A Daughter's Dream

by James_Steele

Copyright© 2019 by James_Steele

Incest Sex Story: With a little help from her horny friends, Tonya and her loving father, Larry, finally get what they've always wanted.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Tonya was sitting at the dining table with books and notebooks spread out in front of her, studying. Her last exams for the year were coming up the next day, and she was pouring over every subject, determined to do well so she could get into her first choice college. She had a pair of earbuds in, listening to music as she worked. She was wearing a cropped, spaghetti strap tank top without a bra, and the shape of her nipples was clearly defined in the thin, grey material. Her long, dark brown hair was loose, and she was keeping her head lowered toward her books while her father, Larry, sat across from her with paperwork of his own spread in front of him. But Larry was paying more attention to his busty, fifteen-year-old daughter than the work he was trying to catch up on.

Tonya had always been a pretty girl, and was also bright and dedicated to her studies. She’d also become much more of a daddy’s girl since her mother left them a couple of years ago. Larry loved his daughter more than anyone, and it wasn’t long after his ex left that he realized he was much happier with just the two of them in the house together. But now, with a beautifully shaped pair of D cup tits and a body that was curvy but without being especially thick, Tonya was making him think he should have spent more time pursuing new relationships rather than devoting his whole life to her.

It wasn’t right to be looking at her the way he was, gazing at the way her lush tits wobbled and mashed together within her revealing top. Going without a bra was something she only did at home. In fact, the top she was wearing now was one her father had never seen her leave the house in. She was much more relaxed at home, and a couple of times he’d overheard her tell a friend that she hated the way guys her age acted around her, especially if she happened to be wearing anything that showed off her tits. It was practically impossible to find clothing to downplay her natural attributes.

He knew it couldn’t be easy for her being so much curvier than any of her friends, and most of her friends’ mothers, for that matter.

Larry found himself staring when she leaned forward a little more and ended up pressing her full melons against the table, mashing them onto the surface and causing her flesh to billow up over the lowcut top. His throat went dry and his cock started to buzz with warm tingling as he looked at his daughter’s remarkable orbs and thought about touching them.

Her skin looked so smooth and her ripe mounds so shapely and firm, impossibly firm, especially considering their size. Not that it was anything the girl’s father should have been paying attention to, but if anyone ever asked him where were the most amazingly luscious tits he’d ever seen, the answer would be right there at home with his only daughter. But that was a question he’d never answer. It seemed impossible to admit even to himself, yet now he couldn’t resist imagining cupping them in his hands, squeezing and massaging them until her nipples were swollen and stiff. Then he imagined sucking each of those precious nubs into his mouth and hearing his baby girl’s sighs of passion and pleasure.

Before he knew it was happening, Larry’s cock was aching and hard as an iron rod pushing against the confines of his pants. A glance at Tonya’s pretty face confirmed that her attention was on her books and papers. He snuck his hand under the table and gave his rigid shaft a few squeezes. It was a crazy thing to do, but he couldn’t control the enormous wave of love and desire he felt for his precious daughter. She was just too sweet and had too smooth and sensuous a body to ignore, even for her own father.

Larry started to think he should just slip away to the bathroom and stroke out a load, but it seemed like such an outrageous idea. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d ever masturbated to fantasies of his daughter, but he’d never done it while she was right there in the house. Yet he’d never had such a stunning view of her succulent tits before, either. It wasn’t as if she never wore revealing outfits around the house, but they were right there in front of him now, mashing into the tabletop and nearly popping out the top of her tank.

Even though Tonya had her face buried in her studies, Larry didn’t know how she could not be aware of the way her tits were on display. Maybe she thought he was as focused on his work as she was on hers. But he wasn’t. That just seemed impossible. The girl’s full, round globes were barely more than half covered and looming in front of him just beyond arm’s reach. Larry squeezed his cock under the table again. He was hard as a rock now, and it was forming an unmistakable bulge against his pants. His secretive squeezing was only making it worse.

