Reverend Ralph's Spiritual Awakening

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A step-by-step development of a man of the spirit.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Romantic   Fiction   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   Clergy   .

Part One – Fresh out of ministerial school.

Ralph’s family was so pleased to be at his graduation and ordination as a minister. He was following in his father’s footsteps to reach people and make their lives better. His spiritual path was a bit more progressive than he’d been raised but his father was OK with it.

That set the stage for the wedding to Mary, his childhood sweetheart. They had “gone steady” since eighth grade but didn’t go to the same college. She chose nursing as a helping profession since her true love was in one also.

She’d graduated at the same time as Ralph so a June wedding was planned. Ralph’s father officiated and the newlyweds went to a lakeside motel for a budget honeymoon. Ralph discovered a new kind of heaven between Mary’s legs. There was much more to this sex business than he’d ever been told about. He was so overwhelmed he never questioned Mary’s eager acceptance of this blessed act.

Part Two – His first assignment

Being a fresh graduate, Ralph didn’t get a prime assignment. He was shared between several small rural congregations. The new couple found a small apartment in a centrally located town where Mary could get a job. His pay was so low that her income was essential.

Because of the distances involved, it was best for Ralph to overnight near the church he would be preaching at on a given Sunday. In these small towns there was no commercial lodging so the church deacons offered a place to stay and dinner after the service. One nice side effect was that Ralph got to know his congregation much better.

Part Three – The first state convention

The ministers and other church leaders gathered quarterly to conduct business, learn new things, and boost their enthusiasm. Folks often shared hotel rooms to save money and Ralph bunked with two deacons his first time. Mary had to work so couldn’t attend but they couldn’t afford a private room anyway.

Ralph loved the socializing with classmates and other folks he’d just met around the district so it was quite a bit later when he got back to the room. The room was dark and he got into his pajamas quietly. As he went to his bed he noticed movement and muffled noises from the other two beds that could only be from sex. But the deacon’s spouses had not come along either. He was shocked but his erection ignored that. He couldn’t keep his hand off it as he heard the gentle, rhythmic thumping and the stifled moans.

He watched as the visitors came out from under the covers and went to the bathroom naked in the dim light. His cock spurted in his pajamas at such a lewd display. He recognized the women from the earlier events and knew that they were ministers or married to one. What the “hell” was going on?

The next day, as he went through the program, he marveled as he saw the two women with and without their spouses just behaving as one might expect. Did their husbands know what had happened? Surely they must have noticed! It was adultery, plain and simple. How could his deacons do this? Should he, as a spiritual leader, intervene? His head was in a whirl.

Things got even more complicated that night. A lovely woman named Angelica, the much younger wife of the senior minister in the district, introduced herself and said she’d like to visit with him about an important spiritual matter. He could not, of course, refuse and she took him to her room for a discussion.

“You have been identified as a possible candidate for the Fellowship of Love. You have probably never heard of it because it’s by invitation and very private, as you will come to understand. Before we can go any further, I must have your solemn vow to never reveal what business we have here. She referred to herself as a “lay minister” and he found out a different meaning to that title. His resistance was no match for seductive skills and he was thoroughly laid over the next several hours as she explained and demonstrated to him what the Fellowship was all about.

Ralph gave his word as a man of God.

Part Four – Confessions

Mary was concerned about her husband. He’d seemed different, more withdrawn and troubled, since returning from Convention. Finally, on a Saturday she sat him down and asked outright, “What’s troubling you dear? Did something happen at Convention?”

That question did it. He broke down in tears and said, “I did something that seemed right at the time but now I’m not so sure and I’ve been afraid to tell you about it.”

She moved over to sit beside him and put her arm around him. “I promised to love you for better or worse so there is nothing we can handle. Please tell me so I can help.”

She sat quietly holding his hand as he related what had happened with Angelica. When he finished he looked at her to see her reaction. He was concerned to see tears running down her cheeks and began babbling how sorry he was. She stopped him with, “I am actually glad that happened because that makes it a lot easier for me to talk about something that I have been holding inside for far too long.”

His eyes open wide and he stuttered, “You’re glad I was unfaithful?”

