Emma at the Beach

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2019 by Red Czar

Fiction Sex Story: Junior year is finally over, and Zane is now officially a senior. But before he can start a summer of partying, he must endure a family vacation. Two weeks at the beach! When his friend who was supposed come along suddenly cancels, Zane's beach plans seem ruined. Can his vacation be saved?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

Finally, junior year was over and summer had arrived. I was officially a senior now! I had so many plans for the summer. My friends and I already had tickets to a bunch of summer concerts. We planned on spending our days at the local amusement parks and beaches, and our nights partying at one house or another. It was going to be epic!

Of course, none of this could start until after my family vacation. This year, two weeks in North Carolina on the Outer Banks. Basically, one long island consisting of beaches, rental homes, and wild horses. My brother was supposed to come with us, but then got a summer internship at his college, so now it was just me and my parents.

Luckily my parents had some pity on me and decided that I could bring a friend along since my brother bailed on us. Otherwise, I would have been bored to death. No high school senior wants to spend every waking hour for two weeks with his parents, no matter how awesome they are. So, I invited my friend Mark.

Mark was psyched to come along. We had the days planned out. Jet skiing, water skiing, bike riding, hang gliding, and most of all, banging every hot bitch we could find on that beach.

Then, out of the blue, the day before we were set to leave, Mark decides that he can’t come. He had gone and gotten himself a job at a local coffee shop for the summer. I was pissed! He couldn’t have told me about this before now? Couldn’t have mentioned that he had applied for summer jobs? Now he just abandons me at the last minute with no options?

I couldn’t find another friend to come along at the last minute like that. My parents wouldn’t let me stay home on my own, not for two weeks. My mom was afraid I’d run out of clean clothes to wear or food to eat. Seriously, who doesn’t know how to do a load of laundry? Besides, it’s summer, I’ll be wearing shorts every day. If they get dirty, I’ll just jump in the pool. No, no. This was because they didn’t want poor Zane partying in the house for two weeks or bringing home all those girls who love him so much and getting one of them pregnant. That’s what mom was worried about. So, summer vacation with my parents. Oh, joy!

The Banks

The rental house was beautiful. Actually, it was a condo, but it was huge. It wasn’t one of the huge houses, like farther up the beach, with the private Jacuzzis, the pool and the deck that wrapped all the around the house, but it was still pretty sweet. It was also right on the beach, and that made it perfect.

We arrived on Sunday. For the first few days, I stuck with the family plan. Outings to the tourist spots. Meals out on the beach, or a pier, or some restaurant overlooking everything. All the typical summer musts when you’re staying at the beach. That grew old fast. By the Wednesday I was already tired of my constant companions. I wanted to hit the beach and check out the summer girls. So, when my parents decided to go to yet another tourist hotspot, I stayed behind to catch some waves or some babes.

I grabbed my towel, my beach chair, and my boogie board and hit the beach. Much to my surprise, there were hardly any girls there. At least not any my age. There were a lot who looked about ten or eleven years old gathered in groups around their parents. I had absolutely no interest in them. Then there was a group of obvious college girls who looked absolutely insane, but there was also a group of obvious college guys all over them. I didn’t stand a chance there. This sucked.

I decided to walk up the beach a bit and see if the odds improved. So, I headed north, up to where the expensive houses were. The beach was all public, but most of these houses had their own private access. I found a nice spot and sat to watch for a while. I swam a little, played on the boogie board, then got bored so I started building a little sand castle. Girls love sand castles. Mark and I had planned to build a huge one to see what we could attract. For now, this one would have to do.

I pretty much ignored everyone and just went about my business. A few girls walked by, either in pairs or with obvious boyfriends. I cataloged them all in my mind as to their potential for the week. Man, it was slim pickings. Again, this week was going to suck.

The best prospect that I saw was a pair of girls who came from one of the houses right behind me. They were obviously sisters. They both had long dark hair, dark eyes, and had obviously been working on their tans, and not leaving a lot of tan lines. Hmmm, naked sunbathing on the deck maybe? Tomorrow I would have to bring binoculars too.

As they passed, they slowed down to look at what I was building, and to smile and tell me “That looks really good!”

“Thanks” I answered and smiled back, taking a good long scan of both of them.

The older one seemed to be about my age, but showed absolutely no interest in me whatsoever, other than the novelty of the sand castle. The younger one smiled with bright eyes and big dimples that seemed to signal some definite interest in more than the pile of sand.