After a few more minutes of indecision, which also bought a few more minutes of staring longingly at his daughter’s fabulous tits and sneaking feels of his cock under the table, Larry finally decided to get up and jerk off. Then he might be able to concentrate on his documents. He got up and made a fast turn toward the downstairs hallway bathroom before Tonya had a chance to catch sight of the rigid bulge in the front of his pants. With any luck, the sound in her earbuds would keep her from noticing he was even gone.

Larry quietly shut himself into the bathroom and locked the door. It came as a massive relief to unzip his pants and pull his painfully swollen cock out. Standing in front of the sink, he pushed his pants and briefs down past his balls and took his rod into his fist with a muted sigh of relief. It was hard to believe he was actually stroking his hard dick with his daughter right in the other room. He forced himself to muffle his moans, since otherwise Tonya would easily hear him if she took her earbuds out.

It felt so wrong to be stroking his fat, hard cock to his own daughter while she was no more than a few paces away, but at the same time it was making his cock throb even harder. He felt his whole body tingle with pleasure as he quietly stroked his aroused shaft and thought of Tonya just as she looked now, sitting at the dining table with her big, beautiful tits mashed against the table. Larry couldn’t imagine anything more perfect or smooth. He wondered if they felt as silky and firm as they looked and imagined having them in his hands, her nipples swelling to hardness as he played with them.

Opening his eyes for a moment, Larry noticed the bottle of scented skin lotion Tonya liked. He took a moment to squirt some onto his hand and started stroking his cock again. Now his fist was gliding slick and free along his aching rod. His cock swelled even fuller at the idea that the same lotion his baby girl rubbed on her flawless skin was lubing his eager strokes. He imagined her rubbing the lotion over her ripe, young body after a bath, paying special attention to her glorious boobs, smearing them with cream until her pink nipples were thick and hard.

Larry’s cock was almost painfully hard now, and the scent of his daughter’s lotion rose to his head and inspired him to even more vivid visions of the girl’s sweet body. He’d seen his daughter in a bikini enough times to have a very good idea of what she looked like naked, but he was dying to see the final details with his own eyes – her thick nipples and pouty shaped pussy. With the images of her in his mind coupled with the scent of her lotion, it was the most real feeling fantasy he’d had of her yet. He could see her sitting in front of him now, sensuously rubbing that cream over her fully exposed tits, teasingly toying with her swollen nipples as she looked up at him with smoldering eyes pleading for daddy’s love.

Larry started to gasp for breath as his cock throbbed with pulsing heat. His fist gripped hard and pumped fast, jacking the whole length of his shaft with long strokes. He finally grunted, feeling his knees wobble while cum burst from the head of his rod and spattered the sink.

After taking a minute to catch his breath, he rinsed his cum down the drain and cleaned up his cock with a wet face cloth. He pulled his pants and briefs back up and zipped, then was back in the dining room a moment later with his mind feeling clearer and able to focus on his work instead of his teenaged daughter’s distracting tits.

But when Larry sat back down at the table, Tonya looked up from her work and took out her earbuds. Then she raised her arms and arched her back as she took a long stretch, pushing her braless boobs against her scant top, stretching the thin material across her rigid nipples. The relief Larry thought he had after his secret session in the bathroom was all but forgotten as he watched Tonya move. When she came out of her stretch she returned her father’s attentive gaze.

“Where’d you go?” she asked. “I looked up and you were gone.”

“Just to the bathroom,” he explained vaguely.

“Really?” She seemed skeptical.

“Yeah, why?”

“Just that you were gone kind of a long time.”

“Well you were so focused on your work I didn’t think you’d notice.”

“Of course I noticed,” she protested.

“Miss me?” her father teased with a smile.

“Terribly,” she smiled back.

“Well a guy has to go to the bathroom sometimes,” Larry chuckled.

“Hmm, sure.”

The look on Tonya’s face, along with her tone of voice, made Larry wonder if she suspected what he’d been doing. She was right about how long he’d left the table, but he decided that was only paranoia from the guilt of his little indiscretion.

