Linda Smith's Unwanted Movie

by Stevew

Copyright© 2019 by Stevew

Young Adult Story: A model is raped in front of a video camera by a loan shark who also happens to own a porn studio and website.

Caution: This Young Adult Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   .

Part 1: A little background;

Linda Smith had been modeling off and on since she was seven years old. Mostly she did magazine ads, though occasionally she was asked to model outfit for children at a premiere somewhere. She modeled everything from fancy dresses to nightgowns and underwear. Nothing erotic or at least not to her or her parents, although those who were so inclined might have thought so.

Her modeling had slowed down as she reached that age between girl and teen. Lucky her parents had been very smart and frugal, never spending too much and had hired a good investment firm. She still got a few modeling jobs here and there, but mostly they lived off of what her father made. There were times of course when they had to dip into the money she had made of course. After she turned twelve and begun to develop breast, her modeling career began to pick up again. Though at that time her breast weren’t much larger than walnuts. Of course they were enough to push out a bikini top, a training bra, or even a one piece swimsuit.

After that she became a popular model again. She normally used the same photographer for most of her shots, though there had been a few others. All of the men and women who took pictures of her however had always been vetted. She didn’t want to go to some “fly by night” photographer who was there one day and gone the next. There had been few, mostly men, who wanted to photograph her in the nude. But she had flatly refused along with her parents. Most of those guys had been the “fly by nights” type anyway.

Part 2: Tragedy;

She was a month away from her fourteenth birthday, when tragedy struck. Her favorite photographer was killed in a car wreck. She was devastated. The photographer, James, had been like a second father to her and now he was dead, it broke her heart.

After a couple of months, still in shock over the death of James, she inquired about the possibility of modeling for Sarah, her second favorite photographer. She however had all the models that she could work with at the moment. She did however refer her to another photographer named Jim. This was a photographer was one that she had never worked with before, but Sarah had assured her that he was legitimate. Unfortunately he was also in debt. Her modeling for him might be exactly what he needed to get himself out of the hole.

She contacted him, telling him about her previous modeling experience. She also told him that she was looking for a new photographer and that she was still under contract with a particular magazine. He told her he would call her back.

Immediately he got on the internet and looked her up. He found out that she indeed was a very popular model with the magazine. He also saw the pictures of her that had been published since she started modeling. He thought to himself this girl could not only get me out of debt but also set me up financially. Though no one knew it and he had never acted on it, he very much liked little girls.

He called her the next day. She answered the phone saying, “Hello.” She heard on the other end, “This is Jim, you told me you had a contract for another two months with the magazine.” “Yes,” she said. “I too have a contract, but the model quit. I could indeed take the photos you need to fulfill your contract. But would you consider being the model for my contract as well. It is for Victoria Secrets and some of the outfits are rather revealing.” Without asking her mom, she said “ Sure, I’ve always liked the underwear and nightgowns they sell.” “Good,” he said, “give me your sizes and I will make sure I have them for you. We can get started next Saturday. Does that sound alright.” “Sounds good to me,” she said.

Part 3: In the studio;

She arrived at the studio an hour early. The outside was definitely not as nice as James’s had been. She almost turned around and left, but decided to at least see what the inside looked like. Inside was a world of difference. It looked as if highest paid millionaire might live there. She saw him in one area setting up equipment, getting ready for the shoot.

She walked over to him and introduced herself. He said “Welcome to my humble abode. It’s not much, but it’s mine.” She admitted “When I saw the outside, I almost turned around and left. But seeing the inside of this place, it is a great place. This might be fancier than James’s was.” Mentioning James sobered her and she wanted to cry. Seeing this, he said “You were very found of him. Weren’t you.” “Yes, he was the first photographer I ever modeled for and did most of my shoots. I think I’ll always miss him.” “We all will, we all will,” he said. “You knew him?” She asked. “I met him a few times. I’ve only been in town for a few years. I’m just beginning to get myself established well enough to get some new contracts. I had a studio back when I lived in Texas, but it was a small town. There wasn’t a lot of call for the modeling I wanted to shoot. I mostly did graduation and family photos. I wanted to have my pictures published in magazines and such. Besides it got to where everyone who owned a camera was trying to get into the photography business. It was getting hard to make a living. So I came here. It has taken a while, but I’m finally starting to get back on my feet.”

“Speaking of that, why don’t you step into the dressing room and get changed. We will start with the clothes for your magazine contract we’ll start with the sundress and then move on to the swimsuit.” With that said he showed her to the dressing room.

