued: “My favorite was this cute little 16-year-old with an inferiority complex about her body, and the cutest orthodontures in the world. Hey ... you got rid of your braces?”

Noah remained furiously red. Mortified, he slid his hand out from beneath Christian’s, and adjusted his seatbelt and clothing. Christian hadn’t changed at all, except to get more good looking. Blonde and blue-eyed with shaggy hair, he was the perfect likeness of a 1970’s surfer boy.

“How’s school?” he croaked.

Christian laughed. He wouldn’t dream of apologizing for his outrageous prank. “It sucked, and it’ll suck some more when I go back.” He and Zac went to different universities: Christian to his Dad’s alma mater, Northwestern, and Zac had been accepted at Stanford, his mom’s alma mater. Noah’s mom and dad has both attended State.

“Miss Zac?” he asked.

“I missed you,” Christian said, embarrassing him again. “I’ll missed the adorable braces, I can tell you that. They made you look so patently Twink, Noah.”

Noah flushed bright red again. He already regretted his decision to call Christian and invite himself to Chicago for a week. Did Christian intend to keep him flushed and off balance the entire time? Christian glanced over.

“Do you have a boyfriend, yet?”

Cowed, Noah shook his head.

“You still suck cock? Please tell me you still suck cock, Noah.”

Noah was brick red. Why had he picked up his fucking IPhone?

“I don’t do that anymore,” he lied.

Christian snorted. “I have one question: do you want your own bed while you’re here, or are you sleeping with me?”

Noah slipped out of bed to go pee. Christian’s bedside alarm read 4:46 am. He padded out of Christian’s bedroom into the bathroom across the hall and closed the door. He was naked. He didn’t want to turn on the light and see the hickey that Christian had put on his left shoulder. He still didn’t believe that he had 69’d with his virile cousin, and that Christian took such pleasure from sucking his pitiful little erection and minuscule balls. He was sore from all the fondling and mayhem Christian had delivered on them. The boy was gleefully sadistic. “Damn,” Noah moaned, squatting to finger them gingerly. Who knew that he’d like having his testicles tortured?

His bottom leaked. Christian had announced in the car that he’d be on his lap tonight to perform the most intimate of lap-dances. He was glad now that his deflowering hadn’t occurred with Jonathan’s father on the couch. He adored Christian’s thick shaft up his virginal bottom. He’d told Christian about his pair of nefarious dildos; Christian laughed uproariously, especially learning that Noah preferred the smaller black one over the big white shaft. Noah had faced him on his lap, arms loosely around his cousin’s neck. He was perfectly happy to sit on Christian’s tall 7” cock, and confess all his misdeeds and misgivings. He’d been so glad when Christian kissed him the first time, and taught him to French kiss. He seriously loved Christian and his tongue.

“I missed you so bad,” he’d whispered. “Are you sure you’re not upset at me?”

“Those aren’t real cocks, Noah. Dildos don’t count. Now, if Jonathan’s father had taken your virginity, that’s a different matter. I’d put you over my knee bare-bottomed for that and paddle you bright red.”

It appalled Noah that a tease about being spanked naked over his cousin’s knee aroused him so badly. It was possible he’d exceeded 4” in length. His erection ached with arousal; his testicles drew up tight as a 2-year old’s in his scrotum. He’d squirmed on Christian’s erection, utterly mortified.

“I didn’t call you in the hopes of sucking your cock,” he lied.

“You hoped I’d do this to you,” Christian said, easing him up the shaft and lowering him, slowly. “And hopefully this.” He kissed the 16-year-old with passionate fury. “And fuck you doggie in the most humiliatingly submissive position possible,” which he did, flooding Noah’s rectum with sperm.

He leaked Christian’s seed into the toilet now. How a human could ejaculate so much fluid, Noah didn’t know.

He urinated, and waited patiently for the remainder of Christian’s sperm to evacuate his bowels. He was so sore. The discomfort he experienced with two dildos was insignificant compared to a thrusting, probing cock in your behind, distressing your anus, traumatizing your rectum, battering the delicate surrounding organs. His traumatized prostate barely allowed him to pee. His bladder felt sledgehammered. Things inside him ached that he couldn’t even identify. Christian had caught up on two years of privation with furious intensity; he wanted everything with Noah, all at once.

