Mind-control Panties 09: Worshiping the Queen

by mypenname3000

Copyright© 2019 by mypenname3000

Mind Control Sex Story: Thanks to the mind-control panties, a girl discovers her new role amid her classmates!

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Mind Control   Lesbian   Orgy   Anal Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

The figure entered the department store. By now, this sort of store was familiar to it. It had been in a similar place before. It moved, sliding between the shoppers, not noticed. It was so average. So nondescript. Nothing to be concerned about. Why give it a second glance?

The figure trembled. It could feel the building ecstasy. Eight panties had gone out. Eight girls mind-controlled into new beings. The rush of meddling was almost orgasmic to the figure. It shuddered, clutching its newest pair of panties.

They were snow-white and decorated with bands of dainty lace. On the rump, between the stripes, were two words stitched in gold, cursive letters: Top Queen.

The figure was eager for its intended person. Elizabeth “Liz” Donaldson. The figure just knew she was the perfect person to pick up the panties.

The figure reached the clothing section and its uninspired collection of lingerie. Nothing like the more titillating designs it had seen at trendy clothing stores. No, these were utilitarian panties. Just the sort that its target would buy.

With a flick of its wrist, the panties landed on a pile of packaged underwear. And then, without a second glance, the figure was ghosting away, not noticed at all by the sixteen-year-old girl wandering in, a red shopping basket slung under her arm. Her hair fell in a long, blonde braid down her back. She peered at the cloths, in need of a new package of panties.

Liz—only her parents called her Elizabeth—paused when she saw the ruffled lace of the panties. She frowned, picking them up. They were so out of place. Something just so regal and majestic about them. She stroked the lace, and a tingle raced through her. Her fingers traced the cursive letters.

“Top Queen,” she whispered. Something stirred inside of her. This imperial instinct. She shuddered and dropped the panties into her shopping basket.

Blinking, she snagged the package of underwear she came to buy and dropped them down on the more majestic pair, covering the special undergarment. The tingle racing through her body, she hurried to the cash registers.

Like with other panties made by the figure, no one noticed that it didn’t ring up when the cashier scanned it. But she didn’t pay for it. After all, it was a gift. One that would change Liz’s life forever.

Elizabeth “Liz” Donaldson

A tingle raced through me as I stepped into my high school that morning. I had on those strange panties I found three weeks ago. I had never worn anything so majestic before. I kept brushing my skirt, feeling the bands of lace that adorned the panties through the fabric. I couldn’t believe I had bought them. That I was wearing them. Every day I had stared at them in my drawer, forcing myself from grabbing them. I kept telling myself they weren’t me. I was just plain Liz. I was nothing special. I don’t need to wear panties like that.

Today, I cracked.

“Hey, Elizabeth,” Rosa said as she walked by. She was a Hispanic girl with a silver nose ring piercing her left nostril. She had a round face and brown eyes. Her large breasts were cupped in a halter top, a pair of tight jeans gripping her ass. “How was the weekend?”

“Oh, fine,” I said, blinking. Did she just call me Elizabeth? Only my parents called me that. Not even my teachers did.

“Hey, Elizabeth,” Maryanne said, her sandy-blonde hair gathered in a pair of pigtails. She liked dressing like she was younger than she was. She had the weird idea the boys would find it hot. Maybe they did because she always seemed to be dating a different guy. She had her backpack slung hanging from both shoulders, making her look so cute in her one-piece dress. Her hazel eyes gleamed while the freckles on her cheeks danced as she smiled. “How’s it going?”

“Fine,” I said. I cocked my head at her, feeling this strange tingle racing from the panties I was wearing. “You called me Elizabeth.”

“Uh, yeah,” she said. She blinked. “What else would I call you?”

“Liz,” I said.

“But doesn’t Elizabeth just sound better?” She grinned at me. “You don’t look much like a Liz. Definitely Elizabeth.”

I don’t know why, but hearing her say that triggered this strange itch inside of me. I felt almost that wet urge to masturbate. Warmth dotted my cheeks at that realization. Why would one of my friends calling me by my full name stir that emotion to me? It was like she was a cute boy.

“Hey, Elizabeth,” another one of my friends named Rochelle said. She was a brunette with curly hair and a heart-shaped face. She, too, had big tits like Rosa, but Rochelle didn’t show them off. She dressed a little more conservatively. Like I did.

