Birthday Treat

by nwsubguy

Copyright© 2019 by nwsubguy

BDSM Sex Story: A gay guys straight roommate decides to help his friend live out some fantasies

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Reluctant   Gay   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   .

“Do you mind if I check my emails on your laptop? Mine’s still running funny,” Ste shouted down the hallway.

“Yeah, no problem.” Dan had gotten used to Ste borrowing his stuff since he’d moved in. He knew he should probably start setting some boundaries but Ste was the hottest guy he’d ever seen so having him as a roommate was too good for Dan to put at risk through a needless argument.

Ideally if he could’ve afforded it Dan would’ve preferred to live alone so he could indulge some of his kinkier desires. Ste knew Dan was gay and he hadn’t said anything negative when Ste had guys stop the night but Dan didn’t want Ste knowing most of fantasies were about being made to submit to a Master. Pain, humiliation, domestic service and chastity were just some of the things he’d jerked off thinking about. Unfortunately the furthest he’d got with most of it was looking at it online. On his laptop. Oh shit.

“Dan, what the fuck?” Dan panicked. He turned round to see Ste walk into the room carrying the laptop grinning. He turned it around so Dan could see a guy tied up and blindfolded on the screen being whipped by another naked guy.

“I was just curious” Dan shouted a bit too loudly.

“Hmmm very curious judging by your history” Ste said with a smirk on his face. “Just a guess but I imagine you’re, erm, curious about being the guy who’s tied?”

Dan meekly nodded. In his embarrassment and panic he could feel a tear going down his face.

“Don’t worry about it, I won’t tell anyone. God knows if you saw my internet history you’d see a lot of stuff I wouldn’t want you finding” Ste started to turn around and head back to the hall carrying the laptop but then stopped and turned round. “One question though. I saw something about domestic service, does doing the dishes give you a hardon?”

Dan shook his head slightly. “No, I don’t enjoy doing chores, it’s more about being made to serve someone.”

“So if I was to say that you’re doing all the cleaning, cooking, washing and stuff or I’ll tell people about your internet activities that’d do it for you?”

Dan could feel his face going redder and redder. He didn’t know what to say. “Well, er, sort of”

“Then you’ve got a deal.” Ste said with a laugh. “Might even let you suck me off if you do a good enough job.”

Dan couldn’t hide his smile at this. He’d fantasised about doing that for a long time.

“I’m going to keep hold of your laptop for a while though, got to make you learn to control yourself and I need it for collateral so you know I’m not kidding about you doing all the housework. If you need it for anything ask me but under no circumstances are you to delete the history, understood?”

Dan nodded. He wouldn’t need online porn if he was living it anyway.

For the next few days Dan spent a pretty big chunk of his spare time cleaning the apartment and cooking for Ste and himself. He wanted everything to be perfect so he raised his standards a lot. On the fifth night once he’d completed everything and had the place cleaner than it had ever been Ste called him into his room saying it was time for his reward. Dan pretty much ran in and saw Ste leaning back on his chair, pants round his ankles with a huge erection.

“I’m going to have to watch my porn while you do this, guys don’t get me hard sorry. Is that ok with you?”

Dan nodded “Yes Sir, doesn’t bother me at all”

“Sir?” Ste laughed “thats funny man, if you want you can call me that in the apartment. Just don’t do it in front of anyone else ok?”

Dan smiled “Yes Sir, no problem”

Ste pressed play on the video he had ready and nodded at Dan. He didn’t need telling twice and immediately dropped to his knees and took Ste’s cock in his mouth. Dan had a fair bit of experience and he tried his hardest to please his roommate so it wasn’t too long until he heard Ste gasp and felt him shoot. Once he’d swallowed he looked up Ste who was still breathing heavily but was looking at Dan with a huge smile.

“I can definitely see this arrangement working out” he looked down and saw a huge bulge in Dan’s pants. “Am guessing you want to go take care of that? Do it in your room though”.

Dan smiled and nodded. “Thank you Sir” he said with a wink before heading back to his room for the best orgasm he’d ever had.

The next few months carried on like this. He’d had to wait a week for another opportunity to suck Ste off but eventually it became a near daily event. Ste had also quickly gotten used to having Dan tidy up after him and cook all his meals. He’d even found himself shouting at Dan a few times for not doing a good enough job. He’d felt guilty about this at first before spotting that Dan’s bulge gave away that he liked it. After that he looked up ways of ‘disciplining’ someone online in a way he thought Dan would enjoy but he couldn’t bring himself to act on it, spanking a guy would be too far for him and preventing Dan from giving him blowjobs would be a punishment for him too. He started talking with a couple of guys on the sites Dan had in his history to try and find out some ideas to make it more exciting for Dan without having to do anything he felt uncomfortable with. There didn’t seem to be many options until one guy made a suggestion that Ste found very interesting.

