All the Way - a Buffy Fanfic

by Neolime

Copyright© 2019 by Neolime

Fan Fiction Sex Story: A fanfiction coupling of Willow and Tara.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Lesbian   Hermaphrodite   Fan Fiction   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Size   Transformation   .

Disclaimer: The world and characters in this story are taken from the TV show: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and are the trademark property of Joss Whedon and 20th Century Fox Television. I do not have any claim of ownership over the world of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or its characters, including Tara and Willow. This is a work of fiction and in no way is this work canon. This story was created to entertain and is in no way an official storyline. I wish to thank Mr. Whedon, without his pioneering work, my story would not exist.

“Forget it ever happened,” Willow said as she turned to her drawers. Taking in her hand a strand of Lethe’s Bramble, she chanted a spell: ‘Forget’ the strand flashed with magic for a moment. She placed it in her drawer and slowly went to the bed, switching the light off. In bed was the love of her life, Tara, so innocent with such a good heart.

“I can’t lose her, she’s all the good I have in my life.” Willow thought to herself as she got into bed and pulled the blanket over herself.

“Your feet are cold,” Tara said with a giggle and cuddled against Willow.

“Better warm me up,” Willow answered tauntingly.

“This is how every day should always end...” Tara whispered in willow’s ear, “and start, and all the stuff in the middle.”

“So ... you’re not mad?” Willow questioned hesitantly.

“About what?” Tara wondered but willow kept quiet. In the background, Dawn was crying after her talk with Giles and the events that took place tonight.

“Just wondering, that’s all,” Willow finally answered and gave Tara a long look, “Do you think we were too harsh on Dawn?”

“I don’t know, maybe...” Tara thought for a second, “I really think Buffy should take more responsibility over Dawn, I saw Giles was the one who talked to her tonight.”

“I don’t know,” Willow felt like Giles was the elder of this house. It was Giles who was irresponsible when he packed and left after Buffy died, in a way, Giles had a big part in this house falling apart.

Tara raised herself above Willow, resting on her hands and knees, she gave Willow a deep passionate kiss, feeling her lover’s warmth, “so? Are you warm enough now?”

“I don’t know,” Willow said with a smile as she chanted a spell, “Vestem,” Suddenly Tara and Willow where naked under the blanket, “why don’t you check if I’m warm”.

Tara frowned a bit, “Next time it would be nice if I could remove my PJs by myself.”

“Sorry baby, but you know magic can really help in bad,” Willow apologized.

“It’s ok Will,” Tara accepted her lover’s apology with a smile and reached her hand down below the covers, she felt around there and touched Willow’s pussy, it was warm and wet, almost dripping. Willow was always more sexually active than her, “mmm, I think you’re more than warm,” Tara said with a smile as she started to play around with Willow’s clit, “you’re on fire.”

Willow grabbed Tara’s head, pulling her in and passionately kissing her, ‘this is true love ... true love and passion,’’ Willow thought to herself as jolts of pleasure shot through her body, Tara knew how to push her buttons.

Tara ended the kiss and slowly moved down willow’s body, she kissed her neck softly, taking in the smoothness of the pale skin.

Willow withered with pleasure as Tara kept playing with her clit, softly caressing and drawing circles around it.

Slowly she moved down to willow’s breasts, her nipples were already erect from Tara’s caressing, waiting to be touched. Tara placed her mouth around Willow’s right nipple, sucking softly on her lover’s breast. They were both pretty small in this department, but it was ok, they loved their bodies. Even with B cups, Tara liked them.

Just before Willow went crazy with anticipation Tara released her right nipple and continued her journey down Willow’s amazing body, pushing the blanket off the bed. Tara kissed her belly once, “My Gaia,” she whispered, making Willow smile at the comparison, she was as powerful as the titan and had her powers in a book on one of the shelves. Just as the thought left her head Tara arrived at her destination, Willow’s snatch. Tara opened the outer lips with gentle fingers and moved her tongue right along Willow’s clit, making her lover yelp in pleasure. It was a good thing the girls magically isolated the room so no noise will escape because willow’s screams of joy would surely alert all residences to their activity.

Tara took her time with her lover, sucking, licking, pinching and fingering the withering woman. She could feel her own snatch waking up and an idea came to her mind, she stopped sucking. “Hey, why did you stop? It was so good,” Willow protested but immediately found her answer as Tara turned around and positioned herself over Willow, her pussy right over Willow’s face. Willow got the hint and soon want down on Tara, the girls were locked in a 69 position, orgasming into one another and shaking with mutual pleasure.

After a long, pleasure-filled, licking session Tara noticed Willow slowed down her pace, she knew this meant Willow wants something else and to be frank, Tara felt like this 69 routine went on long enough, she wanted something new, after all this was their nightly routine and they both needed a fresh breath of air. With that thought Tara lifted her body off willow and came to rest at her said, both girls smiling.