“How was your weekend?”

“Fine,” I said. “What are you girls up to? Why are you calling me by my full name?”

Rochelle gave me this puzzled look before she took my hand. To my shock, she brought my fingers up to her lips and kissed them like she was a knight and I was a lady in ye olden times.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Greeting you,” Rochelle said, the tingles racing out of my panties again.

“Oh,” I said.

“Looks fun,” Maryanne said. She took my hand from Rochelle and did the same, her lips feeling hot. A shudder ran through me. I shifted my hips, blinking at that.

“You make me feel like I’m a lady or something,” I said.

“Well, you are lady,” said Maryanne, a mischievous grin on her lips. “Lady Elizabeth.” She said with an Elizabethan accent like she was in a Shakespeare play or something. She even did a little bit of a bow.

The itch in my pussy intensified. The warmth in my cheeks spread. I kept walking through the halls, my bliss deepening as more and more girls were pausing to greet me. Some would take my hand and kiss the back of it while others who were wearing skirts would do little curtsies. It was so surreal. It was like they were playing some sort of prank on me. I just couldn’t figure out why?. It was so strange of them to do this.

It was all so flattering.

When I walked into my first class, the couple of girls who were seated stood up and smiled at me. “Hi, Elizabeth.”

“Hi,” I answered back, a little put off.

Christina, wearing a purple skirt, did a little curtsy. Her cheeks were scarlet as she straightened.

“Elizabeth,” said Heather as she walked in. She took my hand and kissed the back of it. “Good weekend?”

“Yeah,” I said, aroused and bemused all at the same time.

I took my seat, feeling the girls glancing at me. I didn’t understand what was going on, or why I liked it so much. I wasn’t one for seeking attention. I preferred to just do my thing, listen to the teacher’s lecture, do my schoolwork, and go home. Sure, I’d hang out with some of my friends or something, but I wasn’t one who wanted to be noticed. I didn’t dress flashy. I didn’t prance around so everyone would look at me.

I wasn’t special at all, and yet...

And yet that itch grew between my thighs. Why did their attention feel so good?

As the day went on, I was starting to get used to girls coming up and kissing my hand, curtsying, and complimenting me. All of them called me Elizabeth. Even girls I had never talked to before. All the girls, from the older girls who ignored underclassmen to younger girls who had other role-models to emulate, treated me with deference. They all were paying attention to me. I walked with my back straight through the halls. I had a big smile on my lips.

When lunch came, I met Maryanne on the way. When we entered the cafeteria, she led me to our usual table, sat me down, and said, “I’m going to get your food, Elizabeth.”

“Sure,” I said, still little bemused by that, but if she wanted to buy me lunch, I wasn’t about to say no.

“Wow, lucky,” Rochelle said. She sat down across from me, her curly hair swaying about her heart-shaped face. “I wanted to buy Elizabeth lunch.”

“Well, I get to do it,” Maryanne said, whirling around. Her sandy-blonde pigtails bounced as she darted off.

Rosa came up, holding her tray. She gasped, “Oh no, I should’ve bought you something, Elizabeth,” she said as she hurried over to the table. “Let me just set this down, and I’ll go get your lunch.”

“Maryanne’s already on it,” Rochelle said, sounding desultory. “I guess I better just go buy mine.”

“You could buy mine tomorrow,” I told her.

My friend brightened. “I would love that.”

They were treating me like I was ... a queen. I became suddenly so aware of those panties I was wearing. White with the delicate lace and cursive letters stitched in gold thread. I smiled, knowing it was silly that panties could cause my friends to be acting weird around me, but it was still a fun fantasy.

Maryanne soon returned with my lunch. She set down the tray before me. The food looked delicious. Girls were hovering around us. They swirled in circles about us like a school of fish while I ate with my friends. They were whispering and shooting my friends’ envious looks. Rosa, Maryanne, and Rochelle were all beaming. They looked like the cats who’d cornered the mouse, so proud of themselves. It was like sitting with me was this great honor.

Why should that be?

“Will someone take care of my tray for me?” I said when I finished.

A chorus of “I will!” echoed around me.

