Mind-control Panties 13: Hucow's Delicious Milk

by mypenname3000

Copyright© 2019 by mypenname3000

Mind Control Sex Story: A flat-chested girl is mind-controlled into a lactating slut while growing bigger and bigger tits.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Lactation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Body Modification   Public Sex   Small Breasts   .

The figure moved with ease through the department store. It was excited to leave its current pair of panties behind in this location. After the last one, Cherry Tart, had made Delilah White into a perpetual virgin, the figure wanted to try another form of body modification. It had an idea for a delicious one. It was why the current pair of panties looks so much like the white and black pattern of a dairy cow. There was a simple question written on the rear.

Got Milk?

The figure was eager for this new fun. Mind-controlling girls gave it such a rush, but transforming them was just as much fun. There were so many wicked things it could do with this magic. This game was exciting. It couldn’t wait for that wonderful rush that imposing its will on its target would bring.

It couldn’t wait for the girl to try on these panties. She was just perfect for it. It had found her, peering through the mist that fell from the waterfall in its lair. The perfect girl to be transformed.

The shoppers in the huge box store paid no heed to the figure. It slipped between them, almost flowing like shadows. Nondescript and unremarkable shadows. Its true form was utterly alien, but they didn’t see it as anything more than the background. Their eyes slid across the figure to stare at what they really were here for.

All the material goods spread out before them. The wealth of nations brought to their fingertips.

They had no idea how fortunate they were. They took it all for granted.

Not that the figure cared. It just wanted to satiate its own lust for mischief.

The figure reached its destination: the Junior Miss section. It was for girls who were ten to thirteen to shop at. Of course, its target was older than that. Not that she looked it. That’s what made her perfect. On a rack holding bras that were little more than trainers, it draped the panties.

The figure shuddered, eager for the fun to begin. Then it flitted away. It moved through the shopping crowd, heading back towards the store’s automatic doors. The mist awaited. Back to its lair to watch the fun.

It trembled in anticipation. It could feel its prey coming closer and closer to the section.

Abigail Hart hated having to go to the Junior Miss section shop for her clothes. She was seventeen. Seventeen and four foot eleven! She looked like a twelve-year-old girl and had the chest to match. She barely qualified as an A-cup. She kept hoping and hoping her breasts would grow, but nothing seemed to work. Not any of the apocryphal ideas she’d gotten off the Internet— she’d drunk whole milk every day for a year and had nothing to show for it—nor did the suggestions from her friends.

She played with her nipples when she masturbated.

She secretly bought a breast pump and placed it over her little buds, hoping the suction would grow them.

She wanted them to be bigger. She’d settle for a B-cup. Something more than the little mosquito bites she currently had. Something that would make her look anything close to her age.

Because of her childish build, she was suspicious of any guy who wanted to date her. They were always such pervs. The rest of the boys wanted girls with big breasts. Huge honkers. The type of lush sweaters pillows they could snuggle up to.

It wasn’t fair. Her mother wasn’t flat-chested. Her mother had tits. Her mother would just say, “Abigail, you’ll blossom one day. You’ll see. You got to be patient. You’re a late bloomer.”

At seventeen, it was hard to keep believing that.

She sighed when she reached the bra section. She hated having to browse here. She couldn’t get anything sexy. She wasn’t even sure why she bothered. Like I need any support, she thought. The only thing that had developed were nipples. They were getting bigger. When they got hard, they were noticeable. And that just embarrassed her. At least a training bra helped to hide them.

She slouched up to the display, gazing at the selections and...

“Got milk?” she read, staring at the panties.

She grabbed them, studying at the dairy cow pattern on them. She frowned, her fingers sliding over the letters. A tingle rippled through her. Thoughts of buying a new bra were abandoned.

Why do I need a bra? she thought to herself.

Panties in hand, she marched up to the cashier. The tingle coursed through her body the entire time. The cashier felt it, too. They went through the motions of her paying, but at no point had any barcode been scanned nor had any money been exchanged. After all, the panties weren’t the store’s. They were Abigail’s. They were made for her. If anyone else took them, the results could be unpredictable.

A gymnastics teacher had learned that.

Then Abigail was out the door and heading home with strange ideas of large mammaries, heavy udders, filling her young mind.

Abigail Hart

I stared down at my flat chest and shook my head. Every morning, I hoped that something would happen.