While both lovers looked flushed after their passionate lovemaking session, Willow was clearly in need of more. She sent her hands to both her breasts and started massaging them, pinching her nipples and groaning. Tara didn’t need any clues as she knew her lover all too well, she turned to Willow and drove two fingers deep into her sloppy love tunnel with no resistance. The lovers kissed and went on with their vigorous coupling, losing any sense of time.

Tara flopped onto her back, panting as she came down from her orgasm. She turned her head and looked at the clock. “Wow, it’s 4 A.M.” she whispered.

“And?” Willow wondered.

“We’ve been at it for over 2 hours now,” Tara smiled.

“Are we done? Cause I still want more,” her lover smiled back.

“You always had the higher sex drive Will,” Tara placed her hand on Willow’s boob, “I can’t beat you.”

“We can fix that, I have a spell,” Willow suggested.

“You can’t solve everything with spells Will,” Tara’s face lost its smile and took a more serious demeanor as she retracted her hand from her lover, “am I not good enough to make you happy the way I am?” tears started to flood Tara’s eyes.

“N ... no, that’s not it Tara, you are perfect, I love you,” Willow said as she hugged her lover, “it’s not that, I’m just really horny and stupid, I just can’t fulfill my fantasy with you without magic.”

Tara gave Willow a strange look, wanting an explanation. “I miss penetration,” Willow said, clearly embarrassed, even with Tara talking about sex was hard for Willow.

“You mean you want us to use my dildo?” Tara said, pointing at their drawer.

Willow’s face turned as red as her hair was, “I mean I miss a real, flesh and blood, cock.”

“Do you want to go straight again? Tara wondered, “if you do I don’t want to be the person who stops their lover from fulfilling herself, like I don’t want to be the bad guy here...” Tara went on bubbling and overthinking it.

Willow knew her lover and acted, kissing her deeply. “I want you and only you,” she emphasized every syllable, “I just want you to hear me out for a moment without freaking out when I use the word magic, can we do that?” Tara nodded yes.

“I want you to fuck me hard, very hard,” Willow started, “but you can’t really do it without a cock, and I know you are missing one. Willow gave her the knowing eye and both girls giggled. “About three months ago I bought this magic book on sexual magic, it had a spell to give the subject a cock.” Willow paused to gauge Tara’s reaction, she seemed ok, so Willow decided to go on, “since I read that, all I’ve been thinking about was you using a magical cock to fuck my brains out,” Willow paused again before finishing her monologue, “Please don’t leave me.”

A smile started forming on Tara’s lips, “I have to say that as strange as this may sound, I am so proud of you,” this was not what Willow expected to hear, now it was her turn to look confused as Tara went on, “I know magic gives you an almost infinite choice of lovers Will, and you could use this spell on me without me even knowing it...”

“I would never do such a thing Tara,” Willow interrupted, “besides you’re a great witch, you’ll find out and then leave me.”

“You are much stronger than me Will,” Tara went on, “You could do it and then change my memories, but I know you’ll never do that, not after what Glory did to me.” The room went silent, Willow felt immensely guilty for a moment but her sexual desire slowly pushed her guilt aside.

“Let’s do it, Will, give me a cock to fuck you with.” Tara said, Willow smiled back at her and uttered the spell, “cresco.” Next, she cupped her hand and blow into them gently.

Tara looked down to see her smooth pussy below her breasts, it was still wet. She lifted her gaze and noticed feathers started coming out of Willow’s cupped hand, the witch’s hair glowing red. Tara’s eyes followed the feathers as they made their way above the bed and reached her body. Before too long Willow stopped blowing the feathers from her hands and watched as Tara’s body was covered by them. “How does it feel?” she asked.

“Feels great,” Tara answered and closed her eyes, inhaling deeply before opening them again. The first thing she saw was Willow’s face, it was half smiling, half shocked. Next, Tara looked down, she noticed her breasts first, gone were her B cup pimples, she now had a nice pair of massive boobs. Between her jugs she saw a cock, not just any cock but the biggest cock she ever saw. It was hard and throbbing.

“wow,” Willow broke the silence, “I don’t think there’s a bigger cock than yours alive.” Tara tried to examine her new asset, but Willow had other plans. She kissed her lover and pushed her onto the bed, the cock stood up, resisting gravity. Willow wasted no time and wrapped her hand around the beast, her fingers couldn’t circle its girth. Willow’s other hand went right below her cock and grabbed something, Tara couldn’t see what it was but could feel very well, Willow grabbed and lifted a massive nut sack, it was clear she was struggling with its weight, “feels so good,” Tara whimpered as Willow released her grip and the massive balls fell on the bed.

“I have until sunrise to drain you,” Willow explained.

“So, what are you waiting for?” Tara teased. It was becoming clear Willow was waiting for nothing, she started to move her hand up and down Tara’s cock, the pole was massive, without a shadow of a doubted the biggest both ever saw, Willow’s hand slid up and down without even coming close to the head or the base of the cock. The sight was ridicules, it was clear to Willow she needed to do more than this to get things moving. Tara gasped as Willow added her other hand, playing with the full length of her love-stick.

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