Rosa snagged it up and hurried away, a sway to her steps. I found my eyes lingering on her rump in the tight jeans she wore. She was a cute girl. I couldn’t blame her for showing off her curvy body. If I had tits as big as hers...

The rest of the day went on as more of the same: girls flattering me, complementing me, and giving me praise. A little shiver ran from my tingling panties every time a girl took my hand and kissed it. I smiled when they curtsied. A few even did little bows, placing their hands on their stomachs and bending over. I wanted to pet their heads.

They were so sweet.

Finally, my last class was over. I swept out into the hallway, my growing retinue of girls clustering around me. They were all chattering and giggling. They all seemed so happy to walk with me. My back was straight, my steps firm. My friends started drifting in to join us, Rosa and Maryanne and Rochelle slipping through the crowd to be right by my side.

“And who would like to do my English homework,?” I asked, pulling it out of my bag and holding it up.

“I’d be honored, Elizabeth,” said Britney. She was a senior, seventeen and a girl who used to think she was so much better than me. She looked so joyous as I handed over the work. “There better not be any mistakes.”

“There won’t be,” she said, clutching it to her chest like it was something precious.

“And let’s see, who’s good at math?”

“I have a three point eight five,” said a Black girl. She had glasses perched on her nose. She was a freshman, but she looked smart. The type a girl who’d be in math class far more advanced than she should be for her grade. I handed it over to her.

By the time I had my homework divvied up, we were exiting the school. I felt so amazing. It was a wonderful day. My friends walked home with me, chatting. I savored it. It was sad when we had to part to go onto our homes, but each of them took my hand, kissing it with her gentle lips. The ache built and built in my pussy.

When I was alone in my bedroom, with a bunch of free time on my hands since I had no homework to do, I knew how to pass the time.

I stripped down to just my panties. My fingers stroked the dainty lace before I shoved my digits past the waistband. I slid through my trimmed bush to find my wet pussy. I groaned as I squirmed on the bed, loving my pussy. It was incredible. I just thought about all those girls wanting to serve me. It was such an intoxicating rush.

I came hard.

The next day, I was wearing the same panties. I made sure to wash them, ensuring that they were perfect. I went with the shortest skirt and an older blouse that fit a bit more snug around my round breasts. I strolled to my school, loving that even adult women I passed paused to smile at me, nodding their head and murmuring their greetings to me. I felt like I was a queen strolling through her domain and all the commoners were pausing to give her happy smiles.

At least the female ones. And, frankly, they were the only ones that mattered.

When I was about halfway to school, Maryanne appeared. She smiled when she saw me and rushed over. She had a red tulip clutched in her hand. I smiled as she knelt down before me, looking like a beautiful knight. She raised up her flower in token to her queen. I took it from her, inhaling the sweet scent.

“My thanks, Maryanne. You may rise.”

“Do you love it, Elizabeth?” she asked in this breathy tone.

I tucked the tulip behind my ear, knowing the red would stand out against the golden hue of my blonde hair. “It is delightful.”

I offered her my arm. She took it and we strolled to school. She had such a happy smile on her face. Rosa and Rochelle appeared soon. Rosa had her own gift for me, a small locket shaped like a heart. Her golden-brown cheeks were flushed dark as she handed it to me, murmuring, “I put that picture of the two of us from when we went to summer camp as kids.”

“I love it,” I said. “You may place it about my neck.”

Rosa beamed at me as she unclasped the delicate chain of the locket. She pressed up against me, her face inches from mine, to put it on me. I could feel the round swell of her breasts against mine, a tingle racing for my nipples as she placed the locket around my neck. She reached behind me, sliding her hands beneath my braid of blonde hair. She concentrated for a moment, and then she clasped it. This look of joy crossed her face.

Her lips brushed mine for a single kiss.

She gasped and jumped back, her golden-brown cheeks flushing. “I’m so sorry, Elizabeth.” She looked down. “I should’ve asked.”

“You gave me a magnificent gift,” I said, lifting her chin. Her lips were so kissable. I leaned in and gave her what she’d stolen. I kissed her, a shudder racing through me as I felt another girl’s lips against mine. She groaned, melting into my mouth. My lips moved against hers, and she responded with equal fervor.

After a moment, I broke the kiss, my cheeks flaming. Rochelle and Maryanne watched, both looking on with envy.

