Celebrity Slumber Party

by Neolime

Copyright© 2019 by Neolime

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Kim possible spends a day at home.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Lesbian   Fan Fiction   Masturbation   .

Commissioned by bwm1013

Disclaimer: The world and characters in this story are taken from the TV show: “Kim Possible” and are the trademark property of Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle and Disney Television Animation. I do not have any claim of ownership over the world of “Kim Possible” or its characters, including Kim Possible and Britina. This is a work of fiction and in no way is this work canon. This story was created to entertain and is in no way an official story line. I wish to thank Mr. Schooley and Mr. McCorkle, without their pioneering work, this story would not exist.

Kim opened her eyes and sat up in her bed, light filled the room around her. She gave a long yawn and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, ahead of her was another day of nothingness. Somehow, someone thought it was a great idea to cherry-bomb the school toilets. At first, Kim agreed with how great of an idea it was, but a week alone in the possible house was enough to change her mind. Kim got out of bed, straightened her pajamas and walked over to the calendar in the hallway, she took a marker and crossed of Sunday. “Good morning Monday, hope you’ll be more interesting...” and with that, she made her way to the kitchen.

“I have no idea who cherry-bombed the school but for the life of me, they couldn’t have picked a worst time to do it...” Kim said to herself as memories of her family filled the silence that lingered in the house. “Only 6 more days until everyone comes back from the Rocket Science Convention.” She counted the days on her fingers in despair.

As she prepared breakfast, an idea popped to Kim’s head, “I know, I’ll find out who used the cherry bomb!”

She looked around and found her Kimmunicator, it was on the counter where she left it last night. She switched it on and called Wade. It was a long wait but finally, he picked up. “Kim, can’t talk!” He whispered.

For a moment, Kim thought Wade was under attack, “Wade, is everything okay?”

“I’m ... I’m grounded ... my mom can’t see me talking to you.” Wade whispered before finishing the call.

“No big deal,” Kim said to herself, “I can do this with Ron.” She made the call, Ron answered quickly.

“KP?” He shouted into the phone, there was no picture on the screen.

“Ron, I need you to help me on a mission,”

“Oh,” he sounded a little troubled, “Sorry KP, no can do ... I’m with Felix here, don’t you remember? We offered you come camping with us.”

“Well...” Kim had to admit her boredom was not so important as to stress Ron and Felix, “You two have fun.” Kim gave a fake smile and hung up.

“This is weird, am I the only one who has free time in the world?” Kim felt frustrated, it was then that Monique popped to her mind and she made the call, “This will work for sure.”

“So Kim, how is your week of going?” Monique’s voice filled the empty room.

“Oh, great ... I think ... Want to come over Monique? We can go shopping or just for a walk,” Kim tried desperately, “Please...” She finished with a big smile.

“Sounds like it’s not so great, lonely?” Monique wondered, “Better try Ron.”

“He’s camping with Felix ... I can’t go there.”

“Got that right Kim. What about Wade?” she wondered.

“Grounded...” Kim’s voice was truly depressed.

“Well that’s strange, so is Tara.”

“So, will you come, Monique?” Kim almost begged.

“I can’t, working double shifts at Club Banana, sorry Kim. Maybe try Bonnie?” Monique tried the unlikeliest of options.

“I would rather go on a date with Shego...” Kim retorted with anger.

“Well, enjoy your date with Shego Kim, I have to get back to work.” And with that Monique ended the call.

Kim wandered around the house, still in her pajamas. How did she end up alone? What can she do now, she felt like crying ... She walked to the living room and looked at the photos of her family. “Please come back...” She whispered.

Kim was at the end of her rope, fresh out of ideas when her mind made the connection, “I can call her, I can call mom!” Kim rushed to her room and picked up her kimmunicator, calling Ann Possible.

“Hi dear, how is your day going?” Ann’s voice sounded.

“Amm ... Okay, I guess...” Kim sounded as depressed as she was, “I feel so lonely mom.”

“Oh, Kimmy, what about meeting friends, they always cheer you up.” She offered.

“I tried, but no one is available, I don’t know what to do ... Ron is camping, Monique is working, seems everyone has something to do but me...”

“Oh, honey, don’t give up like that, we are the Possibles, you can’t give up.” Ann tried to cheer her daughter, “What about Britina? Maybe you should try inviting her over?”

“I don’t believe she’ll have the time mom, she’s a superstar you know...” Kim said as she feared another refusal.

“What have you got to lose dear? The way things stand right now, you will spend the day alone, might as well give it a go...”

“You’re right mom,” Kim accepted the truth her mother expressed, “I’ll call her, thank you.”

“Try and enjoy your time Kim we’ll be back in six days.” Ann ended the call.

While Kim decided she was going to talk with Britina, she also realized that there was no chance she is going to do it in her pajamas. She looked at her wardrobe and decided to wear something simple, a blue t-shirt and black jeans will get the job done.

Kim opened the Kimmunicator and made the call, Britina appears on the screen.

“Hi Kim, how are you and your friend?” she asked, “do you need a ride to a mission?”

“Hi Britina, I’m fine, and so is Ron. As much as I would love that I don’t really need a ride, thank you.” Kim answered politely, “Listen Britina ... I know you’re busy, I really don’t want to bother you...”

“What is it, Kim? I owe you so much with everything you did for me. Tell me, how can I help you?” She pressed.

