Victoria, the Black Pimp, and the Black Doctor

by Smjle

Copyright© 2019 by Smjle

Drama Story: A beautiful and brilliant girl runs away from home to avoid severe abuse from her stepmother. She attracts the attention of a black pimp that get her mildly addicted to cocaine, is rescued by a black doctor, and establishes a new identity.

Tags: Fiction  


Victoria: F, Age 13
Norman: Victoria’s father
Dolores: Victoria’s stepmother
Emma: F, Age 14 Victoria’s step sister
Ellen: Norman’s secretary

Until her mother died, beautiful, long legged, and barely 13 year old Victoria lived a life of privilege with a wealthy father.

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However, after her father remarried her life turned for the worse and quickly.

Victoria’s stepmother had a year older daughter, Emma, but in the same grade, who was extremely envious of Victoria, a popular cheerleader and straight A student in the elite private school. By comparison, Emma was neither very pretty nor popular and was allowed admittance into the elite private school only through the influence and large donation of Victoria’s father.

Victoria’s success made Emma seem common and caused Victoria’s stepmother to go into a rage. Therefore, she made Victoria’s life a living hell. First, she forced the school to drop Victoria as a cheerleader by refusing to allow Victoria to attend the mandatory sporting events and the cheerleader training. Next, with Victoria’s father away so often on business, she gave Victoria almost daily beatings on any pretense.

On the occasions when her father was home and Victoria attempted to talk to him, her stepmother would quickly intercede and say Victoria is at a difficult age. And Victoria’s father, who was always busy and trusted his wife, would just dismiss Victoria and tell her to listen to her stepmother.

Finally with her father not listening and after another severe beating, Victoria had enough. She withdrew the $2,158 in her savings account and packed a small suitcase with some jewelry, a few photos, and what she believed to be an extra credit card of her father’s from his home office. Dressed in a white blouse and miniskirt, Victoria took the first bus out of town, paying for it with the credit card.

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The trip from Wichita, Kansas to Nashville, Tennessee via Kansas City and St Louis was 18 hours. At first Victoria sat near the back, but a gross creepy old man was bothering her so she moved near the front and sat next to an Hispanic lady who spoke very little English. That pleased Victoria since because of the language difficulties she wasn’t asked too many questions.

Victoria ate during stops in Kansas City and Saint Louis, paying for her food with the credit card. In Nashville she stayed at a nice hotel, again paying for the room and meals with the credit card. However, when she tried to pay for a ticket to Atlanta, the credit card had been canceled so she paid with cash.

Victoria had taken the credit card knowing that, with her purchases, she could be traced and that when her father did that, he would finally listen to her and then he would protect her from her evil and vicious stepmother. However, thinking that her father canceled the credit card because he didn’t care for her and wouldn’t look for her, Victoria was heartbroken.

The bus to Atlanta wouldn’t leave for over an hour so, through tears, she wrote him a letter and addressed it to his office, knowing that he would never see the letter if mailed to his house. As she wrote the letter her tears would fall and stain the letter.

Dear Father,

I took the drastic step of leaving home and taking the credit card because I knew you could use the credit card transactions to find me and finally you would listen to me. I never gave up being a cheerleader like your wife said. The school dropped me because she wouldn’t allow me to attend sporting events or remain after school for cheerleader practice.

I had hoped that you loved me and would stop the abuse and almost daily beatings I received from your wife. Instead, you canceled the credit card proving that I am just an inconvenience. Realizing that hurts more than the beatings from your wife, some so severe the pain would last for hours and I would cry myself to sleep.

I cannot stop crying knowing my father does not love me. However, I will get over it and I will not be a burden anymore. I would rather live on the streets and sell my body than to spend one more day where I am unwanted and unloved by my father and despised by my stepmother. Even though you don’t love me, I will always love you and I will not be a burden.