I couldn’t guess how old she was. She had a nice body. Tight, flat tummy, a sweet little bubble of a butt, and nice tits, not too big, but definitely on display. Was she sixteen? Thirteen? I really couldn’t tell. In all honesty, I would have been more likely to go after the older one, simply because, she was older. She had bigger tits, a bit more ass, and I imagined a lot more experience with the kind of action I was looking for.

But little sister was damned cute.


The next day I returned to the same spot.

After about an hour my girls appeared once again. They claimed a spot a short distance away from me and proceeded to apply sunblock to each other. Mmmmm, by the end of the week I wanted that job!

Big sister was wearing another two-piece bikini, about the same as the one she wore the day before. But little sister seemed to have lost half the fabric on hers today. This had the effect of making her tits much bigger than they were yesterday and turning that sweet ass into an absolute magnet that I could not pull my eyes away from. Thank God for sunglasses.

I sat for a while trying to think of how to make my move on them. This is why I needed a wingman. I had no one to throw the ball in their laps. Or the frisbee. No one to chase and tackle right as we reached their blanket, and fall right down practically on top of them. And the reaction from older sister the day before, or lack of reaction as the case may be, told me that a cheesy pickup line would only buy me more time to work on my tan.

Eventually, the tide started to go out, so I figured since it worked yesterday, I would try the same technique today, and started building another sand castle. An occasional glance to the side every now and then showed that little sister was watching intently the whole time. Big sister seemed to be doing the same thing I was doing, watching for other prospects.

When a couple of the lifeguards came by on their four wheelers, big sister popped up and practically ran over to flirt with them. I knew that wasn’t going to work, of course. They both looked to be in their twenties, much older than her. The lifeguards don’t screw around while they’re working, and they only use the vacation girls for a quick bang and then throw them back the next day. The best it would do is get her an invite to the after dark party in the dunes somewhere and a quick ride on a beat up, beer-soaked sofa. Then again, maybe that’s what she was looking for. What a slut.

Of course, this left little sister laying on her blanket watching me play in the sand. I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye, but I didn’t make any kind of moves. I kept making this sand castle more and more elaborate. Eventually, it worked. Little sister got up and came walking over to check it all out.

“This is really cool” she said.

I looked up, smiled, and replied “Thanks”

“How big are you gonna make it?” she asked.

I thought to myself, how big do you want it?

“I don’t know” I replied. “I’ll just work on it until I get bored, then I’ll go back to swimming or something”

“Can I help?” she asked.

Why yes, I thought. Yes, you can. You can help a lot!

“Sure” I said. “Jump right in!”

I had dug a moat all around the whole thing so that the waves wouldn’t destroy it as I was building it. It was also the perfect depth to sit on the edge with your feet in the hole. She jumped right in, sat down, and started trying to imitate my method of dripping sand onto the pile to make spires and walls and such. Luckily, she wasn’t very good at it. Every time her construction fell over, I just snickered at her and smiled. She was getting frustrated with it.

“How do you get it to stay up like that?” she asked.

Heh heh. I just keep looking at your ass, I thought.

So, I moved over right next to her, took her hands in mine, and started to show her how to make it work right.

Up close she was much hotter than I’d thought. Her tits were barely contained by the little bikini top she had on, I’m sure on purpose, and her legs were perfectly smooth as I cozied up close to her. Every little action brought a huge smile to that cute face. Those dimples just begging me to grab her by the cheeks and kiss her long and hard.

Soon she got the hang of it and started laughing and squealing every time something didn’t fall over. She was so cute.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Emma” she replied. “What’s yours?”

When Mark and I had planned this week, we decided no real names. These were summer girls; the whole idea was to spend a week fucking their brains out and then never hear from them again. Although she was really cute, I didn’t see any reason to change that plan.

“Ben” I answered, using my other friends’ name for the week.


We sat and worked on that sand castle for at least an hour. I have no idea whatever happened to Sophie, that was big sister’s name, but I was glad she wasn’t coming back. Emma said she was no doubt off trying to find one of the hot lifeguards to hop on, so she probably wouldn’t be back to be annoying anytime soon, even though their parents had told her to keep an eye on her little sister.

“Why would you need her to keep an eye on you?” I asked.

“My parents like to treat me like I’m ten, they think I’m going to drown or something.”

“Well, how old are you?” I asked.

“Sixteen” she answered.

There’s no way you’re sixteen, I thought. But Perfect, sixteen works for me.

I responded “Well considering I haven’t seen you even go near the water yet; I doubt you’re gonna drown”

She answered, “If I want to swim, I’ll go back to the house and swim in the pool. I’m not going out there with the sharks and the crabs and all those things that’ll grab you and pull you under”

I looked her up and down and answered “I’d grab you”

She looked back at me with eyes wide and her mouth slightly open, clearly surprised at that comment. Then she smiled back at me and said.