That there would be some amount of growth that would’ve happened overnight. They were barely more than bumps. My nipples had developed nicely, my areolas wide, my nubs thick. When erect, they thrust out fairly far. There were girls my age, like Courtney, with tits much bigger who didn’t have nipples half my size. It was so unfair.

I’d rather have small nipples and huge tits then the reverse.

“I’m never going to get a boyfriend,” I muttered. I stared at myself in the mirror. I had no hips. I wasn’t even five foot tall. At seventeen, I’d given up hope of gaining any more height. I would forever be short. My mother had 3 inches on me and D cups to boot. Why had genetics abandoned me.?

I threw on my new pair of panties I’d bought yesterday. The dairy cow pattern on them was ... exciting. They made me tingle when I touched them. It ran all the way up to my breasts. My nipples. I could almost fantasize that if I put on these panties, I would grow huge tits. Just the largest udders. Bigger than double D’s. Then F-cups. Then G or maybe even in H-cups.

Maybe I’d gain J-cups like that Japanese porn star.

God, she must be as tall as me, and she had massive tits. I could be like her. In my dreams, I was.

I stepped into the panties and groaned as that tingle raced up my thighs. I wiggled my hips, my flesh electrified. So incredible. My nipples hardened. The naughty itch formed in my pussy. Huge mammaries danced in my mind. Just the biggest, softest boobs. It made me want to masturbate. To get out the breast pump and finger my twat while stimulating my nipple.

But I had to get to my high school.

I smoothed the black and white panties over my rump and then traced the waistband around to the front. They fit perfectly. I kinda liked the look. Like I was a dairy cow. I could be a human cow with big udders just full of creamy milk.


Why did I think of that? What was with these panties?

I shook my head, putting that hopeless fantasy out of my mind. Even if I got pregnant and had a kid, how big would my tits even get? Go up a size? I might finally be an A-cup in truth. I would never be like that porn star with those big, massive J-cups.

I thought her name was Hitomi J-cup.

Gosh, she was so lucky.

I sighed, my fingers smoothing down the front of the panties. My nipples continued to tingle. I glanced down at them, fat and long, the perfect size nubs for woman with big breasts. It was like they were taunting me. I hissed in frustration and grabbed my training bra. I lifted it up and an infuriated fire burned in my belly. It was something for a little girl to wear.

Blood boiling, I threw it down in snarling frustration and grabbed the shirt I was going to wear. It was a purple baby doll t-shirt with a V-neckline. I pulled it over my head and wiggled it around my slender torso. Another thing a twelve-year-old would wear, but it fit me. My nipples poked at the front, and I didn’t care for once.

At least my nipples were developed.

I shoved my legs violently into my jeans. I was just so fed up with that all. Seventeen! Seventeen and with the smallest tits ever. I worked my pants up my thighs while shaking my head. All my friends had developed. I had to watch Jennifer and Courtney and Melissa and Beverly and Janiqua all grow tits. They all got excited as they went from A-cups to B-cups and some went to C-cups. Courtney even made it to a D-cup.

All the boys loved her.

I buttoned up my jeans and zipped up my fly. I slipped on my ankle socks and popped my feet into my tennis shoes. I snagged my bookbag and purse, made sure I had my cell phone, and then I was out of my bedroom. I grabbed a pop tart from the toaster and nibbled on as I headed out the front door. The sun was bright, shining. I felt it warming my skin as I headed to school, this tingling rippled around my nipples. I knew I should’ve worn a bra. I was feeling the fabric of my shirt rubbing against my nubs. It was making me excited. I was getting wet.

Gosh, that was embarrassing.

I finished off my pop tart before I was halfway to my school. I sucked a few crumbs off my fingers, walking past adults who looked down at me. A lot of them were noticing me and shaking their heads. Anger burned through me.

What? Had they never seen a short woman?

I was four foot eleven. I mean, I wasn’t terribly short.

I reached my school, the buses dropping off students, other teenagers driving their own cars or walking in like me. A flood of them was heading towards the front door. They were all taller than me. It was the worst. Everywhere I went, I was the shortest person. My feet smacked on the pavement, my purse swinging off my shoulder, my bookbag bouncing behind me. A few of the students smiled at me. Then they frowned and stared at my t-shirt.

“Abigail!” Courtney greeted when she saw me. She blinked “Um, are you okay?”