“How’s the work going?” he asked, trying to deflect.

“Okay, except I think I’m starting to see double.”

“Yeah, me too,” he replied, forcing himself not to look at the girl’s distracting tits. “Maybe we should take a break and get out of here for a while.”

“I’d love that, Dad, but my last two exams are tomorrow. I really gotta keep going.”

Tonya looked exasperated. Larry had never had to put pressure on her to study since she’d always put more than enough pressure on herself. If anything, the girl’s father had to teach her the value of taking breaks and rebooting her state of mind.

“Aren’t you the one who just said you’re about to go cross-eyed?”

His daughter smirked, admitting he was right.

“Besides,” Larry went on, “when was the last time you went on an actual date? And I don’t mean you going out to the movies with Rachel.”

“Pffff. Maybe when I meet a guy I can stand spending more than thirty seconds with.”

“Hmm,” Larry frowned. “You spend more than thirty seconds with me.”

“That’s different. You’re my dad.”

“Yes, but I’m still a guy.”

“Mmm, don’t remind me.”

“Excuse me?” he said, looking at his daughter with wide-eyed surprise.

“Nothing. Forget it. Let’s just say if you weren’t my dad...” She let the idea drop in the middle with just a mysterious smile on her pretty face.

Larry stared back at her, knowing how foolish he probably looked. Tonya giggled and nervously broke eye contact.

“Well I am your dad,” he finally said, “and as the supreme authority in this house I say it’s perfectly okay to go out with me and take a break.”

“Yes, sir, since you put it that way.”

She still wouldn’t look her father in the eye, but the coy smile was still playing on her succulent lips.

“Alright, then. What do say? Dinner? A movie? Dinner and a movie?”

“How about we get some dinner and see how we feel after?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Okay, but do you mind just going someplace we can eat in the car? I really don’t feel like changing.”

“Anything you want,” Larry smiled, trying to hide his pleasure that Tonya was going out with him in the outfit she had on.

Leaving their work spread out on the table, they went out to the car. Tonya was wearing charcoal grey volleyball shorts, and her father couldn’t detect any telltale sign she was wearing panties under them. As much as he enjoyed the view of her swaying ass while she walked ahead of him, he was afraid the relief he’d given himself in the bathroom wouldn’t last much longer.

They set out for Tonya’s favorite burger place where they ordered from the drive-up window. Once they ordered, Larry backed into a parking space and left the AC running in the car while they dug their food out of the bag.

With the cool air blowing, the girl’s nipples were soon forming hard little knots in the well stretched fabric of her top, and her father was growing more and more distracted by them. She had a couple of napkins spread across her lap with her burger and fries perched on it, her round, supple thighs were thankfully less distracting this way. But that didn’t stop him from thinking about the camel toe that showed in her shorts as they were driving over.

“I know I’ve told you this before,” he said, “but I’m really proud of the way you work so hard. You’re gonna be able to pick and choose wherever you want to go.”

He’d told her this countless times before, along with telling her she was beautiful, or smart, or the sweetest girl he’d ever known, but he needed to latch onto any topic he could to keep his mind off all the things about her that made his cock hard.

“I know, Dad, but it really means a lot, and I never get tired of hearing you say it. And you know,” she paused, “you make all my friends jealous. Their dads just don’t talk to them the same way. And Rachel says you talk like you’re in love with me.”

Larry laughed, but he felt his face flush with heat. “Does she, now?”

“Dad! You’re blushing!” Tonya exclaimed, her eyes and jaw both open wide.

He got flustered a moment or two, but then just laughed again like he was laughing it off as ridiculous.

“Well, of course I’m in love with you,” he rationalized. “What father isn’t in love with his special girl?”

“That’s not what she meant, Dad. And I don’t think that’s what made you blush.”

“Oh that was just ... just ... just forget about that.”

“Yeah, sure, if you say so.” She seemed a little deflated. “What if I’m in love with you?” she added. “Am I supposed to forget that, too?”

