Wife Strips at Brother-in-law's Graduation Party

by Smjle

Copyright© 2019 by Smjle

Erotica Sex Story: Pretty and sexy 20 year old wife dances and does a strip tease in front of her husband and 6 teenage boys ages 16 to 18, at her 17 year old brother-in-law's graduation party.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

Emma: Steve’s wife, Jason’s sister-in-law, age 20
Steve: Emma’s Husband, age 23
Jason: Steve’s younger brother, age 17
Five of Jason’s teenage high school friends, ages 16 to 18

Next month Jason will graduate from high school. Then three months later in August, one week before his 18th birthday, he will be leaving to attend SMU. At first, Steve and I decided to give him a going-away party on his 18th birthday. However, since he would have left to attend SMU we decided to give him a graduation party. Steve thought a nice present would be to hire a young stripper to do a striptease and asked me to arrange it and to invite several of his teenage friends from the high school he is graduating from.

There is a club with strippers that Steve has taken me to. I went there and talked to the management. There was one very pretty girl, barely eighteen, who seemed sweet and had an innocent look. I selected her and paid $200 for her to dance and strip for about 30 minutes at Jason’s graduation party. The other strippers were older and looked professional with a hard look about them. I didn’t want any of them as I didn’t believe they would be as appropriate or as much fun for Jason.

The morning before the party, I got a call from the club and was informed that the girl had quit and they could send another stripper or refund the money. I told them I didn’t think any of the other strippers would be appropriate for teenage boys and to mail a refund. I told Steve and he said, “You are going to have to do it.”

“You want me to strip in front of Jason and his friends.”

“Yes! Why not? You are young and sexy, and I know that for a couple of years Jason has had a crush on you. You can strip down to a bikini.”

“Okay! I’ll do it. It might be fun teasing Jason and his friends.” Jason and I have flirted and exchanged sexual innuendoes. Therefore, I knew Jason has the hots for me and with his beguiling charm, he could tempt me to be naughty.

I needed another swimsuit to wear this summer so last month I purchased the following Brazilian bikini shown on a Victoria Secret’s model:

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It didn’t leave much to the imagination but covered critical areas so I thought it would be appropriate for the striptease.

After all the teenage boys arrived, Steve put on a 30-minute soft-porn video and, in spite of their ages, Steve gave strawberry daiquiris to Jason and his friends. By the time I made my entrance, several teens were already feeling the effects of the alcohol. However, not nearly enough to be drunk since the teens only had one strawberry daiquiri. Regardless, with the soft porn and alcohol, the teenage boys were a bit rowdy.

At the appropriate time, we had Jason sit on a chair in the center of the room. Wearing high heels and a miniskirt and halter top over my Brazilian bikini, I started to dance. The skimpy halter top didn’t cover much more than my bikini top so I was showing lots of skin to the delight, applause, and whistles of Jason and the other teenage boys.

I danced around Jason, making sexual movements that were fluid and very sensual. I kept brushing up against Jason, rubbing his shoulders, messing up his hair and shaking my ass. I looked at Jason and said, “Oh, you want more,” and pulled the bow-tie on the halter-top strap on my back. That didn’t expose much more, but it was sexually suggestive.

That got the teens into it so as I danced, the teenage boys in the room started chanting, “More, more, more.” Jason just sat there with a grin. I pulled the other bow-tie behind my back and my halter top fell to the floor. I turned around and pressed my ass up against Jason and then stepped back, dancing sexually.

The teens were really into it now and chanting, “More, more, more.” As I danced, I hooked my thumbs under the elastic band of my miniskirt, pulling it down a couple of inches. The teens kept chanting, “More, more, more,” so I pulled it further down my hips. Another inch and it would fall off my hips and onto the floor. They chanted, “More, a little more. Take it off; take it off, take it all the way off.” I pulled it down a little more and my miniskirt fell to the floor and I stepped out of it. I kicked off my heels and wearing only my Brazilian bikini, I picked my miniskirt up and tossed it to the teens and one caught it.

I continued sexily dancing and then wiggled my ass into Jason’s face. And, even though my Brazilian bikini barely covered my essentials, the rowdy boys chanted, “More, more, take more off.” That was as much as I was supposed to take off. I looked at my hubby and he only smiled before taking another sip of his drink.

My hubby wasn’t stopping me so I pulled the bow-tie behind my back. The bow-tie is what held the straps over my shoulders. With the bow-tie undone, the straps slid very near to the edge of my shoulders. The teens chanted, “Take it all the way off, take it all the way off.” I relaxed and lowered my shoulders allowing my bikini straps to slide off my shoulders and down my arms. As the straps were falling down my arms, I caught my bikini top with my hand, tossed it to the teenage boys, and they went nuts.

I danced sexily in front of the boys and then in front of Jason. “More, more; take more off,” the boys chanted. Jason was wearing a pull-over shirt. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. Then, pulling him up by the hand and throwing my arms around his neck, I pressed my titties into his chest and kissed him to the delight of the boys, and they applauded with whistles and clapping.

I backed up and slowly and sexily danced out of the room. After I left the room, one of the teenage boys started slowly clapping and saying, “Encore, encore, encore;” then all of the boys were clapping and calling me back. After a couple of minutes, it looked like they were not going to stop so I danced back into the room and their slow clapping changed to applause.

I danced in front of Jason and then I danced in front of the other teenage boys. I danced just a step away in front of them, and dancing as I turned around and around, I hooked my thumbs under the strings of my Brazilian bikini bottom, pushing it down a couple inches. That allowed the boys to see some hair at the top of my pussy that I had already trimmed before putting on my bikini. “Show more, show more, show more,” they chanted.

I very slowly pushed the strings further down my hips until my bikini bottom was about to fall off my hips. That showed more hair and maybe the top of my pussy. “More, more, take it all the way off,” the boys chanted. The boys wanted me completely naked! I was glad hubby wasn’t stopping it because that is just what I wanted, too. And, I wasn’t about to look in his direction to see if he was shaking his head, “No.”

I pushed a little further and my bikini bottom fell off my hips and down my legs. When my bikini bottom fell to my feet, I kicked it to the boys and, whooping and whistling, they went absolutely wild. Dancing and turning, I gave the boys a good look at all of my naked body. Slowly I danced away toward Jason. Grabbing Jason’s hand, I pulled him up off his chair, threw my arms around his neck, and wiggled into his crotch as his now hard cock pressed into my belly.

I’m in the middle of my monthly cycle so I was already horny. However, with all the sexual stimulation, I was on fire with sexual urges. If Steve wasn’t home, I might have let all six of the horny and rowdy teenage boys fuck me. Instead, turning to the teens, I said, “That’s all boys,” and sashayed out of the room.

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