Leslie Discovers Things About Herself

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Incest Sex Story: A lonely housewife discovers things about herself while being bored in her life.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Mother   Daughter   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Leslie Langston was rather bored in her life. Her teenage daughter had a boyfriend and was spending less and less time at home. Her husband was always having beers and hanging around in his man cave down in the basement. He also worked a lot and was out of town most weeks.

Leslie stayed home and hadn’t entered back into the workforce yet. She always was a stay-at-home mother but looking for a job was not her top priority.

She lunched with her girlfriends when they were around. Recently, Leslie was having sexual feelings for women. She met a woman at the gym, and they were really getting along. They had drinks on several occasions and talked about their lives.

Her new friend Agnes was beautiful inside and out. The drinks went straight to Leslie’s head and Agnes made her move on the housewife. She started giving Leslie lots of compliments and told her how attractive she was.

The ladies left the bar and while walking outside, Agnes grabbed the housewife and planted a kiss on her lips. The kiss surprised Leslie but she just went with it. Agnes’ kisses were soft and loving. Her hands held Leslie in a tight embrace.

Agnes whispered naughty thoughts in Leslie’s ear and the pair drove together to a hotel. Agnes took care of the room and they walked together side-by-side holding hands.

Agnes opened the door and the duo walked in. Agnes pushed Leslie against the wall and kissed her hard on her mouth. She unbuttoned her blouse and helped her take her shirt off. She unclasped her bra and held her breasts in her hands while passionately kissing Leslie on the mouth.

Agnes unzipped her skirt and helped her out of it. Agnes got down on her knees and smelled Leslie’s panties. She kissed and licked her satin panties while Leslie moaned. She had never had a sexual experience with another woman but enjoyed what Agnes was doing.

Agnes pulled Leslie’s panties down and explored her bare pussy. She licked and sucked on her clitoris which made Leslie scream. She pushed her finger into her vagina and finger-fucked her while slurping her sweet juices that poured out of Leslie’s pussy.

Agnes continued to finger fuck Leslie and when Leslie screamed and cried and had multiple orgasms is when she got up and brought her to the bed. Leslie got comfortable on the bed and Agnes took off her clothes. She had some contraption around her buttocks. A blue cock was attached to the belt. Agnes continued to lick Leslie’s pussy and when Leslie couldn’t take much more, Agnes climbed on top of her and slipped her very large silicone dong into Leslie’s pussy. She pushed it slowly inside of the housewife’s pussy while she screamed and moaned while Agnes fucked her hard.

When Leslie came, she cried tears of joy. Agnes continued to hump the beauty while playing with her huge jugs. Agnes liked that Leslie cried with joy.

Agnes and Leslie had a brief affair. Agnes wanted Leslie to leave her husband and have a life with her. Leslie didn’t want to leave her husband. After several months, the affair ended. Leslie enjoyed being with a woman but since the break-up hadn’t tried to find a replacement lover.

She continued to be bored in her marriage and experimented with interesting masturbating toys. She liked the dongs that were on the bigger side. She bought a few that vibrated and ones that were quite thick. She got off daily and had fun with her new toys.

Leslie was home baking when her daughter came running into the house.

“Kimberly are you home?”


Leslie washed her hands and walked into the living room where her daughter was.

“Weren’t you at Brian’s house? I thought you were staying the night?”

“We broke up. He really sucks in bed.”

Leslie sat next to her daughter on the couch and rubbed her back. Her daughter was very upset.

“What did he do that upset you?”

“First, he had a small dick. Second, he didn’t know how to fuck!”

“That’s a shame. Have you been with a lot of boys to compare?”

“Not that many, but enough to know how good it feels when it’s done right.”

“Was Brian mad at you?”

“Not really. He was probably glad that he didn’t have to have sex anymore. Most of the time, it was hard to tell if he was even inside of me. So happy to not have to deal with it anymore.”

“You do seem happier. Would you like a drink? I made a pie we could have a slice together.”

“Pie sounds nice. My head is killing. Perhaps you could give me a massage? My body is in knots. Would that be okay?”

“Of course. Let’s go upstairs and you can undress there.”

Leslie and her daughter went upstairs to her bedroom. Kimberly undressed and got comfortable on her stomach in the center of the bed. Leslie looked for some massage oil that she had in the linen closet.

When she came back inside of the room, she looked at her daughter and was amazed with her tight body. She had a lovely backside. Her buttocks were perfectly round and she imagined how nice they would fit in her hands. Her body was quite tan, and she looked amazing on the bed. Leslie’s mind wandered thinking how her daughter hadn’t had a proper orgasm in a while. She planned on helping Kimberly in more ways than one.

“Wow! Kimberly, you’re so fit! You’re not my little girl anymore. You’ve grown into such an amazing young girl.”

“Mommy that sounds so weird! Will this be okay with you massaging me naked?”

“How else would I give you a massage?”

Kimberly laughed while her mother poured the oil inside of her hand. She moved up and down her body. Spending time on each body part.

“Mommy, your hands feel incredible. Do you feel all of the knots in my neck?”

Yes. That boyfriend made you tense. When was your last orgasm?”

“I never had an orgasm with him. He really sucked in bed. That’s why we broke up. It’s just a waste of time being with somebody who sucks in bed. Life is too short!”

Leslie laughed and continued massaging her daughter. She worked out the kinks in her neck and calves. She gave her daughter a proper massage. She also was thinking about making a move on her daughter. She wanted to give her daughter a real orgasm. She would make a pass at her when her daughter flipped over.

She hoped her daughter wouldn’t get creeped out by her advances. She wanted her daughter to have a wonderful experience. Leslie enjoyed being with women and who was better than her darling daughter.

“Kimberly, you can flip over now.”


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