Larry felt himself flush again. He couldn’t help thinking back to her ‘if you weren’t my father’ comment earlier. The statement she’d left hanging. Now, he couldn’t help thinking the same thing: if she weren’t his daughter he’d pull those luscious tits out of her top and nuzzle them for hours. He didn’t know what to say and dove back into his food, hoping the subject would change on its own. Tonya ate some more, too, but then she broke the awkward silence.

“Do you really want me to go away to school?” she asked point blank.

The question caught her father by surprise. “I just want you to go to the school you want the most,” he replied.

“Yeah, but you keep pushing all these places on me that are really far away. We wouldn’t be able to see each other except on holidays. It’s like you want me out of the house. I mean, you haven’t had a real girlfriend since Mom left.”

“I’ve dated,” Larry countered weakly.

“Yeah, right. Like three times, all with different girls.”

“They just weren’t very much fun. You’re much better company, so why do I need anyone else?”

“Yeah, but you’re not getting any sex, Dad.”

Larry’s cock tingled in his pants at his scantily clad daughter’s mention of sex. At the same time it wasn’t supposed to be a topic they should discuss.

“That’s not anything you need to be concerned about,” he retorted nervously.

“Oh please, Dad. I’m fifteen. It’s not like I don’t get it.”

“Okay, fine. I understand that. It’s just that you don’t have to make your father’s sex life any of your business.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m your father.”

“That’s the dumbest reason I ever heard.”

“Yeah, maybe. But I didn’t make up the rules.”

“Stupid rules. I mean, if two people are really into each other as much as we are, then why shouldn’t they have what they want?”

Larry looked at his daughter in surprise. He knew it was true, but neither of them had ever come close to saying it before. If he were being honest with himself, he’d trade every woman he’d ever known in his life for his daughter, but thinking it and doing anything about it were totally different things.

“That’s dangerous talk,” he told her quietly.

“Tell me it’s not true,” she countered, matching his quietly serious tone.

He couldn’t, so he went quiet instead and they both spent the next few minutes slowly eating the rest of their food. After, Tonya picked the bag up off the floor of the car and they tossed their wrappers into it.

“I’ll go throw it in the can,” she said.

Then she got out of the car and walked around the front, taking slow, deliberate steps and swaying her hips. Larry couldn’t help following the voluptuous teen with his eyes as she carried their trash to the receptacle. Suddenly the bag dropped from her hand before she had a chance to toss it in the bin. Very slowly, she bent over to pick it up, keeping her feet close together. The movement brought the shape of her pussy into striking relief in her tightly stretched shorts, which stretched further up over the perfectly rounded cheeks of her ass.

Larry groaned out loud, slipping his hand between his legs and giving his rapidly growing cock a squeeze. He realized she’d dropped the bag on purpose just to tease him, and now he was equally sure she’d been squashing her tits into the table on purpose too. Tonya took her sweet time and gave her father a magnificent view of her sumptuous young ass. His cock was pulsing with heat as he groped himself and let his eyes follow the shapely lines of her legs from her ass to her ankles and back again.

She finally picked up the bag and tossed it into the garbage bin, then turned and walked the same path back in front of the car to the passenger’s side. She barely looked his way the whole time, but as she got back in the car she leaned in and paused a moment, letting her heavy tits dangle in her low cut tank before sliding into her seat.

Larry could hardly believe his eyes. It was totally out of Tonya’s character to even leave the house in an outfit like the one she was wearing, let alone get out of the car in a public parking lot where anyone could see her bending over. Even though she had the looks and body for it, she’d never been a flashy type of girl, except in the comfort of her own home.

Pulling out of the parking lot, Larry’s mind was spinning as he started driving back to the house. It was quiet in the car most of the way, and he had only one thing he could think of to say to his daughter: “You have to be careful what you say, Tonya. Some things can’t be unsaid.”

“Good. Because there’s nothing I want to take back,” she replied simply.