She looked very solemn as she said, “At least what you did was more faith-based than I have been. I am confessing to you that I was not the Virgin Mary at our wedding.” He gave a start and she gripped his hand tightly as she continued. “I was a virgin all the time that we were dating in high school but by the time I came home for Thanksgiving break from college, I wasn’t anymore. Nurses are a lusty bunch, probably because of what we deal with, and seeing the boyfriends that my roommate kept bringing to our room, and what she did so joyfully with them, became more of a temptation than I could resist. Do you want me to continue?” Ralph nodded.

“I had boyfriends all the way through college. Notice I said plural because I didn’t want any of them to get emotionally attached to me. My heart was only for you even if my body wasn’t. I admit that I somewhat deceived you when you commented that there was no pain on your first entry. I said I used tampons. That was the truth. I never lied to you but I also didn’t tell you everything. I’ve also had to make a special effort so you wouldn’t realize how experienced I was with sex and I have brought you along to where you are now as good as any of my college lovers and better than most.”

Ralph had his head down and she couldn’t read his thoughts. She pulled his chin up and turned him towards her so she could look into her eyes. “I have always loved you and only you. What I did with my body was only sex to satisfy needs that I had when you weren’t there. I wanted to be everything you expected so I had to pretend a lot of things but even that was because I cared for you. What you did with Angelica needn’t affect our marriage any more than what I did before we were wed. That’s history, like yesterday’s dinner. If you will make love with me now then I will know you can accept the real me which is what you will get from now on.”

With tears in his eyes, Ralph bent towards her and gave her a deep, long, and wet kiss. He kissed down her neck to her breasts. Then he moved lower and pushed her knees apart so he could kiss the part of her that was now very different, or was it? He’d have to puzzle through that for a bit but as she laid back, he moved to fill her and she sobbed as she put her arms and legs around him, pulling him in as far as he could go and wishing he could crawl all of himself in there. He was profoundly affected by her words, “You feel just as good to me as ever!”

They had to order a pizza because neither one wanted to get dressed. After they released their initial tensions, Ralph commented that he had told her about his experience and he wanted to hear about hers. She questioned, “Are you sure? Why do you want that?”

His semi-soft, post-ejaculation cock was still buried in her as he explained, “If you don’t tell me, then it is still withheld and separates us. If I know what you have experienced then it is at least somewhat shared and I understand better what brought you to this point. Does that make sense?”

She hugged him and whispered as her hips began to move again, “You don’t know how glad I am that you said that. We may get lots of titillation from my four busy years at college. Just don’t forget that it was only fucking, not making love like I have with you.” Mary was glad that she’d kept a diary which would help a lot in her storytelling.

Part Five – Reconciliations

Their sex life was on overdrive as she shared little snippets of her sexy behavior whenever things slowed down at all between them. On another front, she only had a part-time job at a local clinic so wanted to know what else useful she could do with her time. Her mind kept going back to the fellowship that Angelica had initiated her husband into but of which she still knew very little. She told Ralph, “I’m going to the next quarterly convention with you and want to find out more about this. I must meet this Angelica woman and ask her some questions.”

They didn’t have to wait very long because one of the deacon’s wives from a church that her husband serviced made an appointment to visit with them. He’d recognized her from the convention as being one of the women who’d been in his room with a man other than her husband but had never mentioned it. When he told Mary what he had just remembered, she looked forward to the meeting.

Rebecca was a stay-at-home mom, in her late 30s and quite attractive. She was poised and articulate as she explained about the Fellowship. “As you are of course well aware, our beliefs are founded on the concept that we have a loving God, not the vengeful one from the Old Testament which we regard as only interesting history. There is not enough caring and bonding of true friendship in the world so we have each dedicated ourselves to doing what we can to add to the good.

“I know this is not taught to you during your training because it is a grassroots movement in this district. We do try to follow the principles of good that are found in all religions, not just among Christians, and really practice them as they were meant to be, rejecting the literal interpretation of the Bible because it is impossible anyway.

“Angelica is one of the leaders of our movement and is fully supported by her husband. It will take a number of sessions for you to fully understand the program that we have developed so today I just want to make you aware of that and see if I can get you started on the path with us.”

Mary now had a chance to ask her questions. “Are there any beliefs or things beyond those of our defined religion that are important to our participating in the Fellowship?”

