Teresa Scalia: Epilogue to Spying Comes With Consequences

by obo

Copyright© 2019 by obo

Erotica Sex Story: This story picks up at the end of "Spying Comes with Consequences". It explores Barbara's inner feelings and she manages to get into an embarrassing situation. If you haven't read the original story I suggest you do so. Then you'll have all the background.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian   Fiction   Humiliation   Masturbation   .

Eyes closed and breathless, Barbara reclined on the massage table. Her white sports bra, her only article of clothing, had been pushed up over her breasts. An intense pink, almost red flush, could be seen on Barbara’s tanned skin from the cheeks of her face down her neck and shoulders. The flush extended to the un-tanned tops of her breasts. Quite visible on her creamy white skin. She was lost in a tidal wave of endorphins, the result of a thunderous orgasm courtesy of Roxanne Starr.

“Oh my, my” Barbara murmured quite silently to herself.

She subtly ground her thighs together, extending the sensations she had enjoyed. Slowly coming back reality, Barbara’s hands lightly brushed her pink nipples as her fingertips traced a path over her torso to her freshly barbered pubis. She daintily touched the silky smooth skin.

“How can I feel like this? It’s never been like this with Mark. What did those women do to me?” thought Barbara, almost subconsciously, both aroused and ashamed.

Roxanne Starr took in the sight of her latest conquest. A smirk of satisfaction crossed her face as she watched Barbara, the upper-middle-class suburban soccer mom, still squirming from her orgasm. The statuesque, redheaded bar owner took a great deal of pleasure at bringing down the blonde housewife a few pegs. And, truth be told, Roxanne found the episode to be more than just slightly arousing.

“She certainly is a very responsive little housewife. I wonder if she’s getting enough at home?” Roxanne speculated as she looked towards Kathy and Maria with a Cheshire cat grin.

Roxanne decided the fun was over and it was time to clear the room. Looking to Kathy. “Give the spying little bitch her clothes and show her the door.” Kathy tossed Barbara’s socks, panties, stretch pants and black sweatshirt onto her belly. Barbara flinched as the clumped fabric landed on her and brought her completely back from her reverie. Her eyes opened and she looked around the room reorienting herself to time and space. Slowly she rose to a sitting position and looked down on her now completely smooth pubic area. Instinctively she covered both her crotch and breasts with her hands.

“Did you have a good time honey?” Maria sarcastically said. All three of Barbara’s tormentors Roxanne, Maria, and Kathy, stood side-by-side looking at the debased blonde suburban mom. All three with a grin of satisfaction at what they had done.

Barbara looked at Maria but made no response to her jibe. Using both hands Barbara adjusted the white sports bra taking particular care to avoid rubbing the fabric across her very sensitive nipples. Sorting through the pile of clothes she retrieved her boy short panties. Slipping her feet through the leg openings, Barbara slipped off the table to a standing position. She pulled the panties up and flinched slightly as the fabric contacted her crotch.

“Oooooooo, that so very tender.” Barbara thought.

Roxanne and Maria left the room to another part of the building. Kathy would see that Barbara exited the property. Giving Barbara a leering gaze, Kathy watched her as she put on the remainder of her clothes. Not that she had any lesbian tendencies, Kathy enjoyed watching the now very humbled and embarrassed Barbara regain some measure of modesty. Turning her back to Kathy, Barbara stepped into the black stretch pants and pulled them up over her round bottom. She then pulled her sweatshirt on and slipped on her shoes.

Kathy walked over to Barbara and grasped her by the upper arm. “Okay Mrs. Anderson it’s time to see you to the door.” Barbara offered no resistance as Kathy rather brusquely led her to the exit. Opening the door Kathy gave into temptation as Barbara stepped through the threshold. With a swift right hand, Kathy gave Barbara a sound smack on her ass.

“Ow!” Barbara yelped as she jumped forward a couple quick steps and rubbed the abused cheek with her hand.

“Oh, I’m so sorry did that smart? I just wanted to see if your butt was as firm as that night in the boxing ring. It is. You must be working out. Well slut, so long.” Kathy had the last words as she shut latched the back door to the office.

With one hand massaging her smarting bottom, Barbara turned and watched Kathy close the door. Head down, and definitely showing a defeated body language, Barbara took the long walk to where she had concealed her car. Her head was spinning with thoughts of what had just taken place.

“What have those bitches done to me? Damn Teresa abandoned me, stuck in that stupid garbage can. Drag me inside and threaten to call the police. Can’t have the police involved. Sure, that conniving Roxanne would have me charged. Had to go along with whatever she wanted to do to punish me. Thought they were going to spank me. Afraid of that. Afraid of getting turned on. Being over that snot Kathy Benson’s lap in the boxing ring, her slapping my bottom. My dress ripped off, my panties down. Over her lap I look up and all I can see are people watching and laughing at me. Gave into her and it made me horny. Now this. Shaved bare. Those women touching me. I liked it, God knows I shouldn’t. Cumming hard on that table with those three watching.”