This gave Larry even more to think about as he drove home. It seemed like they’d already crossed a scandalous line just by having the conversation. Maybe they could just forget about it and let things go back the way they were. But Larry knew this wouldn’t happen. There was no way he’d be able to look at or think of his daughter in any other way now. Besides, he couldn’t lie to himself. He’d already been thinking of her as a hot, sexual being for some time already. Sneaking off to the bathroom to jerk off to her while she sat studying at the table wasn’t exactly innocent behavior. There was also the fact that Tonya had always been a determined girl, and she wasn’t about to just forget about her own feelings.

It was already dark outside when they got back to the house, and Larry followed his daughter inside, watching her sway her shapely ass as she walked in ahead of him.

They went back to the table where all their work was still spread out and sat down again. This time, Tonya didn’t bother putting in her earbuds, but she leaned her full tits against the table all over again while she turned her attention to the books and papers in front of her. Larry didn’t even bother trying to focus on anything but his daughter’s rich, creamy globes. His cock was already fully aroused again and he started to think about going back to the bathroom for another stroke. But for the moment, he stayed where he was to enjoy the view while he slipped his hands between his legs under the table and rubbed his cock through his pants.

“Ugh, I can’t even concentrate anymore,” Tonya muttered in frustration as she dropped her pencil and leaned back in her chair.

“Neither can I,” her father said.

“Yeah, I can tell.” There was a subtle smirk on her pretty face.

Larry’s hand was still on his cock under the table. Hopefully, Tonya couldn’t tell what he was doing, even though part of him really wanted her to know. But then his daughter took a deep breath that pushed her ripe boobs out just before proving she knew more about what he was feeling than he suspected.

“Dad, I know you’re touching it.”

Instead of yanking his hand away from his crotch, Larry just kept rubbing his pulsing rod. Tonya already knew, so what was the point of pretending?

“Baby, you’ve been driving me crazy and you know it.”

Tonya smiled with satisfaction. “I’m glad. I’d be worried if I weren’t. And I know you were touching yourself earlier when you went in the bathroom for so long.”

“Yes, baby, that’s true.”

“Mmmm, good. But I really need to know something, Dad.”


“Did you cum?”

Larry was surprised by the question, but also very turned on. In the couple of seconds it took him to think about how to answer, he realized he wanted her to know the truth.

“Yes, baby. I did. I couldn’t help it.”

Tonya smiled like her father had just handed her the keys to a new car. When he saw how pleased his curvy, teen daughter was that he’d actually made himself cum while thinking about her, Larry’s cock started pulsing wildly in his pants. He couldn’t deny wanting Tonya more than he’d ever wanted any other girl in his life. He wondered if she knew she was the reason he never dated the same woman more than once since breaking up with her mother.

“I’m really glad you did, Dad,” the girl practically purred. “I just wish I could’ve seen you do it. I was thinking about it the whole time you were in there.”

Larry’s pulse rate hammered at his daughter’s confession. He couldn’t even describe how much he wanted his baby girl to see how hard she always made him. She already knew more than he ever wanted her to, and after the way they’d been talking it didn’t seem so bad to let her see what she’d already been imagining. It was wrong, but if there was no touching how bad could it really be?

Larry stood up, not bothering to hide the enormous bulge in the front of his pants, and dragged his chair a few feet to the side of the table so Tonya could see what she wanted.

“Is this what you wanted to see, baby girl?” he asked as he unzipped his pants, opening them and exposing his achingly aroused cock.

Tonya’s eyes went wide with excitement as Larry pushed his pants toward his knees and wrapped his hand around the thick shank of his pole.

“Oh fuck, Dad. Yesssss.”

He smiled and sat back down on the chair, slowly beginning to stroke his swollen rod while his daughter stared at the up and down motion of his hand. He spent a little while just stroking his shaft and watching Tonya’s face.

“I want to see you, too,” he finally said. “Don’t make Daddy jerk off alone, baby girl.”

