A Practically Perfect Daughter

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2019 by George Foxx

Incest Sex Story: A daughter is Practically Perfect in her father's eyes.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Harem   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Sex Toys   .

My name is Kasey Donavan, and this is the story of how I became my daddy’s practically perfect daughter. I’m five feet nine inches tall. I’m skinny, but in an athletic or pageant girl way. I don’t look anorexic or unhealthy. I guess my slim hips just make me look younger. I have long honey-blonde hair that always has tight curls, no matter what I do. My curly mop hangs down to my shoulders. My figure has become more womanly in the last year, and my measurements are 32B-22-30 today.

My mom died when I was born, so it has always been just my dad and me. I never went to child care or preschool because dad draws Anime characters and makes animated movies. He works from home. He got a deal on Silicon Graphics computers when a studio closed, so he has always worked from home. Dad home schooled me because we lived out in the middle of nowhere and the school bus ride would have been longer than my time at school.

When I was a very little girl daddy started drawing a character he called “Miss Perfect.” She was a super hero, but she conquered the baddies by singing into a magic microphone. “Miss Perfect” was always kneeling when she sang into the magic microphone. Her butt was sticking out a little, and I realize now that it was a very sexy pose.

Now that I’m a teenager and dad says I’ve become practically perfect, I realize the magic microphone looks a lot like a very long, very thick penis. Dad drew “Miss Perfect” with a very sexy body and she was always wearing microscopic shorts or micro-mini skirts and a tiny crop top or bikini top. I’ve noticed that “Miss Perfect” started out with very tiny breasts and that as I got older and my breasts started to swell, “Miss Perfect’s” tits grew to match mine.

Dad and I have always been very cuddly with each other. I never thought it was unusual how much I loved sitting on daddy’s lap. It always made me feel safe, calm, and loved when I sat on dad’s lap and we watched his latest “Miss Perfect” movie. Dad said he needed my opinion so he could make better movies. Last year I found out that wasn’t really why I sat on daddy’s lap so much. Dad wanted to feel my tushie pressing against his dick. He also wanted to know if a plot made me hot and squirmy.

I never developed shy or modest feelings about my body. I never thought anything was wrong with daddy giving me a bath or seeing and touching my naked body. I didn’t have a self-conscious phase or try to hide my body under baggy clothes.

I started having feelings I couldn’t understand before I was a teenager. I started loving for dad to see me wearing tiny, sexy outfits that showed off my body. I liked bending over so dad could see the under-cheeks of my firm, rounded butt. It made me tingle when a little crop top rode up and daddy could see my under-boobs. I frequently “forgot” to wear a bra or panties when I had a chance to show off for daddy.

I asked dad about why I was always hot, itchy and wet between my legs. Dad explained all about sex and making babies. He told me the feelings I had were from puberty and my body changing from a little girl into a young woman. He also explained that sexual desire was Mother Nature’s way of helping a girl overcome fear of having sex so she would want to mate so she could be bred.

I asked dad to mate with me so I wouldn’t feel itchy all the time, but he said I was still too young and my body was too little to mate with an adult male. I told dad I was going crazy from the constant itchy feeling, and he showed me how to masturbate and give myself orgasms so the itchy feeling would calm down for a few hours.

Watching “Miss Perfect” episodes always got me hot and wet. As I look back, I realize I started masturbating younger than most girls and I Jilled myself off a whole lot more often.

It got me so hot thinking about sucking daddy’s cock until he got so excited he stopped worrying about my age and let me give him my virginity that I just had to rub myself. My fantasies about daddy making love to me led to lots and lots of masturbation. I would have sexy dreams and wake up at night with a hot, sweaty body and a dripping wet, terribly itchy pussy. I would take off my panties, pull up my over-size tee shirt, and rub my boobs, pinch my nipples and stroke my clit until I came. I felt really good and very calm then, and I would go back to sleep. Every time I woke up, my body was aching to feel daddy’s big, adult penis inside my little teen pussy and my womb was hungry to suck up daddy’s hot, sperm filled cream.

One morning my tiny cunt was more than drooling. It was more like my vagina was gushing wet, slippery girl juice. I was naked when I went back to sleep after my Jill-off session, so there was a big wet spot on my bottom sheet. I got up and went to daddy’s bedroom and got in bed with him. I knew dad always slept naked. I pressed my nude body against his and his prick got incredibly hard in just seconds. I asked daddy if I made his dick get hard and he told me that I looked so sexy and felt so soft and hot pressed against his body that he got a boner for me. I felt terribly proud that I could get my dad hard. I know my girl juice was sending out “Please fuck me.” olfactory messages to any male in the vicinity, but it wasn’t enough to tempt daddy to molest me and fuck my hungry pussy.

