Crazy Eights

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2019 by Red Czar

Fiction Sex Story: It's summer time! So Tom told his son he could throw a pool party. All the hottest girls from school would be there. Especially... Kelly The Magic 8-ball promises fun and excitement for one and all.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Crazy Eights

Tom was getting frustrated, trying to find his son. He never realized a ten-minute trip to Walmart with two teenage boys could turn into such an ordeal. Girls maybe, but boys? Weren’t boys supposed to be easier?

It was the middle of summer, so he had told Zak that he could have a pool party this weekend. They were here to pick up chips, salsa, burgers, hot dogs and such. Of course, Zak and his friend Gary had to take the detour, which led to new floats, rafts, games, and toys to keep them all busy. All of the old toys were too out of date for sixteen-year-olds.

He had searched the store for them, finally hearing them cracking up two aisles over among all the toys.

“Will I get to fuck Kelly at my party?” Tom heard his son ask out loud.

Tom rolled his eyes. Really Zak? In the middle of Walmart, you’re going to blurt these things out for the world to hear?

“My reply is no!” his friend exclaimed, and then proceeded to laugh hysterically.

What the hell? Tom thought.

Then it was Gary’s turn.

“Will I get to fuck Kelly at the party?”

A short pause, then both of them responded, “Don’t count on it!”

This time Zak laughed hysterically, Gary not so much.

Tom turned down the aisle where the boys were to find them huddled together, staring at the little answer window on one of those Magic 8-balls. Now it made sense. Ask a question, turn it over, hopefully, get the answer you want. The boys hadn’t gotten the answers they wanted. Tom snickered under his breath.

The boys saw dad and gave up their quest for nookie promised by the all-knowing toy. They dropped it back on the shelf, then threw a ton of games and pool toys into the cart and bolted for the next aisle. Tom started to tell them it was time to go, but they were gone already. He sighed. Tom should have known this was going to take the entire day. On a whim, he picked the toy up off the shelf and thought to himself.

“Will I get to fuck Kelly?”

He flipped it over and read the reply.

It is certain

Nice! He thought to himself.

Tom smiled. He liked the way this thing thought! He dropped the toy in the cart.

The party started out exactly as Tom expected, another typical Saturday with Zak and his friends hanging out by the pool, like every other Saturday. By noon, the music had gotten louder and the crowd bigger. Tom sat in the far corner of the deck with his laptop finishing up some work as the crowd streamed in. It wasn’t quite as many as Tom expected based on Zak’s talk of inviting the entire school, but there were still a lot of teenagers in his back yard.

Of course, the one guest that Tom was the most interested in was this Kelly. He didn’t have any real thoughts of having sex with her, after all, she was probably only sixteen as well, and that was still illegal no matter how hot she was. That would not be a good idea. But he was still amused by the Magic 8-ball’s prediction in the store the previous day. He had that 8-ball sitting right there on the table with him.

About an hour after the party started, a small group of girls all arrived together. Cheerleaders? No, Tom didn’t think his son knew any cheerleaders. All of them were trim, toned and athletic, soccer maybe? He was distracted, trying to figure out what sport they all play until he noticed the blonde who was leading the pack. That had to be Kelly. At least, he hoped so.

All of these girls were beautiful. They were high school girls after all, in tiny bikinis, come to spend the day by the pool with half of the boys from their school, of course, they were beautiful. They had probably spent all morning making sure every little detail was perfect before they ventured over here, from every hair on their heads right down to the perfect knot on those little bikinis. But this girl...

Kelly was a little taller than the others. Maybe 5’6 to everyone else’s 5’2. She was thin, slender, but not skinny. Bright blue eyes, long blonde hair that was perfectly straight. A smile that looked as if her father had to be a dentist because it was perfect. When she laughed, every male head in the place turned, and their eyes lit up like fireflies.

Tom picked up the magic 8-ball.

Seriously? That one? He asked. He flipped it over.

Without a doubt.

Damn! He thought. He was getting hard already.

Tom spent the next hour or two being as unobtrusive to the festivities as he could. He didn’t want to intrude on his son’s designs for the day. No teenager likes the obnoxious parent, no matter how “cool” he may think himself to be. He remained in his chair, with his laptop, getting very little work done as he kept a surreptitious eye on this horde of teenagers to make sure nothing got out of hand. There was a lot of bad language, which he ignored. There was the occasional grabbing and groping, which would earn an authoritative stare. But for the most part, he was only staring at one thing, Kelly’s ass. Thank God for sunglasses because he could hardly take his eyes off the girl. The more he saw, the more obsessed he became. What was he thinking?

