Kindhearted Katie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young woman takes an unusual and fulfilling sexual path.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Tear Jerker   Sharing   .

Katie was tired of sex. Almost twenty-one, she knew she had to change something about her sex life. Blessed with beauty, bust, and body, she’d started physical intimacy with the opposite sex at too early an age. Fortunately, none of the many billions of sperm had found its desired target. Some of them had been received as the result of a persuasive male, some as a byproduct of infatuation, and some just because she was horny. As she approached full adulthood, it was now time to do something different with that part of her life.

A girlfriend had convinced her to volunteer at a local non-profit that assisted handicapped people with their education and job placement. Katie had been pleasantly surprised how rewarding it was to help others do things that were just naturally easy for her. It developed her awareness and gratitude for her blessings.

One day she was working with Victor, a young man a few years older than herself, who was congenitally blind. They were discussing the many things he had not experienced which she took for granted. They set goals to do new things with her as guide. He had a seeing-eye dog that she was fond of too.

One evening they went on a “date”, something he had rarely done, mostly for lack of opportunity with suitable companions. After dinner and a concert, which he greatly enjoyed, they went for a walk in a riverside park. Katie did her best to describe where they were. She often held his hand for guidance as they went places but this time it somehow felt different to her. Actually kind of romantic. But how did Victor feel?

Sometimes you just ask, so she did. “Victor, have you ever had a girlfriend?”

“I guess it depends on what you mean by that. I’ve done some kissing with a couple of girls if you are referring to more than just going to stuff together.”

Katie replied, “That answered my question. We get along really well and I wondered if you’d like to be affectionate with me.”

Victor didn’t know how to look shy but acted that way, “I’ve thought about it but wasn’t sure if I should say anything.”

“It’s OK to say anything you want to me. I’m a pretty understanding person, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Victor used her hand to turn her so they were facing each other. “Then I’d like to kiss you right now!”

He came pretty close to hitting his target on the first try. Katie upped the tempo quickly and when Victor pulled back to catch his breath he remarked, “I’ve never had a kiss like THAT before. You’ve done a lot more kissing than I have.”

Katie hugged him and said, “I’ve done a lot of things that I’d like to try with you, if you’re interested.”

“I SURE am!”

“Let’s go to your place then.”

Victor’s one room apartment was surprisingly neat and clean. When Katie remarked about it Victor smiled and explained that it had to be neat so he could find what he needed. A weekly cleaning and laundry was included in his rent.

They took off their jackets and resumed the kissing lessons. Katie guided his hands where she wanted them, first over her clothes, and then learning how to remove them. As he was “doing Braille” on her breasts she reached for his crotch. Almost as soon as her hand uncovered a nice hard shaft it erupted all over it.

Victor turned red and started crying. “I’m SOOOO sorry,” he wailed.

Katie shushed him with, “Nothing to be sorry about. I guess it likes me. I’m flattered. We’ll just clean up and keep going.”

When she got him naked and in his bed she gently pursued oral sex. Another ejaculation, this time in her mouth. She was impressed that his second load seemed as copious as the first. Again, a few words of reassurance. He really had her interest now. This was very different than any guy she had seduced before.

She was determined that his next shot would be where nature intended so she put him on his back and told him what she was going to do. He was still nice and big and hard. They both groaned with pleasure as she embedded him all the way in.

“You’re not a virgin anymore. How do you like it?”

“Oh my god, it’s amazing!”

“It’s gonna get better,” Katie said as she began moving up and down. He filled her pussy nicely. She pulled Victor’s hands to her breasts and showed him what to do. Then she felt the cock changes she’d felt a thousand times before. It was getting ready to erupt. And there was plenty again. “My gosh he is potent!” she thought.

She kept gripping him and he stayed firm enough to keep going for one more big pussy flooder. She got hers along the way.

“Victor, you are amazing!” she said softly as she lay beside him. “Most guys can only shoot once or twice. You just keep going.”

He smiled, “Once I did myself six times in a row.”

Katie replied, “We’ll try that some time but right now I wonder if your shower is big enough for two.” It was. Another new experience for Victor.

As they were drying each other off, Victor asked, “Can you stay all night?”

“I wish I could,” Katie replied, “but I have another date tonight. I didn’t plan for this to happen but I’m glad it did.”

Victor asked, “Will you have sex with your date?”

“He plans to stay overnight like he has many times,” was the indirect answer.

Victor was very curious, “Do you have other boyfriends you have sex with?”