It was three days later and 11:00 am when Ellen, her father’s long-term secretary who had permission to open all mail, read the tear-stained letter. She had always liked Victoria and the letter brought tears her eyes. She immediately called and faxed the letter and envelope to Victoria’s father, who was in Chicago for business. A self-made multimillionaire, he had always placed a great importance on work, but this was his daughter. He scheduled the next plane to Wichita and called his wife.

“Why haven’t you told me that Victoria’s had left,” Norman asked.

“Yes,” Dolores replied. “Victoria has been gone a couple of days. She said it was a school trip and I didn’t want to call you at work over a school event.”

“Why did you cancel the credit card that Victoria had?”

“The credit card was missing so I reported it as lost or stolen. They canceled and will replace it.”

Next Norman called his secretary. “Ellen, please call the school and ask Mrs. Black, Victoria’s cheerleading teacher, for the details on why Victoria dropped being a cheerleader, then bring the letter and meet me at the airport. Also, call my attorney, fax him a copy of the letter and ask him to investigate the credit card transactions and to try and locate Victoria.” Victoria’s father was not a man that makes rash decisions; he needed the facts first.

When Ellen met Norman at the airport at 3:30 pm she said, “It was like Victoria said. Mrs. Black said the school had to drop Victoria because she wasn’t attending practices and sporting events. And, Mrs. Black thought that was odd since Victoria has always enjoyed being a cheerleader and was upset at being dropped.”

Next Norman picked up his stepdaughter at the school and he and his secretary got her to verify that her mother did punish Victoria. “Mother did punish Victoria, and sometime I would hear Victoria screaming, but I don’t why she was punished.”

“I guess you know Victoria hasn’t been home. Do you know when she left?”

“I don’t know where Victoria went. She never told me, but I haven’t seen for about four days,” Emma replied. Norman was recording the conversation.

Victoria’s father was getting angry.

“I believe Victoria has been gone for four days. Why did you tell it was two days?” Norman asked his wife.

“Did I say Victoria has been gone two days? Now that I think about it, it may have been four days, but since it was school related, I wasn’t concerned.”

“In her letter, Victoria said you frequently beat her and prevented her from attending cheerleader practices and sporting events. Is that true?”

“No, not at all. I would give Victoria mild admonishments but I never hit her and certainly I wouldn’t beat her. And, no I never prevented Victoria from attending practices or sporting events and whenever she asked, I would take her and pick her up after practice.”

“Mrs. Black said the school has to drop her because she wasn’t attending the events and practices. That has never happened before and I know Victoria would not be screaming over mild admonishments.”

“If you are not going believe me, I don’t have to explain my actions to you.”

“That’s right Dolores; you don’t have to explain anything to me. Marrying you was a mistake, I’m going to remedy that,” Norman angrily replied as he turned walked out the door.

Norman called his attorney, in charge of one of the two most politically connected law firms in the state, asked him to immediately file for divorce, to get his wife out of his house, and to get a restraining order preventing her from coming anywhere close to Victoria.

The attorney was able to get the judge they wanted. Victoria’s father had donated $25,000 to the judge and the PAC committee that was instrumental in getting him elected and now it was time for the judge to repay that favor. He issued an order that was served the next morning along with divorce papers. The order stated that the wife had 24 hours to move out of the house and not to come within 500 feet of Victoria or the house.

With an ironclad prenuptial agreement, the divorce went smoothly and quickly in spite of the efforts of Dolores’ attorney to delay and prevent it. Basically her attorney didn’t care and an implied offer to join the other lawyer’s law firm for more money than he was earning was more than enough to ensure that he made minimum effort on her behalf.

Victoria’s father hired a competent investigative firm to find Victoria and they did find the agent that sold her ticket to Atlanta. He remembered her because it was unusual for such a classy and very pretty girl to be riding the bus. However, he thought she had bought a ticket to Knoxville on a bus leaving about the same time as the one to Atlanta. That mistake made it almost impossible to find Victoria. With the $2,158 she had withdrawn from the bank, she could have gone anywhere in the United States, so the extensive search in Knoxville was a dead end.

