Boat Banging Babes

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: She loved boats. She loved banging. She especially loved banging on boats so that's where you took her if you wanted a guaranteed hot piece of ass. Your age, color, or shape mattered little if she got the venue she wanted. But this young woman wasn't the only one who had this same interest. One never knows where a sexual voyage might go.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Water Sports   Nudism   .

As she passed through the last few minutes of her twentieth birthday, lying next to Tony on his sailboat, Cori reminisced. He’d been last on her schedule that day because he would “make love” to her as a finale, a great topping for the three earlier fucks she’d enjoyed with other lovers. Her body was still tingling from his skill which is why he got the invitation he did. She loved boats and she loved fucking, so his nice boat and nice cock made him a favorite.

She’d found out about both preferences at age fourteen but from different sources. There were only a few chances for either until the next year when her dad bought a cottage and her mom got her on birth control. That summer was one of intense exploration of both interests. A winter trip to Florida got more boating but the sex stuff never stopped. That southern trip got her laid on boats for the first time and there were several “skippers” who would never forget the experiences.

She was a redhead with big tits and slim hips and a pussy that never got too much. No one guy ever grabbed enough of her heart to make her want to limit who her body enjoyed. She was non-discriminatory too, a real liberal some would say. By the end of this second decade she’d learned about ages from barely legal to the late fifties, all sizes of cock and styles of applying them, and the small differences skin color made. You just had to be good and respectful to get reinvited.

It was mentioned that Tony was special. Besides the above criteria, he was perceptive and imaginative. He could sense if she wanted a power piece or gentle pleasures. Then there was the recent long weekend on the sailboat when they went racing so he needed two more crew. They had fun and took a second place on Saturday, then anchored off an island that night.

Cori never asked permission for what she wanted to do, at least not from a third party. Quite stimulated by the racing and relaxed by the Irish whiskey at anchor, she stripped and jumped in the lake. Quickly there were three naked guys swimming around her. Taking a big breath, she managed to get a mouthful of each cock before surfacing to het air. There was more playing and then they all got a great look at her ass as she climbed the ladder to get back in the boat. Three sets of hands toweled her and hers checked on the dried version of what she’d tasted wet.

The ball(s) were rolling now and she was the center of attention, something she loved. Having multiple men at the same time was rare and greatly appreciated. Every opening got lots of male attention and she opened her ass to Tony so all the guys could have a hole to fill at the same time. It was a wild night and unforgettable for sure.

Sunday night it was only Cori and Tony on the boat. They watched the sun go down from the cockpit as they sipped Margueritas. She was lying back on his chest and he was cupping one bikini-covered tit, wishing they were at anchor so he could feel the flesh. Inspiration hit and he eased his hand under the cloth and she made a cute squeal to signal her approval.

Tony started a serious conversation. “Cori, I’m not being at all critical but I have wondered about you sometimes. You are definitely the sexiest woman I’ve ever known so I have pondered what your future might hold. Have you ever thought about having a spouse? If so, how will your sex history affect that relationship?”

She gave her tinkling laugh, “I’ve thought about that once in a while when I’m with a married girlfriend. I guess how much I’ve fucked had better not or it is the wrong guy. Would you marry me, knowing what you do?”

That was a great turn-around he had to admit. “Good point, you happy humper. Even after all the times my friends banged you this trip you still feel just as good when we get it on. History is in the past and your body, and I assume mine, aren’t any worse for wear. Maybe better for it.”

She giggled, “I wouldn’t want a virgin. You have brought to me the best from the other women you’ve learned from and that is important. I might marry you to get on this boat more often. You know how much I like them.”

Tony squeezed both tits, now bare because it had gotten dark. “So it’s the boat that gets you hot? Damn, I thought it was me.”

“You’ll have to do now that there aren’t any more poles for me to ride on board. Should I go down the dock and invite some new ones?”

“That is your full right but I also have the right to un-invite you to do it here. Hot as you are, some guys might just lay you down on the dock and jump on.”

She stroked his leg, unable to reach the rising rod that her back was leaning on, “Maybe you’d do that to me. Nobody is around.” That got them out on the finger between their boat and the next and she rode him to another good finale.

Now back to the present. Lying next to her favorite skipper she ruminated on those thoughts again. Would living with a person be good or not so? The constant presence and support had some value but she wasn’t ready for sexual exclusivity yet. It might get too boring and she was still young. Tony’s perception of her feelings was reassuring though and something she hadn’t expected. Obviously what her twat did wasn’t a breaking point. What he did to her mentally and physically was a highly attractive thing too. How to find out?