“I’m just mad,” I said, walking past her and those lush sweater puppies she always was showing off. She wore a top so tight that it molded to her tits. On top of that, she had a plunging neckline that went so low it showed off a hint of the lace of her bra.

Her bra had lace! And probably a pretty bow, too.

“Wait, Abigail,” she called after, I was just so angry. I marched into school and ignored her and her big mammaries.

Everyone was looking at me. It made the tingles in my nipples worse. I felt so hard and throbbing right now. I could just feel the material of my purple t-shirt molding to them. Teasing my nubs. Everyone stared at me. They had to know that I was aroused.

My cheeks burned as I stalked through the school.

“Uh, you know your leaking,” said Bruce. He was a tall guy, over six feet, so he loomed over me. He had brown hair and a soul patch on his chin. He was on the basketball team, a handsome guy. My heart fluttered a little. He had a great smile and this sort of dashing look in his eyes.

“Uh, what was that?” I asked, this throaty purr entering my voice. I shifted. Did he like my big nipples?

“Yeah, I mean, your leaking,” he said.

I stared down at my chest and...

“What the fudge!” I gasped. I hated that I couldn’t swear properly which only added to the fact that people must think I was a child. Right now, I didn’t care. There were two growing wet spots centered around my nipples. They were leaking. I blinked at seeing a bit of white beading through my shirt clinging to my breasts...

“I have breasts,” I gasped. They were small, little more than budding mounds. But they were bigger than they were when I left my house. They were proper A-cups. “Bruce, I have breasts.”

“That’s not all you got,” he said. “You got milk.”

Those two words flashed in my mind. I had milk. Breast milk.

Tingles raced out of my panties. My hands grabbed the hem of my shirt and yanked it up my torso. Right there in the hallway, not caring that other students were passing us, I stripped. I pulled my shirt up and up, the wet fabric peeling away from my fat nipples. I bunched my shirt up beneath my armpits, exposing my new breasts. I gazed at them in awe. They had a shape to them, a perky firmness. And there, beading from my nipples, was white milk.

“Jesus, your lactating,” he groaned.

“I am,” I muttered. “It’s like I’m a ... human cow.” My gaze shot up. “Would you like a taste?”

“Yeah, why not,” he said. “I’ve never tried human milk before.”

Other students were watching as the tall Bruce knelt down. Even kneeling he had the height to reach my breasts. I groaned as his hands gripped my sides. Then his lips nuzzled into my nipple. I gasped as he latched onto my right nub. He sealed his mouth about my fat nipple, his lips pressing warm against my areola.

He suckled.

Tingles raced through my body as I felt the milk squirting out of my nipple into his mouth. I groaned, my hands balling tight. It felt so amazing. My nipple felt connected straight to my pussy. My cunt clenched as much as my fists, drinking in the exciting sensation of my milk squirting out of my nub.

He suckled again, groaning as he tasted my breasts milk. A wicked shudder ran through me. More cream beaded on my other nub. I swept up my finger across my nipple as Bruce nursed. He groaned with hunger as he feasted on my creamy treat. I held up my finger glistening with the pearly drop.

I brought it to my mouth.

I groaned as I thrust my finger into my mouth. I tasted my creamy breast milk. It was sweeter than cow’s milk. Clean, I popped my digit out of my mouth. My tongue ran over the roof of my mouth as I savored the flavor. It had a melony aftertaste. Something almost like cantaloupe. I groaned, smacking my lips.

Bruce popped his lips off my nipple and groaned, “It’s good, isn’t it?”

I nodded. “Oh, please keep suckling.”

Around us, our fellow classmates were watching. Bruce sucked my left nipple back into his mouth, latching onto that fat nub. I groaned as he suckled, my milk squirting into his mouth. Both his hands slid up my body to cup my breasts.

He kneaded and massaged my little mounds. I gasped as a stream of white shot from my right nipple and soared over his shoulder to splash wastefully on the floor. I shuddered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter as he suckled. This felt so amazing.

He squeezed my tits again, the stream squirting harder into his mouth while my right nipple erupted with more of my white cream. This time, I cupped my hand before my right tit and savored the hot milk splashing against my skin. I shuddered at the sight of my creamy treat pooling in the palm of my hand. I brought it up to my mouth, eager to taste more of it.

