Saving My Son

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A mother sees her son experimenting with another boy. She seduces that boy to show him women are better. Then her son needs enlightening.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   mt/mt   Teenagers   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   .

Marilyn didn’t know what to do! She’d just stumbled on her fifteen-year-old son 69ing with his best friend through a crack in his bedroom door. Shit! She didn’t want a gay kid! Getting some whiskey and going out on the back porch to act like she’d never been in the house was her first reaction.

Brad was an only child and she doted on him. His best friend Will was a nice kid too. But this was unexpected. Neither was dating yet so she had no idea how they reacted to females as far as sex went. She and his dad hadn’t had “The Talk” with him either. Was it too late?

Her son was surprised she was home since he hadn’t expected her yet but seemed relaxed because she was outside. They had an ordinary visit and he went back in. Will stopped by to say goodbye as he prepared to leave. Brad wasn’t close by so she asked him if he could come visit with her sometime by himself. He seemed a bit puzzled by the request but agreed.

Two days later her husband and son were gone all afternoon so she texted Will. He appeared as promised and sat down with her. Her opening was, “I have some important things to ask you about Will. Can I trust your secrecy?” Brad nodded so she continued, “Have you ever had a girlfriend? I mean one that you got at all intimate with?”

“That’s kindof a personal question, isn’t it?” replied Will.

“Yes, but you should understand the reason as we go further. Trust me.”

“Well, no I haven’t.”

She continued, “I know you and Will spend a lot of time together and have for quite a while. Do you ever get sexual feelings towards him?”

This made Will squirm. “Be honest,” she prompted, “I have a reason to ask that and I am not trying to be judgmental.”

“Well, no we don’t.”

She stared at him hard, “Tell the truth. I saw you two sucking each other two days ago.”

Will turned beet red, have been double-caught. “I’m sorry.”

She reached out to touch his hand which produced a tingle she hadn’t expected. He was cute and his hard dick had looked interesting even in her son’s mouth. “I’ve heard of it when young people are trying to discover sex. I even did a little with a girlfriend way back but then I discovered boys. Perhaps you need to discover girls to be sure you are going in the right direction.”

When Will asked, “And how am I supposed to do that?” a light flashed in her mind.

“I could be a teacher,” she thought and blurted out, “How about if I show you?”

His face lit up, “Would you? Please!”

“OK, but not today. I’ll have to sort of prepare for this I think.

Less than week later they had a whole day to themselves. Marilyn had been nervous and excited. She’d been monogamous since getting engaged but not before. The idea of being naked with a different man was stimulating. She welcomed Will wearing a short bathrobe. How to start? Probably by getting naked and doing some basic touching, she figured.

Oooo! It was exciting to touch and be touched. It hadn’t been like that with her husband for a long time. Will’s cock was so firm and thicker than the one she usually felt. There was an apology at the start though. “My breasts aren’t any bigger than yours which I regret. They are sensitive though and look at the big nipples. Suck them, please.” God, it felt good!

A question as she was sucking on Will’s willy, “How does this feel compared to the way Brad does it?”

“Not a lot different,” he replied. That concerned her. So far messing with her wasn’t particularly better than with a guy. Now to “dine at the Y”. She guided her young man and he learned quickly. It sure felt good and he seemed to be enjoying it too.

As she lay back with her eyes closed, reveling in the rare oral treat, there was a pause and then some quick movements. Suddenly her cunt was half full or cock and two quick thrusts later, before she could really react, it was stuffed full. Her eyes opened with a squawk but it felt so good she couldn’t fight it.

Closing her eyes again, her hands found his hips and guided the powerful thrusts as her hips reflexively pushed back. Soon enough she came and felt the strong pulses of a teen sperm load, something she’d almost lost the memories of.

“Oh Ms. Marilyn, this is wonderful. You were right. There is no way a guy could feel like this.” What could she say? It was her idea but just went faster than she had expected, even if she’d meant it to get this far. But it felt SOOO good!

“I think you’d better go now, Will,” was all she could think to say. He dressed and left her lying there. When she heard the garage door opening she hustled to the bedroom with her clothes and got on the toilet. Clean up time. The rest of her evening felt a bit spacey and she hoped her men didn’t notice. For once, it was a blessing when her husband didn’t seek sex either.

The whole next day was one of preoccupation. Had she done the right thing? What would happen next? Would Will want more? Would she give it to him? Lots of unanswerables that persisted. Her husband “reclaimed” her that night which was a relief.

It was three days later when Will came home with Brad, acting like he usually did. That was puzzling too. Didn’t he care what happened? Finally they had a few moments in private. “Ms. Marilyn, when can I have another lesson?” That was a graceful way to put it and it melted her resolve.

“I’ll text,” was all she could say.

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