Volunteer of the Month

by Canemont

Copyright© 2019 by Canemont

Erotica Sex Story: She was helping out at the Animal Shelter as a volunteer, when the dare of having sex with a dog was issued. She took the challenge.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Bestiality   .

There is a private animal shelter in our town. It is always hurting for donations and volunteers to help feed the animals and try to get them adopted. I am one of those volunteers. Most of the workers here are young college kids. I could be their mother, but they treat me just like one of the gang. I hear all their boyfriend or girlfriend problems, complaints about their parents and often their sex questions. I don’t mind being the older member of our clique and I feel proud that they want to confide in me about their lives.

There are mostly just dogs at this shelter. This city has a no kill policy so some of the dogs have been here a very long time. Those long timers have become our best friends. We feed them and care for them daily and they depend on us for everything. Some of the male dogs are quite large and muscular. I think they are just naturally muscled since they really don’t get much exercise in the cages. One of the males we call Spirit. He is a brute, but gentle. He has short hair, and is some kind of mixed breed. He loves to have us come into the kennel with him and rub him down.

One night we were up at the shelter rather late. It was middle of the summer and the night was hot and humid so we were wearing as little as possible to stay cool. We were sitting around trying to dry off after washing out the kennel floor. We always get soaked from the splashing hoses. One of the girls brought out a bottle of bourbon. I did not know this but bourbon is the fashionable alcohol to drink now. I had not had any since my college days and it was always mixed with coke. But these girls were hitting it straight from the bottle. The conversation very quickly became risqué as they started trash talking about old lovers and one night stands. I did not know girls did these things today. Apparently giving a blow-job is as common as a kiss goodnight. The girls love to describe their techniques. I would think, from what I heard that none of their dates would ever leave them after those intense oral sessions. But maybe it was the girls who were the ones looking for more.

One of the volunteers, Debbie, started reminiscing about being in high school and working in the shelter in her home town. She said that she watched one of the other girls sneak into the kennel when she thought no one was still there. Debbie said she heard grunting and moaning in the kennel and she went to investigate. Debbie said she saw that other girl, naked, and on her knees, being mounted by one of the large male dogs in the shelter. Debbie described to us that this dog was humping away at the backside of the other girl and she was making all those groaning noises. Debbie thought the girl was being attacked so she raced in to help.

The other girl completely ignored Debbie as if she wasn’t there. She had a delirious look on her face and Debbie suddenly realized it was moaning with pleasure that she was hearing. The other girl did not say a word to Debbie; she just kept making noises and encouraging the dog to fuck her harder. Debbie was incredulous. She had heard of such things but never witness bestiality in person. She stood outside the kennel and watched them until the dog dismounted. The dog’s penis was huge. It was several inches longer than any guy’s dick that Debbie had ever seen.

Debbie told us that it was the most erotic event she had ever witnessed. The ravished girl was worn out, and limp. When she tried to stand up, her pussy dumped out what must have a pint of clear liquid. Debbie guessed it was dog cum. The other girl quickly gathered her clothes and left the building and Debbie never saw her again. She always wondered what it was like to have been mounted and fucked by a dog.

So, by this time, we were all getting pretty drunk. I told Debbie I did not believe that story. No one would let a dog fuck them. Besides, how would the dog know what to do? The rest of the girls were positive that it could happen. We started arguing about it and someone made a dare. Whoever was up for trying it tonight would get the Volunteer of the month award.

Well, that started up all kinds of trash talk and dares among us. And we all went over to Spirit’s kennel and started talking about him as if he were the likely partner for one of us to mate with. One of the girls, Karen, got in the kennel and started petting and rubbing him. He was very attentive to her touch. She reached down to his sheath and started rubbing him to see if his penis would emerge. When it did we all lost it. We cackled like crazy people as she coaxed his penis out from hiding. We all then went into the kennel with her and watched.

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