I sucked it into my mouth, the wonderful treat bursting to life across my taste buds.

So sweet.

I licked at my palm, loving every trace I could find. My other hand was already covering my nipple, getting drenched as he squeezed again, my nipple squirting. Beads of hot milk ran across my hand. I quickly brought it up to my mouth, licking and lapping and savoring my creamy treat. I couldn’t waste a single drop of it.

It was too good.

I trembled, my hips wiggling as he kneaded my tits and nursed from me. My twat was on fire. I kept licking fresh cream off my palms, switching my hands, loving it. I groaned, the tingles racing from my pussy, maybe from my panties. They surged up and up to my tits to make me into a delicious human cow. I shuddered, my creamy treat flooding Bruce’s mouth.

“Are her tits getting bigger?” a girl asked.

“I think they are,” muttered a guy named Tim.

“Damn,” Courtney said as she arrived. “That’s why you were getting wet around your nipples. You’re lactating!”

I shrugged, not sure what to say. Then I stared down at my tits and gasped. The comments around me faded as I stared at my breasts. Milk was squirting wastefully from my right nipple as I shuddered at the sight of my boobs. They were bigger than A-cups now.

They were B-Cups.

They had a roundness to them. A perkiness they lacked before. I shuddered, my pussy on fire. I was in the middle of the hallway with half of my high school staring at me, otherwise, I’d do something about my horny itch. I would masturbate.

Bruce suckled and then groaned. For once, I didn’t feel that naughty tingle caused by the milk squirting out of my nipple. He popped his mouth off, shaking his head. Then he darted over to my right nipple. He latched on and suckled hard. I gasped as a hot squirt of milk flooded his mouth. But when he nursed a second time, nothing.

“You drained me,” I moaned, staring at my round, perky tits. They were incredible and now had volume. A wonderful shape. As Bruce popped his lips off my nipple and released my tits, I shuddered. I cupped them for a moment, kneading them.

“Those are a nice pair of boobs,” said Anthony, a tall, Black guy with a shaved head. “Damn fine tits. I never noticed you have those before, Abigail.”

“Because she didn’t have tits before,” Courtney said. “Damn, I wouldn’t have thought that lactating would cause them to blossom so fast. How did you do it, Abigail?”

I shook my head, pulling down my shirt. I had utterly no idea how this had happened. Could it be because of the panties? Just because I said that wonderful question printed on the back, Got Milk? It was so foolish. Neither panties nor saying a phrase could have turned me into a human dairy cow. They wouldn’t cause my tits to swell and give me creamy milk for all the boys to enjoy.

I groaned as I slid my shirt over my tits. With them swelled up, the purple fabric squeezed even tighter around my mammaries. The cotton-poly blend hugged to those big breasts and my hard nipples, and the hem no longer went down past the waistband of my jeans. It just touched it. Barely keeping my stomach covered.

I felt amazing as I strolled forward. My pussy was juicy. If I didn’t have a class to get to, I would do something about it. My breasts had a wonderful bounce to them as I moved through the halls. My classmates were staring at me.

For once, they could tell I wasn’t a little girl.

I was a woman, or near enough. I was seventeen and finally had tits. Nice, round B-cups. I felt them bouncing and jiggling with my every step, moving with this perky firmness. My nipples throbbed and tingled, such joy rippling through me.

I smiled at everyone who noticed my new mammaries. Especially the guys. They were staring at my tits with hunger. I could see it in their eyes. Nate with his ear expanders and his man bun, Ken with his goatee of blonde hair, and Will while pushing up his glasses. They all stared at me. They all enjoyed the side of my tits.

I finally had melons. Hooters. Delicious sweater puppies. Sure, they weren’t the biggest, but they were such an improvement. I felt like a million bucks as I headed into my first class. My teacher, Mr. Abernathy, blinked at the sight of my tits. He had this hungry look in his eyes as I sat down in the front row. I grinned at him, arching my back to thrust out my new breasts at him.

I could tell he loved my babies.

It was so hard not to play with my nipples during class. I just wanted to tweak them. To touch them. They kept tingling as the fabric of my t-shirt caressed them. I loved how my tits moved. My pussy was hot, making me squirm which made my breasts jiggle all the time. Poor Mr. Abernathy kept stumbling through his lecture. He was paying more attention to my tatas then on what he was supposed to be teaching us.

