Sweet Maddie, Grandpa's Dream Girl

by Deviant Daddy John

Copyright© 2019 by Deviant Daddy John

Incest Sex Story: My sweet teenage granddaughter comes to stay and gives that sweet body to me. Grandpa is the first and the best.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Grand Parent   Analingus   Oral Sex   .

I saw their car pull into the driveway and I stepped out to greet them. My youngest daughter Anna and her husband Jeff stepped out of the car and I gave her a long hug and shook his hand. I hadn’t seen them in years. They had been living overseas. They had moved to France for his job. Now they were back. I looked eagerly for my granddaughter to get out of the car. She stepped out and I gasped. She was beautiful.

Madelyn was tall. She had her father’s golden skin and her mom’s blonde hair. It fell in waves almost to her waist. She had bright blue eyes, and a very full mouth. She was tan from her trip to the beach. It made her eyes stand out more. She wasn’t wearing any makeup at all and she was magnificent. She wore a deep pink sundress that exposed most of her long legs. She was almost coltish and looked like an awkward teen. She wore a haughty almost disdainful look of superiority. She walked to me and gave me a cursory hug.

I took them inside and showed them to their rooms. They would stay with me until their house was finished in about a month. They put their gear in their bedroom and came down for lunch. Maddie asked if she was allowed to swim in my pool. She had a charming accent from living in France since she was 3. They had come to visit regularly for a while but 2 years had passed. I told her as long as her parents were good with it she could use it at will. Her parents nodded and she dashed off to put on a suit. We talked about the house and the move and how Maddie was doing in school.

They decided to go see the house progress but Maddie stayed. I was puttering around the house and looked out by the pool and I couldn’t stop looking at her. She was wearing a turquoise and black bikini. It was small and tied on the sides. Her legs were impossibly long and tan. The little triangles of the top covered small hard little breasts. I looked longer than I should feeling a tad aroused. I wondered what her nipples looked like. My eyes skimmed down her flat tan tummy and took a few moment to admire her young firm thighs and legs before looking at the triangle covering her cunt. As I looked she stood and walked towards the water turning her back to me. I saw her top tied in the back. My eyes slid down and I looked at her ass barely covered by fabric. It was round and firm. My cock was hard and I felt bad.

She sat at the edge of my pool for a bit then went for a swim. I was rubbing my cock through my pants. She got out and walked back to a lounge and streched back out. I could see her nipples poking through the fabric from the cold water. She was on her iphone. She kept taking selfies. My cock was now leaking. I watched as she looked around surreptitiously. She took in the privacy fence and glanced at the house. Then she quickly undid her top and pulled it down and took a quick picture. I had to keep my gasp quiet. She had proud, perky, small breasts with dark puffy pink nipples. I went to my bedroom and jerked off hard cumming in only a minute or two.

I got my trunks on and went outside. She was still there. She smiled.

“Hey Grandpa.”

“Hey Maddie”.

“Can you take a pic of me for my snap?”

“Sure. What’s snap?”

“Snapchat, it’s an app”, she said smiling.

I walked over and she handed me her iphone it was already on camera. She put on her sunglasses and smiled and I took the pic. She looked at it and made me take another. Finally she was satisfied. I went into the pool and swam. She continued to take selfies and chat with people. I laid in the sun and dried off. I looked over at her and she appeared to be sleeping. I looked at her body and she shifted a little. Her legs were a bit more open. I thought I could maybe see the outline of her slit. I wanted to touch her thighs and untie the strings. My cock was rock hard again. My eyes traveled up to her young breasts again then to her face.

Fuck. She was looking directly at me. I looked away nervously and I heard her giggle. I stood up hoping my erection wasn’t obvious. She looked over her sunglasses directly at my crotch.

“Not bad for an older man,” she said with a naughty grin. I fled the area.

Over the next few weeks the sweet torture not only continued but escalated. I swear she enjoyed it. Her parents didn’t supervise her at all. She often sunbathed topless now when she thought I was asleep. Maybe she thought old men didn’t get horny. I had jerked off till my cock was sore. She would press against me when she hugged me. I stalked her online and saw her pics. Men were always asking her to show more. Older men at that.

One day I walked by her room door and it was cracked. I could hear sighs coming from her room. I peeked through the crack. She was in a bra and panties on the bed. Her eyes were shut and one hand was inside her panties rubbing and her other was squeezing her left breast. Her breathing was hard. I don’t know what possessed me but I walked quietly into her room. I watched as she rubbed harder. Her back arched a little and she opened her eyes and shrieked.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” She looked embarrassed. She scrambled to cover up.

“Don’t. I mean don’t cover up. I ... I think I can give you something better.”

“Something better,” she said suspiciously.

“Yes. If you will let me. I won’t tell anyone if you won’t”.

She eyed me with suspicion. I shut her door and locked it.

“Lie back on the bed again.” She complied and I looked at her sexy young body and sat on the bed next to her. I stroked her firm thighs with my hand before sliding it up to gently slide over her young pussy through her silky panties. I rubbed softly, cupping her cunt through her undies and pressing the heel of my hand hard against her slit near her clit. I slid my hand inside her panties and stroked one finger over her slit over and over until she was slightly spreading. It felt completely smooth. I rubbed my finger between her pussy lips and found her clit. She was gently grinding against my finger. I took my hand away and gently tugged her panties down. She made a half assed protest but I slid them off and gently pulled her thighs apart.

God almighty. Her cunt was perfect. Smooth, plump lips and a deep pink hue where they spread. Her inner labia were tucked away perfectly and as I reached down to spread her cunt open with my fingers I saw her hard little clit peeking from it’s hood. I lowered my mouth and gently ran my tongue up her slit. I got her wet and then began flicking her clit with my tongue. Her firm smooth things clamped tight on my head and she began to arch upward. I tongued her slit harder and focused on her clit as she began to buck against my mouth. I kept that pink cunt spread with my fingers as I sucked and lapped her young snatch till she was cumming on my tongue crying out, “Oh my God. Oh my God”

She was panting and her little cunt was jerking as she breathed out, “OHHHHH Grandpa,” in a little squeaky sigh.

“Oh Maddy. I’m just getting started.”

I lowered my mouth to her still twitching pussy and licked hard. She squealed and her thighs gripped my head like a vice. I slid my tongue up inside her tight hole and tongue fucked her, licking all that sweet juice out. I sucked her clit and licked until she came again and still I licked. I had her spread wide and I pushed her legs back and licked her puckered little butthole. She squealed but pulled her legs back to let me lick it more. I spent the next 45 minutes eating her out to orgasm after orgasm. I sucked and licked that sweet teen snatch and ate her ass and tongue fucked her until she pushed me away practically begging me to stop.

“Grandpa. Oh my God. We shouldn’t have but Jesus.”

“Have you ever been licked before today Maddie?”

“No! Oh my God it felt good.”

“I will do it whenever you want as long as you never tell anyone.” I left her on the bed and hoped for a repeat.

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