“Well, I was wondering ... Would you be interested in coming over to visit me?” Kim offered and felt it important to add, “but no pressure, only if you have time, plea-”

“Kim Possible,” Britina interrupted her, “there’s no need to go so far, I would love coming over to meet you.”

“Ohh ... I see,” Kim said in a depressed voice, “but you’re busy, I understand.”

“No Kim, no buts, I would really love coming over.” Britina said with a smile.

“You’ll come? Oh my god!” Kim felt a jolt of joy rushing through her body “When?”

“I think I’ll be over at 3:00 tomorrow.” she paused for a moment, “Kim ... would it be okay to bring two friends of mine?”

“Yea, sure,” Kim agreed, she was so happy not to be alone any more that she didn’t even care to ask who Britina’s friends are.

“Great,” Britina concluded, “see you tomorrow.”

Kim closed the Kimmunicator and screamed with joy. The thought of having Britina ... The Britina, in her home. she felt like her heart was about to explode with excitement. Through the rush Kim felt amazing, she couldn’t help but do a double backflip as she screamed her heart out with happiness, making a perfect landing.

“I ... I have to get ready...” The realization struck her, “I have to get ready right now!”

Kim dropped the device on the floor and ran upstairs, every other step accompanied by a giggle or a yelp of joy. She stormed into her room, jumped over the bed and landed before the full body mirror. Her attire made Kim’s jaw drop.

“I ... I was going to wear this?” shock clear in her voice, “I can’t ... No way I am welcoming Britina with this disgusting piece of cloth.” The girl protested, she walked over to the closet and started looking around.

“Too big ... Too yellow ... Too shiny...” Kim said as she grabbed a dress and examined it, one by one, all the dresses were disqualified and tossed aside. After a long time, Kim popped out of the closet with two dresses that might, just might, be adequate for Britina’s visit.

One was a long, black dress with a low cut and deep cleavage, not that Kim had much to fill the cleavage with. The other, a more modest pink dress that reached the floor. Kim thought to herself for a moment, “Which one? why does it never boil down to one? The pink is really nice, I love the way would sit on me ... but the Black one, no way Britina can compete with that ... Why the heck am I competing with Britina? She’s a star ... Do I want to take her on?” And with the realization that Kim didn’t want to start a fashion war with Britina, the black dress was tossed aside with the remainder of the cloths.

“Okay, hoping it fits...” Kim whispered as she placed the pink dress carefully on the bed. She walked over and started to undress. First, she unbuttoned her black jeans, they were really comfortable but, just like her shirt, were not acceptable when meeting someone like Britina. With the fly unzipped, the jeans slid to the floor, revealing Kim’s athletic legs, they were smooth and shiny. Kim’s panty, mostly covered by the bottom of her shirt, was pink. Kim thought this made her look attractive with the shirt on, she lingered before the mirror for a moment, “Wonder if other girls look at their bodies the way I do now...” She changed a few poses, “Focus Kim!” she stopped herself, “we have to get dressed.”

With those words Kim’s delicate hands reached for her shirt and pulled it off, revealing her slim, pale body, she was wearing a pink bra to match the panty. She looked at herself in the mirror once more, “I bet half the boys in the school would die to see me like this. I think the dress would fit, I don’t believe I grew so much...”

Kim turned around and pulled the hanger out of the dress, the fabric felt almost mesmerizing in her hand. She peeled the dress up until she reached the top, she placed her right hand through the sleeve hole and her head slid in perfectly as well, lastly, her left hand also fitted.

“Moment of truth,” Kim said as she let go of the folded fabric and gave control over it to gravity. The dress cascaded down Kim’s features and stopped an inch above the floor, hiding Kim’s feet. Kim looked down at her body, the dress seemed to fit perfectly, it hugged her developing breasts and wide hips. With a quick step, Kim started spinning in place, the edges of her dress flying around, exposing her legs up to the knees. she came to a sudden stop in front of the mirror.

With her head still spinning, Kim noticed the supermodel in pink that reflected back at her. In Kim’s eyes the girl looked marvellous, she was an effigy of beauty. “Is that me?” Kim asked for a moment as the world around her stopped spinning. Kim approached the mirror, it was her, she gasped, and the figure gasped with her. “I think I can compete with Britina in this dress ... I hope she will like it...” Kim mumbled to herself, “But what if she doesn’t? what if I hurt her feelings by stealing the show?”

Kim felt the pressure build up in her body, was she doing the right thing dressing like that? Should she pick something else? Thoughts started filling her head, and the room around her felt like an oven, she was burning up.

“Breath Kim, breath,” she said to herself as she understood she was experiencing a panic attack. She galloped air and kept it deep in her lungs for three seconds before releasing it in a gasp. Kim repeated the process again and again. Slowly, she felt her anxiety ebb down as the room became cooler, Kim closed her eyes shut to maintain her focus.

Her world was darkness, a void of deep breathing. In and out the air went, Kim was alone in her head.

“Hi Kim, are you okay?” Came a voice, it was Britina.

“Britina? what are you doing here?” Kim wondered, not expecting to see anyone in her void.

“I came here for you Kim,” Britina said as she approached, “You know I like you...”

“Well ... haha ... I like you too Britina.” Kim admitted as she stood face to face with the superstar.

“No, Kim, you don’t understand, I don’t just like you ... I like like you” Britina said.

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