Big Bouncy Babe

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: She makes him so sexually happy he doesn't mind anything else she does with her substantial body.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Cream Pie   Prostitution   .

Freda was fidgeting in the shabby living room as she talked with Tom about renting a room from him. She had already pleaded poverty but he couldn’t reduce his modest rent any further, he said.

She changed the tone of the conversation a bit, “Do you have a girlfriend?” When he said he didn’t she asked if he liked girls. When he affirmed that, she asked, “Do you think I’m attractive?”

Tom reacted to that by telling her he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. When she inquired further he said he just really didn’t meet many candidates. That seemed to satisfy her curiosity and then she surprised him by saying, “I don’t want you as a boyfriend because I already have several of them. What I would like to know is if you would accept my companionship towards some of the rent?” She wiggled her bounteous breasts to emphasize her offer.

There were some awkward moments in the following conversation but Tom would now get laid three times a week in return for half of the rent. She seemed pleased with the arrangement he noticed. The rental agreement allowed for termination by either party with only a week’s notice so what did he have to lose?

She only had a small and well used suitcase to take into her room just down the hall from his. It was an older home and there was only one bathroom for the three bedrooms upstairs so they would work out a schedule. He offered to get pizza to welcome her.

He bought some beer as well and she drank a couple of them as well as scarfing down more than a half of the dinner. He was a light eater and drinker so that was fine with him. She helped clean up the kitchen, not that there was much to do, but it was a thoughtful thing.

Then came the moment that Tom was both dreading and anticipating. Freda said, “I guess it’s time to pay the first installment on my rent. Shall we use my room or yours?” Tom stuttered a bit and said, “Yours”.

He watched her ample ass dancing as he followed her up the stairs. During dinner his eyes had been clued to her massive bosom which appeared to be unfettered by any undergarment. He could see her nipples tenting through the threadbare T-shirt she wore. It’d been a long time since he’d been naked with any woman and never one sized like this. When they reached her room, she turned and gave him a big soft hug. Pulling back she said, “I hope you can last a while because I’m pretty horny. I haven’t been laid in two days.”

That almost got him off in his pants, being talked to like that. He didn’t have to worry about what to say because she pulled up her T-shirt and pulled his head to her nearest nipple and he started sucking while his hands came up under each of the hanging melons. Way more than a handful for each and maybe even two hands. They sure as hell felt good. He gave that nipple a little bite and moved over to the other one and she started making happy noises.

After a few minutes of that she said, “Time to get down to the meat!” She dropped her drawers to reveal her furry crotch as he got out of his clothes as quickly as he could without falling on his face. She laid back on the bed and opened her meaty thighs. Her pink spot in the fur glistened, an easy target for his spear. Nestling between her legs, she guided him into a place he hadn’t visited for way too long. Two pushes and he was balls deep. Seeing his cock disappearing into that fur-framed happy-hole was an image from heaven and he would remember it forever.

In the past he always been the one doing the thrusting but this woman was different. He laid still on top of her and she moved her hips for the motion she wanted. He couldn’t last long and she knew what his loud groan meant, in case the warm stuff spreading inside wasn’t enough clue. “Don’t pull out!” was something not to be disobeyed. He kept moving slowly in her as he attempted to kiss all over those big breasts sagging to each side and would balance on one hand so the other one could explore her. Soon enough he was rigid again and this time he took charge of the thrusting. She reached down to rub her clit and get herself off. That experience was a bit like being in an earthquake as she shook both of them and the bed with her spasms.

She gave him a little kiss and said, “I enjoyed that but now I have to get some sleep. Let’s do that again in a couple of days.” He didn’t wash off his cock, wanting the memory to linger as long as it could. No masturbating for him tonight!

He dined alone the next night. They’d not talked about meals. She came in well after dinner time accompanied by a skinny guy that she introduced by first name. They went straight upstairs and Tom soon heard the rhythmic noise of the burdened bed. He remembered she said she had boyfriends and he rubbed his hard-on thinking about last night’s memories.

The following night she was also late getting home but unaccompanied. “I’ve had dinner already and I’d enjoy you for dessert.” Once again he followed her upstairs only this time he undressed as quickly as she did. Instead of getting on her back on the bed, she got on all fours, presenting a pink and creamy pussy for his easy entry. He slid balls deep into a silky texture that, a few moments later, he recognized as being how she felt the second time they had fucked. Had she already been laid before she came home? Could he even ask that? No matter, he was in there now and his cock enjoyed the hell out of it. What did it matter if she’d fucked one or ten guys already today. He was getting what he liked and she apparently was too. It was late so he only took one shot.

The days she wasn’t going to do him she would eat out and bring home one of her boyfriends. Tom identified four of them. Some nights they would take turns fixing dinner and then fucking, but other times, like before, she might come home already laid and wet.

As it worked out, she usually fucked him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights but there was one Friday when she said that she would be staying over with a boyfriend so could they get together on Saturday. “Sure”, said Tom.

That ended up being really nice because they were not in any rush and had lots of energy. They spent a couple of times in bed that afternoon but she had to excuse herself because she had a Saturday night date. She wasn’t sure if she would be back or not, but would text him so he wouldn’t be concerned.

Tom was really enjoying her bounty. She was definitely built for comfort but handled all that she was carrying quite well. She gave him titty fucks and even bun fucks but didn’t want it up her ass. He encouraged her to be naked around the house so he could enjoy watching how she moved and she was tickled that he found her sexy since she had often been ridiculed.

She was often gone on Saturday with one or more dates but Sunday she saved for herself. Remembering the good time they’d had on that Saturday they spent together, she gently encouraged that the Sabbath be a time just for the two of them to enjoy life and each other. They went out and did things as a couple although usually screwing before and after. She would not spend the night in his bed though, saying that was too much like they were living together.

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