She put on the sundress and walked back out to the studio. He had a background of a beach set up. The blue and white dress made a startling contrast to the sandy brownish tan of the beach scene, and made for some wonderful pictures. For the next shoot she had on a one piece bathing suit. It was a startling green that really enhanced her hazel eyes. The last swimsuit was a two piece bikini in white. He admired the way her A-Cup bikini top strained against her breast. They were somewhere between an A-Cup and a B-Cup, so that the martial outlined her nipples. He took several pictures then passed. He told her “We have a bit of a problem here.” He called her over and showed her a few of the pictures. Despite the fact that she had trimmed her pubic hair so that none of the hairs stuck out, you could clearly see her dark hair through the thin martial of the Bikini bottom. She asked “do you have another bikini I could put on.” “Unfortunately not. We really need to get these pictures done today if possible, so that your contract is complete. That way we can start on the other one that I have.” There was a long pause, while each of them thought about it. He already knew what the solution was, but was reluctant to say it. He kinda hoped she would, so that it wouldn’t seem like he was coming on to her.

Finally, after the pause seemed to go on forever, he said “I’m reluctant to suggest this in case you think I am coming on to you. But I know something we can do, if you are willing. Only if you are willing of course.” “What is that,” she asked? Reluctantly he said “You could shave off the hair around there. That way it won’t show though. And we can finish the shoot. It would save having to order a new one and wait for it.” Her eyes got a little bigger, but she didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Finally she said “I of course shave my legs and under arms. But I have never shaved there.” After a few more minutes she said “I guess I could do that. I’m just not sure how to do it though.” Jim said “If you want I can get my shaving stuff from upstairs. Then you can use the shower facility in your dressing room.” “Ok,” she agreed.

Jim went up to get his razor and shaving cream. She had already gone into her dressing room when he got back. Not wanting to just walk in. He knocked on the door. She invited him in. He was startled when he saw that she had already pulled off her bottoms. She said “I’ve never done this before. Will you do it for me?” Trying not to show his eagerness, he said “Ok if you want me to.” She simply said “Please.”

There was a mat like the ones used for gymnastics on the floor, he had her lay on it after placing a towel on it. He then had her spread her legs wide and applied the shaving cream. Slowly he began to shave her pubic hair. She assumed that he was just being careful not to cut her and in part he was. But the bigger part of it was the thrill of seeing her naked flesh. Flesh that no one else had ever seen, outside her family anyway.

After the pubic hair was removed, she put her bikini bottom back on and went back out to the studio. They finished the swimsuit portion of the shoot. She had noticed that he had video cameras pointing at her from various angles. James had done the same thing when she modeled for him, but she had to ask “Do all photographers use video as well as still shots.” Jim said “I don’t know about others, but I do it. Sometimes the video will pickup a better shot or angle than the still.” She replied “James used to do that as well. I just wondered if all photographers did or not.” (Unknown to her he also had a hidden camera in her dressing room and shower.)

Part 4: The next shoot;

Jim said “Now that we have completed your previous contract. We should begin one I have.” He pushed set of fancy underwear and nightclothes into her dressing room on a rolling cart. Her eyes widened at the number of items there were. There was everything from cat suit that covered all of her body, though tight enough to reveal all her curves, to babydoll nighties which covered all most nothing. There was even a couple of cup-less bras. One had crotch less panties to match and the other had easily opened snaps at the crotch. There was a garter belt and stockings that had matching panties and bra to go with it. She decided to start with the cat suit, as though form fitting would show less of her body than any of the others. She put the cat suit on and looked at herself in the mirror. She realized a problem right away. Because it was so form fitting, she could see the outlines of both her panties and bra that would detract from the shots. With nothing else to do about it. She took off the cat suit and removed her bra and panties, then put the cat suit back on. She looked at herself in the mirror again. Now it looked perfect. Covering everything but still revealing all. She also noticed that despite herself she could see her nipples pushing erectly through the martial. ‘Was she actually getting aroused from wearing this outfit.’ She went out to the studio for the shoot. As she posed in various positions for Jim, she realized that yes it was very exciting to be modeling without underwear. He had her model the outfit in several poses, including a few that were quite provocative.

The next outfit she chose was the a fancy lace bra and panties that though leaving belly, legs, and shoulders bare covered her important parts. Again he had her pose in several positions. In one, which she at first thought too daring, she had her thumbs in the waist band of her panties at each hip. He let her see the photo afterwards and she had to agree that it looked good, if a bit more sexy than one she would normally do.

The next outfit was one of the ones she had been dredging. He asked her to put on the one with the Cup- less bra and split crotch. He took pictures of her in several poses, but the one that embarrassed her the most was when he had her lay down. In that one he explained he had to show the split crotch. Now not only was her almost unsupported breast exposed, but it hint of her slit would be as well. Despite her embarrassment, she couldn’t deny her obvious arousal. Her nipples were so stiffened that she could probably cut glass with them. Her sex was so wet that she could have drown a rat.

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