I had noticed that I’d starting talking dirty in my daddy fantasies a few months ago, so I wasn’t surprised to hear myself saying, “Daddy I need you inside me. Put you big, grownup cock in my little cunt and fuck me until you squirt deep inside me.

Daddy asked, “Are you sure Kasey?”

“Yes dad. Stick your fat dick in my tight little twat and screw me until I cum so hard it makes me scream,” I replied. It felt weird hearing myself say those words because that’s not how I normally talk. I started to wonder who I was going to grow up to be. Was I going to be the person I always thought of as “me,” or was I going to be a slut who talked like a porno actress?

Dad’s penis was on the big end of the normal range. It stretched my tiny hole as he slowly pushed the fat head inside me. It felt incredibly good and I begged daddy to shove his dick all the way in me. Once I felt the root of his cock rubbing and crushing my clit as he slowly thrust all the way inside me, I started cumming like never before and begging daddy to fuck me faster and harder.

Dad didn’t do any work, he just fucked me all day. I started getting sore, so it was difficult to enjoy my orgasms, although I didn’t want him to stop. He took me in the shower and washed me, then rubbed my wet, slippery clit until I came again. My knees felt weak, and I nearly melted into a puddle on the floor of the shower.

I instantly understood that the newer “Miss Perfect” movies were really porn videos and they inspired me to do sexy things with daddy, like making me want to kneel in front of my dad and take his cock down my throat. I soon realized dad dreamed of having me take his cock in my cunt or my mouth any time he got hard. His fantasy was to fill up my holes with his hot cum. He wanted me to suck up every drop of his goo with either my pussy muscles or my mouth. I was feeling horny all the time by then, so our desires were pretty much identical.

Early one morning I heard a groan coming from the bathroom. I put my eye to the old-fashioned keyhole and peered inside. Daddy was sitting on the toilet looking at his smart phone and stroking his cock. Dad moaned, “Oh Kasey, suck your daddy’s cock.”

I heard my voice on his phone saying, “Fuck me daddy. I need you so badly!”

About that time the bathroom door came open. I fell on my butt with my face pointed toward the ceiling. Daddy spunked and his creamy white stuff shot out of the head of his dick and fell on my face. I knew from all the “Miss Perfect” videos I’d watched that daddy sperm was supposed to go in either my pussy or my mouth, so I took a finger and scooped dad’s semen into my mouth. I licked my finger clean and swallowed my daddy’s spend.

I struggled to my knees and clumsily licked his dick head, then taking the head in my mouth, I started sucking on dad’s big knob. I couldn’t get his shaft all the way in my mouth like “Miss Perfect” did with the Magic Microphone, but I used my tongue on the underside of dad’s dick well enough to make him squirt again, this time in my mouth. That’s when dad told me I was his, “practically perfect daughter.”

I kept trying to get dad’s prick all the way inside my mouth. Daddy explained that there wasn’t enough depth to my mouth to get his whole cock insider, so in order to get all seven inches of his hard prick in me, the head needed to go down my throat so I could accommodate his length.

I kept gagging with only half of dad’s prick in my mouth. Finally, I learned to do circular breathing, and his dick head slipped into my throat. His knob went down my throat far enough that my lips pressed against his body and my nose was buried in his wiry pubic hair. Dad dumped his slime straight down my throat. It seemed to burn in my tummy and make that heat spread to the empty tunnel between my thighs. At the same time, my clit started to itch unbearably. I dragged dad into his bedroom and pulled him on top of me. Daddy’s dick stayed hard and he shoved the big knob up my pussy. He fucked me hard and exploded when the tip of his dick touched my cervix. I came so hard I couldn’t believe it.

From then on, I was horny every second I was awake. Daddy fucked me a minimum of three times a day. Sometimes dad would stick his dick down my throat and face fuck me until he slimed my throat. It seemed like every time he shot off straight down my throat I got even hornier. I was definitely dad’s sex toy now, and he fucked me any time he got hard. If dad got in a creative mood and was making a new movie I started feeling neglected and I’d beg him for a good screwing. Some days he made me suck him off and other days he ate my pussy, sort of like he was giving me a reward, like you give a dog a treat.