When Zak came over and asked him when he was going to fire up the grill, it took Tom a moment to tear his attention away from those perfect curves. She was laid out on a beach towel nearby working on her tan.

“What?” he asked.

“Can you start up the grill, everyone is starving?” Zak asked.

Tom looked at him with a sarcastic smirk, the same way he always did when Zak asked stupid questions.

“What, are your arms broken? You don’t know how to work the grill?” He asked.

Zak let out an exasperated sigh. He expected his dad to be the servant today. The gracious, but silent, host, there to cater to Zak and his guests, but without actually interacting with any of them.

“Come on, Dad, can’t you? All my friends are here,” he pleaded.

Tom looked at his boy for a moment, trying to decide how much of a dick he wanted to be. After all, this is your party, not mine. I’m not getting paid to be here. Then he caught a glimpse of Kelly again and thought, although, according to the 8-ball, maybe I am...

He looked around at all the hot young girls spread across his back yard, thought of his boy trying to get a piece of action from any of them, and decided he had his work cut out for him. Zak was a great kid, but a little naïve and, from what Tom had seen so far, not exactly smooth with the ladies. He clearly didn’t realize that manning the grill was a sure way to make points.

“What’s that? You want a veggie burger? SURE!”

“Can I toast your buns? You’re damned right I can, sweetie.”

“You want a footlong, you say? I’ve got your footlong right here, baby!”

Tom decided to give him a chance. He picked up the 8-ball, looked at Zak, and asked.

“Shall I do the cooking today?”

Then he turned it over.

Most likely was the answer.

Tom tossed Zak the 8-ball and got up to assume grill master duties.

Zak and the 8-ball disappeared into the crowd as he announced that burgers were grilling. Tom assumed his station, which was perfect because the barbecue apron helped to hide the erection was getting from watching all these sixteen-year-old bodies bouncing and flashing all over his patio. Most of them barely dressed. Bikinis were never this small when he was sixteen.

The 8-ball started making the rounds and capturing everyone’s imaginations.

“Will we win the state championships this year?”

As I see it, yes

And the crowd went wild.

Will I get stuck with Mr. Brandt for bio?

Signs point to yes

And the crowd groaned.

Eventually, things started to get interesting.

“Will Jenny go to prom with me this year?”

Ooohs and ahhhs erupted as all eyes turned to one girl, apparently the “Jenny” in question.

Ask again later

A sigh of relief from Jenny and a raucous round of laughter from the crowd.

After the prom question, the 8-ball started to make its way into small little groups. Three or four people would gather around for a moment, silently huddled over it, then suddenly erupt with laughter.

It seemed as if the 8-ball itself had somehow turned into some twisted game of truth or dare. One group of girls held the toy, asked it a question, the burst into hoots and hollers as one cute little blonde ran across the pool, kissed some boy on the cheek, and then bolted back to her friends.

This went on for a while. Ask a question, run up to someone and sneak a kiss, or a touch, or a grope, or push someone in the pool, or cannonball some couple. One of the girls even walked over and started full-on making out with Zak’s buddy, Gary, much to everyone’s shock. Especially Gary.

The one that really caught Tom’s eye was when Kelly and her little group all huddled over the toy, asked their question, then all squealed and screamed with mouths open and eyes wide staring and pointing at her. Kelly’s cheeks started to turn a bright red as she shot the quickest little glance over at Tom. He was able to pass his staring off as a simple look to see what all that commotion was, but the red on her face was not sunburn.

How he wished he knew what they had asked that time!

Staring at all these hot young girls in barely-there clothing, especially her, was making Tom uncomfortable. He shouldn’t be thinking the things he was thinking. Tom decided now would be a good time to leave the kids alone and retire into the house. He could still keep an eye on things from the kitchen. He turned off the grill, gathered up his utensils, and retreated inside to clean up.

Once inside, he filled the sink with soap and water and started lightly scrubbing spatulas and tongs. He would occasionally glance out the window to make sure all was well outside. Ten minutes later found himself staring out the window, watching Kelly, his hand in his shorts stroking his stone-hard cock. When he noticed she was walking straight towards the window, he quickly pulled his hand out of his pants and stepped back to hide behind the kitchen island. He grabbed a hand towel and pretended to be drying his hands as Kelly walked through the sliding doors from the deck.