The chief investigator told Victoria’s father that it was futile to spend more money searching. His firm had entered her name and photos into the data bases and posted flyers. However, until Victoria called, was picked up by the police, or someone recognized her from the flyers, there was not much more they could do.

Meanwhile Victoria, with an I.Q. of 147, the top 0.2 percentile, knew her money wouldn’t last long unless she could get baby-sitting jobs, one of the few jobs someone her age was allowed to do. She attempted to pass herself off as 16 and get on as a waitress to work at a fast foods place and at a small dress shop. And with her brains, beauty, and class Victoria would have been hired at any of several places, but each one asked for proof that her age was 16 and they required identification that Victoria didn’t have. Victoria might find a 16 year old girl and pay her to let her use her identification, address, and social security number, but for now she needed another place to stay.

It was easy enough to stay one night at the bus station since she could be waiting on the bus, but she would be noticed if she stayed there much longer. She left her small suitcase in a coin-paid locker in the bus station and set off to find a place to stay. In the business area in an almost never used back alley she found a staircase from the second floor of a vacant building that was partially enclosed and would protect her from the rain. She used boxes to make an area to sleep in and to stack in front of the enclosed area. That way no one driving or even walking by could see her sleeping area and no one would be looking at night.

Victoria used her school ID to get a library card and was able to use the computer to find a way to get another identity. To get a delayed birth certificate required school and other records years old and without a birth certificate she couldn’t possibly get another social security number. Also, since Victoria was over 12, she would have to go to a Social Security office and be interviewed, and the Social Security Administration verifies all records with the issuing agencies. Therefore, even if she created fake documents, they would not work. Furthermore, all birth and death records are now cross referenced so finding the grave and name of a child that died doesn’t work anymore.

Victoria didn’t want to sell her body except as a last resort and certainly not on the streets. She could pass herself off as 16, the age of consent in Georgia, and move in with a man or be a sugar baby and, unless she could otherwise solve the problem of finding a job, that might be her best option. It certainly wouldn’t be an option she wanted. However, she wouldn’t beg her father and be an unloved and unwanted inconvenience.

Victoria used public restrooms to wash and clean up; she knew she could wash and dry her clothes in Laundromats. To conserve her money, every day she would buy fruits, canned food including beans that she ate cold, dry cereal, and a quart of milk that would last a day even when warm.

Victoria purchased an inexpensive cellphone and 60 minutes cell phone time. She asked someone to use the cell phone to take several pictures of her, and she selected one to put on a flyer she created on the computer at the library. Then she talked the librarian into printing 100 of the flyers that she could pass out to get babysitting jobs.

It was a two mile walk one way, but she went to a middle class neighborhood with lots of young married couples to hand out the flyers. She knocked on each door, introduced herself, would speak for a couple of minutes, and, if they had young children, she gave them the flyer. She knew if they met her they would be more likely to call her and her picture on the flyer would remind them who she was. Victoria calculated that if she could babysit at least 12 hours a week, she could eat and survive in her makeshift home. And, if she could double that, perhaps by also cleaning their houses, she could rent a cheap room.

A pimp had a number of scouts to look for runaway girls and would pay them $250 to $500 when they found one. Most seldom did, but it was extra cash if they did find one. One unemployed so-called scout who lived on food stamps hung around the bus station and noticed that Victoria would often come there and get her suitcase, change clothes, and put her suitcase back in the locker. Victoria didn’t look like any street girl or runaway he had ever seen. It was obvious that she had far more beauty and class and at first he was too intimidated to approach her.

Finally the scout did approach Victoria. She was willing to listen, but would not reveal any information. Nevertheless, he told Victoria that he knows a very nice man that would allow her to stay at his home and provide room and board in exchange for cleaning, washing, and cooking. This sounded very good to Victoria who knew that living in the alley in her makeshift home was risky, as there was the possibility of being raped and maybe worse should some creep find her.