That was the story of my life until I turned sixteen. I became a needier slut nearly every day. Before long, I was perpetually in heat and begging daddy to fuck me if his cock wasn’t already inside me.

I loved having dad fuck me and I needed all the orgasms daddy gave me in order to feel normal. If dad had to go on a business trip I was suffering by the time he got home. I didn’t care why I needed dad to fuck me. I accepted the fact that I was a slut and needed daddy to pound my pussy more than once every day. I put my energy into making sure dad loved fucking my tight cunt and that he was as hot for my wet twat as I was for his hard dick.

At first, I worried a lot that if I wasn’t a perfect little sex toy for daddy he would find another girl to fuck. It took me several months to realize that I was probably the only young girl who craved sex with my daddy. I still tried to be the perfect slutty daughter and satisfy every pervy desire he had, but I was more relaxed about it, so I was able to enjoy getting my brains fucked out a lot more than I had before.

I learned how to talk dirty and make daddy cum quick the first time, then get him hot for me and make his cock get hard enough to penetrate my pussy, and fuck me until I had cum a whole bunch of times. Before my hole started to get sore, I’d talk dirty some more and that would make daddy cum deep inside my cunny. I loved the feel of his hot cream so far inside me that I just knew his cockhead was pressed against my cervix and his baby batter was shooting into my womb.

I actually wanted to get pregnant, but daddy told me that my hips were too narrow so that it might endanger me or the baby when it was time for the delivery. Daddy had me go to the free clinic and get an IUD inserted so I wouldn’t get knocked up. The privacy laws made sure no one asked why I needed birth control, so no one suspected I was fucking my father.

I don’t know if having so much sex changed my hormones and that changed my body, but by the time I was sixteen, there was no doubt I had an adult female figure, with plenty of room in my pelvis for a baby to grow, and wide enough hips to deliver a baby vaginally. I wasn’t fat, but my 34B-23-33 figure definitely looked like I was made for fucking and making babies.

I think my womanly figure made daddy get hot to breed me, and I wanted him to knock me up just as badly as he wanted to impregnate me. I’d been sleeping with daddy since we started fucking every day so I’d be there to take care of daddy any time he needed sex. As I got sluttier and sluttier, I needed daddy handy to stuff me full of hard cock and fuck the itchy, horny feelings away several times a day. I’d have to wake daddy up at least once every night to keep me from going crazy with need.

I was so horny all the time that daddy didn’t need to hypnotize or condition me to get all the sex he could handle. I decided I wasn’t mad at daddy for using the “Miss Perfect” videos to make me horny. He didn’t rufie me and I could have said, “NO!” if I hadn’t been so damn horny all the time. I don’t think it made me need sex any more or any sooner than I would have anyway.

Having daddy fuck me as much as I needed kept me calm and happy and helped me deal with the stress of puberty in a more serene way. Knowing daddy wouldn’t give me a disease or brag about nailing me let me get all the sex I needed without worrying about some boy playing with my heart or blabbing what a little slut I am to the whole school. Dad wasn’t going to risk getting an STI from a hooker or some skanky teenage nympho because if I caught it, he knew when I got treated it would send him straight to jail. He also wasn’t going to brag about how his slut daughter begged for his cock four or five times every day because if he did, he’d end up in jail.

By the time I had our first baby, I was more mature and better able to tell plausible lies about how I got knocked up and what happened to the baby daddy. I had a home birth, and avoided a lot of the potential questioning by well-meaning doctors and nurses. I was completely addicted to my daddy’s cock by then, and I had no desire to do without getting laid several times a day. Besides, Dad was always sweet to me, and I didn’t think I could ever find a younger man who could take care of me the way daddy did. A younger man might fuck me more times every day, but he might not make me cum as hard or as many times.

When I got pregnant, dad was even nicer to me than usual, and I felt pampered as well as loved and lusted after. I felt like my life was pretty damn perfect, so I was content to be my dad’s lover and to give him as much sex and as many babies as he wanted.

Our first baby was a little girl. Dad and I fought over her name. Dad wanted “Ass,” “Asshole,” or “Anal.” We settled on “Alice” when I repeated the urban legend that Lewis Carroll was a pedophile. From the time she was an infant, I realized Dad was planning to make Alice fall in love with him. Without any hypnotism or brainwashing, our daughter would offer him her virginity as soon as puberty began to work on her body. Since I was his biological daughter, I didn’t see anything wrong with daddies and daughters fucking, as long as the daughter wasn’t being forced.

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