That made me feel like a million bucks.

I headed to my next class, a group of guys hovering around me. They were so cute. They were all staring at me, talking and elbowing each other, muttering about how I’d nursed Bruce. They were all so amazing. I loved it. I had this wonderful bounce to my step, making my boobies bounce for all the delight of the boys. I had never felt better about myself in my life.

I was a human cow and loved it.

I entered my next class and there was Anthony. He was sitting in the back, his head turning over to look at me. His eyes flicked up and down my figure. The Black guy rubbed his hand across the shaved head. “Are you’re tits a little bigger than they were?”

I glanced down and groaned in delight. They did seem bigger. They looked like they were C-cups now. A little fuller, little rounder. I could tell by the little strip of skin between the bottom of my t-shirt and the waistband of my jeans, proving that I’d grown in volume.

“I guess that must mean your milk’s coming in again,” he said. “You’re getting wet around the nipples.”

I grinned, seeing the little white spots growing where my hard nubs pressed into the t-shirt’s material. “Guess so.”

“So, you got any milk for me.”

Got ... milk...

I ripped up my shirt right there before his desk. My C-cup titties bounced out with this wonderful sway to them. Milky white beaded on both pink nubs. “Of course I do.” I flicked my eyes up and down his strapping form. “You got anything for me?”

“Think I got something for you,” Anthony said. “I’m seeing how your squirming. Sharing that creamy milk gotta be quite the chore.”

“Well, it has its rewards,” I said, cupping my lush C-cup titties. I shook them at him, a wicked smile on my lips. My pussy clenched, my juices soaking the dairy-cow-pattern panties.

His dark hands took my own hand’s place. He squeezed my tits. I shuddered, loving the way his dark fingers massaged my boobs. He gave them both a good squeeze, causing my milk to squirt out and splash his chest. The little droplets soaked into his dark-green t-shirt, a bit of cream beading on the printed logo.

“Damn, you’re just a squirter.”

I blushed, knowing what he meant. I wasn’t that much of a virgin. “Well, you just make me wet.”

His eyes flicked down to my crotch. “Abigail, I bet you are.”

Anthony leaned down and he sucked on my left nipple. I groaned as his dark lips sealed about my fat, pink nub. He suckled and my wonderful milk flowed into his mouth. I groaned as his hands slid down my stomach. His fingers stroked lower and lower, teasing me.

I gasped as his digit brushed my bellybutton and dipped into the little divot. I groaned as he swirled around inside of it, teasing me. Then he went lower. His finger traveled down and down and down until he reached the waistband of my jeans. He stroked across the denim, his hand brushing my fastener.


I groaned as he shoved his hand into my pants. My fly rasped opened, the zipper moving downward. I shuddered, his cheeks hollowing as he suckled hard. My milk squirted into his hungry mouth, sending trembles shooting down to my cunt. His fingers dipped into the waistband of those naughty panties. He slid through my bush.

Went lower.

I gasped as he cupped my virgin pussy. I felt his middle finger sliding up and down my wet slit. I shuddered, this pleasure rippling through me. Everyone was watching as he fingered my virgin twat, sending such naughty delight rippling through me.

My arms went around his head, cradling the sexy Black guy to my round breasts. I closed my eyes, loving him nursing at my nipple. He stroked me. His finger moved up and down, teasing my labia. His touch coaxed out my little clit from its hood. I gasped as it burst with sparks from the first time he touched me.

I gasped in delight, shuddering as he rubbed that little bud for a moment. His finger danced along as he suckled. My milk squirted into his mouth. He nursed with such hunger. I trembled, my juices soaking his digits.

“Yes, yes, drink it all down,” I panted. “It’s so good for you. Ooh, drink my milk. It’ll make you even stronger.”

He sucked with force. His lips engulfed more and more of my areola. My milk fired into his mouth. Every time he nursed, pleasure jolted down to my pussy. My cunt clenched, drinking in the lightning while sparks flared from my clit. The two different sensations mixed and swirled inside of my cunt.

“Damn, those tits are amazing,” groaned Tim.

“Yeah,” Will croaked.

“Wow, Abigail’s tits are bigger than mine,” whimpered Courtney.

“Tell me about it,” said Janiqua, my Black friend. “And are they getting bigger? I think they’re becoming D-cups.”