“Hi, Mr. Weber,” she said. He noticed she was carrying that damned 8-ball.

“Kelly? Right?” Tom asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied. She fidgeted with the 8-ball, rolling it over in her hands and glancing at the answer window now and then.

Tom laughed at “Sir.”

“Please, call me Dad like everyone else” he offered. He hated sir, but he didn’t want her calling him Tom either. He didn’t dare let her get that friendly. She’s only sixteen Tom.

Kelly smiled, glanced at the 8-ball and giggled.

“Okay, Daddy,” she replied with that perfect smile.

Dear God, he hadn’t thought of that! Daddy? Maybe they’d better go back to sir.

“Do you need something Kelly?” he asked

He may have imagined it, but he could have sworn she flashed him a seductive little smile before she answered


Tom pointed down the hall behind her and answered: “Down the hall on the left, can’t miss it.”

Kelly put the 8-ball down on the counter, sashayed down the hall and disappeared into the bathroom. Tom stared at that ass the whole time until she disappeared behind the closed door. He relaxed for a moment and let out the tension that had been holding him up with a tortured sigh. Damn. He should not, not, not be thinking the things he was thinking. He reached over and picked up the 8-ball. He didn’t ask a question. He didn’t even think of a question. He turned it over and looked.

She wants it!

Oh, come on! He thought. That’s not even one of the answers! What the hell is wrong with this thing!

He rolled it around and looked again.

You know you want to

Good god! He quickly put the toy back down.

After a few minutes, Kelly finally emerged. Try as he might, Tom couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. The air conditioning was having a rather pronounced effect on her, in her damp bikini, her nipples were all but ripping right through the fabric. Either that or she had been in the bathroom tweaking them to make sure they ... no, she wouldn’t be doing that. Would she? She wants it! floated through his head.

“Thanks, Daddy,” she smiled at him as she headed back towards the sliding doors.

When she got there, she stopped. She stood in front of the glass doors scanning the patio and let out a sigh. Tom watched her, curious at her reaction, he looked out the window himself to see what she was looking at.

She turned to Tom and asked, “Do you mind if I sit in here with you for a while, I’m not ready to go back out there yet.”

“Is there a problem?” he asked. “Is someone bothering you?”

She rolled her eyes and replied, “Yeah, all of them. All the guys keep hitting on me and trying to grab me and touch me. They’re so annoying.”

“Don’t they know you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

“How did you know I have a boyfriend?” She answered.

“Kelly, look at you, you’re perfect. If you don’t have a boyfriend, then there’s something wrong with all the boys at your school. So why isn’t your boyfriend here with you to keep all the wolves at bay?” He asked.

She lit up when he called her perfect and blushed just enough to make him want to grab her right then and there.

“He’s away at football camp. So, now all the guys think they can hit on me while he’s gone,” she answered.

Tom laughed and said, “Well, you can’t blame them for trying. Why don’t you point them in the direction of some of your friends, they all seem pretty cute?” “I’ve tried that, they still all think I’ll hook up with them because Jason is away.” She said, rolling her eyes.

Tom laughed.

“Well, I’m sure they’re all pretty harmless. Most of these boys seem more afraid of you than anything else.” He said. “Besides, no one is getting in the house other than to use the bathroom, and there’s no privacy anywhere outside. Nothing is gonna happen without everyone watching.”

“Yeah, well Zak has already offered to show me his room three times.” She shot back.

Tom let out a hearty laugh. “Go ahead!” he said. “Unless you plan on making the first move, you’d probably find yourself sitting on the floor looking at his comic books or video games.”

Tom remembered what the 8-ball had already told Zak about getting a piece of Kelly at his party.

By this time Kelly had sauntered her way back over to the opposite side of the kitchen island. Tom was still hiding behind his side pretending to clean utensils as they talked.

Kelly picked up the 8-ball again and asked: “Should I follow Zak up to his room?” They both looked as she turned it over to see the answer.

Try dad’s room instead

Kelly’s mouth gaped, and her eyes widened, looking at the answer. Tom’s eyes bulged as well as he thought Holy shit! He quickly grabbed the toy from her and started babbling.

“This thing is broken, that’s not even one of the answers, someone’s done something to this, they must be screwing around with...”

Kelly’s eyes rose up to meet his, and she asked, as seductively as a sixteen-year-old girl can.

“How about you, Daddy? Do you know how to make the first move?”

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