Naked in School Orientation Speech

by Morgan Jamissan

Copyright© 2019 by Morgan Jamissan

Erotica Story: Revisit the Naked in School series with this orientation for new students who are about to take off all their clothes. They review the rules about exhibiting themselves--Reasonable Requests, etc.--and also learn about new features, such as Exhibition Stations in the hallways, where they will be required to display themselves to passing students. Naked in School had its heyday. You don't see much about it anymore. So take this trip back in time and enjoy these naked students!

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Boys and girls, I want to thank you in advance for your positive attitudes about participating in the Naked in School program. I know many of you are nervous about taking off all your clothes and walking around school this week with nothing on. I’d like at this time to go over the rules of the program and hope that this will answer many of your questions, and maybe calm some of your apprehensions. At the end of this brief orientation, I’ll be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns.

I’m sure all of you know from reading over the program materials and talking to other students that you’re required to remove all your clothing, except for shoes and socks, which you may leave on if you wish. Or you can choose to go completely bare. That’s up to you. But socks and shoes are the absolute maximum amount of clothing you will be allowed to wear this week, aside from jewelry and other accouterments that do not conceal your nakedness.

This week, you will participate in your usual school activities, just as you do every day, except that you will be doing everything in the nude. You are to remain nude until the start of classes one week from today.

You are not permitted to conceal yourself in any way that would prevent other students from having a good view of your body. That’s a hallmark of the Naked in School Program—-to allow students to see others in their age range with no clothes on, in order to foster an appreciation of the beauty of the unclothed body. Faculty members—-teachers, administrators and other school employees—-are also allowed to look at you however they wish at any time.

The Naked in School Program serves as an enriching educational experience for both clothed and naked students alike. We encourage all students to participate in the Program with a positive attitude. We do not allow any rude behavior or disparaging remarks that may make any Program participants feel ill-at-ease. Please report any such occurrences to your naked in School advisor or any other faculty member.

The goal of the Program is to foster appreciation among all students for the naked body, and to help Program students overcome any needless feelings of modesty or negative body image that have been ingrained into them over the years. This is a team effort. A healthy and positive outlook is expected of all. This is what makes the Naked in School program an enjoyable experience for both the naked students who are being looked at and the clothed students doing the looking.

After you remove your clothing at the end of this orientation, and for the rest of the day today, it will be casual viewing only. That is, people can look at you as you go about your normal activities—-in class, between classes, in the lunchroom, etc. But starting tomorrow and for the rest of the week, any student or faculty member can make what is called a Reasonable Request. I’m sure you are well acquainted with this, not only from the program handbook but perhaps you, yourself, as a clothed student, have made Reasonable Requests of Program students. Reasonable Requests must be made within specified times and places, as outlined in your handbook.

One goal of the Program is for students to be able to study sexual parts they would otherwise never be able to see. We want as may students as possible to to take advantage of this opportunity and become thoroughly acquainted with your body, and we ask your cooperation in helping them do so. This is an educational experience for the clothed students, so please display yourself willingly whenever asked, and make sure everyone who requests to look at you gets a good view.

Just as we encourage you Program students not to be shy about letting yourself be seen, we also encourage the clothed students not to be reluctant about taking a look. They can be shy too! We highly encourage the clothed students to freely examine the Program student as they wish.

Listen, students, I know this is a lot to take in, and I fully acknowledge that this might be a challenging paradigm shift for the first couple of days. You have always considered your sexual parts to be private, and now they’re on display for everyone to see. This is bound be a difficult transition. But as much as possible, starting Tuesday, try to be ready to exhibit yourself to any student or faculty member who wishes to see you. Show yourself willingly when asked. The mission of a Program student is to let people examine and enjoy his or her nakedness.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are special Exhibition Stations located intermittently throughout the hallways. These are new this year, and I think they will be an enhancement to the fulfilling of Reasonable Requests. Each station provides a different setting. Some have comfortable chairs, others tables or viewing platforms. And they are all well lit. The Exhibition Stations provide an aesthetic setting for the viewing of naked students.

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