He took a several photos of Victoria and sent them to the pimp with the text, “Have I found the perfect girl for you.” The pimp called him back and offered $500 but the scout told the pimp the price is $1,000 or he will sell her to another pimp. The pimp could see from the photos that she was worth it as she would be a $500-a-night girl so he agreed to pay $1,000 if, after he met her, he found her acceptable.

After the pimp met Victoria he realized she would not be a $100 whore but a $1,000- to $1,500-a-night girl. When he found out Victoria was a virgin, he decided to sell her virginity for $20,000 and there was a middle aged, fat, rich white man he knew would pay for a weekend with Victoria in order to take her virginity. After that the pimp would fuck her and sell Victoria for $1,000 to $1,500 a night on weekends and $750 or more on weeknights.

Victoria could bring in $250,000 a year and keep the tips for herself and if she lasted four years, that’s $1 million dollars. The pimp was taking his time trying to persuade Victoria. He wouldn’t even consider showing his other girls, all cheap whores, any respect. However, when he couldn’t persuade her, the pimp started giving Victoria cocaine and other drugs in her drinks and food and after four weeks with the drugs making her high and dependent and clouding her judgment, she agreed.

The pimp took Victoria to a beauty salon to have her hair done, and then he took her to Saks Fifth Avenue. The pimp was intimidated at Saks, but Victoria was right at home. Knowing what the pimp wanted, she selected a $600 short, tight-fitting, sleeveless, sexy red mini dress, a $300 pair of heels, and undergarments.

Altogether the pimp spent over $1,200 in the beauty salon and Saks. Much more than what he intended, but he was intimidated by a sales clerk that was looking down her nose at him implying he couldn’t afford it. Therefore, he had to act like the big shot. However, it was worth it as he would demand $20,000 for a weekend with Victoria to take her virginity. The price hadn’t been settled yet, but the pimp knew the fat rich man would pay.

Wearing heels and her new red mini dress, Victoria was stunning.

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The pimp took Victoria to the fat man’s high rise luxury apartment located on the eighth floor. When they step into the elevator, Victoria asks, “What’s the guy like.”

“You will like him; he’s a nice good looking young man. Don’t you worry; you don’t have to anything you don’t want to.” Stepping out the elevator the pimp says, “You wait here while I go talk to him.”

Victoria watches as the pimp knocks on the man’s apartment door. Seeing a 300 lb, ugly middle age man that stepped out of apartment, Victoria is repulsed, “Ewww! How gross.”

Even though Victoria was affected by her slight cocaine addiction, after seeing the man she decided to run. When the pimp and fat man weren’t looking, Victoria pressed the elevator button. When the elevator door opened, she waited until the door started to close, stepped in and pressed the ground floor button. The fat man said, “Where’s she going?” The pimp looked around just as Victoria was disappearing in the elevator.

“You stop right there,” the pimp yelled as he made a dash for the elevator, but the elevator was starting to go down when the pimp pressed the elevator button. The pimp ran to the stairwell and ran down to the first floor taking five steps at a time.

The elevator was slow so Victoria, knowing that the pimp would go to the first floor where the elevator stopped, pressed the second floor button and got off there. She went to the stairs that led to a side entrance.

The elevator got to the first floor moments before the pimp and when the pimp looked, the elevator was empty. Thinking Victoria had probably left, he ran to the front door, looked outside, and asked the doorman if he saw a pretty girl in a red dress. The doorman shook his head ‘No’ and the pimp said, “Where in the fuck is that bitch? No whore is going to take my money.”

The pimp ran to the elevator and pressed the button. The door opened again but of course the elevator was empty. “Goddammit, where is that fuckin whore? Ain’t no whore gonna pull one over on me. I’ll kill the stupid bitch.” The pimp saw the hallway leading to the side entrance and made a dash for it.

Meanwhile, a black doctor just happened to be driving by and Victoria stepped in front his car and motioned for him to stop. Neither the doctor nor most any man would ignore a beautiful, sexy teenage girl in tight-fitting mini dress, so he stopped his car. Victoria opened the passenger door, got in and said, “Go! Please go now.”

