The Holy Order of the Liberated

by Jamie and Lisa

Copyright© 2019 by Jamie and Lisa

BDSM Sex Story: A mildly fictionalized story of some extreme lesbian PLAY we engaged in. Something we did back in 1971 to pass time and avoid worrying about the boys over in Vietnam (well Laos actually).

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BDSM   Rough   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   .

Warning: Ritualized Clitoridectomy and Infibulation PLAY ahead.

Non-consentual anything, especially something as intimate as sex is BAD! Causing Injuries to others, especially those you love is BAD! But civilized human beings are complex. We have huge brains we barely utilize. Sometimes it’s fun to face your fears and overcome them in play.

The pastor had an extensive library, on a great many subjects, including many anthropological works. Eva found within some of those books an interesting subject: ritual clitoridectomy, and infibulation. She really got into reading about it, and introduced the rest of us to the subject.

The reality isn’t pretty. But this was fantasy. As fantasy it was deliciously submissive, but totally not sustainable. So, it remained a subject for fantasy, and play. Actually being cut wasn’t like whip marks. Clitorises, once pruned, they don’t grow back.

This is story is fictionalized reality. Stuff that happened at different times, and with different people, conflated, rewritten, made simple and manageable. IT WAS A GAME we played with each other occasionally while the boys were away in southeast Asia.

We love each other, and at times our play gets pretty intense. We obviously never really did, or would consider harming each other. It was a grown-up version of Punch and George playing cowboys and indians at eight or nine.

Wintergreen oil, camphor and menthol are available over the counter. They are the active ingredients in sports creams such as Bengay and IcyHot.


“Novice Jamie,” I said.

“Yes, Mother Superior,” she said.

“I have decided,” I said. “Today is the day.”

“I have been chosen?”

“Yes,” I said, “But In order to join us, you must undergo our initiation ritual”

“I accept your decisions, now and forever, Mother Superior,” she said.

I placed the leather dog collar on her neck, attached a very short leash, and led her into the altar room adjoining the ritual bath. She stood before the mattress covered altar. Sister Kristin, Sister Lillian and Sister Eva were there to initiate our soon to be sister.

“To consecrate Novice Jamie into the ‘Holy Order of the Liberated’ we must all remove our worldly cloaks, and stand before almighty God naked and unashamed,” Sister Kristin said.

Mother Superior, the three Sisters and Novice Jamie all removed, and hung their worldly cloaks on worldly coat hangers, and hung them in the worldly closet.

. Sister Eva said, “I have been chosen to perform our initiation ritual upon you today. Sister Lillian will be assisting me.”

“I trust that you have been made aware of what the ritual you are about to undergo consists of,” said Sister Kristin. “For your conversion to be true and binding you must enter our order with a clear and pure heart. We believe the best way to be certain of your commitment to the Order is for you to recite to us an explanation of the ritual you are to be undergoing today, and its rationale.”

“Yes, Sister Kristin,” Novice Jamie said.

“I am to have all of my lady-parts removed from my body,” said Novice Jamie, “so that I might never again feel sexual bliss. So that I might concentrate on serving the Mothers, and the Brothers of the Order.”

“You will sacrifice your outside parts,” said Sister Eva. “You will retain your baby-making parts to serve the Order.”

“Yes, Sister Eva,” Novice Jamie said.

“You will not regret your decision Novice Jamie,” I said, “When I next speak to you I shall address you as Sister Jamie.”

“I will be so honored, Mother Superior,” Novice Jamie said.

“The procedure is quite painful,” said Sister Lillian. “We make it intentionally painful to relieve you of all your earthly sin. You will hurt like you have never hurt before, and you will never be able to return to how you were before, either physically or mentally. Once I place this gag in your mouth it will not be removed until the procedure will be completed. Once it is in place you are powerless to stop the process. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sister Lillian,” Novice Jamie said.

“Good. then we shall begin,” Sister Lillian said, placing the ball gag in Jamie’s mouth and cinching it tight.

Novice Jamie’s dream was coming true and she was getting more and more excited by the minute.

Sister Lillian placed leather cuffs on each of Novice Jamie’s wrists and ankles, and secured them with rope to the four corners of the mattress covered altar.

Novice Jamie’s cunt was juicing, and that juice was leaking out of her, and dripping onto the altar.

“Do not worry,” Sister Lillian said, “we will be finished soon.”

Then Sister Lillian inserted two of her fingers into Novice Jamie’s creaming vagina, and spread her juices on the heavy clear glass cylinder she was holding. Once it was well lubricated, she inserted the vaginoscope into Novice Jamie. The vaginoscope was a most ingenious medical device, with a very thick clear glass base and thick clear glasswalls. An object the uninformed might mistake for a cut crystal bud vase.

Sister Eva took a good look through the vaginoscope at Novice Jamie’s rugae and cervix.

Novice Jamie groaned through the ball gag. The vaginoscope was big and inflexible, it was somewhat uncomfortable. But like so many other things in life, it was confusing. It hurt a little while also making her really, really horney.

Her upcoming clitoridectomy was affecting her in the same way. She loved the way her clitoris made her feel. She loved to touch and play with it. The idea of living without those pleasures saddened her. She could never choose to have it cut from her body. What was the point of being Mother Superior’s sex slave if she couldn’t enjoy the sex?

Except for the fact that by acquiescence she just had chosen to have it destroyed. That thought, the thought of being unable to pleasure herself, or have anyone else pleasure her, made her even hotter than she believed possible. She was a right handed Jimi Hendrix smashing her guitar, and then burning it. An image made all the more powerful by the fact that it was the world’s only guitar.

“We are going to remove your inner labia first,” Sister Eva said, “we can do it bloodlessly. Using our unique solution of chemicals to dissolve them completely. I am afraid burning them off in this way is really painful, but it’s thorough, bloodless and leaves a pretty little pink scar.”

“Nmmm mmm,” was the way it came out past the gag, as Novice Jamie tried to scream “No!”

She had changed her mind. Maybe she would go to work as a strumpet, or marry a farmer and have sixteen children, and die delivering number seventeen. Something, anything where she would feel pleasure while being fucked. Not a world of pain today and then a lifetime nothing for all of her tomorrows. What on earth had she been thinking? Why ... Arrrrggghhhhhhhh...

Novice Jamie involuntarily tried to lift her entire bound body off of the mattress covered altar as Sister Eva used a wide flat paint brush to paint her left labia with the flesh dissolving chemicals. Arrrrrrhhhhhhhh...

It was a feeling that Novice Jamie had never ever felt before, something she never wanted to feel again, and they were just getting started. She was glad she could not see what was happening to her exposed sex.

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