Barely taking her eyes off her father’s cock, Tonya got up and pulled her chair away from the table, too, setting it just a few feet directly in front of his. Then she sat down without pushing her shorts off. The bold confidence she had earlier was obviously faltering despite the dark circle of wetness in the snug crotch of her shorts. Her father couldn’t help heaving a deep sigh as she tentatively slipped a hand between her shapely thighs and rubbed her pussy through the wet spot in the fabric. The girl’s hips rocked ever so slightly as she ground her fingers into her mound.

“That’s so beautiful, baby,” her father said. “Why don’t you just push those shorts off and let your daddy see that sweet pussy?”

“Oh god, Dad. This is so much different really doing it than when I was just talking to Rachel about it.”

Larry couldn’t believe his daughter had actually talked about this to her pretty, blonde best friend. He was dying to know exactly what and how much they talked about, but at the same time he realized Tonya had let that part slip by accident, and he didn’t want to break the mood of the moment by asking her to explain.

“I understand, baby,” he said. “I really do. Is it too much? Do you want to stop?”

Tonya seemed to think a moment, but then she just lifted her ass off the chair and pushed her booty shorts all the way off. When she sat back up, she opened her legs and revealed her perfectly smooth-shaven pussy to her father. Larry’s pulse started to feel erratic as he admired his fifteen year old daughter’s bare, fully exposed slit. The girl’s aroused, wet pussy lips made her father think of pink flowers covered with morning dew. It was impossible not to imagine how sweet and tangy her young pussy had to taste, or how tightly it would grip his throbbing cock as he plunged it deep inside her. He knew he could never really take that step with his own daughter, but the sight of her fingers playing with that silken, wet pussy had him aching and throbbing to the bone.

“That’s so beautiful,” he told her, his gaze trained on her slit. “I knew you would be, but I never imagined your pussy would be so perfect.”

“Oh, Dad, god, I really wanted you to like it,” the girl cooed, rolling the tip of one finger over the swollen bud of her clit.

“I love it, baby girl. I promise.”

Larry didn’t just love his teen daughter’s pussy, he was in love with it. He was completely entranced, to the point where his cock was pulsating as he stroked it, and oozing heavy dribbles of precum that ran down his shaft and over his fist.

“Now why don’t you take off that top and let Dad see those amazing tits, too, baby? You’ve been driving me crazy with them all day,” Larry added.

Tonya giggled. “I guess it worked,” she said.

“What do you think?” her father asked, briefly wagging his impossibly hard cock at her.

Tonya just giggled again and then sat upright to pull her tank top over her head and toss it on the table. Her spellbinding tits wobbled free, rounder and heavier looking than Larry had ever imagined.

“You like ‘em, Dad?” she asked with an eager smile.

“They’re more amazing than I even dreamed, baby girl,” he told her sincerely.

He loved seeing the look of satisfied happiness on her face. Then he watched her closely while she opened her thighs even wider than before and bunched her heaving tits between her arms as she stretched them down to start rubbing her naked pussy again. For that matter, the girl was completely naked now, and Larry could hardly believe the succulent young vixen in front of him was actually his own daughter.

Before long, Tonya pushed two of her fingers into her pussy, slipping them in and out while she rubbed her clit with the other hand. The wet slicking noise of her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy had Larry soaring closer and closer to the edge while his fist pumped harder and faster on his shaft.

“Oh god, Daddy, are you gonna cum for me?” the girl whimpered between gasps.

“Oh yes, baby, Daddy’s gonna cum really hard for you,” he groaned. “Be a good girl and slap that pussy for me, sweetheart. Slap it for Daddy. Do it, baby girl. Do it, do it, do it!”

Every time he told her to do it, Tonya pulled up her hand and smacked her open pussy with a striking wet sound. She smacked her slit harder than her father expected. He was amazed, and she couldn’t seem to control the way her pussy slaps were driving her closer to her own explosion. Her hand kept slapping down right on her clit.

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy, of fuck, I’m cumming,” the girl whimpered breathlessly.

Tonya gave her pussy a few more slaps and then jammed her fingers back in her hole to fingerfuck herself over the crest of her peak. Larry was stunned. He’d never talked to a girl that way before, not even his wife, and he was amazed at how his daughter seemed ready to do whatever he wanted to please him. It was even better knowing it was just as pleasing to her.

