The Storm

by Jamie and Lisa

Copyright© 2019 by Jamie and Lisa

Incest Sex Story: The (mildly) fictionalized story of an older brother, a younger sister, and a stormy spring night in southwestern Texas in 1970.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

“I’m sorry, bro. You were asleep, weren’t you.”

George woke to see his sister standing beside his bed. Lisa was wearing her red flannel sleeping shirt, the one she had “borrowed” from him. Her legs were a little shaky as was her voice. He could see the concern in her beautiful face.

“Yeah, but no problem. Want to get in?” he said holding the cotton sheet up a little.

“It’s the weather, I hate...”

“Yeah, I know.”

He did, that was the thing. He knew her like well like he had known her forever, or at least sixteen years. Better than that, he had actually paid attention to her forever. She was playing with her long red hair. Wrapping it around her index finger, then letting it go, only to repeat the process. She always played with her hair when she was nervous. George thought that was just about the most adorable thing on earth. He thought everything about Lisa was adorable.

“Climb in sis, it will be alright,” he said.

She climbed into the bed, crawling under the sheet she got very close. George wiped the small amount of moisture from her cheeks with the back of his hand. He kissed her forehead. Lisa hugged her big brother very tightly. She was in the place she most wanted to be, pretty much all of the time, with him.

“You can sleep with me if you want,” he said, “the storm will be over soon.”

“Mom tried to tell me it was angel’s bowling when I was little, remember”

“Yes,” he said, “I remember, she was trying to make it funny.”

A big smile appeared on her face. Then she nearly climbed on top of him underneath the covers. She threw her long arms around his abdomen, and kissed his chest.

George smiled and kissed her, deeply atop her head this time. She immediately returned the kiss with another to his ribs and her arms remained around her protector. George wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body even closer. She wiggled a bit to make herself more comfortable. Eventually breaking contact to slipped the flannel shirt from her body in the dark.

Lisa constantly flashed him a bit of her beautiful backside or pussy when nobody else was watching and she could get away with it. Sitting up in the bed George knew she was naked without having to touch her. But he did anyway. He liked what he felt and he left his hand on her well toned hips. She laid back down upon him naked, her head on his chest and she closed her beautiful green eyes.

“Thanks, bro.” She smiled contently.

It wasn’t the first time she “couldn’t sleep” this month. George wasn’t stupid, while he enjoyed a good night’s sleep, and figuring out a way to sneak off during the daylight hours might have been a more ideal choice. He was young and could do without a bit of sleep to tend to his sister’s needs. Lisa had needs, just like he had needs, and they were becoming quite good at taking care of one another’s needs.

It was generally hard for any seventeen year old boy to get some sleep with a beautiful naked girl in his bed, holding him tight. Made doubly or quadruply hard by two facts. One that he loved her, and their sleeping parents were only one bedroom down the hallway. While he would love to make love to his sister, he truly missed just sleeping with his little sister once in a while.

The feeling of her soft and warm body against his skin was wonderful. It was truly arousing, which fact was being quickly telegraphed to Lisa by the growth in length and girth his male appendage. Through his pajama pants he could feel his penis brush against her leg. Just as he felt her pussy pressing against his thigh when she put one of her legs over his hip.

“I love you bro.”

“I love you too, Lisa.”

George kissed he on the head and slowly started drifting away back into sleep. He thought she was as well. Maybe they both did for a few minutes.

“Hey big bro, are you sleeping?” Lisa whispered softly into his ear.

George opened his eyes and ran his fingers through her hair. It was still storming outside and his little sister was still half next to him, half on top of him, hugging him tightly.

“No, what’s up?”

“I can’t sleep,” she said.

“Sorry, it’s a big ‘thunder boomer’ tonight.”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Don’t worry sis,” he said, “I’m right here with you. Want to talk or something?”

“Something ... I thought maybe we could play just a little bit. To take my mind off of it.”

As the lightning being reflected off of the clouds outside illuminated his bedroom like flash bulbs going off in a room of mirrors, she could see that George had the world’s second biggest smile on his face. He could see his little sister had the biggest.

“You know that I’ll never say ‘no’ to you,” he said. “You don’t even have to ask, just climb in. I’m always happy to play with you, sis.”

George felt his sister’s warm hand start to slowly caress his stiffening penis.

“Bro, I want you to help me sleep.” she said, “Like you did last time.”

George suspected that his sister was not as concerned about the weather as she said. But he was a gentleman, and not one to rudely decline such a wonderfully beautiful gift.

While lacking the sleep he had anticipated this night was getting much more interesting. Years from now he would remember it far more fondly than the rest they were sacrificing. George loved few things on earth more than to just fuck Lisa. Those choice few activities included her as well. She didn’t want to get out of bed, so she asked him to throat her. His penis had not been this hard in a while, not since their first time.

“Melaine told me how to do it,” she said.

“I’ll go slow,” he said, “I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

Lisa didn’t answer, instead she dove under the covers and put her lips on the tip of George’s penis. She wrapped her hands around his shaft and moved them slowly back and forth along its length. George always liked that. She wrapped her long slender legs around George’s left calf and slowly frotted him by dragging her pussy along his cotton pajamas.

He was alive in glorious sensations when Lisa bobbed her head forward, taking the sensitive head of his penis inside of her mouth. He put his hands on the back of Lisa’s head and played with her hair. He could help her and push himself in even deeper. But it was her first attempt at throating him. Above all else he did not want it to be painful for her. He never wanted to hurt her.

Lisa’s movements had pushed the bed’s single cotton sheet off to the side. George tilted his head, and as the lightning provided illumination, he could admire his beautiful sister giving him a glorious blow job. Her flame red hair was down in her face and he could smell the delightful musk of her body’s own natural lubricant as she became more and more excited.

Lisa was slowly working George’s appendage deeper and deeper inside her mouth. Eventually he was inside of her throat, past the point when she had willed her gag reflex to ignore the intruder. It wasn’t an intruder, it was a new resident, one that would be staying. With each slow movement she looked up. He was fixated on her, their eyes locked. Lisa’s beautiful green eyes could see that George was quickly nearing orgasm.

“Here I,,, Come...”

Those words were truly unnecessary. She had felt her brother tense up and his pelvic movement stop. She had started to gag when her bro in the throes of passion pushed her head further down on him. With her lips at his testicles, as far down as possible, at the base of his penis. He shot a hot savory load before quickly pulling out to let her breathe.

She felt his essence hit the back of her throat and although she felt like she had to cough, she repressed the urge. His penis completely blocked her windpipe. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t even complain for however long George held her head down after coming. She only started to try to instinctively move off of him when her body started begging for air. But then he released her and pulled out.

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