I shuddered and opened my eyes. I groaned in delight as I stared down. My tits were growing fuller. They were expanding as he nursed. It was a subtle change, but I could just see their enhanced growth. They were round and full, heavy. I could feel the shifting in my posture as I adjusted myself to the increased weight of my mammaries.

“I’m growing big udders,” I groaned in delight. “I am becoming a human dairy cow!”

“Go Abigail!” cheered Courtney. “You’re so lucky. I wish I had big, lactating titties.”

“She’s got some lush tatas,” another guy groaned. “Damn, Anthony, you’re lucky.”

I whimpered, my nipple throbbing. Anthony’s fingers slid up and down my pussy. I felt my orgasm building and building. Everyone was staring at me as he nursed from my growing udder. He sucked hard on my nipple, feasting on my milk.

I gasped as I ran dry. Luckily, I had two tits.

Anthony popped his mouth off my left nipple and darted over to the right. He rubbed at my clit, sparks bursting through me. I whimpered, my right nipple extra sensitive from waiting to be drained. It burst with pleasure as my milk squirted into his mouth. Anthony groaned as he swallowed that wonderful treat.

I stroked his bald-shaved head. I caressed him, loving the feel of his thick lips wrapped around my nipple. The amount of suction he created was incredible. My juices flowed out of me. I whimpered and groaned.

“Oh, yes,” I panted.

His thumb started rubbing at my clit while his fingers massaged my labia. He ran up and down the folds of my cunt, teasing me. It was incredible. So intense. I just knew I was going to explode. I was going to have such an amazing orgasm.

I loved being a human dairy cow. I loved nursing sexy guys. Anthony suckled with such hunger. His left hand grabbed my right tit, squeezing. I felt my milk squirting out of my nipple and into his mouth with such force.

I gasped, the pleasure swelling inside of me. I couldn’t take much more of this. His thumb rubbed my clit. His mouth nursed at my nipple. His fingers caressed my labia. They danced up and down my slit, brushing my hymen. He stroked all my naughty bits.

“Anthony!” I howled.

“Oh, yes, that’s incredible!”

I came.

My juices gushed out, bathing his hand. Ripples of pleasure flowed through my body. He kept sucking. Nursing. My nipples throbbed and ached, sending more waves of rapture flooding through my body. The bliss poured over my mind, drowning my thoughts.

It was incredible. Stars burst before my eyes. My head tossed from side to side, my black hair dancing about my shoulders. My left breast swayed, moving with a heavy weight. I gasped, Anthony kneading my tit, milking me as he suckled.

My clit throbbed and ached beneath his massaging thumb.

“Yes, yes, Anthony!” I moaned. “Drain my milk! Drain me dry!”

My tits were even bigger now. I had to have Double D’s now. I now had tits as big as my mother. I groaned and gasped, the pleasure reaching that wonderful pinnacle of ecstasy. I hit it as he suckled out the last of my breast milk. I groaned, a final shudder racing through me. Then I was panting. Gasping. I shook my head, dizzy from the pleasure.

“Oh, yes, you did have something for me, Anthony,” I moaned as his hand slid out of my panties. He held up his fingers, soaked in my juices. I smelled a sweet scent; my own arousal. I shuddered as he popped his fingers into his mouth, sucking up my other cream.

My naughty cream.

I trembled as I shoved down my shirt over my large sweater puppies. My t-shirt was so tight. It rode up, showing off my bellybutton now. I groaned, my tits constrained, the fabric stretched over them. It was perfect. I loved it. I hoped they would get bigger.

J-cups, here I come!

Panting, I thrust up my jeans. I headed to my seat, my large breasts jiggling and swaying with my every movement. I sat down and smiled as I watched them bounce at the bottom of my vision. These were everything I wanted. Maybe they would grow bigger and I would get my J-cups. I struggled to focus on the lesson, to grow my education, but all I could think about was milk.

Creamy, white, sweet breast milk. I could feel the delight slowly filling my tits. I was generating more and more. My massive udders were getting ready to nurse more boys. They needed it. They had to drink my wonderful delight. So incredible. I would give them all my creamy treats.

I couldn’t wait.

I kept my hands clasped tight together throughout the lesson. It was hard not to wiggle. I was getting hot and excited again, too. Getting fingered while nursing Anthony was amazing. I would have to insist that all the boys do things to please me to get my milk.