A couple of days later Ste had what he needed and made a few arrangements so he could finally let Dan know. “Hey Dan, get in here”.

Dan came in to see Ste holding what looked like a leash and dog collar.

“I’ve been thinking. You do a lot round here and you give pretty good head so thought since it’s your birthday coming up I’d give you the best gift I can think of. I’ve spoken to a couple of guys on the websites you use and they said there’s a fetish club that you’d get a kick out of going to. If you fancy it I could take you.”

Dan was very surprised by this. He knew Ste was starting to get used to having a submissive guy helping him out but he never would’ve guessed he’d do something like this. “Yeah sounds great Sir. What’s the leash for?”

“Well they said cos I’m the Dom I can wear what I like but you need something on that shows your submissive or a slave. Unless you’ve got something hidden away that you want to go in they said that putting this on you would do. Your clothes are going to limited to just your underwear too. They reckon it should be fairly skimpy so a pair of tight briefs should do. I’ll have to keep hold of the leash all night too.”

Dan had already started getting hard at this. Knowing he’d spend the night surrounded by kinky guys being pulled around by the hottest man he knew was a dream come true. “This sounds amazing Sir, you sure you’re comfortable with this?”

“Yeah, it’s your birthday and like I say you deserve something good. There’s a special show after closing too that I got us into. I’m not telling what that is though, is gonna be a surprise.”

It was only a few days to wait but time really dragged for Dan. Ste carried on expecting Dan to do all the household tasks but wouldn’t let Dan give him a blowjob and he ordered him not to wank off. There was no way of Ste knowing if Dan stuck to this but as he so grateful for what Ste was giving him he complied anyway.

Finally the day arrived. Dan couldn’t concentrate at all in work and he had to worry about hiding his constant erection. By the time 5pm arrived his boxers were soaked in precum but at least he’d got through it. He rushed home and started cooking Ste’s favourite meal for him while also getting the whole apartment as clean as he could. It was ready just as Ste got in.

Ste saw the effort Dan had gone to but before he could say anything Dan rushed over, took his coat and bag off him and bowed his head “Thank you in advance for tonight Sir, I’m so excited by going with you I can’t thank you enough”.

Ste felt a bit uncomfortable with this but smiled back. “No problem. I was going to order a takeaway or something as its your birthday but from that greeting I’m guessing your happier doing all this.”

“Yes Sir, definitely.”

They both ate and then went off to get ready. Dan emerged from his room wearing a new pair of briefs he’d bought that were a size too small and which left nothing to the imagination. When Ste got out the shower he was taken a bit by surprise by this and let out a little laugh.

“I know you’re excited but I’m guessing you don’t want the neighbours seeing you like that, not to mention all the people on the way.”

Dan suddenly felt pretty stupid “yeah I guess you’re right, sorry.”

“Don’t worry. There are changing rooms there but if you want to its supposed to be fairly normal for people to get changed, or in your case undressed, in the carpark outside so they get to queue up outside like that. If you’re up for it I don’t mind queueing holding your leash.”

Dan quickly perked up at this.

“Couldn’t help but spot then though that you failed to call me Sir. If we’re going to do this you’re going to have to behave, there’s a lot of serious people going to this club and I don’t want them to have any doubt I own you” Ste winked at Dan and gave a playful smile.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir. I would definitely like to get ready in the carpark and be led in by you. I won’t let you down Sir” Dan was grinning and was rock hard. A side effect of this was to create a pretty big opening on the front of his briefs, showing off his bush and a chunk of his cock which Ste couldn’t help but notice.

“Hmmm, if you’re going to wear them you might want to tidy those pubes up. From what I’ve been told it’s normal for submissives to be shaved round there.”

Dan looked down and realised how exposed he was. He nodded before heading into the bathroom too take care of it.

The drive to the club didn’t take too long and they pulled into the carpark across the road from the club. When it came time for Dan to undress he found it a lot scarier than he expected it to. He could see plenty of other people around and although they were nearly all heading to the club he found it hard to let his inhibitions go. Ste came round the car to see what the delay was which gave Dan just enough confidence to take his jeans off. Ste attached the collar and snapped the leash on and started walking towards the line leading to the front door. Most of the people around just ignored the two of them which helped Dan relax a lot but when they got to the road a taxi slowed down and the driver looked at the pair of them and burst out laughing. This made them both feel a bit uncomfortable but he drove off straight away at which point they quickly walked to the end of the line.

