Professional Working Dog

by Jade

Copyright© 2019 by Jade

Erotica Sex Story: A wealthy woman lays a plan to corrupt her gorgeous lesbian lover to the dubious delights of dog sex; that is if the girl is willing to co-operate? And where is she to find the kind of animal capable of seducing a young woman who could have the cock of any man she fancied?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Bestiality   .

The sleekly attractive woman had felt excited waiting for them to arrive, and when seeing them on her driveway, had gone into the hallway. So now it was going to happen and Consanta opened the door just as Alma had knocked.

The slim twenty-something’s appearance surprised Consanta; that such an attractive girl would run such a shady type of business.

“Hello, I’m Alma with Buddy from the Kennel Club; we have an appointment.”

“That’s fine, your expected and I’m Consanta who you dealt with on the ‘phone; do come in.”

Alma, leading Buddy on a leash, followed the thirty-something Consanta, into the posh house. She had never dealt with anyone this side of town and was anxious to do well.

Consanta crouched to admire the animal’s hind quarters; in doing so her skirt rose up her thighs as she stroked the big brown mongrel. “My, he’s a big one, isn’t he!” said the lady.

“He’s professional working dog; very well hung, just as you ordered madam.” Alma admired the woman’s shapely thighs; she’d have a ripe pussy too; the kind her dog loved to fuck.

“Mm, I can see that,” she chuckled reaching under the animal and stroking his loin, “I’ve no doubt he’ll be up to the task in store for him. I may need your assistance if that’s possible?”

Alma’s cunt clenched at the prospect of sharing a bitching session with this lady; who had clearly been impressed with what she had seen so far, “Of course madam, supervision is an extra I’m pleased to provide.” Alma said cheerfully.

But then they were joined by a younger slim woman, around twenty, dressed in a simple short shift dress and bare footed. She had long fair hair and her Scandinavian features were devoid of cosmetics. She looked at Alma in an innocent childlike manner; smiling.

“Oh, there you are Leslie. Now this kind lady is from the Kennel Club and look what she’s brought with her; he’s called Buddy! Do you like him?”

The tall girl politely greeted the kennel lady, then looked down at the dog. “Oh yes, he’s such a beautiful creature,” she said, squatting now to pet the dog. “Mmm, his coat is so shiny and soft!”

Alma detected a strangeness in the girl’s demeanour; as if she was sleepy but clearly found the dog pleasing to fondle.

“Leslie has been wanting a doggy of her own for a while now” remarked Consanta, “but we’re not able to keep one here; so today she’s having one of your home visits; to get the feel of having a dog up close as it were.”

Alma smiled politely, unsure of the relationship between the pair, They were clearly not mother and daughter yet there seemed to be a sexual link between them. However, it was Consata’s wishes she to had to address. “I’m sure Buddy will please her madam.”

Consanta chuckled, “Yes; well, I myself have loved having dogs in the past, so I’m hoping Leslie will find them just as satisfying as I do.”

Alma smiled diplomatically although still not certain of what was what, Consanta continued; “So with your visit here today it is only Leslie I want fucked: but fucked enough to give her a full appreciation of what a dog can do for a girl; do you see?”

“Oh! Oh, yes quite.” said Alma.

It was clear that Consanta was in charge and her young companion was a virgin when it came to dog-loving but what else these females shared was unclear to Alma. She decided to get things moving, “Em, where would you like Buddy to render his services madam?” she asked.

“Oh, I’ve made some preparation on the chaise long in the bedroom; Would you take the dog in and then we can get the session under way. I’m sure Leslie has endured enough anticipation. Consanta felt her pulse quicken knowing the dog would need plenty of pre-arousal before being paired to her novice.

She had looked forward to this initial task as much as the initiation of Leslie itself and once in the bedroom she had stripped down to her bra and panties to enjoy the task of stoking the animal into a sexual frenzy. She now knelt formally before Buddy standing passively on the chaise long.

The girl novice watched serenely, still wearing the simple shift dress. Alma stood by readily.

Consanta’s head ducked beneath the dog’s belly; her mouth suddenly busy on his sheath.

She flicked her tongue against the animal’s barely visible prick and in no time the experienced dog’s pink cock-tip had appeared, but the main cock lay hidden in the leathery sheath. Her tongue tip brushed the pink bulb again and again, polishing it and taunting it. Soon the entire cock head was protruding proudly.

The girl watching now began to take a curious interest in matters and she stole a glance at Alma who stood beside her. “Buddy will be ready for you soon.” she assured the girl.

When Consanta had wreaked havoc with the cock head’s nerve-studded rim, she began snaking her tongue up and down the sloping surface of the bulb. She caressed the meaty prick head thoroughly, until the bulb shone with her saliva.

The dog whined some more and began shuffling his feet. Consanta calmed him with both hands as she continued to lick his prick. Her eager licks made the dog’s prick bounce up and down and from side to side, “Oh my God, his cock is truly gorgeous Lesley!” she exclaimed.

Now the dog’s entire cock was bulging out of its sheath. The grey glistening cock was long, hard and fat, just perfect for busting cherries. But Consanta wasn’t quite satisfied. “He’s nearly ready for you Leslie!”

Alma looked at the girl and suddenly realised she was responding badly.

Consanta’s wild eroticism, rather than stimulate and excite the girl, had instead injected fear and loathing!

Oblivious to this, Consanter opened her mouth wide and engulfed the greasy prick which stretched her lips dangerously as she deep-throated it! She grunted and gagged until she finally forced her lips all the way down to the dog’s fat balls!

She moaned mindlessly, with bugged-out eyes, the whole time she held the prick deep. It was as if the prick tasted too good to let go. The animal humped once and began whining.

Consanta, lifted her head at last. “Slip out of your dress before you cuddle up close to the doggy Leslie.”

The girl responded with a pout and shook her head slightly in retaliation. “ I can’t do it Consanter.”

“Don’t start playing me up now dear; there’s nothing to worry about; you’ll love it!”

The girl stood up nd in a soft voice said, “It’s much ... bigger than I ... I’m scared.”

“Oh; silly girl! Help her off with her dress Alma, would you?”

Very well Madam”

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