The pimp was out the side door just in time to see Victoria get into the doctor’s car. Running as the doctor’s car started moving, the pimp yelled, “STOP, STOP RIGHT THERE, YOU STOP THAT CAR.” The pimp tried to catch the car but, by the time he got to where the car had stopped, it was already going 10 mph and picking up speed. For several seconds the pimp was closing, but then the car was going too fast.

“Dammit, where are you takin’ my whore? Ain’t no goddamn nigger gonna steal my whore! I’ll kill the fucker!”

“Who is that guy?” the doctor asked.

“He’s a pimp.” The doctor turned and looked Victoria up and down so she said, “It’s a long story. If you will stop somewhere and buy me something to eat, I’ll tell you all about it.”

The doctor was certainly curious. “Will Italian be okay?” he asked.

“Yes! Anything; I haven’t eaten since morning.”

The doctor stopped at La Grotta Ristorante Italiano. When the waiter arrived, Victoria seemed to barely look at the menu. In fact, she read it quickly and made a choice. The doctor was closely watching her. She certainly wasn’t a common whore and she appeared way too young to be a high price call girl. Classy clients would be leery of any girl under 18 and certainly if she is less the 16, the age of consent in Georgia.

When the waiter returned, Victoria ordered Carpaccio Di Tonno Con Avocado E Caperi and asked for tea to drink. After ordering and while waiting for the food to be served, Victoria started telling her story.

“After mother died and father remarried, things really got bad. My father was away from home a lot on business and my stepmother would give me beatings almost every day, some so severe that the pain would last most of the night. I tried to tell my father, but he didn’t care and told me to obey my stepmother. I was a middle school cheerleader and very good at it, but my stepmother refused to allow me to go to the sporting events and cheerleading practice so the school dropped me as a cheerleader.”

“How were your grades?” the doctor asked.

“I have never made any grade less than an ‘A.’ Not even once.”

“Then what happened?” the doctor asked.

“After a very severe beating I left home. I was living under a stairway when the pimp offered me food and a place to stay in exchange for household duties. At first I didn’t know he was a pimp. However, after a month I agreed to be with a man. I was told he was a young handsome man. Instead he was middle aged, ugly, and really fat. He must have weighed 300 pounds. When I saw him, I ran and so here I am; no place to stay and no money.”

The doctor could recognize signs of drug addition, even when minor. “Are you taking drugs?” he asked.

“Not knowingly. However, sometimes it feels like my skin is crawling with ants and I get these awful cravings. I don’t know for what but they are awful. My mind doesn’t function right. I don’t know what is wrong with me.”

“I’m a doctor; I’ll take you to the hospital and run some tests.”

“I don’t have money to pay you or the hospital and I’m not going to ask my father or stepmother. I will not go back to that abuse; not now, not ever.”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll treat you gratis and I will instruct the hospital not to charge you.” At the hospital, the doctor gave Victoria a complete physical checkup including blood and urine tests for any drugs and STDs. Of course, Victoria was STD free, but she did have a number of drugs in her system, the worse being cocaine since cocaine can cause biological changes in the brain.

The doctor told Victoria that her health was good, but she had tested positive for cocaine and other drugs. He said, “I believe your cocaine addiction is mild, but I will keep you in the hospital for a few days. In addition to craving more cocaine, withdrawal symptoms may include fatigue, sleep disturbance, feelings of paranoia, depression, irritability, and anxiety. There are drugs I can give you that will help the cravings and other symptoms, but mostly you need to want to get over your dependency. Can you do that?”

“I’ll do my best. I promise, I will do the very best I can.”

“Okay then. I’ll give instructions for nurse to give you some medications to help if you ask, but it is better if you don’t need them. The first day or two will be the worst and then it will get better.”

Victoria proved to have indomitable spirit. Knowing what to expect helped. The nurse kept checking on her, but she would not ask for any medication. She would win with her inner strength. The next morning the doctor checked on her and asked Victoria how she was feeling.