“Good girl, baby,” Larry groaned deeply. “Dad’s gonna cum for you, baby. Oh fuck!”

Larry pounded his fist up and down his stalk wildly, thick wads of cum now spurting upward out of his cock head and spattering all over his shirt and hand. Tonya was obviously dazed from her orgasm, but she was completely entranced by the sight of her father’s heavily spurting cock.

Afterward, father and daughter sat in their respective chairs just gazing at each other in awe, both of them trying to fathom what had just happened.

“Dad, that was amazing. I can’t believe we really did it,” the teenager said.

“Me neither, baby,” her father agreed. “I hope you’re not sorry about it.”

“No way, Dad. I loved every second.”


“Yes, baby?”

“I never came that hard before,” she said.

“I don’t think I have, either, baby girl.”

“Really? Not even with Mom?”

“Pffff, not even close, sweetheart.”

Tonya broke into a wide grin, pleased to know she had something special to give her father. Larry realized the look on his devoted daughter’s face would end up changing his entire world.

Later that night, Larry thought he’d never get to sleep. He lay naked in bed for what seemed like hours thinking about everything that had happened with Tonya. He fell asleep for a while, but then later he stirred and thought he could hear the sound of Tonya fingering herself in her room. He gave some serious thought to getting out of bed with the hard on he got from listening to her and going to her room, but he made himself resist the urge and ended up jerking off along with her. For a father and daughter, no matter how much they both wanted it, that seemed about as far as it should ever go.

Tonya was still sleeping when her father got out of bed in the morning. It was the last week of school before summer, so she really only had to go in to take her end of the year exams and today he knew she was getting a ride with Rachel, with Rachel’s mother driving. Larry was supposed to pick them up later. He wasn’t sure how he was going to face his daughter’s friend, knowing the two of them had obviously talked about the most sensitive secrets a girl could have. And now that he and Tonya had gone as far as masturbating in front of each other, would Tonya tell Rachel about that, too?

He decided to check in on his daughter before leaving for work and found her sprawled naked on her bed. His heart clenched when he saw how beautiful and peaceful she looked. Her pussy was exposed as she lay on her back with one leg cocked to the side. Her full tits heaved partially to the sides yet still thrust up proudly. He could have stood there all day just watching her sleep.

It would have been so easy to just go all the way into her room and sit on the edge of her bed and run his hands all over that sweetly curvaceous young body. But there was work as well as his nagging conscience. So he forced himself to turn away. He went downstairs and got what he needed off the table where the two of them had been working yesterday, then headed out for the office.

Larry got through most of the day with just a few texts back and forth with Tonya. They didn’t say anything about what happened. First it was Tonya saying she was nervous about her tests, and then later an excited message saying she thought she aced them both. Her father was pleased, but not all that surprised. A few minutes later, she texted that she and Rachel were able to get a ride over to the mall if he didn’t mind picking them up there instead of at school. Larry said he didn’t mind, that she deserved to have some fun after doing such a great job on her last test for the year.

He spent a couple extra hours longer at the office than he planned, giving his daughter and her friend some extra time to have fun wandering around the mall. A little later he got another text from Tonya asking if she could use the credit card he gave her to buy some clothes for the summer. He replied to tell her to get whatever she wanted, that she deserved it, and she sent him back a heart emoji.

He kept himself busy at the office as long as he could, and finally packed up what he could work on at home over the weekend. Then he went out to his car and headed toward the mall. He texted Tonya to let her know he was on his way, and she said they’d meet him at the main entrance.

When he pulled up to the mall entrance about twenty minutes later, Tonya and Rachel were waiting outside near the doors. Rachel’s younger brother, Will, was with them.

Rachel had already turned sixteen, but being a more petite girl than Tonya, with much more subtle curves and perky B cup tits, the blonde teen actually looked younger than the brunette. Will, on the other hand, was fourteen, but he was a big kid and looked older than both the girls. Larry was glad to see there was a male with them at the mall, even though it wouldn’t have stopped anyone from looking at either of those luscious teenaged girls. Especially the way they were dressed.

