Whah Dew Ah...

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An Ozark hill girl loves to feel cock where nature intended and has a big influence on the men she comes in contact with.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Incest   Gang Bang   Pregnancy   Revenge   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies, if you are old enough to know who they were, and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

Melba Mae Takem addressed a question to the boy pumping between her thighs, “Billy Bob, whah dew Ah need tew fukk sew much?”

Her fourteen-year-old-brother paused his penetrations and mulled for a bit, his usual procedure before verbalizing a serious thought. “Mebby it’s cause yew kin. Yew lakes how many boys comes and goes.” He was sliding in the deposits of two boys that had done just that before he buried his tallywhacker in her welcoming coochie. Then he recommenced his exertions and she concentrated on the pleasures.

There were at least a half dozen friends and relatives of his who were aged fourteen and fifteen that frequently enjoyed his nineteen-year-old sister. They kept that a secret though so older boys and men wouldn’t displace them. As he told his sister, Billy Bob didn’t think much of the other local slut, Widder Jones. “She’s got floppy old tits and her twat wood probly take two of us boys to fill it right. She alles wants yew tew bring a gift of money or food or thet shine she stays lit up on. Yeer a lot better.”

Melba Mae was no beauty even by the standards of the Ozark hills. Her missing teeth, scraggly hair, small breasts, and protruding belly were far from ideal. Her readily accessible pussy with its snug young fit made up for all that though. She and her brother lived in an old cabin that her grandparents had built and got by on a government program since their parents were in jail. Work was scarce.

Later that afternoon she looked out the cabin window when the hounds signaled approaching visitors. It was Ralphie Jim and his younger brother and an older-looking guy. Her twitchet tingled, as it often did when something new was nigh.

“Hullo Melba Mae. Ah brung our oldest brother cuz he ain’t had no woman in too long. Hope yew don’t mahnd. This here is Randy Bill.”

“He’ll just hafta wait hiz turn,” she said and took Ralphie Jim into the bedroom, the only other room in the cabin. It weren’t long before he returned and signaled his little bro to take his turn. Again, it wasn’t long before the thumping noises stopped and the visitor was sent in.

It was an unusually long time before the two emerged. The noises had been stronger and different with vocal sounds that could only be coming from Melba Mae clearly audible to the others. She looked downright frazzled and was still nekkid, her twitchet reddened and drooling man cream. But she wore a grin a mile wide. “Ralphie Jim, Ah must thank thee fer bringin this rehal mahn. He’s gonna haf tew teach yew hot tew dew it raht.” The three departed but not before Randy asked her for a date the following evening. She was flabbergasted. That had never happened before and she stuttered out an acceptance.

Billy Bob was eager, with his pole stickin out, to bury it in his sister after hearin all that commotion. His words, as soon as he’d slid into the sloppy mess down there, were, “Whut did he dew tew yew?”

Here face had a dreamy look as she replied, “Everthang a girl could want. Ah had me sum plezures Ah never knew Ah cood. He’s gonna haf tew teach yew boys how tew dew it raht.” She’d had her first orgasms after years and way more than a thousand pecker-pokes.

They went to the pond and Billy Bob washed and combed her hair the next afternoon while she washed five cum loads from earlier that day out of her crotch. Maw’s best dress got ironed and it more or less fit her. She was ready for this big occasion.

Although they had to walk a quarter mile to get to it, Randy opened the door of his 1974 pickup truck and assisted her entry. She wondered why he did that, being unaccustomed to polite behavior. He didn’t stop in their little crossroads but drove for another half hour to a real town. It had been ages since she was there and she was very excited when he pulled up in front of a buffet restaurant.

The food choices staggered her imagination and she had to ask her date what many of them were. He suggested taking many little servings to try. She was delighted, especially by the dessert bar.

After the meal Randy drove to the overlook above the dam that made the local reservoir. The moon was out and Melba Mae wondered what was gonna happen. He wanted to talk, an uncommon activity when she was with a man, but she went along with it. After a while her feelings were bursting so she asked, “Randy, Ah sees yew have a mattress in the back. Kin we git on it?”

Although she had often been fucked outdoors it was rarely at night and never in a romantic setting like this. Looking up at the moon and stars as a special man entered and began pleasuring her was like going to heaven. “Oh, Randy! This be sew good! Yew are wonderful.”

He needed to hear that and increased his efforts to please her, responding, “Ah needs somewun speshul tew and mebby yew are it.” She clutched him and shook with a newly discovered orgasm. They fucked until the skeeters drove them away.

Arriving back at the cabin she invited him to stay the night but he begged off “this time”. Billy Bob was in their shared bed and was as eager to dip his dick as hear about her outing. She had that dreamy look on her face as she told him. His tallywhacker was hardly felt.

Soon enough Randy was asked to move in with Melba Mae and Billy Bob. He was spending a lot of time there anyway. Sure the bed was cozy with three but that made the training he was giving her brother that much easier. Besides, it had been a bit crowded at home with five grown folks in two beds. Melba was in heaven, having two guys getting better and better at pleasuring her pussy all the time. Of course she dropped all the “outsiders” and insisted that Randy teach his brothers how to fuck her real good too.

Having a regular and real relationship had an effect on Melba Mae. She kept her hair cleaner and combed. Something about the better fucking helped her tits grow and her belly shrink. Her expression was often one of bliss.

She and Randy had a standing date every Saturday night and would find interesting places to fuck. One time, at a drive-in movie where they were surrounded by other fucking couples, she asked him, “How did yew larn to dew it sew good?”

“My Maw wuz werkin at a whorehouse when mah Paw met her. He took her out of there and married her. She were already knocked up with me but he didn’t care. Mah brothers is likely his. When I were fourteen he got throwed in jail fer cookin shine and she were horny. Ah lernt a lot in six months.”

Just then a boy passin by the back of the truck stopped and said, “Why Melba Sue, Ah shur miss fuckin yew.” She just smiled at him but didn’t have no comeback.

Randy had a pretty good job for those parts. He operated the only “Poop Pumper” truck in the area, cleaning out septic tanks and pit toilets. That kept him busy during the day and Melba had plenty of time to practice with the three boys who weren’t in school because it were summer. She was smart enuf to make those pussy opportunities be rewards for helping tend the garden and do other chores around the place, enjoying dispensing her pussy favors in unusual places.

One time she and the three boys were at the pond where she bathed. It were a nice day and they’d brought a basket lunch. They’d just finished it and stripped for swimming but hadn’t started the expected fucking yet when two strangers showed up carrying rifles. They was apparently poaching.

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