“I’ve had much better nights but, if this is the worst cocaine can do, I will be okay. I guarantee it.”

The next day, Victoria was better, but the doctor kept her in the hospital for another two days. On the third day the doctor asked a psychologist to administer an IQ test to Victoria. Victoria was still not feeling up to par. Nevertheless, even though she had not completely recovered from the mild cocaine addiction, her IQ score was 143, the top 0.3 percentile. That removed any remaining doubt that Victoria was very special and had that rare combination of brains and beauty.

Meanwhile the pimp had made a note of the doctor’s license plate and was able to find his address. Counting the initial $1,000 paid to the scout, $1,200 at Saks and the beauty parlor, about $1,000 for cocaine and other drugs, and food, the pimp had invested $3,500 in Victoria and his anger would override his normal good judgment. He grabbed his pistol and headed out to get Victoria back. “Ain’t no goddamn black ass nigger going to steal my whore. I’ll rip his head off and shit down his throat.”

As the pimp pulled into the doctor’s neighborhood, a cop that recognized the pimp wondered what he was doing in this neighborhood and pulled him over. That only increased his fury as the pimp muttered, “Goddamn fuckin’ cops, the shit heads won’t leave me alone.”

Normally, when stopped by a cop, he would quickly hide his pistol under the dashboard. However, extremely agitated over the loss of Victoria, he was too furious to think. The cop ordered him out of the car. “Put your hand on the car and spread ‘em,” the cop ordered as he started frisking the pimp.

When the cop found the pistol, he yelled for the pimp to get on the ground with his hands behind his back.

“Officer, I ain’t done nothing wrong,” the irritated pimp said.

The cop interpreted failure to immediately comply as resisting arrest and tasered the pimp. As the pimp fell in agony, his jerking and the involuntary contraction of his muscles caused his foot to kick the cop’s leg which the cop took as assault, so he called for backup. With charges of resisting arrest and assaulting an officer of the law, the judge denied bail.

It would be two weeks before his attorney got him out of jail and the charges dropped. However, the attorney had demanded that he put up his $45,000 Cadillac as collateral for his $8,500 bill and the pimp would have 30 days to redeem his Cadillac or the attorney would sell it at an auction. The pimp had plenty of cash in his safe so he believed that would not be a problem.

After releasing Victoria from the hospital, the doctor, who learned that she was a virgin, believed she would be good girlfriend and, in a few years, be the perfect wife for his 16 year old son. The doctor wanted Victoria to live with them but his wife wasn’t agreeable. Instead, the doctor talked 80 year old Jessica Kate White, a well-to-do patient of his who lived all alone in a big house, to let Victoria stay will her as sort of a live-in-maid and companion.

Thirteen year old Victoria considered the opportunity and immediately accepted. She knew the child labor laws had nothing to do with protecting children and were implemented to protect unions from low wage workers. Outside of acting and modeling, nothing a thirteen year old was allowed to do would pay enough to get her off the streets. Victoria knew that she was young enough, thin enough, tall enough, and had the stunning beauty and style to a be runway model and/or she could model clothes. However, that would require her father’s approval.

Therefore, Victoria realized she didn’t have a better opportunity and she truly did appreciate what the doctor had done for her. She would prove to be a near perfect companion for Mrs. White. Victoria spent the first two days, about 20 hours, cleaning the house from top to bottom, and she cooked meals. She went shopping with Mrs. White for groceries, making a few suggestions on things they would need.

It had been 20 years since the house had been painted, so Victoria volunteered to paint the house if Mrs. White would buy the paint. They selected colors for the walls and trim and Victoria spent the next five weeks painting the house. On the inside, she only needed a step letter. It was a brick house, but outside the doors and trim needed painting. Her late husband had left Jessica Kate White the ladders and tools that Victoria would need.