When she thought about a trial of living together there were couple of practical aspects to work out, if Tony was even interested. The room she was renting in an older man’s house was cheap since she screwed him once a week, but that was getting boring anyway. She didn’t own a car, relying on public transportation to get to essential places and using dates for the rest. How could that be handled? The biggie was handling her sex-buddies. Since Tony would be getting a lot more of her pussy, she could let one or two of the least interesting ones go but there were others that she’d miss, as well as the psychological significance of keeping control of her life. Tony claimed that he’d respect that. This would be a test of lots of things she realized.

As usual lately, she didn’t have to wait long to be in a conversational position with her Captain. Of course that would usually one of the many sex positions they employed.

“Tony, I want to follow up on something we talked about not long ago. Do you think you could live with a woman?”

He gave her a knowing look, sharp as he was, “Depends a lot on the woman. Do you have someone in mind? You?”

She actually blushed at being “read” so easily. “I was kinda wondering about it.”

“I’d not consider the idea (her face fell) except with you. (her expression got good). What are you thinking? Then I’ll give you my reaction in more detail.”

She began babbling, overcome with emotion. A big point for her, and not easy to say to another guy, was her freedom to still have sex with her special friends. Finally she got that out and waited expectantly for his response.

Tony took her hands, “I expected that and, considering that racing weekend gang-fuck, it’s not a big deal. I’d like to let you know, even though you have never asked, that I have another lover too. She’s older and married and was my first piece of ass. The things you like about how I love you came from her as a wonderful tutor. I’ll not give her up either.” That piqued Cori’s interest big time but now wasn’t the time to explore it.

The move-in was arranged and easily done since it was just her clothes and small personal possessions. This was a bigger change of life that she had expected. Sure, she’d spent plenty of time in his bed but now it was hers too. Where would she fuck her buddies though? Only at their place? That hadn’t been mentioned.

The perceptive Tony helped with that. “This is your bed now too. If you want to invite anyone else to it let me know if I need to stay away for a while and I’ll also let you know if I’m going to be late, like when I see Marilyn, the woman I mentioned. Just make sure there aren’t any wet spots for me to sleep on. You know where I keep the small towels, right?” Once again she reddened a bit.

As you might expect, both parties had to adjust to a very changed living style. It wasn’t just the sex stuff but cooking, cleaning and even when bedtime was. That did answer some very practical questions about living together if spouse-hood ever happened. Going to the boat was easier to arrange though and both of them love working as a team to enjoy it.

Then Tony asked, “Cori, my friend Marilyn is going to be by herself this weekend and would like to go sailing. It’s been a long time since she did. You are welcome to go with us.”

Wow, that really put reality in front of Cori. Realizing what she’d done with other guys on the boat how could she object? She didn’t want to miss out on a sail and stay home alone or even with another dick to diddle so she agreed.

She met Marilyn when Tony picked her up on the way to the marina. As she got in the truck it was not the image Cori had built up in her mind. This was a salt and pepper haired woman around fifty, a bit overweight with small tits and a homely face. Her smile and the warmth she immediately projected struck quickly as Cori turned around from the front seat to look at her in the back. She heard, “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you from all the good stuff Tony has shared with me. You are so pretty.”

Cori felt almost embarrassed to get complimented like that. She turned back quickly, now feeling bad because she didn’t have a real conversation.

It wasn’t far to the marina and everyone was busy bringing supplies from the truck and getting the boat ready to depart. As soon as they got past the harbor entrance, Tony put Cori on the helm. There was no wind so they would motor to the cove he’d picked out to anchor in. He kept the throttle well below the maximum and told her to alert him if any other boat came near. He was going to take Marilyn down below for a little while.

The motor noise, while not particularly loud, was enough to mash any noises or vocalizations from the cabin so Cori just focused on her task, steering a compass course. In about twenty minutes the couple reappeared, this time in swimsuits. Tony took over the helm and speeded up the engine. Marilyn asked Cori to come up to the foredeck with her.

“Thanks for giving us some time to catch up. Now I’d like to get to know the real you firsthand. Tony has told me a lot but this will be better.”

From his vantage point near the stern, the Captain could see them interacting. Although he couldn’t hear a single word, the facial expressions did reveal quite a bit, mostly that they were getting along. Good! That’s what he’d hoped for.