Rebecca smiled, “Do you have a strong sexual relationship with your husband?” When Mary nodded, she continued, “We believe that sex is a gift from God and may be shared, but not irresponsibly, with others that we care for. I realize that is not the traditional view which was created by men who wanted to own their women body and soul. But you must admit that it is a most marvelous way of bonding with others in addition to the woman that you love the most. Each person you bond with becomes part of your special network, we believe.”

Ralph spoke up, “Is that why I saw you in my room at the convention?”

She smiled and nodded, “He is one of my earliest bonders and I like to renew our connection when I can. When I noticed you were there I wanted to share myself with you too, like Angelica did, but you had not been through orientation yet.”

Mary said, “I am very interested and have the time and energy to put into this work so when can we get started on the training?”

“Why don’t you come over to our place after service this Sunday and you can meet my husband and we will get started.” It was agreed.

Myron was a nice looking man and Mary looked forward to the training with a tingle in her crotch. Talking with Ralph as they screwed was great fun but it also reminded her of the different experiences that each man had provided when she’d copulated with them. She was also very curious about how Ralph would deal with this.

The first Sunday was pretty ordinary as they went over the spiritual backgrounds of their beliefs. Ralph was a big help in this because of his familiarity with not just the Bible but other spiritual sources. They had some serious discussions on the way home and during the next week, actually distracting them from Mary’s sex history but building anticipation of new things yet to come.

There was another after church session the next Sunday. Ralph’s pulpit message that day reflected the things that they had talked about but did not get into the sexual overtones of course.

Rebecca and Myron met them at the door au naturale. Smiling at their surprise, their hostess simply said, “This is how God made us so this is the best way to be.” She showed their guests where to put their clothes. Following her around the house was a visual magnet for Ralph whose cock uncontrollably filled up. Rebecca noticed and commented on the complement. Myron’s filling wasn’t too far behind from the looks of it.

The two women were quite different physically. Rebecca was the taller and heavier one with pendulous boobs and large areolae. Her genitals were hidden behind an ample bush of black hair like she had on top. Her buns were generous and jiggled nicely as she walked.

Her first question was a surprise, “Did you to have sex this morning?” When Mary nodded she said, “Good, because that will keep things slowed down as we get more intimate. We are going to start by getting to know each other’s bodies, not sexually but just all over by touching, kissing, licking, or however else you want to make contact. This is called Blessed Touching and intended to build closeness with you as well as fill you with gratitude for all that nature has blessed us with. Let me start with Ralph to show you the idea.”

She laid him down on his stomach on the soft carpet and began at his head, gently touching and stroking each inch of his body as he lay quietly. When she reached his feet she asked him to turn over and she began working her way back up. His legs were apart so she reached down to gently cup and fondle his testicles when she reach them. To show that fingers were not the only thing useful, she had sucked on his toes and now took each of his balls in her mouth briefly. After stroking his erection with her fingertips, she worked her way from the base to the head and then engulfed it for the same amount of time she had spent on other parts of his body. When she reached his big head she kissed and nibbled on his ears minutes for head, sucked on his nose, and then gave him a long and deep tongue kiss.

“There! Now it’s Mary’s turn to do the same thing to Myron.” Ralph watched in fascination as his bride explored this other man as completely as he himself had been. When she took the cock, shorter and fatter than his into her mouth, he almost spontaneously ejaculated.

The next hour had him examining Rebecca. He enjoyed squeezing her buns as he straddled her legs and elicited the sound of approval as he slid his shaft into her bun crack and squeezed the soft flesh around it. On her back, his tongue gave her some brief pleasure with all that was to be explored and especially when his hands parted the curly jungle hiding her pussy. When he reached her breasts, he kissed and sucked them then straddled her chest and briefly tit-fucked her, again getting her approval. When he finished with that same deep tongue kiss, she told him he had done extremely well for a beginner.

Ralph’s erection was beginning to hurt as he watched his wife being explored by Myron. Rebecca was not insensitive to his discomfort and turned around to give him release in her mouth, pulling back with a smile as she swallowed. He mouthed, “Thank you! Thank you!”

When Myron finished she gave him the same relief as Mary watched, wide-eyed. “That’s today’s lesson, go home and practice it because it is frequently used in our ministry. You’ve done very well and I look forward to next Sunday for our final lesson.”