“Jesus,” Noah muttered. “I never want to go home.” He never wanted to leave Christian’s bed. Or his embrace. He never wanted to go without Christian’s magnificent cock.

He wiped, grimacing, and examined his erupted anus with his fingertips. It was raw and distended, so not what a boy’s recently virgin anus should feel like. His rectum felt fucked by a corncob coated with 80 grit industrial abrasive. Christian had fucked him so hard and so long and so manic-determinedly; he’d been spot-on concerning Noah’s utter submission to cock. He felt completely humiliated by his relentlessly testosteronic fucking last night. Noah knew what girls felt like after an anal gang-rape by bikers.

“I never want to leave,” he whispered. “But I never want to be fucked like that, again, either.”

Christian recorded the obscenity/outrage/indignity/humiliation with his Sony video camera, also having Noah record himself being outraged with his cell phone from up front, while a smaller, older video camera recorded them from the side. His obscene corn-holing lasted over 40 minutes; he got to watch the horror continuous from beginning to end on Christian’s 27” iMac Pro later. Christian displayed the 3 views side by side, time-synced.

“Oh, my God,” Noah had moaned, cringing into a ball and wanting to die. He’d never seen anything approaching his corn-holing on the Internet. They counted together, and Christian had boned him 2414 times over the horrible 42 minutes. Noah couldn’t suffer the enormous humiliation if anyone ever saw what Christian had done to him. 2414 times, in and out of his little boy’s virgin asshole.

“You’re no 9th-grader anymore, Conrholius,” Christian reminded him. “The age of consent is 17 in Illinois.”

Noah turned to him in consternation. “I’m 16, not 17, Christian. I won’t be 17 for another 3 months!”

“Then I raped you tonight,” Christian said with pure delight. “What I did to you 2 years ago was rape, too.”

Noah continued to stare at him in consternation. “I won’t get pregnant, will I?”

Braying laughter, Christian dragged him back to bed and put him on his knees again for a second ass-fucking, this time without cameras. Noah had no idea how many more times his anus and rectum got boned by Christian’s 7” long cock; he suspected over a 1000 times.

Christian was much easier on him this 2nd time, letting Noah actually enjoy the fucking. His position was no less utterly submissive, however; if anything, more so, as he endeavored to make this 2nd fucking more enjoyable than the first. The frustrating part was that Christian boned him harder, deeper, slower, and more determinedly than before. Most of his deep-rooted discomfort came from this second, leisurely boning by Christian’s cock...

“I hope you plan to give it a rest tonight,” he muttered. “I don’t think my bottom can take a boning like that 2 nights in a row.” He thought about his rectum getting boned 3400 times by Christian’s thick bone, and marveled at the concept. He was most decidedly a queer young boy. Hello Kitty, training bra and panties queer. Pink pajamas queer. Queer as a cock-sucking mouth.

He started to rise, only to have another dribble of sperm escape his bottom. He’d been cum in twice, the second time nearly as monumental as the first, and it felt he’d expelled a quart of sperm from his backside. Fucking surfer-boy freak. Fucking elephant-balled bugger-artist.

It gave him perverse joy being only 16 years old. It aroused him knowing that he technically couldn’t give consent, that he’d been thoroughly and illegally gored tonight by his energetic, surfer boy rapist. Simply thinking the term ‘rapist’ triggered a responding testosterone rush. He didn’t equate his experience with Christian (for that matter, the others he’d opened his mouth for), to that of being truly raped by Logan Conner. He was entitled to his rape fantasies, though.

“You gonna let me off this stool tonight?” he complained. “I’d like to go back to bed, toilet.”

The ‘rape’ started right at the front door. (Earlier, at the airport, if you include the hand forced onto Christian’s bulging crotch, pulling away from Arrivals.) Noah started as Christian grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. “What... ?” he blurted as Christian batted the backpack off his right shoulder and knocked the suitcase loose from his hand. “What... ?” he repeated. He’d never considered that Christian might want him immediately. He unceremoniously forced Noah to his knees on the foyer floor.

“You can say no if you want to, I absolutely respect your right to say no and tell me to get fucked, but I desperately want my cock in your mouth, Noah.”