Katie smiled and hugged him, “Let’s talk about that another time. I’ll see you at the Center tomorrow.”

The next day Katie could tell that Victor was bursting with questions. He did ask if she would come over that night but she already had plans. “When can you stay with me?” he asked plaintively.

“Would tomorrow night be OK?” Katie replied.

Victor’s face lit up, “I’ll treat to dinner too. What time?”

After the next night’s dinner, back in Victor’s room, he asked, “Can we take our clothes off now?”

Katie laughed, “You sure are smooth. I bet you’re really horny. OK, you take mine off me.” She showed her beau the ‘missionary’ position and got him in place. It didn’t take long to get the pussy full she expected and then they lay together still coupled.

Victor asked, “Can we talk about your boyfriend now?”

Katie decided he really wanted to know so she answered, “Actually I have several. One was with me after our last date and a different one last night. I’ve had lots over the years. And yes, I have sex with all my boyfriends. I don’t want to get hooked on any one guy until I’m ready to settle down.”

“Don’t your other boyfriends mind what you do?”

“If they do, then they can’t be my boyfriend any more. Do you mind?”

“Well, I’m not used to all this stuff yet, but I want to spend time with you and have sex so I guess I have to be ok with it.”

“Good thinking, Victor. Now let’s try a different position. This is called ‘doggy’ because it is how most animals fuck. Yes, it’s ok to use the F word. It’s more down to earth, I think.”

Another bunch of hot cum shots deep inside got her off too. As they rested again, Victor observed, “I couldn’t tell that someone else had been inside you since I was. You just feel great to me. I’m so glad I’m your boyfriend.”

Victor was a good student and even started to listen to audio books about sex. The good erotic stories on the internet could be heard by a text-to-voice app. This gave him ideas to present to his paramour. Katie even learned some new tricks.

Katie fixed Victor up with a virgin blind girl who was wanting a lover and actually supervised their first coitus. She was happy for both of them. She promised Victor that if it didn’t work out that she would be his girlfriend again.

The next man of interest was a paraplegic named Dennis. He was about forty and had broken his neck diving. Electric wheelchair bound, he had gotten a special van and other accommodations. Katie was tutoring him for typing and they had fun together. He was quite outgoing and asked her to dinner. She could never refuse a free meal so away they went.

It was interesting to observe how people at establishments treated him. Some good and some bad. Dennis was a pretty together guy and invited her for a nightcap. Then a second. Finally, he asked her to dance.

Intrigued, she found herself sitting in his lap in his wheelchair feeling an erection under her buns. He said he had to pee. She asked if she could watch. He wheeled into the bathroom and grabbed a special container often used in hospitals. She held it for him and then dumped it onto the toilet.

Never one to ignore a nice cock, she knelt down and asked him if he liked oral sex. He did and sure enjoyed her style.

After another nightcap Katie asked him how long it had been since he was laid. The answer was “two years”. Sympathy ran rampant and she sat on his hard dick in the chair until he shot his wad inside her. Dennis was profusely thankful.

He became a regular part of her sex life but usually in bed with her riding. His oral skills were great so her satisfaction in any given session was assured.

One evening Katie had just dismounted from Dennis when her cellphone showed a call from Victor. He NEVER called so it must be important. There was a sobbing voice, telling her that his girlfriend of a month had been overtaken by her religious guilt about sex and broke it off with him.

Katie told Dennis that she had to go help a friend in trouble. Dennis was miffed, thinking he’d have her all night, and snidely commented, “So are you going to screw him too?” He could tell it was a male voice.

Katie shot back, “Probably, but that’s none of your business! Don’t forget who owns the pussy you just enjoyed.” She left without a backward glance.

She talked and screwed and talked and screwed all night with Victor. He really was capable of six ejaculations in relatively short order, she discovered. More importantly he learned from this experience about relationships and how fragile and changeable they could be. Katie promised to be his FWB while she watched for a new girlfriend for him.

Dennis was apologetic the next time he saw Katie. it was a learning experience for him too. She felt really good helping these men learn how to function in relationships as well as in the sack.

One day Victor introduced Katie to Lovey who also came to the Center. They went for girl talk and Katie found out that Lovey was a few years older than Victor and divorced.

As they got comfortable with each other, Lovey explained that her sex life was always messed up. When she was sixteen, a couple of neighbor boys showed her pictures of people having intercourse and asked her to try it. Although not bright, she did have normal curiosity.