Rachel was wearing an impossibly tight pair of stretch denim cutoffs along with a white, short-sleeved blouse that was tied in a knot under her perky tits. It was unbuttoned low enough to show off more than a hint of her creamy cleavage. Even if her tits looked small by comparison to Tonya’s, they were so shapely and had a proud jut in pretty much anything she decided to wear. She was wearing her silky blonde hair in a ponytail today. She was different from Tonya in more than just physical ways, too, being much bolder about the way she dressed out in public. She was also a very flirty, playful girl, and had flirted with Larry countless times. He always liked it when Rachel visited, especially when she spent the night. The blonde wasn’t shy about giving her friend’s dad plenty of juicy, teen eye candy.

But it was Tonya who gave Larry the biggest surprise. She was wearing a skirt he’d never seen before. He was sure she must have just bought it. It was lemon yellow and contrasted with her tan beautifully. It was also pleated and shorter than any skirt he’d ever seen his daughter wear, especially in public. And she was still wearing the “normal” white blouse she’d probably put on that morning to go to school in. Larry couldn’t help thinking of the way his daughter had been teasing him at home. Then he saw the way she practically ran for the car when they spotted him, like she wanted to get away from the public as fast as she could. It made him smile to think his daughter had gotten that skirt just for him.

Rachel and Will got into the back seat while Tonya got in front, forcing her skirt to slip nearly to her hips as she squeezed into her seat. Her father couldn’t help taking a good look at her bare legs, and he caught a generous flash of the skimpy, light blue panties she was wearing underneath. Larry could tell Tonya was totally aware of his attention from the coy smile she flashed him, but he didn’t think her perky blonde friend could tell how he was looking at his daughter until she said something a little blatant.

“I guess you like Tonya’s new skirt, Mr. G,” she said in a teasing tone that not even her younger brother could miss. “She really wanted you to like it, ya know. She got it just for you.”

Tonya turned around and shot her friend a nasty look, which only made the blonde giggle.

“You look gorgeous, sweetheart,” Larry told his daughter with a proud smile, giving her bare thigh a squeeze just before pulling the car back into traffic.

Larry could tell Tonya was just as anxious as he was to drop Rachel and Will off at their house. He didn’t really mind Rachel’s teasing, though. Not like Tonya probably did. He’d been extremely curious to know what the girls had talked about, but with Will in the car there didn’t seem to be much chance he was going to find out. But he was so eager to be alone with his baby girl again he almost didn’t care.

“Will thinks so, too,” Rachel teased.

Tonya rolled her eyes, but only Larry could see her do it. They made more small talk during the rest of the drive, and at one point Larry glanced into the rearview mirror and caught Rachel looking back at him with an impish smile. He then realized the young blonde had her hand between her younger brother’s legs. It wasn’t possible to see exactly what she was doing without adjusting the mirror, but it was still obvious that she was feeling her brother’s cock while she smiled at Larry.

This was blatant behavior even for Rachel, and her brother certainly wasn’t complaining. Larry thought if he’d had a sister like like Rachel then maybe he’d enjoy the same kind of attention from her. But what could he really say? After all, he’d been openly masturbating with his own daughter just the night before. Tonya must have told them what happened, and her father could now see why his daughter would share that kind of secret with them.

The man kept his eye on the road for a while. Then Tonya turned around in her seat to face the back and started talking to Rachel. Larry realized his daughter could easily see her friend feeling up her brother’s cock now. The boy had to be hard as a rock to have a girl as hot as his older sister rubbing his young dick.

Tonya obviously wanted to see what was going on between the sexy brother and sister in back, and Larry couldn’t help wondering how much she knew about their naughty relationship or how long it had been going on. He also wondered if Tonya had seen them doing things like this before. Had she even done things with them? At the very least they talked about it. Why else would Rachel start fondling her brother’s cock in the backseat of Larry’s car?

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