All week the young couple were horny as hell for each other, talking about the sensations and thoughts they’d experienced in that amazing exercise. It was unsaid what was likely to occur on the next visit.

Again, they were met at the door by two naked teachers. They were quizzed about how often they had practiced their touching therapy and a couple of small questions were answered. Rebecca opened the new topic by saying, “When we have fellowship sex with another, it is not just exercising or parts. We cannot forget this is a spiritually-based exercise which we refer to as the Sacred Joining. Both parties must be put in the proper attitude to keep it as such. It is not like going on a date and just fucking because it is expected, or going out and hooking up to satisfy a selfish itch. This is a sharing of special parts of your bodies for specific purposes. Angelica did not open her body just to get it filled with sperm. She did it to determine your suitability for this ministry and to create your awareness to the new and different reason for being physically intimate with another person. Let me show you what I mean.”

She laid on her back and spread her legs. Looking at Ralph she said, “Fill me with your organ. Just push it in” When he was fully inside her she asked, “Does that feel good?” He nodded. “Is it as good as being inside your wife?” He shook his head. She asked, “Why do you think you gave me that answer?”

Ralph pondered that for a moment, his attention temporarily distracted from the new pussy he was filling. “I’m not sure but maybe it’s because I was just ordered to do this like a male whore. Although I’ve gotten to know you, there was little connection beyond the physical.”

“Very good. Do you remember what happened with Angelica?”

He searched his memory and said, “Although she got naked before she got in bed, things didn’t get sexual immediately. She held me and talked to me about the reason she was there and built up a reason for us to put our bodies together. At the time I was so into what she was describing that the thought of being unfaithful to Mary didn’t even cross my mind. It wasn’t until later that I began my guilt trip. Even then, I understood the reasons why it happened so I wasn’t too hard on myself.”

Rebecca stood up, “We are going to split up into couples for the next part and go to separate rooms. Myron and I will work with you to develop a deep spiritual bond and expect it will lead to a physical one. Are you both okay with that?”

When she got a nod from both of us, she led me to their bedroom and Mary followed Myron to the guest room.

When the lesson was over, Rebecca presented each of them with a small bound notebook. “Record each Sacred Joining the way the insert describes. It’s sort of a coded shorthand. Also, do not have intercourse for at least twelve hours to allow your recent experience to be processed. Then you can better share it with your loved one.”

That night at home, Mary marveled as she and Ralph took a shower together before bed. They hadn’t talked about what happened in the last part of their lesson because each was absorbing so much and sorting it all out as Rebecca had directed. As they held each other, Mary observed, “I really like taking turns touching. When you are touching and being touched at the same time, one distracts from the other and nether is at its best. Would you start on me now ‘for practice’?” He gladly took up the offer and did a short one, eager to have his turn. They did cause an orgasm in their partner and slept well.

In the morning, Mary mounted her husband, “I was amazed how good it was to do this with a man I had known such a short time. Of course he is skilled and made it a spiritual experience as we are learning to do. I feel good about something that could be called adultery. How about you?”

“Same here. She just drew me into her ‘zone’ and I felt like no one else existed but the two of us while we were connected. Not to slight my feelings for you, but she was my total focus.”

“Yeah, like I’m going to do with you right now!”

Part Six – The next state convention

There was no question that Mary was going to attend. She was excited and hornier the closer it got. They would share a double-queen room with Rebecca and Myron to save expenses but Rebecca counseled that they’d likely not have fellowship with each other. As she put it, “We’d like to once in a while back home but we are all going to need our energy for the work to be done here.” That was what had Mary in pins-and-needles.

Friday night was a social to see old friends and meet new ones. Spotting Angelica, Ralph steered his wife over to meet her. As Mary gushed that she’d heard so much about this senior lay minister, Angelica reached out to shake hands. Ralph was startled how formal this lovely woman who had been totally intimate could be. At the end of the handshake with him she gave an extra squeeze and a little extra was added to her smile. She agreed to meet with Mary and Rebecca in the morning.

As Ralph went around the room he tried to keep Angelica in sight. He thought he saw her special handshake and smile given to a few other men and his crotched twitched with the implications. He secretly wanted to share that special time with her again, now with more understanding.

Rebecca informed them that final testing for their Sacred Joining certification would occur later that evening after the official program was finished. She gave them a room number.

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