Oh Damn

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: True love kin sneak up on yew when yer cock is hard.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   Incest   Gang Bang   Pregnancy   Water Sports   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically dialogue phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies and you will catch on.

Ah were stroking mah crotch sausage when Maw come in follered by a bearded dude in overalls. Ah could tell she were drunk. Ah hated it when she got the ideer tew go tew the bar fer entertainment. Too often she brung home some new dude tew fuck. Hardly ever the same one twice. Guess she scared em away lahk she did mah paw.

Even though we’d had a quick humpin before she went out, Ah never slept well unless mah balls wuz drained jest befur Ah wuz ready tew git tew sleep. Now thet wasn’t lahkly and Ah’d have tew jack mah jimmy listenin tew her gigglin and groanin and moanin whilst some other pecker were poundin thet hole Ah wuz birthed from.

Now she ain’t thirty yet and Ah’m all of fourteen. A year ago we wuz bathin in the crik and she saw mah willy risin up. It were bigger then she membered and ast me if’n it were shootin stuff yet. Ah tole her thet the naybor girl had showed me how to do thet with her hand and then mouth and then tween her legs.

Maw got real interested and sayed, “Yew ain’t wastin thet nahce meat on no naybor slut. Stick it in me lahk yew done her!”

Ah did and it were looser but still felt real good and Ah got the real good feelin when Ah shooted mah cream in mah own mah.

“Oh honey,” mah Ma had gushed, “Yew kin go back in where you came out of anytahm yew wants tew.” Ah done thet every day and she shewed me lahts of ways tew put our parts together. Ah still stuck it tew the naybor gurl once in a while and she sayed Ah’m gittin better all the tahm. She should know cause Ah knows several other guys thet gives her practice tew.

Ah were almost asleep when Ah heered the front door slam and real soon Ma was takin a piss and came tew mah bed. She sucked mah jacked off dick back tew lahf and said, “He’s got fambly and couldn’t stay sew Ah kin git yew ready fer sleep lahk usual.”

She were awful wet and slippery and looser then usual but Ah didn’t care. Ah loves her and Ah loved her pleasure sounds as Ah dumped a bunch of mah seeds in with all thet other guy’s. She laid with me fer a bit and said, “Willard put a lot of seed in me from thet fine tool he’s got. Ah ast him tew come back tomorrow naht and stay over.”

Ah shoved mah partly wilted willy inter her cunt and sayed, “Ah dohn lahk thet. Yer mah woman!”

She kissed me and sayed, “Ah tole yew how Ah needs some diffrent lovin frum tahm ter tahm and they don’t mean Ah likes yew any less. Willard gots a daughter jest yer age and she needs some different lovin tew sew he’s bringin her fer yew. He ast if’n yew were a good fuck and Ah tole him the best cept fer him. Yew better give her a good time since Ah bragged yew up a bunch.”

Mah tally whacker got full up heerin about thet and Ah put another bunch of seed in mah Ma befur we slept.

The next day Ah kept mah hands off’n mah pole all day, Ma’s orders, sew Ah could bang Mary Belle real good thet naht lahk Ma bragged Ah kood.

Ah had ma best Big Smiths and manners on when they arrived. His Ford truck were only ten years old and still shiny. Ah were impressed. He were a big guy and Ah figgered big down there too which impressed Ma usually. Mary Belle weren’t as good lookin as Ah had hoped but her shirt were filled out purdy good and them knockers seemed tew move around real nice when she did. Ma said Willard teached her tew fuck and Ah worried she’d be loose lahk Ma were last naht. Ah hadn’t got off all day sew Ah would have fucked a knothole bah then.

We ate some stewed possum Ah’d shot and Willard had some shine he shared with us younguns. Mary Bell were real quiet and kept a’peekin over at me while we ate.

After the wimmin did the kitchen and us men shot the shit on the porch, Ma came ter the door and sayed, “Time fer the fun Ah bin waitin fer all day. Git yer ass in here Willard!”

Mary Belle came out and sat in the rocker her Pa had bin in but didn’t say nuthin. After a bit Ah did like Ma had tole me and assed a questin about her, “Mary Belle, how long yew bin fuckin?”

Thet perked her up and she turned towards me, “Ah didn’t expect tew be assed thet first thing. But since yew assed, Ah bin doin it with Pa fer more’n a year. How about yew?”

“Bout the same. Ah’m almost fifteen. How about yew?”