“Christian... ?” he complained, though he didn’t say no.

“You have no fucking idea how much I missed you the last 2 years. I never would’ve suspected I could fall for a fucking 14-year-old boy, but I did. After what happened, I never expected to see you again.” He laughed breathlessly. “I sure as hell never expected you to call and ask to fly out and stay with me a week! Jesus Christ! I just couldn’t believe it!”

Noah felt flabbergasted. “You missed me? Really?” To his colossal amazement, Christian bent down and kissed him on the lips. He’d never done that before. “Shit!” he exclaimed.

Christian laughed when he impulsively stretched up to be kissed again.

“You want to have sex?” Christian asked. “Just to clarify things for me.”

Noah nodded disjointedly. He thought his head would explode.

“Tell me you missed me as much as I missed you!”

“Please?” Noah choked, nodding again. “I want you! I missed you so fucking much!”

Surprising them both, he darted forward and kissed the front of Christian’s shorts. Covering the bulge with his hand, he pleaded: “Let me have this, please? I’ve thought of almost nothing else for the last two years!”

10 seconds later, he enveloped the beautiful head of Christian’s cock with his lips.

He was still not emptied of Christian’s sperm. Aggravated, he tried to expel the remainder, like he would an enema, or diarrhea. He’d not had an enema in 10 years before tonight; he’d hoped fervently never to have one again. Little did he suspect that Christian would administer 2 of the humiliating fuckers, before his marathon ass-fucking began, earlier.

“Come on, come on,” he muttered. “Get this over with.

On Christian’s lap the first time tonight, settled nicely on his long, thick erection, he’d asked in embarrassment if Christian had ever done it to another boy’s bottom. Christian was truly shocked.

“Are you kidding me? No!” he exclaimed, incensed. “I’m no queer! I don’t consider you a queer, either, Noah. You have to be a boy to be queer!”

Noah was shocked in return. It was the first time Christian had intimated how he felt about Noah’s sexuality.

“But I am queer! You’ve got a boy sitting on your damned lap right now, Christian! With your cock up my ass!”

“Technically, that’s true,” Christian agreed. “But Noah ... you are more girl than you ever were a boy.” He looked at his young cousin in exasperation. “Why do you think you like this so much?” He raised and lowered the 16-year-old on his shaft. “This is not how a boy wants to be boned. Boys don’t want to be boned, at all. They want to be girls, being boned.”

Noah rolled his eyes in exasperation. He’d never heard such nonsense. He was perfectly happy being a boy. Perfectly happy to love cock. Immensely satisfied to be an 11th-grader sitting on his cousin’s huge cock.

Being female would be nice, admittedly ... but boys enjoyed cock just as much as girls, he thought. Question was, should a boy enjoy the intense intimacy he felt sitting in his cousin’s lap, arms around his neck, being taught to French kiss in tandem with learning to fuck? Maybe Christian had a point.

“Say I was an a gender-trapped girl? Would you want to me to transition for you? Become a real girl?” He laughed. “As close to being a girl as medicine and surgery could make me? Would that be preferable to what I am now?”

Christian looked conflicted. “I have to admit I like you as you are.”

“A gender-confused boy with a mouth and rear end designed for cock?”

“My cock,” Christian clarified curtly.

Hearing those words convinced Noah that he wanted no penis beside’s Christian’s ever up him again, in his behind, or in his mouth. 16 years old, or not, he was head over heals in love with his cousin.

“We can agree to remain boy and faux-girl for the duration of my stay, though? No complications?”

Christian bit his lower lip. “I don’t want you to go.”

“I just got here 8 hours ago. You’ve had me naked for, um...” He grinned sheepishly. “OK, 7-1/2 hours out of the 8 hours, but we have a whole week to enjoy ourselves, Christian.”

“With my cock up your ass,” Christian clarified.

“Or in my mouth, yeah. Point is, my sexuality and your preferences don’t need to be addressed. We only need to enjoy ourselves this week.”

Christian laughed. “I can live with that.” He laughed again. “I wish we had done it back then, but I’m glad we didn’t. You needed to be older for this. You understand what I mean by that, right?”