“You’re so bad!”

Yes. I am so bad. We got bored with building the sand castle, so we left it there for the tide to take care of and did some boogie boarding for a while. She acted as if she didn’t know what she was doing so I could teach her, giving me plenty of opportunities to grab her and help her up. She knew what she was doing. She clearly wanted me to touch her and grab her as much as possible. I was happy to oblige.

This, of course, led to sunscreen. All that falling and splashing washed it all off, so naturally, she needed to re-apply. Again, I was happy to oblige. We went back to her blanket. She lay down, and I proceeded to rub lotion over that entire body. That entire, sweet, soft, young, delicious body.

After doing her back, I rolled her over to take care of the front. Shoulders. Arms. Tummy. When I got to her chest, before I actually touched anything, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. I thought I heard her moan just the tiniest little bit, but that may have been my imagination. My hands may also have slipped under that bikini top as I applied the lotion. Sliding over those small, but rock-hard nipples. I looked around as I did this to make sure no one was watching. My hands lingered.

Emma kept her eyes closed, and this time I definitely heard soft little moans coming from her. I looked to see her biting her lip. She was definitely enjoying this, and so was I. However, she needed some on her legs too, so I started applying some there. Starting from her ankles, slowly moving all the way up to her thighs. As I approached that tiny little bikini, I noticed a few dark hairs poking out. My eyes darted from her bikini up to her eyes. She gave a wide-eyed smile, but then closed her thighs on my hand, realizing what I’d been looking at. My eyes shifted from hers, down to my hand between her legs, then back up to her eyes again. Then, still staring into her eyes, I slid my hand back down to her knees, and slowly started to pull those legs apart again. Her eyes grew wider, her smile too, but she didn’t resist.

As I started to slide my hand up the inside of her thighs, her smile, already beaming, turned expectant and lustful. Her lips parted ever so slightly. I looked up again to make sure no one was watching, then quickly pulled my hand away and scooted away from her about a foot or so. Startled, she sat up, asking me what was wrong. I looked up the beach and pointed. Coming towards us, about a hundred yards away, was Sophie, accompanied by some dark, tanned beach stud.

Emma composed herself just as Sophie and her boy toy came strolling up to us. From the buff bod and dark even tan, I guessed he had to be one of the seasonal locals. I’m not sure anyone actually lived here year-round. There were introductions all around, Sophie, Ben, Emma, Dirk. That’s right, his name was Dirk. Emma laughed under her breath. I hated him instantly. I could tell exactly what he was, a Frat boy disguised as a beach bum. All Sophie saw was muscles and tan.

Sophie informed Emma that she was going to hang with him and his friends farther up the beach for the rest of the day, and she would be home late, probably after sunset. Emma would have to inform their parents.

“You can make it back to the house by yourself, can’t you?” She asked sarcastically, as she glanced over to their house which was about a hundred yards away.

“Yeah, I’ll manage” Emma answered back with all the spite she could manage. “But I’m not covering for your ass when you come home drunk again” she added.

Apparently, Sophie did this a lot.

They both exchanged disgusted looks, then Dirk put his arm around Sophie and they turned and started walking back up the beach. They might have made it about 20 yards before his hand was on her ass.

There was no doubt I’d found the sweeter of the two sisters. Sophie was a real bitch.

Hot Tub?

Once they were gone, I wanted nothing more than to go back to where I was, with a bottle of lotion in one hand and the other between Emma’s legs. We sat there a bit awkwardly for a few moments as I tried to think of how to resume our previous positions.

Emma spoke up. “She’s such a bitch sometimes”

“Well, at least you know she’ll leave us alone for the rest of the day.” Yes, I purposely said “US”, and then I moved up nice and close to her again.

As she started to respond, she turned her face to me. I raised my hand up to her chin, held her still, then leaned in and kissed her. It took a moment before she started to kiss back, but then she was all in. We sat there for a few moments kissing, with her starting to make soft, small moans under her breath. Her lips were so soft, and her tongue so delicate. It was like kissing a fairy princess. I was taken by surprise at how sweet and tender she was. Nonetheless, my hand left her chin and dropped to her waist.

We broke the kiss, and then I planted a few more on her. Her eyes were closed and she let me have my way with her mouth. Moaning more with every peck. She was irresistible, I had to have more. I wanted a lot more. My hand started to caress her thigh. Her skin was so perfect.