There were a few other submissives in the queue wearing very little. One guy was just wearing a jockstrap. There were also plenty of guys who were clearly dominants and a few just wearing casual clothes. They waited outside for around 10 minutes by which time any discomfort Dan had been feeling had gone and instead he was struggling to contain his excitement. Ste wasn’t as relaxed and he was pretty relieved when they got in. The bouncer on the door handed Ste a sheet with a timeline for what would be happening at the club. Dan tried to get a look at it but Ste kept it out of his view and took him in. He headed straight to the bar and ordered an alcoholic drink for himself and a water for Dan. Dan was going to object to this but kept quiet as there were a lot of people around him and he didn’t want to embarrass Ste. They then walked to table near the stage that had a reserved sign with their names on and Ste sat down and gestured to Dan to sit too.

“Sorry Dan, I thought I’d told you but you’re not allowed to drink. Is one of the rules if you’re going to go to the event after closing. I know its a pain but it’ll be worth it.”

“That’s fine Sir, can I see what will be happening during the evening?”

“Sure, I would’ve let you see it when I got it but I needed a drink” Ste smiled and pulled the sheet out of his pocket and passed it to Dan.

There were going to be a lot of demonstrations and they had brilliant seats for them. There was also a message on the sheet asking for submissive volunteers to help out but Ste told him another condition of the aftershow was that he didn’t take part in any of these. Dan was disappointed but Ste reassured him that he would get his chance to get involved later on. Ste suddenly realised that he still had hold of the leash and so he attached it to a hook in the centre of the table and leaned back in his chair.

The club filled up quickly and the tables around him were soon taken up. When Ste had finished his drink he waved his hand at a waiter who was stood to the side of the tables. Dan had been too distracted by the sights of the slaves and Masters near him to pay much attention to the waiters but as he got closer he realised he was completely naked. Ste turned to Dan to ask if he wanted another drink and couldn’t help but laugh at the way Dan was staring at the waiters cock.

“Wow looks like your having fun already” Ste glanced at the waiters cock and although he hadn’t seen many he knew it was pretty huge and was fully erect.

“You’re a slave of the club right?” Ste asked him

“Yes Sir”

“So you have to follow orders of the guests?”

“Yes Sir, that’s right”

“Dan, you can’t take part in the demonstrations but if you want to give this guy a blowjob go right ahead. Can’t get one in return though I’m afraid, no cumming allowed for you yet”

Dan was grinning and nodding his head.

Ste laughed and unhooked the leash and handed it to the waiter who was also clearly very happy with this arrangement. “There’s a sideroom for this isn’t there?” The waiter nodded. “Take him there for this then come back with a coke for me and another water for him”

The waiter returned about 10 minutes later with a tray with the drinks in one hand and the leash in the other. His erection had gone but he looked very pleased with himself.

“Do your want me to reattach the leash Sir?”

“Sure, how was he?”

“Great Sir, thank you for letting me use him”

Dan kept his head bowed but Ste could see the smile on his face. He also still had a huge hard on and even in the dark there was a clear wet patch where pre cum had been leaking out.

“Sit down, the first demonstration is about to start”

Dan sat back down while the leash was reattached. The waiter left just as the lights came on and a presenter dressed all in leather came onto the stage. The first show was to be about corporal punishment. A couple of subs came on stage and a very strong looking guy with canes, whips and paddles. The submissives looked at the tools with apprehension but took their positions. The show lasted about half an hour and by the end the submissives were crying and begging for it to end. Ste had found it odd that anyone would volunteer for this but when he looked over at Dan he could tell how turned on he was by all this, he was practically drooling.

There were 4 or 5 shows, some were over quite quickly whereas others were much longer. Ste found it more and more confusing that people enjoy this kind of treatment. One submissive had been ‘edged’ for about 20 minutes only to have his erection reduced with ice before having a chastity belt fitted and then riveted on to make it permanent. This had clearly been a surprise to him as he was begging for it to stop and shouting about how he hadn’t known this would happen when he volunteered but the guy doing it just ignored him and carried on. Ste had noticed that Dan had been loving every second though. His bulge had stayed constantly huge throughout and he could tell from his breathing that he’d had to work pretty hard not to cum in his pants a few times.

The final demonstration finished and some of the club attendees had left. Ste and Dan had chatted with a few of the other Masters and submissives and Ste allowed Dan to suck off a couple more guys.

The lights in the club came on. “It’s time to get ready for the aftershow.” A pretty tough looking guy came over and handed Ste a gag with a padlock.

“Put this tightly on him, lock it then take him through there.” The guy didn’t even acknowledge Dan when he said this.

Ste looked at the gag and smiled at Dan. “This looks pretty uncomfortable but trust me, it’ll be worth it”

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