Outside, under and along the edge of the roof, Victoria would use a ten foot ladder. She would scrape and sand several feet of loose paint, move the ladder and scrape and sand several more feet. Then she repeated the same process for painting. To scrape, sand, and paint, Victoria would move and climb up and down the ladder almost 200 times. Painting that, if Jessica Kate White had hired a painter, would have cost over $6,500, Victoria did for only $500 in paint and supplies; and she did a better job because she removed all the electrical outlet covers, door knobs, and did a more complete job of scraping and sanding.

By then Mrs. White trusted Victoria and let her view her bank and stock broker accounts. Immediately Victoria noticed that her brokerage account was losing her money. And, it was no wonder due to churning. Victoria didn’t yet know much about stocks, but one thing her father had taught her is you don’t do frequent buying and selling because the commissions and spread between buy and sell price will eat you alive. Victoria talked Mrs. White into transferring her account to a low cost, no advice stock broker. Victoria also got her car insurance reduced based on the fact that Mrs. White drove less than 3,000 miles per year and not the 15,000 miles she was paying for. And, Victoria got her home insurance reduced because her house value was over inflated and there was no reason to include and insure the value of the lot.

After twelve days, when the pimp didn’t return, one whore decided to leave and thinking that a wall picture might be hocked for money, found that behind the picture was the pimp’s wall safe. That got the interest of all the girls. One girl noticed some numbers written on the back of the picture and the girls decided that could be the combination. They spent hours trying different combinations of one and two numbers for the combination. Finally one girl thought the combination might be in reverse order and the safe opened.

In the safe was $72,000 in cash, eighty one-ounce gold eagles and some jewelry. The girls divided what was in the safe and vanished in different directions. Before leaving, one girl squirted super glue in the holes and on the bolts that locked the safe and after closing the safe squirted more super glue behind the combination-turning knob and scale. Then she hung the picture back over the safe.

It was early the next morning when the girls were packed and called taxis to take them to the bus station and airport, three hours before the pimp arrived home and muttered, “Where are my damn whores?”

However, he would worry about that later; the important thing was to get $8,500 in cash from his safe and redeem his Cadillac. He tried to open the safe, but the knob wouldn’t turn. “What the fuck is the matter with my safe?” The pimp twisted and struggled trying to turn the knob. Finally in frustration and because he hadn’t had enough sleep in jail, the pimp went to bed.

It was night when the pimp woke up so he went to eat, came home and went back to bed thinking he would open the safe in the morning. When he woke up, he asked himself, “Where are my whores? Are those bitches turning tricks and holding out on me? I’ll skin them alive.”

However, he needed to open his safe so he tried turning the knob with his channel-lock pliers. However, he could tell that any additional twisting force would twist the plastic off the knob so he went to a hardware store and bought a hammer and chisel. First he started tapping on the knob with his hammer. Then with the chisel at a 45 to 60 degree angle, he would tap the chisel with the hammer driving the chisel into the knob and applying a twisting force.

The pimp gave up for a while and left to eat and to look for his whores. No luck there. Meanwhile, the whores were moving from place to place, making them harder to find and spending money like it was going out of style; one whore bought a car and others were buying gifts and TVs for their family members. Like most in their class and background, if they had money, it was to spend; live today with little thought for tomorrow.

When the pimp couldn’t find any of his whores he returned home. His efforts had broken loose most of the super glue behind the combination turning knob, so this time the knob broke loose from the remaining super glue and rotated when he used his channel-lock pliers. “Finally I’ll get my money,” the pimp said out loud. He quickly rotated the knob to open the safe; but, with the lock bolts held in place with super glue, it didn’t open. The pimp worked the combination the second time and again it didn’t open. On his third effort, the pimp took his time to be very careful that the combination lined up perfectly with the numbers, but the safe didn’t open.