Barbara took a deep breath and wiped her face with her hands.

“I can get through this. This is all still a secret, what went on. No wait! Mark is going to know I’ve been shaved. How do I explain that? What will he think? Oh God.” A dismayed Barbara thought.

Barbara got in her car started the engine and began the drive to her home. It was nearly 1 AM and she was worried about how to explain to her husband the lateness of the hour.

“Mark will be wondering where the hell I’ve been. What can I come up with? I’ll tell him I went to a Tupperware party at Rhonda’s, had a little too much wine and fell asleep.” Barbara schemed.

During the drive home Barbara began thinking about the intense sexual encounter she had after Roxanne had shaved her.

“Oh Lord the way I felt when Roxanne touched me. She knew exactly what to do. And Maria kissing me and putting her mouth on my breast. It was so, so intense.”

The more she thought, the more aroused Barbara became. Still driving and steering with her left hand, Barbara’s right hand went down between her legs. She caressed herself through the fabric of her pants. Rubbing herself in this way gave Barbara no relief but served to intensify her need. Barbara saw she was approaching a small roadside park and pulled in. Killing the headlights but leaving the engine running, Barbara could concentrate on providing herself with some sexual relief without the distractions of driving. Unbuckling her seatbelt, she flipped the lever and reclined the seat. Hooking both thumbs inside the waistband of her pants and panties she hoisted her hips and slid them down over her buttocks. In the dim light of the car interior, Barbara looked down at her freshly shaved pubic area and heaved a sigh. With a quick flick of her tongue, Barbara lubricated the middle finger of her right hand and began fervently masturbating.

“Roxanne, Roxanne Sweet Jesus what have you done to me.”

Her right hand occupied between her legs, Barbara slipped her left hand up under her sweatshirt and cupped her left breast under her bra. Her hips began to buck in rhythm to the motion of her hand. The intensity was increasing and Barbara was close to getting herself off when a bright light illuminated the car interior. The source of the light coming from outside. Then there was a sharp rap on the car window.

“Everything all right in there?” Said an authoritarian male voice.

Barbara gasped as she looked to the window and saw a police officer staring at her. With her pants down and hand between her legs, Barbara stared stupidly at the officer. “Why, um, um yes officer.” Barbara stammered. “No problem I just needed to pull off the road and take a rest.”

“Lower your window please.”

Barbara complied with the request and rolled down the window, forgetting for the moment her immodest state of dress.

“It’s very late and you did leave the engine running. I just need to see your ID and proof of insurance.”

Barbara turned and to reach into the glove box under the dash.

“Oh ma’am. You might want to cover up a bit first.” The officer suggested.

Barbara looked at her exposed pubic region.

“Oh, oh yes of course I’m so sorry.” Barbara apologized. Her face now intensely flushed from both intense arousal and intense embarrassment.

She quickly pulled her pants back up and adjusted her sweatshirt. She then got the insurance documentation from the glove box and from the center console she retrieved her driver’s license and handed both to the officer.

“I hope there’s no problem officer, I really just needed to pull over for a little bit.”

“I’ll be right back with these.” The policeman said matter-of-factly. The officer turned and walked back to his patrol car.

“Oh no, no, no this can’t be happening” lamented Barbara as she hid her face in her hands. “He caught me with my pants down, my hand on my pussy, and I’m masturbating. If this gets out I am completely ruined.”

Barbara raised the bucket seat back to normal position and looked back to see what the police officer was doing. After a few minutes she saw the officer leave his patrol car and walk up to her’s.

“Here’s your documentation Ms. Anderson. I ran your name and your record came back clean. I could charge you with public indecency or lewd public acts or probably both. We both know what you were doing. My suggestion is you head straight home and refrain from any pitstops. Try to control your urges until you get to the privacy of your own home. Good night.” The officer turned and returned to his squad car.

Barely believing her good luck, Barbara fastened her seatbelt and drove out of the park to finish her trip home. Barbara was as stealthy as she could be when she got to her house. Slipping through the side door she removed her shoes and did her best cat burglar imitation. Tiptoeing into the bedroom Barbara found her husband Mark sound asleep. She quickly stripped off her clothes and slipped on the nighty that was on the nightstand. Once under the covers Barbara let out a long sigh of relief. In a few minutes she was fast asleep.

Barbara’s sleep was deep and restful that night. She did not dream, or more correctly did not recall any dreams. Her bedside alarm went off at the usual time. Barbara rose quickly and slipped on a terrycloth robe. As was the usual routine, Barbara was up before either Mark or her son Chad. Into the kitchen she went to start the coffee and prepare breakfast. Keeping busy kept her mind off the events of the previous night. After about 20 minutes, Barbara could hear both Mark and Chad moving around and preparing themselves for the day to come. She is just pouring the coffee when both the men in her life came into the kitchen and took a seat at the table.

“What happened to you last night? I didn’t even hear you come in.” asked Mark.

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