Once the anchor was securely set, Tony dropped his suit onto the cockpit floor and dived off the stern. Marilyn and then Cori did the same. It was quite refreshing. Climbing aboard last reinforced Cori’s image of Marilyn’s mediocre body. But that was really not the most important aspect of a person, she realized. Clearly her influence on Tony came from inside.

They enjoyed steaks cooked on a cockpit mounted gas grille along with a hearty salad. Red wine was quite a good part of the meal too. The sun was setting and Cori got to wondering how the sleeping arrangements would work out. Boat berths are usually fairly small so she couldn’t imagine all three sharing one. Maybe that was why Tony had coupled with their guest earlier. She also couldn’t figure out why she felt shy having another woman around when she’d fucked three guys all at the same time in this same setting. Hmmm...

Marilyn solved the issue, at least for now, by stating she’d use the v-berth in the bow. That meant that Cori would sleep with Tony in the stern one. But would they have sex? There was no motor running to mask the unavoidable noises unless they were real gentle. That would be OK to her.

Tony snuggled up behind her and she raised her top leg. They didn’t do spoon fucking very often and she liked the feeling of his hand cupping her upper breast from behind. As she felt his familiar shaft moving in her sensitive place, a very different thought flashed in her mind. That cock had been in another pussy just a short time before. Her focus had always been on which cock was in hers and never thought about where they had been previously. That was a new kind of excitement, especially since she could hear Marilyn snoring lightly from not too far away. Right then and there she decided she wanted to see Tony dipping his in the other woman.

In the morning, after a nude breakfast, Tony suggested a hike to the top of the hill adjacent to the cove they were in. He said there was a trial and the view was great. The put some basic clothes and walking shoes along with towels in a waterproof bag which they would tow as they swam to shore. The trail was crude bit exhilarating. Once at the top they looked around. Tony suddenly exclaimed, “Look over there”, and pointed across the lake. They could see a broad line of black clouds on the horizon. “We’ve got to get back to the boat quickly. I’ve been in those storms before and they are nasty.

Fortunately it was downhill and they swam to a boat that was now further away. Storms often suck wind into them so the boat had move on its anchor line so the stern was facing the oncoming weather. Not good!

Tony started the engine and told the gals to get below and put away any loose stuff like dished from breakfast. He didn’t have time to pull up the anchor. The storm was too close so he rotated the boat on the anchor line to get it facing the black cloud almost on them. Yelling to the women to sit down and hang on, he was only broadside when the seventy-mile—an-hour gale hit. Even with the sails down, the boat heeled markedly as it was blown the rest of the way to face into the wind. He kept the motor running to take some of the strain off the anchor. The rain pelted his naked skin. It hurt at the velocity but he had no choice.

Fortunately such storms are short-lived, unlike hurricanes. Soon the wind died down and a slower steady rain kept coming down. Shutting of the engine, he went below seeking a towel and some clothing since the temperature behind such a front is markedly lower. His two women fussed over him. Marilyn said, “You are so cold!. Get under the covers and I’ll warm you with my body heat. Cori, you can be on the other side.”

It was cozy and it worked. So well that he was soon enough buried between the elder woman’s thighs as the rain continued to beat on the deck. Cori, lying beside them, rubbed his back and buns and even moved her hand down to cup his balls as he gently stroked inside Marilyn.

Tony reached for the woman beside him and gave her deep and long tongue kisses while still filling Marilyn. How hot for all involved! After a bit, when the older woman climaxed, careful movement in the confined space switched positions only this time Tony was on the bottom. Marilyn snuggled close by and participated with her hands and mouth on both of the copulating ones. Cori got the insemination and then they all snuggled and napped.

The rain had stopped when they awoke but it was way past lunch time so beer and sandwiches were distributed quickly. Still too cool to be naked though. A board game was found and they played it until the sun came out and warmed things up. Cori took a book topside to read as did Tony while Marilyn stayed below.

When she went to get a drink of water, Cori saw that Marilyn was writing in a notebook. “May I ask what you are doing?

The older woman smiled, “Journaling about today’s excitement. Helps my memory a lot.”

Cori looked pensive, “Might I ask how you met Tony?”

Still smiling, the older woman replied, “I know him as a young teenager because he was a neighbor and come over to help with the yard and other household things. My husband just had surgery for prostate cancer. After a while I got horny with no one to help me out so I talked it over with my husband and Tony got laid. We’ve been close ever since.”

Cori smiled back, “You sure did teach him well. I’ve done a lot of fucking and he is clearly the best or I wouldn’t be here right now. Thanks for filling me in.”