I bit my lower lip, my t-shirt feeling tighter and tighter. When I looked down, I knew my tits were bigger. They were swelling and swelling, becoming those massive udders that I craved. Soon, they would be big enough to lactate permanently. Every boy or man would enjoy my milk as much as they wanted.

Lactophiles would adore me.

I bit my lower lip in anticipation.

Soon class was over. I stood up quickly just so my tits would bounce up and down. My t-shirt was riding up higher and higher as they grew bigger and bigger. It was turning into a belly shirt. Soon, would it even be able to constrain my tits?

Would I even need a shirt?

I sauntered through the halls, my hips swaying. My waist was a little curvier, too. Little more womanly. I might be short, but no girl in school had tits bigger than me now. The boys swarmed around me. They were staring at my tits, looking for that first sign of wetness. They were eager for my milk to fully come back in. They wanted to nurse from me.

It was so incredible. I had such a huge smile on my face as I entered my next class. My tits bounced and jiggled, my nipples aching. Throbbing. They were filling up with all that yummy milk. All the delights for the boys to enjoy. Nursing them all would be incredible.

Nate glanced at me. He had these thick air expanders in his lips, stretching out his lobes. His long hair was tied up in a man bun, and he had a goatee encircling his lips. What would he feel like when he nursed on my nipple?

His eyes flicked down to my boobs. He licked his lips. “Got milk for me?”

“You just said the magic words,” I moaned. I thrust up my t-shirt, exposing my tits. They were definitely F-cups now. Large and soft, my nipples finally sized right for them. Nate stared at my big tatas with hunger as I threw my t-shirt to the floor.

It was just in the way. v I sauntered up to him, my tits jiggling. He turned in his seat, hungry. I gasped as he seized my right breast and swallowed my nipple. His whiskers rubbed against my silky flesh in my sensitive areola. I whimpered at the rasping sensation.

I shivered as he suckled.

My breast milk fired into his mouth. It splashed as he suckled and nursed with force. My toes curled. My pussy clenched. Such a wicked and wanton wave of delight shot through me. It was incredible. Just what I craved. What I needed. I groaned, biting my lower lip as the pleasure swelled and swelled inside of me.

I needed to be touched so bad.

My hips wiggled as he suckled, my milk squirting into his mouth. I whimpered and then gasped as Tim came up. He latched onto my other breast, leaning over to suckle with Nate. I groaned, holding both their heads to my tits.

They were both so hungry. They both suckled with such enthusiasm. I whimpered, my toes curling as both my nipples throbbed. My milk squirted into their hungry mouths. I whimpered, staring down at my breasts.

I watched them grow. They went from F-cups to H-cups. I quivered, just two steps away from what I wanted to be. My breasts were heavy now. They were full of so much milk. The two boys were so hungry, suckling on me. I shuddered, wiggling my hips. My pussy was just on fire.

“Damn, you look like you need something, Abigail,” Ken said.

I looked behind me to see the blonde guy with his own goatee. He had a big, boyish grin on his lips. “Why are you shaking that ass?”

I nodded my head, whimpering. “Being a human dairy cow is so hot. Makes my pussy so wet. Would you be so kind... ? I promise to nurse you when they’re done. You just have to eat me out. I need to cum.”

I couldn’t believe I was saying those words, but my panties tingled around me. I needed to be devoured. My virgin pussy needed more than just fingers. Ken groaned, licking his lips and brushing those golden curls surrounding his mouth.

Then he fell to his knees behind me. “I’ll make you cum hard, Abigail!”

“Yes,” I moaned.

I cradled both Nate and Tim to my tits as Ken yanked down my jeans. He ripped them off my rump and down my thighs. They bunched around my ankles, my pussy clenching in anticipation. Every suckle from the two hunks nursing on me sent pleasure shooting down to my pussy.

“Damn, you’re wearing the right sort of panties, aren’t you?” said Ken. “I can’t wait to try your milk.”

“I’ll have enough for everyone,” I moaned, knowing it to be true. I could feel it filling my tits faster than the two boys could suckle it out. My human udders would just have enough creamy treats for all the boys. I quivered, trembling as Ken dragged down my panties, exposing my ass and pussy to everyone.

“Damn, she might have the height of a little girl, but that butt is mature,” groaned Ken.