“I’m so sorry, Elizabeth,” Rochelle said, staring down at her feet. “I forgot to get you something. I’ll go buy something right now.”

“That is okay,” I told her. “Tomorrow, I know you will buy me something magnificent. Something that I will thoroughly enjoy.”

She nodded her head vigorously. “Thank you for your understanding, Elizabeth.”

I offered Rosa my other arm, the Hispanic girl beaming. Her nose ring glinted as we strolled down the street, Rochelle trailing after us. I could be magnanimous. Rochelle was still my friend. Tomorrow, however, she’d better have something for me.

More and more girls clustered around us as we grew nearer to our high school. They curtsied and smiled at me. Brittany had my English homework, handing it over with care. Other girl showed up, slipping me my assignments. I give them each a kiss on the lips.

It was so sweet. I loved the feel of them. The way they quivered against me. I could feel the swell of their breasts, the different sizes and shapes of them, through our clothing. My tongue slipped into their mouths, exploring them.

They all beamed. They practically floated afterward. The other girls who witnessed the kisses looked so envious. I could see it in their eyes that they would all be so eager to please me. The wet itch formed in my pussy. I shuddered as we strolled into the school.

Girls curtsied wherever I went. Others kissed my knuckles. A few had their own gifts. They gave me small trinkets, a new charm bracelet to adorn my wrist, a new set of earrings, a vibrant shade of lipstick for me to wear. Each girl received a kiss. My hands slid around their bodies, pulling them tight against me. They moaned, their lips working against mine. I squeezed their asses, feeling their rumps.

I knew they were mine.

The wet itch built and built in me as the day went on. I shuddered. Despite my growing excitement, I maintained my regal bearing as I strode through my subjects.

I permitted Rochelle to buy me lunch. She was eager to do it, clearly needing to make up for her failure this morning. She moved fast from the table, shouting at girls to get out of her way because she was “on an important errand for Elizabeth.”

She soon returned with my lunch.

Rosa and Maryanne sat beside me, beaming in delight as we ate. Between bites, I kept giving them little kisses. Quick nibbles on the lips. They groaned, giggling in delight. Rochelle, sitting across the table, pouted. She had her arms folded beneath her large tits. Her heart-shaped face looked so beautiful as she sighed in envy.

When I was done eating, I rose and beckoned Rochelle. She disturbed something special. I took a lock of her curly, brown hair and pulled her to me. Such joy burst to life in her brown eyes as she realized she would get to kiss me.

I felt the large swell of her breasts against mine. My nipples throbbed as I kissed her with hunger. I thrust my tongue boldly into her mouth. My hands cupped her ass through her skirt. I pulled her tight, my clit aching. Throbbing. Our tongues danced together. Our noses brushed. It was heavenly.

This heady rush surged through me.

All the girls around us clapped and cheered.

“You’re so lucky, Rochelle!”

“Kiss Elizabeth well,” another moaned.

“Rochelle, Rochelle, you have to kiss me next. I have to taste her up on your lips.”

“Elizabeth, what can I do to earn your kiss?”

I broke the kiss with Rochelle, staring into her eyes. “Follow me.”

“Yes, Elizabeth,” she moaned.

We had some time before lunch was over and our next class began.

My subjects parted before us, melting out of the way. I strode forward, ignoring the boys as they glanced at me. They were all confused by the girls paying attention to me. The jocks shook their heads, missing their normal gaggle of simpering sluts. Boyfriends motioned to their girlfriends, trying to get them to sit down with them. But the ladies were all focused on me.

I strode into the girls’ restroom. I shuddered, the heat in my pussy mounting. I walked into the last stall, Rochelle behind me.

“Finger me until I cum,” I commanded her. “I need it.”

“Yes, Elizabeth,” my friend said.

She didn’t hesitate to shove her hand up beneath my skirt. I shuddered as her fingers slid up my inner thighs. She caressed my silky flesh. Tingles rippled through me. My pussy clenched. She reached the gusset of my panties, rubbing across them. A hot shudder ran through me. I groaned as her fingers pressed my regal panties into my pussy. I closed my eyes, letting the pleasure rush through me.

This was so much better than masturbation. This was another person touching me. A girl!