That evening they had a fire on the nearby beach and cooked hot dogs to go with their beer. It was still too cool to be naked except when they swam to and from the beach. Wrapped in a blanket, the three sat in the cockpit as the moon came up and just enjoyed being there. The stern berth was the biggest so all three carefully slid in and the sex commenced gently. It was a true threesome with the women loving each other too.

Back on land, Cori gave Marilyn a genuine hug and kiss when they dropped her off and hoped to see her again soon.

The next week, when she fucked her long-time buddies, it seemed boring and she wondered if she’d continue with them. She had something else on her mind though.

On the Monday after the voyage with Marilyn, Cori spent quite a bit of time cruising the web but wouldn’t tell Tony why. By Wednesday, she informed to him that they would be having Saturday dinner with his older lover and her husband. Again, no further explanation.

They brought wine and flowers to the modest suburban house where Tony had learned about sex and were greeted at the door by Ralph, her husband. Dinner went as expected and then Cori asked for a round of after dinner drinks as she had an announcement to make. Tony made a wisecrack about revealing that she was pregnant and got stern looks from both women.

Cori began, “One of my previous lovers was Ralph’s age. He also developed prostate cancer and I supported him through the surgery. He was devastated at his loss as you must be. His surgeon, though, recommended a penile implant which could be inflated as desired. The sex wasn’t quite as good as before but a hell-of-a-lot better than none. He met another woman his age and I attended the wedding. I found him again and it’s still working so I checked with his surgeon too. I think you and Marilyn need to get a consultation.”

The older couple looked at each other and turned to Cori, thanking her and saying they would do it. She, in return, said, “There is one thing I need to check out though. Ralph, take me to the bedroom so I can do it.”

They were back in fifteen minutes, both smiling. Cori explained that she’d gotten his soft dick to have an orgasm even though there wasn’t any ejaculate just like the earlier man before his operation. As far as she could tell, everything was positive.

A month later Ralph was healed and ready to try out his new “gadget”. He invited the other couple over for the inaugural run. They all got naked in the master bedroom and he inflated his cock. Marilyn explored it with her mouth as Tony moved behind Cori and probed with his hard shaft. Whne Ralph’s wife mounted hi for the first time in over a decade, there was a round of applause from the spectators who joined them on the bed, Cori on top.

Marilyn gave a running commentary about her feelings and feelings and it was obvious when Ralph got his climax. Tony had held back. Marilyn said “Switch” and Ralph, now equipped with a penis that would stay hard as long as he wished even after he climaxed, felt a new pussy moving on it. Her big tits were put in his face and his hands filled with them too.

Tony and Marilyn were getting it on right next to them and each took glances at what was happening. When Marilyn came, Tony did too and Ralph said he couldn’t fully recover that quickly “yet”! The partners swapped back and Ralph announced how sexy his wife’s pussy felt with cum in it. Tony and Cori left them happily coupled after arranging for a sailing foursome the next weekend. On the drive home Tony said, “Cori, you are amazing. What you did is the best sexual thing I have ever witnessed or experienced. You are an angel and I want to marry some one that good. Can we buy a ring before next weekend?” She unzipped his pants and kept him hard all the way home.

It was back out to their favorite cove with a benign weather forecast. Ralph had never been on a sailboat so two naked women showed him “the ropes.” Technically, a rope with a purpose is referred to as a “line” which he learned. With his potential Priapus, Ralph got fucked by both pussies in lots of interesting locations. Tony mostly watched and filled an empty snatch from time to time. Oh what fun, especially Saturday afternoon when another sail boat anchored a hundred yards away and the crew stripped. Mom and Dad and two nubile teen daughters. They waved.

When Tony saw them swim to the beach like his crew had done, he got the waterproof bag and began filling it. Soon four more naked sailors were headed ashore. Introductions were made and Tony suggested the hike to the top. Cori and Marilyn led the way so the other Captain could have some scenery to distract him from where he was walking, and Tony and Ralph were behind all the others with three nice asses to guide their way.

The scenery was good, especially with no storm clouds on the horizon. Tony told their story and the Captain said he was new to all this and appreciated the advice. As he talked, Tony noticed the frequent glances at his crotch by all three females of the other crew. He wouldn’t initiate anything though.

Although a potluck dinner was arranged on the new visitors’ bigger boat, it was just social with no mention of sex. A plan to meet at this same cove the next weekend, weather permitting, was established. We’d just find join and non-sexual activities for the rest of this visit.

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