When my hand moved from the outside of her thigh to the inside of her thigh, she pulled back from the kissing. She made no attempt to move my hand. She simply sat there looking back at me with those big, wide, sparkling eyes. She was so cute with her eyes dilated, that grin from ear to ear, and those dimples screwed onto her cheeks. I could tell there was something going through her mind for a few moments until she sat up straight and exclaimed.

“Hey, you wanna come see our hot tub?”

Oh yes, yes I do! I thought.

“You have a hot tub?” I asked.

“Yeah. It’s so cool! C’mon grab your shit, let’s go!”

Well, there was no way I was resisting that invitation. I grabbed my few things. She wrapped all her stuff up in that blanket, and we ran back to the walkway up to her house. When we got to the door, she dropped her stuff on the ground and opened the door. I dropped my stuff too and followed her as quick as I could.

Emma led me through the house, up the stairs to the second floor, then out the back to the deck. It was beautiful. A huge deck, overlooking the pool, with sliding doors into the recreation room we’d just come from, as well as the master bedroom. Over in the corner, was a huge, six-person hot tub. We stepped up to it, and Emma opened one side of the cover so we could check it out. She started to tell me about all the fancy jets and sprays and other gizmos and gadgets. I thought to hell with that and started to pull the cover off.

I said “So C’mon! let’s fire this baby up and jump in!”

She grabbed me by the arm to stop me and pulled the cover back down.

“We can’t. My mom won’t let us turn it on while she’s not here. She’ll kill me”

“What?” I answered. “Isn’t that the whole reason you brought me back here? To show me your hot tub?”

I pinned her up against the edge of it and put my hands on either side of her, leaning in against her.

“I thought maybe we were gonna climb in...” I paused, leaned in and kissed her again.

“Then maybe we could get naked and have some fun” Then I thrust my hips against her as I kissed her again. She had to feel my cock grinding up against her. I was about as fully erect as I could be at this point.

She hesitated for a moment, biting her lip. Pinned between my hard cock and the forbidden hot tub. I could tell she was weighing the consequences of getting in trouble with her mother against the excitement of getting naked with me.

After a few electric moments, she blurted out. “We could go in the pool!”

I looked over her shoulder at the pool. It did look inviting, especially with her, naked. I could fuck her in the pool. But I had a better idea.

“Yeah, we could do that. OR...” I hesitated for a moment.

She looked at me clearly anticipating my counter offer.

“You could show me your bedroom” I finished.

That look of excited lust returned to her face. The eyes widened. The smile spread. She hesitated for only a few moments before she took my hand and said “C’mon”

Emma’s Room

She led me back into the house and down the hall. It turned out there were two large bedrooms on this floor, just off the recreation room. The one connecting to the hot tub side was Sophie’s, the one on the opposite side was hers. All to herself. Inside there was a huge queen-sized bed, a dresser, and the door that led to the bathroom the two bedrooms shared.

The instant we closed the door behind us I tackled her onto the bed. I pinned her down and started kissing her all over. At first, she was squeaking and squealing as she tried to wrestle her way out from under me, but once the kissing and touching started, those squeaks and squeals turned to moans and heavy sighs. She was absolutely delicious, but she tasted of salt and sunscreen. I looked over my shoulder and got an idea.

I pulled her up and led her into the bathroom. It was huge. A long counter with double sinks. A huge luxurious bathtub, and a glass shower that had room for Emma, Me, and five or six of our friends. I stepped over and turned on the water in the shower. Then I turned to her, reached around her back, and started to untie her bikini top. Her hands immediately flew up to her breasts, holding her top up.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I kissed her again and answered. “We’re gonna take a shower. You taste like salt and sunscreen”

“Umm ... okay” she answered.

I finished untying her top, and pulled her hands away, letting it fall to the floor. She started to turn bright red as her breasts were exposed. They were beautiful. Small, but full and firm, with small dark nipples that were hard as stones right now. I ran my hands up over them and stopped to squeeze and fondle just a little bit. Her face was still red, but she closed her eyes and exhaled a long breath as I caressed her tits. I wanted to lean down and bite those nipples, but right now I wanted her naked first.

I let her go long enough to untie my trunks and push them to the floor. When she opened her eyes, there I was, fully naked and standing up straight and hard only inches from her.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed as she saw my hard cock aiming at her.

I stepped into the shower and adjusted the water temperature. Thinking she would shed her bikini bottoms herself. Then I looked at her and asked.

“Are you coming?”