I licked my lips, whimpering in delight. I could feel my juices soaking the fabric. They must be bleeding through to stain her fingers with my excitement. I whimpered as she traced my virgin slit, sliding up to my clit.

I gasped when she nudged it.

“I’m so honored to do this,” she moaned. “Thank you, Elizabeth.”

“You’re welcome,” I moaned. “Now make me cum. I need it.”


She hooked the gusset of my panties to the side. I shuddered as her finger brushed my hot folds, my silky pubic hair rustling. It was incredible to feel the direct contact of her flesh on mine. My toes curled in my shoes. My nipples throbbed.

I seized the back of her neck and pulled her head towards me. I claimed her lips again as she slid her fingers up and down my slit. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, dueling with hers while the pleasure flowed through me. It was this wonderful, amazing delight. I felt dizzy from it. I was going to explode right here and now.

Our tongues danced as Rochelle fingered me. The brunette’s digits felt amazing sliding up and down my virgin folds. I held her tight, our breasts pressed together. I could feel how large hers were through her blouse and bra. My nipples throbbed as she worshiped me. Her fingers danced up and down my folds.

It was so much better than masturbating.

I reveled in my power. I was her queen. Tingles raced from my panties, electrifying my flesh. Rochelle moaned, her fingers strumming my clit. She massaged the hard bud. Her fingers danced in circles around it. I groaned, my body trembling. My orgasm hurtled closer and closer. Her fingers drove me towards that amazing moment.

I broke the kiss and, staring into her brown eyes, moaned, “Make me cum. I need it. I need to explode on your fingers.”

“Yes, Elizabeth!” she gasped, her body trembling. “Just surrender to your passion. Please, please, you need to do it! I need to apologize!”

Her thumb and finger pinched my clit. I gasped at the surge of pleasure. It was something I’d never done to myself. It was amazing. She rolled my little bud, stimulating it. My virgin cunt clenched deep inside of me. I trembled against her, whimpering. That wonderful pleasure surged through me.

I exploded.

“Yes, yes, you’re making me cum! Oh, you’re making me cum so hard! You’re such a good girl. Such a wonderful ... lady. Oh, yes, yes, Lady Rochelle!”

“Queen Elizabeth!” she moaned and kissed me.

I shuddered through my pleasure. The rippling waves of rapture carried me higher and higher. Each swell of bliss lifted me. I reached such heights, almost brushing the heavens of ecstasy. I hovered there for a moment, groaning into her sweet lips. My delicious lady massaged my bud. She kept me cumming. Until I hit the peak. The absolute pinnacle of my pleasure.

I fell into the bliss. I groaned, our kiss softening. Her fingers withdrew from my pussy as I buzzed in delight. My body trembled. I groaned, my nose brushing hers.

I broke the kiss and said, “We are very pleased with you. You have pleasured us immensely, Lady Rochelle.”

“I’m so happy, Your Majesty!”

She thrust her fingers, soaked in my cream, into her mouth. Her eyes closed, and she savored my effervescent flavor. I could tell how much she loved my royal juices. I smiled, feeling satiated. I was able to face the rest of my school day.

I strolled out of the restroom, leaving Rochelle frantically masturbating herself. I hoped she could cum before she had to go to class. She sounded like she was in such need. I stepped out of the restroom and smiled as my court awaited me. Delicious maidens curtsied and bowed. They all beamed at me. The tingle of my panties raced out of me.

“Your Majesty!” they cried. “Queen Elizabeth!”

I nodded to them as I wove through them. My other two ladies-in-waiting, Lady Rosa and Lady Maryanne, curtsied when I reached them. I smiled at them and gave them each a quick kiss on the lips. “You may accompany us to our class.”

“Were honored, Your Majesty,” Rosa said in her Latina accent. It was such a delicious treat to hear.

I strolled through the halls, nodding to my subjects. All the girls knew me. I was their Queen. The female teachers all curtsied at the sight of me. They blushed and shuddered. I smiled at them, nodding my head to acknowledge them. I felt so amazing. I walked back straight, my chin lifted high. I knew I would have such a wonderful time as their Queen.

The heat returned to my pussy.

Luckily, I had my ladies-in-waiting.

