Git Er Wet Fer Me

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Nephew helps an older couple's sex life and learns a lot in the process.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Incest   Interracial   .

Author’s note: Some of the text and dialogue must be read phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies, if you are old enough to know who they were, and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

“Hey there Randy Joe, alles nahce yew visits us sew regler. Yer auntie lahks it tew. Kin Ah git yew some shine? Got me a new jug just yesterday.”

They sipped out on the porch, watchin Ole Yeller havin fun chasin chickens and small pigs round the yard.

Uncle Cletus aways liked these visits which happened at least once a week. He and Auntie Ollie was gittin older but “weren’t daid yet”, as he put it. They scrabbled out a livin way back in the hills where generations of ancestors had done the same thing. These visits were special tho.

Cletus asked, “Hope yew is horny lahk ma sister says yew bin lately. Yer auntie has bin askin abut yew and Ah knows she be thinkin about thet treat yew got between yer legs.”

Randy Joe wasn’t much of a talker, specially with a glass of shine in his fist, but he answered, “Ah gits a bunch at home but Ah likes cumin here a lot. Glad to hear Auntie is hot.”

His uncle and aunt were in their fifties and still liked the sex they’d enjoyed since a much earlier age, and not just with each other for many years after startin. But now Cletus was slowing down and Ollie wasn’t.

Auntie Ollie had no problem spreading her fine thighs for other visitors but there weren’t many opportunities way out where they were. When she discovered, after going to visit a cousin, that Cletus could fill her fun place better when it was already slippery wet, she had to make some changes. He was agreeable to whatever worked, she knew from some fun times they’d had with other couples in years gone by.

Auntie brung out some bowls of chitlins that she’d learned to make from some descendants of former slaves who had settled further down the dirt road, if you could even call it that. Hoping to speed things up on this visit she’d pulled her peasant top down under her big sagging tits which also helped to prop them up and make them more attractive, or she hoped it did. She watched Randy Joe’s eyes and they fixated on the massive mammaries for a bit and that made her nipples jut out too.

Like her husband, she hoped Randy Joe hadn’t expended too much seed in her younger sister before coming to visit. She wanted plenty of his to lube her twat for Cletus to plow. Initially it was feeling the second cock, that of her spouse, which she sought, but she had to admit that the young one had its definite benefits and when he wanted a second piece after her husband got his she was secretly delighted. That reminded her of the many times his father had filled her before and after he’d married Randy Joe’s mother. The good ole days!

Although she felt very blessed that about a dozen different dicks had pleasured her over the years, that was the past and, like wantin BBQ, yew needed a fresh supply in the present. That supply was sittin there visitin with her husband while her pussy itched. Damn, whut were they talkin bout?

When she walked out on the porch nekkid, thet messed up the conversashun. “Randy Joe, Ah needs fer yew tew git me ready fer mah husband, like yer so good at.” He followed her into the cabin and to the marital bed. This time she mounted him and Cletus watched from the doorway, rubbin his own tool which were slowly fillin. Watchin his wife a’moanin and a’movin did git him harder and he dropped his Big Jim’s to be ready.

Just about then he saw Randy Joe’s balls tense up and heard his cummin sounds. Ollie looked over her shoulder to see if her husband be ready and laid on top of her nephew as his softening pecker dropped out of her sloppy snatch.

Her husband fed his partly filled eight-incher easily into the slippery slot and began moving as his wife encouraged him and indicated her pleasure. It took a while but he had his pleasure too and could feel Randy Joe’s erection already refilled. Ollie raised her hips and easily remounted it and they went at it vigorously again. As Cletus watched Ollie’s ass moving up and down he had a fleeting thought about filling her other hole at the same time. Hadn’t done that since he did his young sister many decades ago to keep from makin a baby in her.

A noisy while later he shook hands with his nephew and asked when he might visit agin. In the meantime he’d put his mouth and tongue on that special place thet just got well used to keep Ollie happy. She never tired of the pleasures.

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