She made her first smile as she answered, “Ah turned fourteen a month ago.” She paused as we heard thumpin and moanin through the screen door. She reached over fer mah hand and said, “Heerin thet makes me horny. Let’s git in yer bed.”

Her titties were as big as Ma’s and lots firmer. Ah started playing with them and she reached fer mah pole which were at full speed real quick. She whispered, “Ah’s ready ter feel it in me!”

She opened up her legs and mah peckerhead found the hole through the dark jungle down there. “Yew feel real good, Mary Belle. Yer plenty taht.”

She moaned as Ah did the in-and-out and she shook and groaned three tahms befur Ah shot mah second seed shots inter her. She felt sew good Ah didn’t even wilt or stop after mah first one. We wuz both panting when Ah rolled us over on our sahds.

“Yew are awful dammed good with thet thing!” she finally managed tew say. Ah thought Ah saw tears runnin down her face.

“Did Ah hert yew?”

“Oh, NO! Yew just gimme more pleasure then anyone! Kin we do it some more?”

Ah got kyuryus, “Shore after Ah refills mah parts. So have yew fucked others sides yer Pa?”

She gimmme a hot kiss and sayed, “Since Ah got ter be fourteen Ah been gittin it frum the two naybor brothers after school. They’s got a cousin who comes round on Friday’s and Ah screws him tew be perlite. Hmmm, yew feels ready fer some more fun. Kin Ah be on top this tahm?”

“Oh, shit!” Ah thought. Ma never done this ter me and Ah likes it a lot. Them nahse titties is a bouncin right in front of me askin tew be played with. Ah don’t have tew do no work neither! “Where’d yew larn this?” Ah asked.

“One of Pa’s wimmen showed me and lookee whut else she lernt me!” She stopped the up-and-down and mah pecker felt some squeezin and moving lahk it had never felt befur. Mah eyes opened wahd and Ah sclaimed, “Damn, woman, thet be amazin! Yew got a majik pussy, Ah dew declare! Kin yew teach Ma how ter do thet?”

She got a devlish look on her face, “Mebby but Ah don’t want yew ter think she’s a better piece then me.”

“Oh, no. Ah’d never think thet. Yew is wonderful and Ah wants tew hump yew all the tahm now. Mebby yew kin git on mah school bus and we kin fuck and do schoolwork together every day.”

She kept riding as she thought about that. Finally, “Ah’d lahk thet. Ah couldn’t fuck them naybor boys as much but they wuz getting borin anyways. Yer lots better fer mah pussy anyhow. Hey, nuff talkin! Thet big tool of yers feels reddy fer some more pokin. Do me lahk mah hound did when Ah were littler.”

Mary Belle were the perfikt height and Ah could lean over her back and hold them lovely jugs in mah hands as Ah pounded her pussy. She made such noises thet her Pa and mah Ma came tew the door tew see whut were happening. Ah seen em smilin and Ma grabbed fer his long pecker and they went back tew their own fuckin, Ah guess.

Wud yew blieve thet mah scool grades is gittin better? Mary Belle drains mah balls raht away after we gits in the cabin and then she makes me work reel hard on skool till Ah gits hard agin. She splains stuff better then the teacher and is the first one tew tell me thet mebby Ah got a brain bigger then mah balls.

Me and Ma are talkin more now when we fuck. She loves Willard as much as me and says she is reel happy. His pecker be long and mahn be wide and she gits it all thet way. He treats her good too and she maht jest marry him if’n he asked. Ah tole her Ah’d like thet cause then Mary Bell would be in mah bed ev’ry naht and she probably wouldn’t be screwin them naybor boys and their cousin at all. Screwin them boys don’t hert her none, jest lahk Ma and Willard, but when she ain’t here Ah gits hankerin fer her lovin. Ma’s is good but it ain’t the same.

Ah ast Mary Bell whut she thunk about livin with me. She squealed up and grabbed mah boner and said she’d lahk it a lot. The other boys wuz OK ter fuck whal their peckers wuz in her but when it were done she didn’t have no good feelins lingerin on lahk when we screwed. If’n she could have me every day lahk her Pa then she wouldn’t go spreading fer anybody else.

Well, it done happened. Ma and Wllard decided tew git hitched. They moved tew our cabin cause it were bigger and they didn’t own theirs. Some money has gotta be saved up fer the preacher and the big party afterwards but there ain’t no hurry.

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