I whimpered as he kissed my rump, his rasping whiskers feeling as nice as Nate’s goatee did on my areola and tit.

I shuddered as Ken kissed down the curve of my rump and dipped between my thighs. He nuzzled into my pussy. I gasped, his tongue flicking across my virgin slit. He brushed my folds and caressed my hymen. I quivered, my nipples throbbing and aching. Milk squirted from them as the two boys gulped it down with such hunger.

I trembled, my orgasm building and building.

Ken squeezed my rump as he fluttered his tongue up and down my slit. Ken licked up my juices. I could feel them dripping out of me, another sweet and creamy treat for the boys to enjoy. He brushed my clit, sparks bursting from it just like bliss zapped from my nipples. I groaned, loving every moment of this. My toes curled in my shoes, my pussy clenching deep inside.

I needed to be penetrated. I needed to be fucked.

“Oh, yes, yes, any boy that pleases me will get my milk,” I moaned, my black hair trembling about my naked shoulders. “Oh, Ken, you’re going to get so much milk. Just make me cum. Lick my pussy and make me explode.”

“You’re going to drown me in your pussy cream, and then I’m going to suckle all the milk out of your tits,” he growled.

I gasped as he sucked on my clit, nursing on that bud.

I had three boys suckling on me. Both my nipples and my clit throbbed and ached. They all sent such wondrous sparks of pleasure shooting through me. My nipples spurted their milk into the two boys’ hungry mouths. They gulped it down, their strong hands kneading my growing tits.

They were up I-cups now. I was almost there.

I was coming closer and closer to my orgasm. Ken’s goatee rasped against my pussy lips through my bush. His tongue fluttered against my virgin folds, pressing on my hymen. He lapped up my sweet cream while the two other boys nursed on my sweet milk. They gulped it down with such hunger. They were swelling my breasts larger and larger.

I just knew I would gain J-cups.

I would have those big boobies just like I wanted. Delicious udders. They would be perfect. Just amazing. I whimpered, trembling as I hurtled towards that wonderful moment.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I moaned, my pussy so hot. So wet. “Ken! Make me cum and then you get to take Nate’s place. Just keep licking me. I need an orgasm. It’s so hot nursing you sexy boys.”

“I can’t wait to make you cum,” groaned Anthony. The tall, Black guy was grinning at me. I didn’t know when he had arrived, but he stared at me with such hunger.

“You’ll get your chance!” I moaned. “You’ll all get your chance!”

Ken latched onto my clit again. He sucked hard, his goatee rubbing against my pussy lips. I shuddered, trembling. Both my nipples throbbed while Tim sucked at the same time. My milk squirted into their mouths, sending dual jolts of lightning zapping down to my cunt. My virgin twat became electrified. I gasped, the currents of bliss rushing through me.

I came.

My pussy convulsed and spasmed. I felt my juices gushing out of me. They flowed, spilling into Ken’s hungry mouth. He licked and lapped up my sweet cream while my breast milk continued to flow into Nate’s and Tim’s hungry maws. I shuddered, the sparks zapping through my mind.

Stars danced before my eyes.

I shuddered, my entire body convulsing. My hands grabbed my heavy breasts, squeezing out my milk into Nate’s and Tim’s suckling mouths. I whimpered, my head shaking. It was so good. So wonderful.

“Make that HuCow slut cum!” Anthony shouted.

“Goddamn, I can’t wait to make our human dairy cow explode!” the nerdy Will groaned.

“Yeah, make her cum, then you can drink her delicious, creamy milk. I can’t wait to milk her udders!”

“Yes!” I moaned. “Ken, it’s your turn. Nate, Nate, you have to make me cum now. You’ve already had your treat.”

Nate ripped his mouth off my nipple. Some of my creamy milk had spilled down into his dark goatee. He grinned at me, nodding. “I’ll swap, Ken.”

Ken ripped his mouth from my pussy. His hands gave my ass a final squeeze then he rose. “Her cunt is all yours.”

I shuddered, Tim still suckling with such hunger on my other nipple. He gulped down my milk as Ken moved around me.

I gasped at the sight of his blonde goatee soaked in my juices. My pussy cream had utterly drenched him. I could smell it, a sweet aroma, but different from the delicious cream that squirted from my nipples. I groaned as he darted in and kissed me. I shuddered, tasting my cunt.

A zipper rasped behind me.

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