After my final lesson, and after my homework was distributed, Lady Rosa and Lady Maryanne fingered my twat. I groaned as they nibbled on my neck. They kissed and licked and caressed me. They found my ears, teasing my lobes while their fingers both danced up and down my folds. I whimpered as the court watched on, the bevy of beautiful girls all sighing in envy.

They all wanted to touch my royal pussy. They all wanted to stroke me. Finger me.

Make me cum.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped as my orgasm spilled through me. “We are so pleased with you, my Ladies. You have given us such a wonderful gift.”

“We’re just so honored to serve you,” Lady Rosa moaned.

“Yes, yes, we love you, Your Majesty,” Lady Maryanne gushed right before she kissed me on the lips.

I savored that wonderful kiss.

I floated on the walk home, escorted by my retinue. They surrounded me, keeping at bay the scoundrel men who lurked in the world. None can get close to me thanks to my honor guard of high school beauties. They sauntered around me, my Lady Knights. I would have to reward them. I would have to give them all the chance to finger my pussy.

When I reached my house, I allowed Brittany to do just that. The senior girl gave me quite an orgasm on my porch. I gasped out in delight, letting my queendom hear my passion. It was wonderful. I shuddered, closing my eyes, and just let the pleasure rush through me.

I left Brittany sucking my juices off her fingers like it was the most precious thing in the world. It was.

The next morning, I stepped out of my house, smiling to see my court already assembled. My three ladies-in-waiting were there, each holding a gift for me. I was dressed in the shortest skirt I had, a gift from my mother. She recognized what I was, what I needed. The skirt was tartan, a mix of regal purples and royal blues all intertwined together to make a plaid pattern. It barely covered my rump. My blouse was tight and white, molding to my round breasts. My blonde hair fell in a stately braid, a white ribbon entwined through it.

Lady Maryanne held a crown in her hand made of gold with little amethyst sparkling in it. I smiled and lowered my head, allowing her to place it upon my brow.

“Your Majesty,” she moaned, trembling before me.

I kissed her on the mouth.

Lady Rosa presented me with a pair of stiletto heels, beautiful and dainty, something to accent my outfit. I bade her to kneel, lifting my foot so she could place the first shoe upon my foot. She looked up my skirt and gasped.

I didn’t need my panties any longer. I was the Queen now. She saw my pussy, shaved for me by my wonderful mother, my folds bare and glistening. I could see the hunger in the Latina beauty’s eyes. “Oh, Your Majesty, thank you for allowing me this view.”

“We are well pleased with your gift,” I purred. “You may place a single kiss upon my netherlips.”

Rosa lifted her face. I spread my legs a little farther apart, shifting on my new heels. I trembled as I felt her hot breath caressed my pussy lips. A wicked shudder ran through me. And then her lips planted upon my vulva.

I groaned as I felt her mouth kissing my pussy. Her tongue darted out just for a moment, flicking across my virgin folds. I shuddered, that wonderful heat swelling through me. I let out a whimper as she pulled her mouth away.

I needed more.

I seized her short, brown hair. I jerked her head back to my pussy and moaned, “We have changed our mind. We desire for you to keep kissing us. Do not stop until we have flooded your mouth with our passion.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Rosa moaned moments before I pressed her face against my pussy.

My eyes fluttered as she licked at my virgin folds. Her tongue caressed up and down my slit, brushing my clit. Little sparks of passion burst inside of me. I whimpered, my fingers clenching about her hair. I held her against my delicious flesh. I trembled, savoring every lick. Every hot caress of her tongue felt amazing.

She worshiped me.

I stared out at my subjects as they watched. Rochelle clutched her gift in her hand, held in the rectangular box covered in red felt. On the other side of her, Maryanne quivered. She licked her lips, clearly envious of the delights that Rosa was permitted to enjoy.

A wicked thought danced through my mind.

“Lady Maryanne,” I moaned, Rose’s tongue caressing up and down my folds. “We desire you to kneel behind us, part our butt-cheeks, and vigorously apply your tongue upon our asshole.”

She shuddered in rapture. “Yes, Your Majesty!”

A whimpering sigh ran through the court. All those teenage girls trembled. They held each other’s hands, their cheeks flushed as they watched me being pleasured. My nipples ached, pressing into my pristine blouse. Maryanne, this look of joy on her face, moved behind me. She knelt and lifted my skirt.