“WHAT THE FUCK! WHY DOESN’T THE GODDAMN SAFE OPEN?” the pimp said loudly to no one in particular. Frustrated past his breaking point, the pimp went to bed and fell asleep. The next morning, when the pimp woke up, he thought he had it figured out. Because of his use of his channel-lock pliers and the hammer and chisel, and due to the resulting twisting force, the marker must have shifted slightly to the right or left relative to the numbers. Therefore, number 20 might be 19 or 21 or 18 or 22 with a corresponding shift for the other combinations. The pimp spent the next two hours shifting the number to the right and then left by 1, then by 2, then by 3, then by 4, and finally by 5; cussing the whole time with his blood pressure rising with his frustration. “FUCK THIS SHIT. I’LL KNOCK THE GODDAMN SAFE OPEN.”

The pimp left and returned with a sledge hammer. The second blow knocked the knob off. For over an hour, the pimp expressed his frustration by hitting the safe with the sledge hammer. Repeatedly the pimp hit the safe, a dozen or more times, and then rested. Finally he knocked the safe out of the wall.

He was too exhausted to hit the safe any more, so he called a taxi and, carrying the 140 lbs safe, the pimp went to a locksmith. The locksmith said, “If the safe wasn’t so beat up and smashed into the tumblers, I could have opened it. I suggest you take it to a machine shop and let them cut it open.”

The pimp took the safe to a machine shop. The mechanic said, “I can cut it open in a few minutes with a torch. However, if you have any papers in it, I can’t guarantee that they won’t burn.”

“Burn my money; fuckin NO!” the pimp replied.

“I can drill through the bolts and then use a saw to cut through the rest of the bolts. It will take about five or six hours, maybe longer, at $150 per hour or I will give you a bid for $600.”

“I’ll pay the $600,” the pimp replied.

“I need to be paid in advance,” the mechanic said.

“The goddamn money is in the safe, when it is open, I’ll pay you.”

“I don’t know that. I need to be paid in advance.”

Exasperated to the point of despair the pimp went to a pawn shop and hocked his $2,000 diamond ear stud and $3,000 Rolex for $1,200. After returning to the machine shop and paying the mechanic, in less than two hours the mechanic said to the pimp, “It will take about 15 more minutes and I will have the safe opened.”

The pimp told the mechanic that he would pay for the time and wanted a refund, but the mechanic told the pimp, “The price is as agreed. I didn’t know how long it would take and if it took more hours you wouldn’t want to pay more than the agreed $600.” When the mechanic opened the safe, it was empty.

“Where’s my fuckin money, my gold, my jewelry?” the pimp wailed in despair.

“You watched me open it,” the mechanic replied.

“My thieving whores stole my money, I’ll kill the fuckin bitches,” the exasperated pimp angrily said.

With a little over $600 in cash, the pimp went home. The next morning the pimp called his attorney and said, “My whores stole all my money, gold, and jewelry, but I can pay you by getting a loan on my car.”

“No bank will lend you the money with my lien on the car and I can’t release the lien until I’ve have been paid,” the attorney lied.

“I can find a buyer for the car,” the pimp said.

“The court has issued an order for the auction. That can’t be undone, so your buyer must bid at the auction. I will notify you the time and place five days before the auction. The court hasn’t set the date yet,” the attorney lied.

The auction was in two weeks, the pimp was never notified, and the car was sold to a dummy bidder for $10,000 and the attorney got another $15,000 kickback under the table, and it appeared to be legal. After charging $500 in additional fees, the attorney sent the broke pimp $1,000.

“What is this fuckin shit that my $45,000 Cadillac only sold for $10,000 and you said you would notify me,” the pimp whined.

“$10,000 was the high bid and my secretary did notify you,” the attorney lied.

Three weeks later, having spent all his remaining money and with no job, the pimp applied for food stamps.

Victoria, directly or indirectly, initially and as the result of the pimp attempting to get her back, cost the pimp his business and all his wealth:

$1,000 paid to the scout.

$1,000 for cocaine and other drugs.

$1,250 at the beauty salon and Saks.

$9,000 for attorney fees.

$90,200 eighty gold eagles.

$28,000 jewelry from the safe.

$3,900 the loss on pawned Rolex and diamond stud.

$35,000 loss on the Cadillac.

$170,250 total plus the loss of his whores.

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