Noah placed his forehead against Christian’s. “I wouldn’t have felt this...” He sought out Christian’s mouth to be kissed. “I wouldn’t understand what my arms around you neck meant, or your arms around my waist like this. 2 years ago, it would just be sex with my older cousin. I wasn’t in love with you. I didn’t know how to love you, or to make love to you.” He laughed, giddily, feeling childish. “Jesus, will you listen to me? I sound like such a fucking moron.”

He kissed Christian again, offering his tongue and giving it eagerly. “I want to be fucked,” he whispered. “Get me on my hands and knees and give me the hardest fucking ever given. Give it to me now, Christian!”

Christian did exactly that, for exactly 42 minutes.

Christian’s sperm wasn’t done with him yet. It had given him diarrhea, though how, after being administered back-to-back enemas at 11 pm, Noah didn’t know.

Instead of being put on his hands and knees to be doggie-fucked the very hardest ever, Christian lead him into the bathroom by his 4” long erection, Noah stumbling behind, giggling girlishly and blushing.

“We’re doing it here?” he asked in confusion.

“We’re doing something here. You’ll be on your hands and knees for it, too.”

Noah gazed at him, perplexed.

Christian pointed at the storage closet.

“What’s in there?” Noah questioned. He still had no inkling what Christian had planned for him. Sliding open the upper door, he glanced item to item, looking for whatever Christian had brought him to find. He reached for a green, black and white box, branded with the name Flents. It took a moment to understand.

“What--!” He snatched his hand away. “You don’t mean--?”

Bug-eyed and breathless, he backed against the tub enclosure and shot looks from Christian to the box and back again. “You’re kidding me?” he choked in horror. “An enema kit? I don’t need an enema, dammit!”

Christian exploded in laughter. “I bought it yesterday at Walgreens. The instant you called, I had an intense mental vision of you on my bed with your tail in the air, holding your butt cheeks apart while I mercilessly fucked your virgin asshole. I knew the only thing that would embarrass you more was to make you take an enema first. I want you thoroughly fucking mortified, Noah!.”

“That would do it!” Noah choked. “This is so humiliating!”

Removing the box as Noah stared apprehensively from the wall, Christian emptied the contents onto the wide sink. Noah grimaced at the sight of the 6” long douche nozzle, though he was mistaken in its intended use. He wasn’t aware of the kit’s dual-purpose application. Trembling, he watched Christian assemble the long white nozzle to the long white tube, tube to red poly bag, and the bag to a white plastic hanger. It hung from the shower curtain, he surmised. He glanced at the bathroom door, wondering. His bantam erection had disappeared.

Christian handed over the assembly. Wincing, Noah held it between thumb and forefinger. Did Christian remember that he already had an erection up his behind tonight?

“What do I fill it with? Warm water?”

“Look at the instructions,” Christian advised.

Scowling, he read carefully though the list and blurted: “8 cups of water! 2 fucking quarts?” He stared bug-eyed at the red polypropylene bag. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Laughing, Christian directed him to the kitchen in search of liquid dishwashing soap, mineral oil, and salt. Mixed in a large bowl, he poured the prepared solution into the red poly bag, filling it completely. “God,” he muttered uneasily. “This is so humiliating.”

His job entailed dropping to his hands and knees with his rear end facing the tub. Christian handled the enema. He retrieved a soft bath towel from the hall closet first, for Noah to repose on.

“Here,” he said, planting a hand between Noah’s shoulder blades. “All the way down, young-un. Chest to the floor, hands holding your butt-cheeks apart. Like that, yeah,” he commended as Noah flushed bright red with embarrassment. He’d no idea how much time he’d spend tonight holding his cheeks apart while Christian boned his ass.

Christian hung the bag on the shower curtain rod and checked the flow valve. He repositioned Noah carefully, arranging his bottom just so, spreading his knees perfectly apart, achieving the perfect arch in his back. He’d never seen a boy’s anus before, perfectly aligned for penetration, or not. He took pictures of Noah from every angle with his cell phone. Noah only blushed harder.

“I’ll film you getting your enemas, too, so you can watch with me later.”

“Thanks,” Noah grumbled, blushing even harder.