I had never even thought of this before, but the wanton idea popped into my head. I want to have two tongues licking me. That would be perfect. Rosa lapped faster up my folds, stroking me, teasing me. I whimpered, drinking in her delight as Maryanne parted my butt-cheeks.

“Thank you for this, Queen Elizabeth,” my lady-in-waiting moaned before she pressed her face between my asscheeks.

I gasped at the wicked sensation of her tongue swirling around my sphincter. She caressed the puckered hole, teasing me. Her fingers dug into my butt-cheeks as her tongue swirled and rimmed my asshole. It was such a wicked treat. Such a naughty delight to experience.

I enjoyed being a queen.

My moans drifted over the lawn, my court groaning in envy. Girls were swaying, watching with such hungry eyes. They were all envious of what my two ladies-in-waiting were doing to me. Rosa and Maryanne applied their tongues was such vigorous delight.

They savored eating me.

“Yes, yes, we are enjoying your tongue so much!” I moaned. “We are confident that we shall cum hard upon your tongues. Yes, yes, keep licking us! Keep licking our pussy and our asshole!”

“Make her cum,” Rochelle moaned, her fingers gripping her gift. Her feverish eyes watching, her hips wiggling from side to side.

I smiled at her, eager for her gift but desiring my orgasm first.

Rosa’s tongue swirled around my clit. She danced around it, kissing it, sending such delight surging through me. At the same moment, Maryanne pressed her tongue tight against my sphincter. She pressed it deeper and deeper into me, my anal ring surrendering to it. She penetrated my bowels, her wet tongue caressing my velvety depths.

Such a naughty thing to experience. I was in heaven, dual delights racing through me. I whimpered and moaned, trembling as the two teenagers please me. I gripped Rosa’s short hair as I whimpered. All these wonderful sensations rippled through me.

“Yes, you are bringing us closer and closer to our orgasm,” I moaned. “Thrust that tongue into our asshole, Lady Maryanne. And Lady Rosa, suck hard on our clit. Yes, do that. You shall make us cum!”

“Cum, Your Majesty!” Brittany moaned from the crowd.

“Drench Lady Rosa’s face with your passion!” another girl moaned. “Oh, Your Majesty, you are so beautiful!”

“I hope to be worthy of eating you out, Queen Elizabeth!”

“I would tongue your asshole!” whimpered a freshman, her petite body trembling. “I love you, Your Majesty!”

“I’ll be your lezzie slut, Your Majesty!”

“Queen Elizabeth, I would gladly be your pussy licker!”

Their moans rippled around me. They drove me closer and closer to my orgasm. I swelled, trembling. Rosa sucked hard on my clit. Maryanne thrust her tongue deep into my asshole. The sensations they generated rippled through my body. My pussy tightened deep inside of me. My virgin flesh quivered. Convulsed.

I came.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as my juices gushed out of me. “We are most pleased!”

Rosa groaned as she lapped up my cream. Her tongue flicked up and down my slit, gathering up my hot juices. My asshole writhed around Maryanne’s tongue at the same moment. My bowels quivered and convulsed as she probed in and out of my velvety depths.

Wave after wave of pleasure swept through me. My moans grew louder. Stars burst in front of my eyes, celebrating my majesty. My mind drank in the pleasure rippling through my body. It was amazing. I climbed higher and higher, soaring to those wonderful pinnacles of euphoria.

“Yes, you have served us well!” I moaned as my orgasm peaked.


Rose and Maryanne pulled their mouths from my nethers. They rose, Rosa’s mouth and chin coated in my cream. Maryanne came around and seized the Latina beauty, kissing her. They both moaned, savoring the flavors of my two holes.

I shuddered, my body buzzing in delight. My eyes fell on my third lady-in-waiting. “Lady Rochelle, present to us your gift.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” She moaned, her voice quivering. She stepped up before me, knelt, and held up the red box before her.

I opened it and gasped.

Inside was a snowy vibrator, its body made of smooth plastic. It was a thick and long phallus, its black base was ridged along the outside edge. I picked it out of its bed of black velvet. I stroked the smooth surface and then turned it on with a twist of the base.

It buzzed.

My pussy clenched. “Oh, Lady Rochelle, you shall be permitted the honor of taking our virginity with this precious gift.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” she moaned.