She hesitated for a moment, staring at me naked in her shower, then came scampering over and climbed in with me. I pulled her close and started kissing her again. We picked up right where we had left off on the bed, our lips locked, our hands exploring everywhere.

After a few minutes of kissing and touching and teasing, I slid both my hands down her sides to the top of her bikini bottoms. I hooked my fingers into them and started to push them down. Emma closed her eyes again and tensed up as if she was nervous. Surely, she’s been naked with a guy before, I thought. She’s seemed eager to go along with everything so far with no hesitation why would she be nervous about this? I didn’t stop to think about it long, I wanted her naked.

I pushed her suit down over her ass and let it drop to her feet. She stepped out of it, then wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled up close to me. We stood like that under the beating water for a while. Kissing, lightly touching each other and holding each other tight. My cock pressed tightly up against her belly, I wanted so bad to push her up against the wall and penetrate her. Instead, I grabbed the soap. I lathered her up and cleaned every inch of her body, and I mean every inch. Her skin which was perfectly smooth and silky normally, in the shower, all wet and soaped up, was like sliding my hands over glass. I loved the feel of her body.

After about fifteen minutes of exploring and washing each other, I turned the water off, told her to wait there, and stepped out of the shower. I grabbed a huge bath towel, gave myself a quick dabbing here and there so I wasn’t completely dripping wet, then grabbed the corners and stretched my hands out wide for her. Every time I looked at her, Emma became more and more beautiful. When she stepped out of the shower, naked, tan, the water glistening on her skin, that dimpled smile on her face, she looked like a goddess.

She stepped out of the shower and into my open arms. I wrapped the towel around her and pulled her close into me. As I rubbed here and there, blotted there and here, and dried her off. I leaned into her, kissing her lips, and neck, and shoulders, and licking the small beads of water off of her. Once again, she started moaning with every touch.

I led her back to the bed and unwrapped her. Then I pushed her down and climbed up on top of her. We kissed for a moment again, then climbed fully up to the middle of the bed and got comfortable. Emma said nothing. She just lay back and closed her eyes, savoring every time I touched her. Her breathing became short and rapid, but every time I touched a new spot she would take in a deep breath, and then let out a long heavy sigh.

I couldn’t get enough of her body. I was amazed at how smooth her skin was. It was all I could think of. Every touch was smooth as silk. Soft and tender. I started to kiss from her mouth to her earlobes. To her neck. To her shoulders, down, down, down to her breasts. Upon reaching her nipples, she took in another deep breath, closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She arched her back, raising her breasts up to meet my eager mouth. With the bikini off and lying down, her breasts looked much smaller, but they were still perfect in my eyes. Her hands wrapped around my shoulders, holding me tight against her chest.

We wrestled. We climbed over each other, our hands exploring and wandering. I touched her ass, her tits, her ribs. Emma did much of the same in return, her hands sliding over my ass. She was so eager to touch everything. When I felt a hand wrap around my cock, I wanted to pin her to the bed and bury myself inside her that instant. Instead, I closed my eyes and went right to the place she had been earlier. Taking in deep breaths and letting out long sighs as I tried to control myself from the feelings of her hands on my cock. My hips wanted to thrust against her.

My hand found its way between her legs. Suddenly Emma seemed hesitant. I slid my hand all the way up her thigh until I was touching her mound. She had a wild shock of curly black hair that was trimmed back to exactly bikini proportions. As I touched and stroked, she stiffened up and closed her legs just a bit.

Was I missing something? All of a sudden, she’s backing off? Up until this point she had been rather eager to proceed. She would stop and take a deep breath, but then dive in with enthusiasm. Now those legs were closing.

I slowly stroked my fingers over her pussy and leaned over her to continue the kissing. After a moment, she relaxed again and laid her head back to take in the feeling between her legs. When my fingers penetrated her, she took in a deep gasp of hair and held her breath.

I wanted her now. I leaned over her and crossed one of my legs between hers. She hardly seemed to notice as her legs spread. I removed my fingers and pushed her legs farther apart as I climbed between them. Emma opened her eyes and looked up at me. I looked her in the eyes and smiled, then I looked down at that wild pussy as I drove my fingers back into her again. She closed her eyes again, opened her mouth and breathed deeply.

Finally, I removed my fingers once more and wrapped my hand around my fully erect cock. I started to rub it up against her pussy, getting it wet from her juices. She was so wet. She opened her eyes again and looked down at my cock about to enter her. I looked her in the eyes again and asked.

“Do you wan...”

“YES!” she exclaimed.

I was taken aback just bit by her urgency, considering only a few moments earlier she was trying to close those legs and keep me out.

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