Her parents worked late so there was plenty of time after school for screwing around several days a week. Being young guys, they’d take several turns in her twat. She felt popular and their dicks felt good too. Some more friends got added to the “team” and there could be as many as five rampant rods eager to ball her. She didn’t like giving blow jobs so they had to wait their turns for a vacant vagina.

Then mom came home early and all hell broke loose. Lovey didn’t get blamed but the boy’s parents sure heard all about it. She changed schools.

After a while Lovey complained to her mom that she had liked the sex and missed it. They had a long talk and it was agreed she could have one boyfriend at a time to date and screw. That worked pretty well through high school and she got plenty of experience because she changed boyfriends fairly frequently. Even though homely, “putting out” got her more dates than many of the other girls.

She met her husband through a friend she was dating and they got along well, finally marrying after graduation. That only lasted a year. She explained that her husband couldn’t keep up with her sexually and got upset when she screwed some previous boyfriends to get what she needed. She was developmentally disabled so couldn’t live alone and that messed up her sex life too although her mom was pretty easygoing.

Katie couldn’t help but notice the full D tits on this young woman as well as the face like the proverbial mud fence. Perfect for Victor, Katie thought. He can appreciate the rack and her face sure wouldn’t matter to him.

So she went for it. “Lovey,” she said, “I think that Victor would be a good boyfriend for you. I can tell you from personal experience that he is a good fuck and would really appreciate you. Just ask him for a date and I’ll drive you wherever you want to go.”

Lovey squealed with joy, “Oh Miss Katie, that sounds wonderful. Can I go ask him now? I’d be happy to just go to his place and fuck.”

Katie grinned, “I know what you mean but let’s at least make this first time a regular date at the start. If you want to fuck him later I doubt he would say no.”

Sure enough, after a dinner and a walk around the restaurant district with Lovey learning to guide her new blind friend, they were at his place and getting naked. Katie enjoyed the show although it made her pussy itch as she saw his familiar pecker pumping in this other girl.

Lovey surprised the hell out of her by suggesting, after Victor had dumped three big semen shots in her sterilized pussy, that Katie take a turn with him too. “I know you’ve fucked him before so why not?”

The new fuck-buddies both hugged their matchmaker at the end of the satisfying evening.

Katie was on the lookout for a new guy for herself. She was very happy with the “adventures” with her handicapped acquaintances so far. They were much more interesting than run of the mill studs. She still kept the best of those in her stable for an all-out fuck when she was in that mood.

Dennis appreciated her more now and just enjoyed what he got. Katie kept in touch with Victor and Lovey who she had threesomes with on special occasions.

Lovey said Victor was “cool with” the occasional other guy she banged too. He and Dennis had the common bond of Katie so Lovey was offered to the paraplegic as well. She asked Katie for some tips on accommodations and thought it was a really interesting challenge to screw Dennis.

Katie’s new assignment was a young Marine who’d taken a hit from a booby trap in Afghanistan. The blast hit Jeremy’s left side, severely damaging his face, taking his eye as well as the arm above the elbow. His brain had severe concussion as well. The greatest grief he had was the loss of his K9 who was so badly hurt she had to be euthanized.

After his many reconstructive surgeries, the soldier’s fiance realized that she could not have her fairy-tale wedding with him and moved on. Jeremy swung between depression and determination. Katie got to know him well with the brain training exercises she did with him every other day to restore cognitive function.

Finally she decided to administer her own brand of therapy. He needed to feel like a man, not a cripple, again. She worked with him to grow a beard, comb his hair the best way, and get glasses with a frosted left lens to cover the missing eye place. It all made him rather distinctive.

On a pretext she got him to her apartment and her skilled seduction went easily. Once he got to the good stuff, his frustration and anger overwhelmed him. His hand was rough on her breasts and his mouth demanding wherever it went. The head injury had affected his higher-level behavior and he descended into rather brutish mating quite quickly. Katie recognized this and guided him as she held on for the ride.

When he achieved insertion, there was just powerful slamming into the first pussy pounding in way too long. Fortunately, he wouldn’t last and soon let out a loud, savage sounding groan and emptied his long-held frustration into his partner, not feeling her as a person but merely a receptacle.

Having wisely positioned their bodies side by side, Katie could hold him as he quickly went to sleep. She knew he’d feel better and differently when he awoke. Indeed, he apologized for losing control. Katie shushed him and asked for some tender loving this time.

“Please be on top. You are so beautiful and kind that I want to look at you all the time,” Jeremy began, letting his thoughts and feelings just roll out. “Why would someone like you want to be doing this with a damaged wreck like me?”

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