I turned it off and returned it back to its bed. “Hold onto it until we are ready to enjoy it.”

“You honor me, Your Majesty,” Rochelle moaned as she snapped shut the box. “When you desire it, I shall be there.”

“We know you shall be,” I said, favoring her with a smile. I stepped off my porch, my tartan skirts swishing about my thighs. As I passed my lady-in-waiting, I caressed her cheek.

Rochelle whimpered in delight.

My three ladies-in-waiting flowed around me, following me while the rest of my court parted before me. I sauntered down the pathway to the gate and then out onto the sidewalk. It was a beautiful day, a perfect one to saunter through my queendom. The high school girls, my beautiful court, chattered and laughed and giggled in the background, all so happy to be with me. Women we passed in the road gasped in delight. “Your Majesty,” they called. “May you have a blessed day.”

“May all your orgasms be delicious, Queen Elizabeth,” a jogger said, her large breasts bouncing in her top. She had a hungry glint in her eyes. I knew she wanted to give me one of those orgasms.

I was eager to receive all of them I could. My worshipers would fall to their knees and devour my pussy. My asshole. They would suck on my breasts. They would finger me. Use toys on me. They would all give me such pleasure. I could just sit upon my throne, spread my thighs, and spend hours in utter delight. My pussy grew hotter and hotter as I thought about it, my royal cream trickling down my thighs.

I would never lower myself to touch their pussies. I would never fall to my knees and devour their cunts. I was their queen. It just wasn’t proper. They were honored to touch me. To please me. It was just the way of things.

“Your Majesty,” girls said as they swept in and joined the retinue as they were walking to our high school, big smiles on their lips when they saw me. Some abandoned their boyfriends to join me. The guys shook their heads, not understanding that they weren’t worthy enough to come anywhere near me. Luckily, I had the living barrier of my court to keep those uncouth males away. They were lucky they could even glimpse me.

Soon we reached our high school, the girls all chattering. My homework was supplied, the girls each fortunate enough to receive a kiss on the lips. My tongue plunged into their mouths, of course, letting them know that they were mine. They shuddered in delight.

I swept into the high school, my court peeling off as the girls went to their own classes. A small core remained around me, the ones who shared my first hour. They were a large enough barrier against the unseemly boys. My ladies kept the males away from me. I swept into my classroom, my teacher’s eyes lighting up. Mrs. Stevens shuddered, her fingers playing with her wedding ring. She was a busty delight, her brown hair sweeping about her face. She was dressed sexier than usual, a plunging blouse with a square neckline that I had never seen her wear before. She usually wore everything up to her throat. Her skirt was short. Daring. She had nylons on. She curtsied, lifting her skirt higher, revealing that she wore thigh-high stockings.

“Mrs. Stevens, what a delightful outfit you’re wearing,” I purred. “We are pleased that you dressed this way for us.”

She blushed. “I’m honored you approve.”

“You shall have the honor of pleasuring us during this class.”

I sank down at the chair at the front. There was no desk before it. I didn’t need it. I spread my thighs, sitting on my makeshift throne. The married woman stared at me, her breath quickening. She could see my sixteen-year-old pussy. She licked her lips with hunger and then fell to her knees before me.

I closed my eyes and quivered as she applied her tongue on my vulva. I arched my back, moaning. My nipples throbbed in my blouse. The girls surrounded us, a barrier to keep those nasty boys from seeing. They all drifted out anyways, realizing they had no place here. I gasped and moaned, my orgasm building quickly.

I soaked my teacher’s mouth with my cream when I came. She kept licking me. She gave me three wondrous orgasms before my class was finished.

“You have pleasured us greatly,” I purred when she finished, my cream dripping off her lips and down her chin. Her brown eyes stared up at me, glazed with lust. I cupped her chin and kissed her, tasting my spicy cream.

I rose and swept out of the classroom.

My day passed in a haze of worshipful climaxes. Every class brought me a new pair of lips to eat my pussy. Tongues danced up and down my virginal slit. Each girl or teacher used her tongue differently. Some focused on my clit, fluttering the tip of their tongues against my little bud until I exploded in rapture. Others sucked and nibbled on my labia. A few naughty girls rimmed my asshole, too. They wiggled their tongues into my bowels, swirling around inside of me.

They made me shudder.

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