Christian paused, nozzle in hand. His other held the tube of lubricant meant to usher the nozzle through Noah’s cute little sphincter (already presenting signs of distress from riding the horsey for an hour in Christian’s lap), and into his almost-innocent, adolescent rectum. A third hand, properly sheathed in a thin polypropylene glove from the box, a middle finger held ready to insert lubricant ahead of the nozzle would be nice, but that’s another story. Chagrined, Noah quietly muttered invective.

“This is the sexiest thing I’ll do to you tonight,” Christian said, grinning. “Do you understand how submissive you are, holding your bottom apart for the nozzle? I’ve never given an enema before, but this has my cock hard as forged steel. Look at it, will you?”

Noah eyed the beloved length of sculpted flesh. He wanted to suck it, but Christian had left it unwashed out of his rectum. That consideration might not stop him later if Christian wanted him to perform A2M like a true submissive, but embarrassment stopped him for now. It only compounded his embarrassment when thinking of giving Christian A2M hardened his shaft like tooled steel. He was ready for Christian to mount him now. But he suddenly also wanted to experience the enemas.

“I’ll leave it up to you if you want to have this, or not,” Christian waffled.

Oh, great. Leave the humiliating decision to me, he thought. There was no decision, however ... he wanted the enema more than anything. He wanted his intestines flooded with hot soapy water. He wanted the mineral oil, and dishwashing liquid and salt to work their magic on him. He wanted the humiliation of having his insides cramp violently and having to scramble for the toilet to evacuate himself. Christian was right: getting an enema while compliantly holding his cheeks apart was the ultimate in submissive behavior.

“I want 2 enemas,” he said softly. “And I want you to humiliate me while I get them.”

The nozzle slid effortlessly into his bottom. It felt unlike anything he’d ever put up himself before. Hard and cool and menacing. Also sublimely erotic, a control mechanism, rendering him completely, blithely impotent. He giggled as Christian opened the nozzle and let his insides flood with water.

“This is so effing humiliating,” he moaned. He’d received the entire 2 quarts, and felt completely inundated. His finger of humiliatingly rigid flesh pointing straight at the floor didn’t help the situation. Christian (and the camera) could plainly see how incredibly aroused he was. His penis and testicles ached from testosterone overload. “This is so humiliating,” he repeated.

His bulging belly growled threateningly. Christian bent down and placed his hand on the obscene bulge above his groin, patted it lovingly and rubbed it, making his humiliation complete. He looked and felt 6 months pregnant.

“It’s a lot of water in me,” he complained anxiously.

Christian laughed as his intestines complained louder, making Noah squirm in pain. He looked like a 3rd grader having to go pee. The nozzle inserted up his behind did nothing for his self-esteem. He knew Christian kept it in him for the embarrassment factor.

“I have to hold it until the last possible moment?” “Until the last possible moment. You don’t move until it pushes the nozzle out of your asshole.”

Noah whined, “It’s about to do that right now! This is fucking torture, Christian!”

Following his torturous, slow-fuck ass-balling, Noel laid exhausted and panting on the bed with his deflated penis a mere ½” long. He’d ejaculated twice during Christian’s incredibly relentless boning, his bottom suffering a terminal meltdown. The humiliating issue was that he’d auto-ejaculated both times, never even touching himself. His horrendous arousal from being so thoroughly boned triggered an orgasm both times. It had occurred twice during his earlier ass-fucking, too. Before tonight, he didn’t think it possible to auto-ejaculate. That’s what Christian—or more rightly, Christian’s torturous erection—did to him.

Christian was still semi-erect. He’d ejaculated a gallon of sperm into Noah’s abraded backside tonight. He couldn’t possibly ejaculate again before sundown tonight, he thought. Still, he coaxed Noah into a sitting position, and then off the side of the bed and onto the floor between his thighs. Exhausted, Noah laughed appreciatively.

“I actually thought about doing this tonight. You want me to give you A2M, right?” Not awaiting an answer, he leaned forward and kissed Christian’s semi-erect cock.

“I want you to, but like always, it’s up to you, Noah.”

Noah grinned at him wryly. “Put it off on me again, sure. You know I want to do this like I wanted to do everything else you did to me tonight. Even the 2 enemas,” he said, making a face. “Since it’s my bottom, and my bacteria inside, it probably can’t hurt me, right?”

“That’s what they say,” Christian agreed. He sighed as Noah put the head in his mouth and started to suck.

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